Authentic Voices expose the fake

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Authentic Voices expose the fake

The media has long been used as the apparatus of population wide mind control. We have a fake mainstream media but also a fake alternative media that is also CIA controlled by the same globalist interests that fund the mainstream media. Social influencing is also very big business and the pied piper millionaires and billionaires are causing misdirection, manufactured division and even genocide through their dehumanizating/alienating narratives. Learn to spot wolves in sheep's clothing and follow the money.

The only way forward is for good people to individually find their voices and to do the work, whether that is online or locally in their communities; ideally both and to also network extensively via personal relationships. This is the true grassroots movement that will change the world and is changing the world. Quality content and relationships over quantity and mass marketing. Creative solutions that build wealth and community good.

As I encouraged a friend who has been fighting successfully in her local community against the 5G rollout, when the authentic voices are seen, it is dead easy to spot the fakes. It's because for so long, as humans we have been conditioned and marketed fake personalities, often millionaires and billionaires who appear to be "one of us" and sell us and tell us what we want to hear, that we have had few authentic voices that shine out, to actually spot the fakes. Real food like real people are harder to digest and are an acquired taste. Unless you see a real dollar note, you can't spot a fake one and the more real notes you see, the easier it is to spot the fake notes.

I was recently interviewed by Rachel Tamilio from Off The Deep End and she asked me to discuss how I ended up in this space. I did a lot of reflecting on this and basically my whole life lead me to this moment in time; from my near death experiences, multiple interactions with CPS that showed me the abusive power of the system, that even when I was living in the middle of nowhere having a great life, that if you don't conform to the system that you are still seen to be a threat. I have had multiple experiences of medical abuse, but have also met amazing people trapped in a toxic system and I have come to see that this battle was so much more than freedom of choice; that we were/are literally in the fight for our lives and our children's lives on so many levels from economic, to political to social.

Rachel did a great job condensing our 2 hour conversation to around 40 minutes. This is me and what motivates me. Visit to learn more about Rachel. Inquiries concerning the podcast may be sent to: Please remember to like, subscribe and share Off the Deep End and the work Rachel is doing.


With 60% of Australians rejecting the Voice To Parliament despite the overwhelming endorsement from Universities, churches, corporations, media, schools, can only be seen as a victory of grassroots proportions. It was the authentic voices of people, not to mention the disastrous Albanese train wreck that won this vote. While the media tried desperately to use emotional manipulation to sway the vote, they did not succeed. The Voice Referendum was an attempt to create an alternative Federation that could pretend to represent the tribal countries and gain unfettered access to inground resources, so as to print as much money as they liked and colonize the local people.

In a similar fashion we are seeing the tide turning on the Zionist Khazarian Mafia who attempted to start World War 3 in Gaza. Grassroots authentic voices telling their individual stories is winning against the mainstream and alternative media voices that are advocating genocide. The use of dehumanization has long been a tool of globalist control.

The protagonists on the ground in Gaza, I am told are being dealt with, the US alliance ships shot down Israeli missiles and visibly we can see that on mainstream media the war narrative is de-escalating. It has been an absolutely horrific conflict and I have never seen so many gruesome photos and videos, especially of children and babies killed and injured, in the most brutal of ways. I believe all of this visual imagery was orchestrated to have people divided, that they could channel this anger to war. It has failed. World War 3 has been averted, for now at least.

This grassroot voice is why the Deep State is so desperate to pass censorship laws and to build the IT infrastructure to limit free speech on the internet. The Australian Prime Minister has just signed a deal with Microsoft for a $5 billion dollar plan to protect the nation from cyber attacks. Have you ever seen the 1995 film, The Net starring Sandra Bullock? It is a dystopian future where the IT security product that was supposed to protect the world's internet was in fact the gateway for total control, where they could erase and replace a person's identity completely. It's Social Credit on steroids. Really worth a watch when you have the time and I think it shows the importance of having real life connections, that can vouch for you and support you.

This idea to censor the internet is just a desperate attempt that will ultimately fail. Just as the various other plans of the Cabal have failed. Eg The SWIFT system was cut off and replaced by ISO20022, that meant that for example the US who used to be able to control Egypt's exports by sanctions, can not do so anymore because they no longer have control of the financial system to cut off supply. International payments can be done by accounting software like Xero, where once you had to go into a bank to have a SWIFT transaction processed for you. This change essentially cut off the head of the snake, and their power and they are desperately trying every trick in the book to regain their power base.

All across the world there are individuals and decentralized communities, creating their own networks, products and services that are aligned to the values of freedom, truth and peace. This is the new Renaissance. The new world will be one where businesses are extensions of individual's vision and soul, (if you will) or a collective vision. The heart of which is the soul, the business is the physical expression of that soul. This differs from a business/work being the centre and it being marketed with the props of influencers and endorsers. All fluff and no substance will be replaced with heart and soul, depth of purpose and goodness.

While the globalists want a cyborg world of non player characters, the opposing force that has been unleashed is the very real, personal, passion driven world of true humanity rising. The blurring of the lines between work and home via lock downs and restrictions has broken down the walls of personal and business life; the two becoming intrinsically linked. While Cisco is training 84,000 employees to be Linkedin influencers, they are missing the point, that true social media is about connection.

In the past, people may have opened up a yellow pages directory to find the closest doctor to them, but increasingly they want that personal connection to know what that doctor stands for and whether that aligns with their values. The breach of trust within society these last few years has been so great and so traumatic, that it is trust that will build the new world, going forward. Trusted networks are also efficient, competitive and less risky.

It is also why, I was so thrilled and honored to interview Dr Richard M Fleming, who authored the book that gave me hope of recovering from heart failure in 2011 and which I used to recover and go on to have a baby in 2014. He had reached out to me by email a few years ago, after reading my story online and this is at the heart of how, we truly create community. It is not by big name media influencers who have us all listen to their rants and ideology, while they collect clicks/advertising dollars like parasites but by personal connections and sharing of our own life experiences, knowledge and stories, working together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

I plan to do more interviews with authentic voices such as Dr Richard M Fleming. There are so many amazing people doing positive things for humanity.

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