A direct energy weapon attack on Maui was a Pearl Harbor moment of military significance. We are in a covert world war with highly advanced weaponry and a controlled media.

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A direct energy weapon attack on Maui was a Pearl Harbor moment. It is no coincidence that Hawaii is home to all branches of the U.S. armed forces, including U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Space Command and Maui is home to Space Surveillance Complex.

The Hawaiian Island chain is the singularly the most important military point/outpost for the entire US Military Industrial complex. It is home of the US PACOM which is the largest command centre of the entire US military. It has 86,000 acres dedicated to military personnel. 77% of all civilians work for the military in some form or other, either with a Dept of Defence contract or as suppliers. It is the most militarized place in the US, per capita. Whoever controls Hawaii controls all of the Pacific, from the Atlantic to the Panama Canal on to Asia through the shipping lanes. It has 42,000 square miles of missile testing range (Barking Sands). It is where DARPA operates - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Missile testing, satellite observation, directed energy weapons are all housed on the islands, as well as extensive networks of deep underground military bases.

Maui is strategic in that it is the eyes and ears of the entire Continental United States and has been was reported, that the fire followed the road through Lahaina and while other factors, like electricity being overloaded or mismanagement added to the issues. Make no mistake, this was a direct hit and no freak of nature.
(The following audio is well worth the listen )



Maui is home to ARPA, the advanced research projects agency who is responsible for all satellite based weapons testing, satellite tracking, near earth and deep outer space tracking and directed energy weapons research and testing.
Maui is home to the Space Force Command.
Maui is home to the Space Surveillance Complex responsible for all aerospace tracking, missile launching and testing.

Fires burned close to the 5th most powerful computing centre on the face of the earth.

So while the mainstream media is focused on incompetence and climate change as the cause of the fires, the alternative media is focused on smart cities and land grab angle.

Very few voices have linked the military strike with the use of direct energy weapons as an escalation of war, which opens up the possibility of a kinetic invasion of the West Coast of the USA, in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, up to the Columbia River Gorge (Listen to audio link above from around 19 minutes).

There is a huge Chinese/Russian military build up on the island of Cuba. Russian strategic bombers in Venezuela and Chinese training facilities south of the US border. Are the Hawaiian islands being softened for a kinetic attack? (from 26 minutes) Are the traitors in the US allowing this to happen covertly?

Most concerning is the statement that "everyone of the joint chief of staff is bought and paid for by China" (33 minutes)

Just a side note: When China is mentioned it's important to differentiate between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People's Republic, just as when discussing America, the difference between the American people and the Deep State war mongers. The CCP is aligned with the NWO one world government Biden Show and Totalitarian Satanic Luciferian Cabal.


Direct energy weapons are not visible to the naked eye. Microwave weapons make metal explode. The largest and oldest banyan tree are still standing in Lahaina, Maui. Normal fires burn wood first, not concrete and steel. Maui is one of the most spiritual places on earth and the attack took place on The Lion's Gate Portal, the August 8th, when the sun was in the astrological sign of Leo.

Maui and the WEF – There is No Such Thing As a Coincidence
Theories have been spreading online that the fires that have devastated Maui were allegedly started “too suddenly” and “burned too harshly” to be a regular wildfire, as reported on The Expose earli…

The building of a smart city and land grab are been mooted by the alternative media as the reason for the attack and depopulation but why go to such an extreme action, that is so blindly obvious that even if it were not direct energy weapons, the almost intentional mismanagement, the blocking of roads out, the excuses given for not putting out the fires, the failure to use the warning sirens, the extensiveness and intensity of the damage, the blocking of emergency supplies etc.. are all very suspicious that this is not a natural wild fire and where is the military support on the ground providing supplies and aid?

There are reports that children were let out of school early and parents were at work, and could not reach them before the fires hit and it is feared that many of the children died (were sacrificed).

The reality is that we are in the era of the electromagnetic and weather warfare, which will be blamed on climate change. People still need to discern between natural wildfires and man made weather warfare and the use of direct energy weapons and plasma fire, which is 10,000 degrees hotter than normal fire.

Of Weather Control Or Modification Patents and Patent Applications (Class 239/2.1) - Justia Patents Search
Search for Of Weather Control Or Modification Patents and Patent Applications (Class 239/2.1) Filed with the USPTO

While historic Lahaina has a large old Hawaiian community that was in the way of the developers and many did not have insurance and who have reported being contacted by corporations during their vulnerable time to sell up. Vultures will come but it does not necessarily mean that the vultures caused the destruction. Vultures will make good of any carcass, regardless of who or how it was killed.

Christopher Greene of The Island Project says

"I'm not going to get into the conspiracy theories although I do believe that that a lot of them are true quite frankly never seen a fire like this guys. Don't make sense and it's incredibly convenient but I'm gonna stay away from that now because I just don't really think it serves any kind of greater purpose at this very moment the cold hard reality is that what just happened whether or not it's a conspiracy. It's directed energy weapons and by the way I guess who's the expert in this. I reported on it in 2018 with the Lemay papers. Declassified intelligence report which I taught an entire course on by the way in 2018 and I'll probably release to the public if you guys just want to watch it. It was something that we had privately put in our archives and I aired many, many videos on it, so it's not like I'm not informed with these technologies and don't understand the gravity of these war weapons and these weapons of war but the cold hard truth is that doesn't even matter at this point Lahaina has been leveled the people of Maui are permanently devastated and people have lost their homes their income their jobs, their safety and their security. This is not just a national issue this is a human rights activism issue." (Source video below)

At this point, there is really no normal until the war is over.


"According to the US government website, "Directed energy weapons—such as lasers—use energy fired at the speed of light. These weapons can produce force that ranges from deterrent, to damaging, to destructive. Many countries, including the U.S., are researching their use. Because they use energy instead of bullets or missiles, directed energy weapons could be less expensive per shot and have virtually unlimited firing power.

