COVID the bioweapon coverup

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COVID the bioweapon coverup

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined twelve years ago while in hospital with heart failure, diagnosed with postpartum cardiomyopathy that I would be interviewing Dr Richard M Fleming on Sars-Cov-2.

His book "STOP INFLAMMATION NOW - A Step-by-step plan to prevent, treat and reverse inflammation, the leading cause of heart disease", just so happened to be at the local library in Ocean Grove and when I came home from hospital it was the book that I read and it gave me hope that I would be able to heal my heart. Written in 1994, it was way ahead of it's time and was both a scientific and practical book. The cardiologist I had seen had told me to get used to a medicated life with a heart that half worked and that if I had another baby, I would die. As it turned out, I fully recovered and went on to have a baby at the age of almost 43, my eleventh child in my beach home in Ocean Grove. I remained fully recovered for over a decade.

Fast forward to May 2022, a few months after a covid infection. I ended up in heart failure with an EF of 15% and I am not jabbed. I had led a holistic, organic lifestyle for over 20 years, and stopped vaccinating over 30 years ago. I knew in Jan 2020, that we had all been played, that the anti-vax movement had essentially be corralled together by government policies that essentially knew people would come together in protest but in the backdrop of all of this, they were engineering viruses in labs to be both infectious and harmful. The anti-vax movement was simply a punching bag to hate on, and to create a division in society, and encourage vaccine uptake. The whole left-right paradigm, controlled opposition and manufactured division.

When I got sick this time around, I knew what I had to do. I bought Dr Richard Fleming's book and used it as a framework to heal. I have also talked to many alternative health practitioners, and did extensive research. When your back is against the wall; amazing things happen that would not have otherwise and you dig deeply for the truth because your life depends on it. I guess that is human nature. I had zero margin for error. I wasn't prepared to dabble a few supplements at it and hope for the best. Below is my story.

And because I went through what I did, I absolutely knew it was the bio-weapon spike protein and was pleased to find that Dr Richard M Fleming was in agreement on this too and fighting to bring those responsible to justice.

Dr Richard Fleming has been unwavering in calling this CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Surviving heart failure
For about 3 weeks, I had been bedridden with what I believe was some remnant of a past covid infection. I could barely eat, let alone take any supplements, I could hardly stay awake for long and visited the toilet several times a day, drifting in and out of consciousness.

I am pleased to present to you my interview with Dr. Richard M Fleming, The Unified Theory of SARS-cov-2 - a holistic framework for healing based on measured scientific research.

Millions have died from the bio-engineered agent; whether it's via the jab, infection or shedding. This is the ultimate depopulation tool.

Listen to this very important video on SARS-cov-2 and by the end of the video, you will have a framework of understanding COVID19 and how to heal from the shedding, infection and the injection/jab. This is straight talking interview with the world expert and authority on c19 without the hype, sensationalism or vested interest,

Dr Fleming tweeted to his 127k followers that this was an outstanding interview. Absolutely worth your time to watch and share. If you have any questions relating to today’s podcast, please feel free to email me and I will organize another interview with Dr Richard Fleming.

Please go to Youtube and Like and Comment. Share the interview widely.

Topics covered in the interview

  • lab origins of SARS-cov-2 and how we know it was engineered
  • gain of function
  • Is there a difference between the injected spike protein and infected "wild" spike protein
  • pathways of the virus enters into the cell and replicates
  • the receptor sites of the bioweapon
  • immunothrombosis as the root cause of disease
  • cytokine storm
  • cardiac issues and sars-cov-2
  • pathways for sudden death
  • cancer and covid19
  • amyloidosis and covid19
  • priogenic disease and covid19
  • medical tests
  • treatments
  • supplements
  • nutrition and diet
  • homeostatis
  • role of infectious diseases in chronic illness
  • miscarriages and covid19
  • cortisol
  • blood clotting
  • downstream data and blood testing
  • what are the white fibrous clots
  • healing using allopathic and holistic methods
  • current medical research

I have a good friend whose unvaccinated daughter is very sick. She vomits 20-40 times a day, tube fed and when the drip stopped working, she needed an operation so she could continue to be fed directly to her stomach. She has been in hospital for over a year with an official diagnosis of long covid, auto neuropathy post viral. She can no longer even use her bladder. She is a casualty of war; of this bio-weapon.

For the controlled opposition or misinformed doctors to harp on about natural infection, and who do not acknowledge that the lab origin of this bio-weapon but have focused almost everyone's attention to the jab which has more immediate consequences, it will soon be impossible to hide the carnage. Yes, the jab is more dangerous and yes it causes shedding but the toxin is the spike protein and when it gets into the cells it causes immunothrombosis and chronic disease leading to death if not treated too.

If you watch the video, it's not about whether you get covid after the jab or not. The SARS-Cov-2 bioweapon regardless of how it gets in your body, is designed to manifest in the body as cancer, heart disease, prion disease, amyloidosis, etc. This has brought in a new era where infectious diseases once again becomes an issue.

It's time for people to take their heads out of the sand and understand that the same entities that created the bioweapon "vaccines" also created the lab grown virus.


The link below describes the link between the Mossad/NIH/DoD/Rockerfeller/Zionist connections and other nefarious entities that are unleashing a war against humanity. Biological weapons are far more efficient killing machines. The war is a money laundering scheme and distraction; human lives and suffering the casualties of great evil.

The conclusion of the article below is

Link to full article


We are war and everyone does have to lift their own individual health status and support their immune system. We also need to have scientists and doctors understand the mechanisms of this bio-weapon to combat it especially for the vulnerable and injured individuals.

The interview with Dr Richard Fleming above is so important. My gift to you. A culmination of much research too. Call me biased because I was injured by this bioweapon but I would never have imagined that as informed and health conscious as I thought I was, that I would end up in heart failure again.

I do believe there are solutions and that we need to help the vaccine injured, those injured by covid infection and shedding but we cannot do it divided by the jabbed versus unjabbed narratives.

The world's best minds must come together on this issue; to merge the best of allopathic medicine with nutrition, and alternative therapies and lifestyle choices.


An official new study out of Japan has concluded that all Covid variants were engineered in biolabs and intentionally released into the public.

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