The Alternative Media Matrix

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The Alternative Media Matrix
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For the last 4 months, on cue I get locked out of Linkedin and asked to verify my identity; usually for a few days and once it took a couple of weeks before my account was restored. Stepping out of social media for a time, provides me some perspective and a reprieve from the latest drama circulating as breaking news. Alternative media feeds into social media, and visa versa and people can become manipulated by it as much as mainstream media, if not more because of the intensity of emotions stirred up. Yes, it is important to stay connected and stay informed but equally not be overwhelmed by fear or outrage. How does one verify what is true or not, in the sea of misinformation and half truths, when sensationalist headlines and news vie for your attention and clicks/views equate to advertising dollars?

Besides the advertising dollars gained from imbedded ads within video or written content, social influencers with over 100k followers can earn depending on engagement and the platform, anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per sponsored post. So people need to bear in mind whenever they are being offered "free or insider" advice, that there are other motivations at play. There are companies whose entire business is to manage social media influencers, their content and advertising budgets. To extend their reach and profit, one of their proven techniques to seed a new personality by having them appear with established and popular social media influencers. It's the whole art of cross promotion and introducing a new character into the mix but it's not happening organically but controlled by corporate interests and they create a story behind their new "human product". The advertising dollars also doesn't include private agreements, to endorse products to an unsuspecting public. In China, they have social media factories, where this is achieved 'en masse'. In 2019, Hifan Multi-Channel Network is only a few years old but already one of the top five multimedia companies in the city. With just 40 people on staff, it has created a stable of about 100 celebrities whose main job is to stream themselves online to an audience of thousands. These live-streamers can potentially go on to sell products and become major influencers for retailers.

Although on Western media, the influencers have more of a high-end and exclusive branding and aren't all crammed in a factory like setting spruiking product, the concept remains the same. They are effectively creating a brand around a personality, who is then able to use their influence to sell products, for political advantage and social change.

With the decline in mainstream media, there is no doubt that the rats left the ship and established themselves in the alternative media matrix, where people will defend their gurus and heros with a passion, feeding off their every word as the absolute truth and fight amongst themselves as to who is controlled opposition or who has the most expertise! In many ways, alternative media is more insidious because there is an element of high trust; that the most absurd can be passed off as truth and when you have an audience looking for answers and a "saviour"; it's also very ripe for opportunists and scammers or just a great business opportunity to sell product.

When Oprah Winfrey promoted the maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper detox, these products were stripped off the shelves. The price of celery went up to eye watering levels when the celery juice detox went viral. In August 2021, Australian imports of ivermectin increase tenfold, despite the TGA banning the drug for use with covid. The media is an incredibly powerful medium that could be used for good or evil.

Amazing Polly does a very good analysis on the alternative media and how it is used by the establishment. She focuses on the political commentators but I can assure you that the wellness market, which McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, estimates to be valued at more than $1.5 trillion, growing 5 to 10% each year is also heavily infiltrated.

It's not that investment in wellness is a bad thing but when information that is being presented is actually harmful and free speech is suppressed because of shadow banning and cancelling of unpopular ideas, that's when you know you are in a matrix of mind control. Many people are attached to social influencers, as a family friend but really all that's required is good acting skills and story telling. Intellectually, the podcasts with experts are all by design, one sided and the mind becomes very open to the ideas being promoted.

Rumble for example is funded by Peter Thiel, who started Paypal, James David Vance, a Republican Senator, and former Trump adviser Darren Blanton and Rumble is cashed up to the tune of $356.7 million in cash and cash equivalents, according to recent filings. The company went public in September 2022 and is now valued at just over $2 billion, with a trading spot on NASDAQ.

Social influencers such as Jordan Peterson in 2018 Esquire interview said that he had been in meetings regarding an undisclosed project with Andreesen and Thiel. Andreesen also sits on the board of directors of Meta and as of February 2023, his net-worth is estimated at $1.7 billion by Forbes. In March 2022 he was appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. His business, Andreessen Horowitz was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, known as "a16z", it is a venture capital firm that backs entrepreneurs building the future through technology.

Between 2006 and 2010, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz actively invested in technology companies, separately, and together, they invested $4 million in 45 start-ups including Twitter. In 2011, Andreessen Horowitz invested $80 million in Twitter, becoming the first venture firm that held stock in all four of the highest-valued, privately held social media companies at the time: Facebook, Groupon, Twitter and Zynga. Andreessen Horowitz has also invested in Airbnb, Lytro, Jawbone, Belly, Foursquare, Stripe and other high-tech companies; so many woke, globalist corporations. They have also funded Clubhouse and Substack.