However, the long-term health effects of these weapons are unclear. They also generally have a shorter range than conventional weapons, and weather conditions—such as fog and storms—can make certain directed energy weapons less effective."

According to the US Naval Institute 'Directed-energy weapons could provide the U.S. military with its biggest technological advantage ever.'

So if this is in plain sight on the US military website, then you can be assured that the technology is far more evolved that may include space based weapons that carry laser or DEW, Rod of God weapons where “rod from God” weapon could achieve the force of impact from a nuclear strike but with none of the radioactive fallout ( “rods from God” idea,times the speed of sound).

Dr Judy Wood has provided extensive evidence to say that directed energy weapons were used to bring down the Twin Towers.

Her website, has evidence, images and testimony that the towers were destroyed by energy weapons that pulverized them. If 1,250,000 tons of debris had slammed to the ground, Manhattan would have flooded. The force of it would have broken the dyke that the towers were built on. There was no evidence of seismic recordings that reflected a million tons of debris falling. Looking at the photos and even the news reports at the time, there is an absence of rubble.

Presentations – Dr Judy Wood

So the counter narrative to the 9/11 was that explosives were put in the building prior and that it was a controlled demolition but in plain sight and before our eyes, a direct energy weapon was used to pulverize the building to dust. Something so unbelievable that most of us, didn't consider the possibility or the evidence before us.


Warfare is taking multiple forms. From bio-weapons and synthetic biology like nanotechnology being sprayed in the environment, injected into people and activated with microwave technology like 5G, to engineered pathogens put into ticks and mosquitos, to chemical warfare.

"The Research Institute of Chemical Defense is a pivotal institution in China's defense strategy, conducting innovative military research on chemical and biochemical materials for military applications. Advancements in chemical warfare agents focus on developing toxic compounds with high lethality, efficient dissemination methods, and resistance to countermeasures, while prioritizing safety for friendly forces." Read more...

Guardians of the Invisible Arsenal - Weapons Research at the Research Institute of Chemical Defense — The CCP BioThreats Initiative

And while it is coming out in the public sphere, that the US department of defence funded the biolab research in the Ukraine, the advanced technology and weaponry is unbelievable.

"We have biolabs in Ukraine because we're developing bioweapons," answered Kennedy. "And those bioweapons are using all kinds of new synthetic biology, and CRISPR technology, and genetic engineering techniques that were not available to the previous generation and they can make frightening, frightening stuff." Robert F Kennedy . He then explained the Pentagon began pouring cash into bioweapons shortly after the passing of the Patriot Act. Kennedy says the agency later passed on the responsibility for bioweapons to Anthony Fauci, who he claims received a 68% raise directly from the Pentagon as a result of his newly assigned task.

BREAKING: RFK Jr tells Tucker Carlson we have bio labs in Ukraine ‘because we are developing bioweapons’
“I get a lot of death threats,” Kennedy said.

The Patriot Act was passed as a direct result of the events of 9/11. You can see how it is all linked together and that we have been in a state of war for a very long time and the weapons of war are highly sophisticated and advanced.


On 11th August 2023, it was reported that " Chinese military scientists claim to have achieved a ‘huge breakthrough’ on laser weapon technology. High-energy laser weapons can now operate ‘infinitely’, thanks to a new cooling system that completely eliminates the build-up of waste heat. The technology could significantly change the face of battle by extending engagement times, and increasing range and damage, researchers say."

"China has been developing high-energy laser weapons to destroy or disable targets such as drones, missiles and aircraft. These weapons have the advantage of being able to engage targets at the speed of light, making them highly effective against fast-moving targets.

They also have the potential to be more cost-effective than traditional missile-based systems as they do not require expensive munitions and can be recharged quickly.

If necessary, China also plans to use laser weapons against satellites such as SpaceX’s Starlink, according to some military scientists.

These weapons can disrupt enemy communications, navigation and surveillance capabilities, and could be used to gain a strategic advantage in space based conflicts.


All this advanced technology is tied in to using microwave technology not just to cause plasma fires but also for mind control.


When you combine this information about how aluminium can be used to cause plasma fires that feed upon itself to cause mass destruction and the testimony of experts from Shasta City Council Supervisors of high levels of aluminium and barium being sprayed in the environment that is covering the earth, it provides the perfect conditions for the use of microwave weapons. This meeting happened almost ten years ago on July 15th, 2014.

Video has been mirrored 

Around the world there are conflicts and military build up. It takes many years to prepare for war, and the world is at war. The devastation in Maui, happening in plain sight is our warning to be prepared and to be alert.

Seoul, South Korea will hold its first nationwide civil defense drill in six years on 23rd August, requiring most of the country’s 51 million residents to practice evacuating to shelters or underground safe spaces during the 20-minute exercise. Wow...think about that!

Africa could become the next proxy war, if Ukraine wasn't enough with the flash point being Niger. The conflict over the control of a gas pipeline that will connect to Europe and uranium. The military took control of the country, and removed the CIA installed "democratically" elected president and Russia is also weighing in.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, former prime minister Imran Khan has been arrested after a court in Islamabad sentenced him to three years in jail and disqualified him from politics for “corrupt practices” involving the sale of state gifts.

Trump has been indicted and the case threatens to open the pandora's box of secrets on the stolen 2020 election.

All around the world there are signs and evidence of war.


It's very natural to allow normalcy bias which is a cognitive bias which leads people to disbelieve or minimize threat warnings to set in. We all do it, especially when both the alternative and mainstream media are downplaying the threat.

Be alert. Be prepared. Be positive. Pay attention to who is saying what and where one's attention is being misdirected to.


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