A war on multiple fronts

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A war on multiple fronts
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Truth is the first casualty of war and things are not as they seem. In fact, the truth is stranger than fiction. When you do a search on the UK company database, you will find that the State of Israel was registered on 23rd February 2023, as a registered company in the UK, with the registered address, 2 Palace Green, London, United Kingdom, W8 4QB which is the Embassy of Israel. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/OE027515

Interestingly, around the same time China, Iran, Quebec, Russia, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Canada, Columbia, Iran, UAE, Singapore, Togo, all registered too.

What is going on?

According to Wikipedia, "From January to October 2023, large-scale protests took place across Israel in response to the government's push for a wide-ranging judicial overhaul. The proposed overhaul package aimed to change the makeup of the Judicial Selection Committee so that control over the appointment of judges was effectively given to the government, prevent the Supreme Court of Israel from ruling on the validity of a Basic Law, defend the preference of the "considered constitutional"

Basic Laws passed by the Knesset over the Supreme Court's interpretation of a Basic Law or nullification of a regular law; abolish the use of "unreasonableness" as grounds for review of administrative decisions, reclassify ministry legal advisers from independent authorities to politically selected counsel whose opinions are not binding, and allow ministers to reject the Attorney-General's advice in any matter. As of October 2023, the Knesset has passed the law to abolish the Supreme Court's ability to review government actions on grounds of reasonableness."

These protests in Israel were the “worst domestic crisis ever” and a “cold civil war” and how convenient that Hamas attacks, not only ended the civil unrest but also, the Knesset passed into law the abolishment of the Supreme Court's ability to review government actions, thus handing over unprecedented power to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

But the history goes back further than even the The Balfour Declaration which was a public pledge by Britain, declaring its aim to establish "a national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. A declaration that was years in the works that involved many people and was drafted numerous times before being sent out and it was addressed to Lionel Walter Rothschild, a figurehead of the British Jewish community. The Rothchilds are a banking family of Khazarian mafia with links to Ukraine and directly back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria and to the Annunaki.

Zionists say the state of Israel to be established by Rothschilds, to rule the world by the throne on the temple mount. To bring back the sacrifices and the red heifer. https://free.messianicbible.com/feature/the-red-heifer-and-the-third-temple-in-end-time-prophecy/ They have purchased the red heifers https://www.jpost.com/judaism/article-717650 in anticipation of the Third Temple.

It is important to note the distinction between the average Israelite and Palestinian that are not aware and are just caught up in this war.

While the horrors of this war, plays out on screens across the world, it is also important to understand there is a war between essentially mafia run bloodlines that have controlled the world's banking and financial systems and political class for thousands of years. The common man is merely chattel, pawns to be sacrificed. It is a power struggle. It is also deeply rooted in occult practices and blood sacrifices.

As much as people may want to find answers through logic and reason, how can one truly understand the nature of evil, and their capacity to bring about trauma to incite people to do evil, if one is not of that reptilian brain set? You simply cannot understand the mind of a sociopath.

When I am asked, what benefit would the Cabal have to destroy the very systems that they profit from or exterminate, indiscriminately large numbers of the human population? My reply is, can you reason with mass murderers? Do you know what it is to have so much power, that you can buy whole cities and the labor of the people? And what if such power was threatened, would not chaos ensue?

That is what we are experiencing and it really is important to be aware of who the true enemies to humanity are and how to protect oneself as best one can. Most importantly to be aware, that we are living in times where you need to rely on our gut instincts; which could literally save your life and be prepped for whatever is thrown your way.

A few days ago, a tropic storm turned into a category 5 hurricane wiping out Acapulco. In the 16 minute mark on the video below it describes how the hurricane hit at Max Igan's house. If you don't know who Max Igan is, he is a truth teller that escaped Australia for Mexico and runs a vlog, The CrowHouse.

Apart from Julian Assange, the other political prison currently held up in the Russian Embassy in Sydney is Aussie Cossack.

It sounds insane, that weather weaponry could be used to send Max a message but we are at war here. While they used directed energy weapons to target, Lahaina, a hurricane was used to level Acapulco and the media blackout is the same.

There has been a pattern of destruction, whether it was the flooding in Northern Rivers or bush fires, these extreme weather warfare events will be used to justify a Climate Change emergency and bring people into 15 minute cities. If you listen to the video above, you will hear how most people did not heed the warning to get out and similarly in the Northern Rivers floods, people were taken by surprise and a number had to be airlifted out by privately contracted helicopters. We never really hear, how many don't make it.


In the video below, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister says "I persuaded him to give tiny Israel the necessary vaccines, to get them out first from the COVID. So Israel became, if you will the lab for Pfizer"


Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister has no regard for the Jewish people but are items on a chess game. The link https://www.scivisionpub.com/abstract-display.php?id=2432 , where Author hopes to educate the public on the current bioweapon attack with C-19 and vaccines. The Author believes that Mossad intends to kill billions of people. Already 70% of the world’s population have received a -19 vaccine which in all appearance has the ability to cause deadly non curable prion disease. The Author hopes the information provided will help those interested in ending this covert war.

If you haven't watched it yet, please do. I have had very positive feedback about the podcast with Dr.Richard Fleming, and it will get you up to speed to the biological weapon attack on humanity of SARS-cov-2 and give you a framework for healing.

According to physician and analyst Heiko Schöning, Big Pharma and secret services are currently combining forces in bioweapons research. After months of investigation, Schöning is certain: “This time, it will be bacteria!”

The physician had already predicted a staged state-of-health-emergency months before Corona started. Now, in the AUF1-interview with Stefan Magnet, he reveals specific names and companies and asks for them to be disclosed. According to Heiko Schöning, if the actors are made known, a pre-planned crime could be overthrown. https://m.kla.tv/27257 It is worth a listen to and makes very good points about how company names are changed, it's much more difficult to move the laboratories/factories. The corporation names are simply fronts for the puppet masters.

As for remedies to be prepared in worse case scenarios, look into Dr Jennifer Daniels, 100% gum turpentine, making your own collodial silver, 3% hydrogen peroxide Brownstein protocol and a nebulizer as a health insurance plan. (Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advice here)


I got sent a link to this free ebook called the Great Taking. It's actually a really good read. https://thegreattaking.com

The summary of his theory on how they will fulfil "you will own nothing and be happy" is https://youtu.be/QeP71CKRZNs

While all of this may seem depressing, let me finish on a positive note. I went to a recital on the weekend and heard of how Beethoven wrote his best work when he was deaf. In fact, it was through the turmoil of going deaf, that spurred his greatest works. Humans often do their best work, when our backs are to the wall. We are made to overcome and triumph in the face of adversity.


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