The alternative media, generally isn't all that independent. It's truly tied at the hip to the same investors; venture capitalists who have strong political views and who know that by stirring up controversy, it brings in viewership and $$. If you haven't watched, the documentary The Social Dilemma, this focuses on how big social media companies manipulate users by using algorithms that encourage addiction to their platforms and how users become more and more extreme as the algorithm feeds to them what they have read previously. It is in the interests of advertisers, and these IT companies to keep people glued to social media and the news cycle and how they do this is by controversy and sensationalist news.

The alternative and main stream news feeds the same beast.


Censorship is increasing; from laws being passed across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world to the increasing use of AI to manage online content. What is allowed online is there because it either has too small an audience to threaten the status quo or because it serves a purpose, because let's face it people like Brandy Vaughan, ex-Pfizer who started and who had anti-vaccine billboards up and warned of compulsory, adult jabs years ago, did not die of natural causes. Julian Assange has been tortured and imprisoned for over a decade for doing a job as a journalist, and there have been many people killed off and physicians murdered or gone into exile because their work and their words threatened profit and the agenda.

This is war and the cost for some is their lives. The alternative media is just as controlled as the mainstream media and one has to sift through the dirt to get to the gold. Connect to people with expertise. Seek out the truth. Don't believe anyone fully, but understand their biases, question their motivations and critically analyze who they are involved with and what emotions their message is trying to stir up. Are they grounded in love, truth and justice?

Just because someone can predict the future doesn't mean, that they are a truth teller. It can be, that these people were told in advance, the plan. The hallmark of controlled media, is division and fear. It feeds into the addiction.


For those using free accounts like Google, I have reports where people cannot email me until I email them first or email is completely blocked from receiving email depending on the domain name. Our ability to communicate is getting harder but also because people refuse to get off the free and controlled platforms and support alternatives.

The true end to end encryption messaging app that has the highest security is . Once a message is sent, it cannot be removed except by the recipient because it is not stored on the server, unlike Signal, telegram, messenger, whatsapp, etc. I have tested them all.

As for email, the best free albeit imperfect option is Ideally register a domain and host your own email. You can actually, attach a domain name to a protonmail account.

GoDaddy is Cabal. Plenty of instances where over the years it cancels domain registration because of website content it doesn't agree with and yet how many people who say they love freedom stay because it's cheap? One of the most important assets a business has, and they put it at the cheapest provider, rather than under the management of a professional service that they have a relationship with.

So easy to transfer out, which doesn't affect your website or email; a pure administrative change and no cost to do it either. For global domains, just another year of domain registration to transfer. Use the link below and I can help to you secure your domains.

Transfer domains

I was told Signal was a CIA app in February 2023 and when Tucker Carlson in a recent interview reveals that when he was set to interview Vladimir Putin, that NSA admitted to breaking into his Signal: “Congress asked NSA and the NSA’s like ‘yes, we did this’ but it's actually so far worse than that because if it's true that Signal is by design a CIA app, they are basically reading your messages, without having to break into anything.

By all means, use the free services but know the risks. Send messages on several different platforms to completely mess up the tracking and embellish them with fake news! Have spare phones. Open multiple bank accounts. Use cash. So many ways to beat the system but most importantly get out of the Matrix, as much as you can from where you shop to securing all your digital assets from Cabal control and if you have to use these services, do it in such a way that it's completely messing with their ability to easily data mine your movement, information, correspondence, etc..

I remember a woman telling me, she spoke about vaccine reactions into her children's phones and then low and behold, the internet was serving her children up information related to vaccine side effects or products to detox.


Who can forget when Amazon cancelled Parler, a social media site in 2021 and the judge refused to order the reinstatement.

When I asked a Linkedin friend about his website because I was looking for some data, he replied,
"Unfortunately I don't have the website up anymore  with all the data. The TGA put in repeated requests to Amazon hosting to take it down and we kept denying so they kept tweaking certain things to break the program we built to extract the data."

There are many alternatives that are free from the globalist reach, and that support freedom and human rights which is the foundational and which we should all support, in order to bring forth a better future. Platforms that are high in security too and others that can provide anonymity. For social media there is up and coming that is totally decentralized and user controlled.

If one more freedom group uses Paypal or Gofundme and wonder why their funds got cancelled, I will absolutely scream in frustration. Put your money where your mouth is and stop doing business with those who hate you!

