Implanting the hive mind

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Implanting the hive mind
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The merging of technology with human biology to create a hive mind is the ultimate goal of globalist powers. The internet of things and the internet of bodies, all communicating via frequencies, to be ultimately controlled and disconnected from any spirituality, to be assimilated into a dystopian technocratic future of digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currency and social credit that your body, mind and emotions are governed by a centralized system.  

Below is Nita A. Farahany, who discusses the future of wearable devices and tattoos that will track what is happening in our brains. "We're now familiar with sensors in our smart watches to our rings,  that track everything from our heartbeats to our footsteps, breaths,  body temperature, even our sleep. Now, consumer neurotech devices are being sold worldwide  to enable us to track our own brain activity.  As companies from Meta to Microsoft,  Snap and even Apple  begin to embed brain sensors in our everyday devices  like our earbuds, headphones, headbands, watches and even wearable tattoos,  we're reaching an inflection point in brain transparency."

But what if the technology has already evolved to not only read what is in our brains but to write instructions to the brain, to implant thoughts that people believe to be their own and to inject a device that is capable of operating as a transmitter and a sensor?

This has been a long road of scientific research from the Milgrim experiments that studied the effect of authority on obedience to the CIA MKUltra experiments conducted by the CIA that used drugs and other means to completely capture the human mind.

Below is an excellent video that show how magnetism can be used to control the brain, so that a body part moves involuntarily, thoughts are remotely controlled, and speech slurred. This is really only a taster of what is possible and the research that has already been done.

Synthetic biobots were put into the injectables, which were designed to hijack the body, so that the human can be remotely controlled by lower range 4G and 5G technology.

In this video, from 14 minutes, Lee Merritt MD says that the spike protein is a synthetic parasites made with hydrogel that can reproduce and be controlled by 5G. AI created and may be AI itself. It is a nano particle. The end bit, with all the drugs Merritt takes, I would not use them unless it was an emergency. This idea of prophylactic dosing is damaging long term because it destroys the gut bacteria necessary for health.

It is a contact pathogen spread air, water, surfaces, in the jab, and given the right wave length it changes shape and can attach ace2 pathway and make one sick.

This model explains clotting, cancer, inflammation, shedding, amyloidosis, the fibrous white material growing in the body and why over time, more people will die, as the synthetic parasite reproduces.

It explains why ivermectin works initially (but there are better alternatives if not an emergency) and gum turpentine. B vitamins restore the gut and the spike protein actually degrades niacin and butyrate causing overgrowth of parasitic fungi in the gut and depletion of B3, leading to pellegra.

Graphene oxide may be present in the jabs but it's not the killer. The liver is more than capable of removing graphene oxide with or without vitamin C or NAC.

Synthetic biobots can be sprayed but it is more effective if it is injected. The jabbed are able to spread it too, though shedding because it is a parasite and all parasites, whether synthetic or biological spread and take over the host. The nanotechnology attaches via the gut initially and countries that follow Ayurveda, that use spices and antiparasitics have done better because these things fight against the synthetic parasites attaching. There was a video published in 2019, that said a pinch of borax in water or boron was able to stop the nanotechnology attaching to the gut. Unfortunately, I can't find the video again but the leaked information described accurately the c19 pandemic before it occurred, so worth noting. Whether it's true or not, time will tell.

I have written several articles on this website about health but with what is known now about the parasitic nature of this nanotechnology, and the rollout of the next updated jabs in September 2023, we can expect a pandemic of the vaccinated, especially if they ramp up the 5G towers, so prepare accordingly. Let's hope, not too many takers this round.


Acidosis is caused by an overproduction of acid that builds up in the blood or an excessive loss of bicarbonate from the blood (metabolic acidosis) or by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood that results from poor lung function or depressed breathing. It is the main cause of disease in the body.

Acidosis caused by the spike leads to stroke/heart attack as acidosis causes edema, cholesterol to be dislodged and calcium to be released and leads to cancer as well. Turbo cancer is a result of the parasitic nature of the spike, that is capable of reproducing. Cancer is essentially a parasitic disease. Get rid of the parasites and you are half way there to healing.

It is very important to have the right kind of water (water that is bicarbonate rich and filtered from toxins) in sufficient amounts, that buffers and neutralizes acidosis and flushes out the toxins and this is worth a thousand times more than all these supplements being marketed as the cure-all. When the body is hydrated and in balance, parasites don't like staying in it and will exit.

Parasites also thrive in low energy, so it's important to be mindful of your emotional state and stress and to reduce it. When the body is not well nourished, it is weakened and this is also an environment where parasites thrive.


The internet and social media was created as one giant surveillance and psychological experiment. With the vast amounts of data collected, and where 90% of the alternative media is CIA controlled; all your likes, comments, shares, view times, searches, etc.. are all collated to be able to predict with accuracy your reactions, who and what will influence your decision making, and what the algorithm will show you. From the time an advertisement pops up on your screen, to how many times you will be exposed before you make a purchase or not, all those metrics are being analyzed.

Elon Musk says "We are already cyborgs, when you think about the fact that your phone and your computer are the extension of yourself."

Neurolink is designed to fix the bandwidth between your cortex and your computer or the AI extension of yourself, the merging of AI with biology. It's goal to solve brain and spine issues with an implantable device. Elon says almost every one over time will develop brain and spine problems, so while neurolink's target market is disability, it is not a stretch of the imagination to see it expand to the general population. Stressed or anxious, depressed? Neurolink can be the answer. From memory loss to hearing loss, neurolink is being developed to solve these problems by correcting faulty signals.

