The next pandemic

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The next pandemic
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Problem. Reaction. Solution. This is the classic playbook, that is used in fifth generation warfare. Add to this controlled opposition and planned narratives. A sophisticated game of chess, executed with military grade precision. How does one be aware, without sinking into despair? I think it takes a connection to a higher power, the Source of our life, in order to navigate these turbulent times.

A direct energy weapon attack on Maui was a Pearl Harbor moment. The Hawaiian Island chain is the singularly the most important military point/outpost for the entire US Military Industrial complex. It is home of the US PACOM which is the largest command centre of the entire US military. It has 86,000 acres dedicated to military personnel. It is the most militarized place in the US, per capita. Whoever controls Hawaii controls all of the Pacific, from the Atlantic to the Panama Canal on to Asia through the shipping lanes. It has 42,000 square miles of missile testing range (Barking Sands). It is where DARPA operates - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Missile testing, satellite observation, directed energy weapons are all housed on the islands, as well as extensive networks of deep underground military bases.

Additionally, "Hawaii is internationally recognized as a state of the United States of America but Sovereignty advocates argue that Hawaii is an independent nation under military occupation due to the fact that there is no treaty of annexation between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States. The legality of control of Hawaii by the United States has also been raised on the losing side in cases in the United States Supreme Court, and in U.S. District Court. Recent legal action includes the dismissal of Hawaiian Kingdom v. Biden on December 14, 2022.

Maui is home to ARPA, the advanced research projects agency who is responsible for all satellite based weapons testing, satellite tracking, near earth and deep outer space tracking and directed energy weapons research and testing, Space Force Command and the Space Surveillance Complex that is responsible for all aerospace tracking, missile launching and testing.

Fires burned close to the 5th most powerful computing centre on the face of the earth.

So while the mainstream media is focused on incompetence and climate change as the cause of the fires, the alternative media is focused on smart cities and land grab angle.

The most shocking aspect is the aftermath. It's one thing that sophisticated weapons were used to cause genocide, with hundreds of children also missing, and almost a complete media blackout but when I was sent a video of Alex Jones saying it wasn't caused by direct energy weapons, and the focus on the land grab angle, when it is so much darker, it gave me pause to question, how much of the alternative media is deep state controlled.

Open your eyes and look for yourself and don't trust anyone completely. The following video, explains the difference between a natural fire and a direct energy weapon fire. You can use this information to discern between a natural wildfire and a direct energy attack.

Tenerife is on fire as is British Columbia. Pay attention to who is talking about Maui and other fires; what they are saying or not saying; doing and not doing.

The following article is my gift to paid subscribers. It also discusses plasma fires, world war 3, the advanced weaponry used, 9/11, the patriot act, the chinese communist party and connects to the dots to 5G, chemtrails and microwave radiation.

A direct energy weapon attack on Maui was a Pearl Harbor moment of military significance. We are in a covert world war with highly advanced weaponry and a controlled media.


"Bioterrorism, someone who could cause damage, could engineer a virus. What if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports? How would the world respond to that?" 🤔 Bill Gates says it's something people don't want to talk about.

Warren Buffett talks about threat of a worse pandemic, nuclear, chemical, biological, and cyber threats.

“I learned that people don’t know as much as they think they know..
But the biggest thing you learn is that the pandemic was bound to occur & this isn't the worst one that is imaginable at all. Society has a terrible time preparing for things that are possible and will occur. Sooner or later. There will be another pandemic, we know that. We know there’s a nuclear, chemical, biological, and now cyber threat & each one of those has terrible possibilities…

It’s not something that society seems particularly capable of fully coming to grips with, the cyber threat, and you know…. We’ve just started. Look at the damage that has already been done."

When billionaires, who through their foundations fund abortion and vaccines and talk openly about depopulation, their words aren't just the ramblings of crazy, old men.

In the 1990s, the Buffett Foundation helped finance the development of the abortion drug RU-486. Between 2001 and 2014, the foundation contributed over $1.5 billion to abortion related causes, including at least $427 million to Planned Parenthood and $168 million to the National Abortion Federation and this is only the tip of the iceberg, see

So when both of these men are openly discussing the next pandemic and add to that Alex Jones' latest priming of the alternative media to expect the return of masks and restrictions later in 2023, then one must pay attention. Not to fear but to be aware.

Some recent news headlines...

"Study reveals potential bioterrorism agents and urges enhanced biosecurity measures."

"Can science save us from pandemics, cyber insecurity and bioterrorism?" (Sydney Morning Herald)

"Covid Cover-up - How Science was Silenced" (The Australian)

When you consider that to discuss bio-labs in Wuhan as the possible source of covid19 in 2020, and were dismissed as a conspiracy theorist to now, the mainstream news publishing that biological weapons are being engineered for military use against populations, how hard would it be to stoke fear into the population that a bioweapon had been released and the solutions that the governments and WHO might offer including quarantining, mass vaccination, masking, border closures, business closures, stay at home orders?

One of the things that Robert Brame says in the video above on fires, is that we all have to do our part to raise awareness. The narratives being put out there, are prepping the population for the solution being offered.


I have written this article below, that can be shared widely with mainstream friends. Official testimony and evidence of the collusion between government, regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies and the media. It is very clear that they do not want to be scrutinized relating to excess deaths, liability, confidentiality of contracts, why Pfizer imported their own batches of covid19 vaccines, how covid19 death rates increased after the vaccines, or the mechanisms of how covid19 injections cause myocarditis and pericarditis.

Australian Senators Expose Collusion – Health Alliance Australia

The next updated covid19 vaccine is coming out middle of September, so it's important to be in front of the game and raise public awareness of what's to come, so that people will know to not comply.


I leave you with these final thoughts on the importance of persistence; of observing but not absorbing, responding not reacting.

Many people ask me, "when will this all end?" and this really isn't the question one should be asking but "what is my role?". If you are awake to all that is going on in the world, then no matter how small your audience, how insignificant you may feel; you have skills, knowledge and a unique place and relationships in the world to make a difference.

Have you considered that you have a role in society; what your expertise allows you to do, and if you don't do it, and fulfil your ethical responsibility; you are not actually serving your role?

"To see the medical community cowering down to the coercion, rather than standing up to their oath. I haven't got an oath but I certainly have an ethical responsibility to speak up" Professor Peter Miller.

Each of us has a role in society, skills, knowledge and experiences; a life mission. It is that deep calling that we are challenged to take up the mantle of, to accept the responsibility and the work that comes with it, even in the face of adversity. Adversity only makes us stronger 💪

Jeanee Rose Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Have you considered that you have a role in society; what your expertise… | 13 comments
Have you considered that you have a role in society; what your expertise allows you to do, and if you don't do it, and fulfil your ethical responsibility; you… | 13 comments on LinkedIn


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