Contact me to discuss your specific requirements and I can help you to find a solution or connect you to people who can help you, if I can't.


It's very convenient that Twitter becomes a centralized platform of free speech. Not exactly free of censorship, which is still happening there. I was thinking the other day, how did Elon Musk secure because for many years it was part of the rules, that domain names had to be a minimum of 2 letters but was registered before this rule came into place, very early on and somehow, he managed to acquire it. As much as people want to believe in free market capitalism, that because he had the idea and money he could get this domain, you have to be in the club. It's like the story of how Sergie Brin and Larry Page developed Google in their garage, and it took off from there. It all makes for a great story of entrepeneurship but the true story is Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance.

Twitter, now known as X, has announced that it will collect biometric and employment data. "We may collect and use your personal information (such as your employment history, educational history, employment preferences, skills and abilities, job search activity and engagement, and so on) to recommend potential jobs for you, to share with potential employers when you apply for a job, to enable employers to find potential candidates, and to show you more relevant advertising."

It shamelessly admits that it wants to be the Wechat of the West that will link your digital profile with your online payments and it only has to link with CBDC and you have the New World Order.

Look beyond the personalities being promoted and their various sob stories; and look to their motives, who they are associated with and what they are actually doing before the digital prison of the new world order is built around you and know what is most desired is to capture your mind and your heart.


In 2021 and 2022, the protests in Australia were extraordinary as to how many people gathered together to oppose government overreach and yet these numbers didn't translate meaningfully at the elections and though we have had our wins, there is an inertia, plenty of distraction and an audience captivated and confused by alternative media.

If the direct energy weapon attack on Maui and the coverup since doesn't give you pause when hundreds of children are missing or dead, that we are at war and life while outwardly "normal" is anything but.

The next pandemic
Problem. Reaction. Solution. This is the classic playbook, that is used in fifth generation warfare. Add to this controlled opposition and planned narratives. A sophisticated game of chess, executed with military grade precision. How does one be aware, without sinking into despair? I think it takes…

Recently I was told by a friend in Sydney that in Sydney a GP clinic her good friend shares a tenancy with, is no longer giving out any shots. This includes all childhood ones because according to her, they all have mRNA in them. I tried to verify this but there was nothing online except the substack finding nanotechnology is all of the jabs. Whether that's true or not, time will tell.

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hemophilus B and Hepatitis B Vaccine For Small Children: Darkfield Microscopy Shows Self Assembly Hydrogel Filaments And Structures
I recently got reported to the State Medical Licensing Board again and am now once again under investigation. There are people in this world who want to destroy hope and all those who bring truth and healing. Of course, they will get to live in a hopeless world of automatons by their own making.

How long will it take for the controlled mainstream alternative media to cover this story? How long did it take them to break the story of placebo doses? Now people will say, maybe they didn't know but if you have a platform, you are constantly being sent information. It's impossible not to know.

So we have truth being drip fed, that by the time the information becomes widely known, it's just too late and the harm is already done.

Low and behold, as of September 1st 2023, product information inserts are no longer required for injectable medicines administered by health professionals by the TGA. How convenient!,Product Information inserts are no longer required,medicines administered by health professionals&text=From 1 September 2023%2C printed,medicines administered by health professionals.

John Wilson, calls out the Freedom Movement here. Bosi doesn't end up speaking much at all. John's language is very colourful but his content is on point. He has been in this fight for a long time and he calls it as it is and overall he says that we are winning this war; even though the "freedom" movement has been compromised. So it is a positive message and a wake up call in the mix.

It's worth a read of his article, on tactics used, which he titles Masonic Diversion Tactics.


In nature, when predators are scarce, prey rises in numbers. As their source of food increases, predators rise in abundance. While there is a large number of non critical thinking, non questioning people, there will be opportunists ready to exploit and manipulate them. The wolf in sheep's clothing is to be more feared than the enemy that is obvious and the trojan horse being set up as a trap, especially those bearing free gifts or convenience. One needs to look behind the veil and the controlled narratives.

The only way forward, where we don't end up in a same situation as previously is for people to stop wanting a "saviour" to come along and fix things or tell them the truth. They need to gather information from multiple sources, and think critically through it and build community connections. Otherwise, the Deep State will completely take over the alternative media and freedom groups and we will be exactly where we started.

Change begins within and it begins with us. No one is coming to save us. We have to do the work.


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