Neuralink has already obtained FDA approval for human trials. Elon also says "It may turn out that some of these things; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So hopefully, those good intentions don't translate to something bad. But I think the road to hell is mostly paved by bad intentions."

It's important to observe not absorb. As much as the alternative media want to present this war; as good versus evil, left versus right, we are currently engaged in a war, where various evil factions are fighting out for power and will present themselves as good but essentially they are serving their own interests. They are not working for humanity.

The destruction and coverup in Maui, the suppression of news coming out and when you consider over 1000 children are still missing and the place resembles a military lock-down zone and you look to the alternative media and prominent voices and there is silence. There are also innocent January 6 protesters who are languishing in jail, and what happened when Tucker did his breaking news story of the tapes released to him of the protest? QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley was released but what of the many others sentenced to 17+ years jail or those who died in custody. How is it, these multi-billionaire "saviours" and multi-millionaire influencers don't bring attention to the crimes against ordinary people, let alone put up $$ for their bail or essentials?

I have made the article on Maui free for email subscribers. We are in a covert world war. Not between good and evil but various factions of evil.

A direct energy weapon attack on Maui was a Pearl Harbor moment of military significance. We are in a covert world war with highly advanced weaponry and a controlled media.

Journalists and influencers are selected, just as much as the puppet politicians. Look at their bloodlines and connections. It will tell you every thing you need to know. Many "ordinary" people who act as citizen journalists either find themselves shadow banned, completely cancelled (or self censored) or killed off or in exile. That's the reality.

A sociopath and psychopath will say and do anything to win political points. Look beyond the sound bite news cycle. Watch how they use ridicule and division to control the narrative and how those being behind the curtain, who are pulling the puppet strings, are not exposed to the general public. How misdirection is used and delayed reporting. For all the reporting on jab injuries and deaths, how useful it is now years on to expose the evidence that was already present in 2020?

How the media manipulates the masses

The concept of “Limited Hangout”  provides government and those in power to manipulate the masses into thinking they are living in “democracy” (or under freedom) and getting truths by their “investigative journalists,” (or popular influencers)  when in fact they are being misdirected and “mollified", moving on with no real scrutiny of note, missing the real story. It’s a kind of public relations pressure valve designed to relieve interest without damaging the larger system, keeping people in a constant loop of a dramatic news cycle.

The alternative news is owned and run by the same players that run the mainstream media. Follow the money, not the hype.

The Alternative Media Matrix
For the last 4 months, on cue I get locked out of Linkedin and asked to verify my identity; usually for a few days and once it took a couple of weeks before my account was restored. Stepping out of social media for a time, provides me some perspective and

The media is the means of mind control.

If you want a deep dive into Tucker,

Even WEF's, Yuval Noah Harari says "The smartest people in the world. The best technology in the world have been working on the problem of how to hack human beings and control them, through the screens and through the smart phones. I'm no match to them. If I give them access, they win. So I try to limit their access."

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM'S YUVAL NOAH HARARI DOESN'T USE A SMART PHONE.. BECAUSE HE KNOWS THE DANGER To continue receiving my posts on LinkedIn, follow me… | 34 comments on LinkedIn


In Star Trek, the Borg had a saying "Resistance is Futile" The Borg are cybernetic organisms (cyborgs) linked in a hive mind called "The Collective". The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species (think demons) to the Collective through the process of " assimilation" (think possession)": forcibly transforming individual beings into "drones" by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg's ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".

They have already told you through films like Star Trek and X-files, the Plan.

It's not enough to resist the Matrix, one has rise above it; to go above and beyond physically, mentally and spiritually.

On the physical level, to guard one's body from the nanotechnology finding it's home and develop resilience through nutrition, sleep, movement, hydration, sunshine, connection to nature, who you choose to spend your time, etc..

Scientifically, "hope molecules" dumped into your bloodstream whenever you move. These proteins called myokines pass through the blood-brain barrier and change the structure of the brain and have an antidepressant effect, that make you resilient to stress and depression. Imagine a doctor writing a script for exercise and movement!! Learn more

One needs to limit use of the SMART phone and all surveillance like technology and be mindful of what one puts into one's brain.

The reason why we are seeing people suddenly die, is because the nanotechnology is interfacing with the brain and essentially short circuiting it and the white fibrous material being formed inside people is a synthetic circuitry. Whether you call it prions or nanotechnology, the ultimate goal is to lobotomize humans and cut off the silver cord connection to their spirituality. Bill Gates briefed the CIA on how certain parts of the brain are connected to a person's spirituality.

Spiritual evolution is the means by which we overcome. When it comes to truth; in a world with so much deception, how do we know what is real and what isn't and what decisions to make about our future. The answer lies within. Deep down when you filter out the noise of the world, you know the truth and the truth will set  you free.

I have been off Linkedin for 9 days now, which has actually given me a break from the social media news cycle but also it's been a very emotional few weeks; healing physically and emotionally with amazing break throughs. The story of how I ended up on Linkedin was that I was so shadow banned on Facebook, I ended up talking to myself and as a writer, I love communicating and my first few posts there, took off to tens of thousands of views, with some exceeding 100k, and I have met amazing people through the platform.

Apart from my main profile, I will start using post technology related NWO information, so LIKE, FOLLOW and TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS.

My daughter was telling me how a person in her class was complaining about how her husband was convinced not to take the shot because of something he saw on Linkedin. Media is powerful and that's why, they so desperately want to censor it either completely or by drip feeding the masses.

Keep sharing the truth. Find ways around the censorship. Take action locally. Protect the children too from being assimilated into the hive mind.


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