Obliterating the Deep State

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Obliterating the Deep State

WEF's Yuval Noah Harari when asked the question, “What do we need humans for or at least, what do we need so many humans for?" replies is "to keep them happy with drugs and computer games.” Better still, keep them distracted with the latest news drama.

I was talking to a friend who had recently returned from Kenya and I asked him, how Kenya was responding to the LGBTI agenda as a traditional society and he replied, "Kenyans would say there are 200 more important things to worry about" and there really is a lesson here for all of us, that so many things that consume our attention are actually distracting us from the important issues and events happening right now.

We have to decide what battles are winnable now and what ones aren't and what's right for your family.

I spoke to a principal of 27 years who is on leave and currently homeschooling her daughter. She tried to reform the schooling system for decades and I said to her, "so you had responsibility over thousands of children and now you're just education one child" and she nodded. I asked her what it would take to change the system, and she said it would need the Minister for Education and the majority of parents who want to make significant changes to it; two things currently that simply are not going to happen. Most parents she says are happy with things as they are; they believe the school system is great. In speaking to another woman who joined the Liberal Party hoping to remove the woke and sexualized content from the school curriculum, said that it had been added to so many areas of the Australian school curriculum, that it is almost impossible to remove. These mothers both tried to reform the system, but realized it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better and to not waste any more time, fighting a losing battle and to home school their children.

Assignment given to 14 year old children in Victorian public schools. One student was told to redo hers as it sounded “homophobic””

Decades of infiltration by the global Cabal into the school system to systematically dumb down the population and indoctrinate university students with woke ideology; originating from the Frankfurt school and poison minds through the media, music and movies to accept an immoral lifestyle as being modern and progressive, is simply not going to be undone easily or overnight. However, it terms of battles, it's a small one right now.


Unlike previous wars, this war has multiple fronts not just militarily from attacks on the food supply, weather warfare, cyber warfare, economic sanctions, rising interest rates and inflation, engineered supply shortages and supply chain disruptions, increased taxes, government spending countries into huge debts, open borders, criminals being let out on bail, mass deaths throughout the world due to both the covid jabs and shedding, the toll of lock-downs and other covid measures, the mass anxiety about the future, 5G and electromagnetic radiation and direct energy weapon attacks.

Criminal, mafia like bloodlines are warring it out for control of the world. In the alternative media, it is often presented as "The Elite" versus the rest of us but this is not the reality. There are multiple factions within the criminal bloodlines that have had control of the world for thousands of years and they are at war with each other and humanity is but the pawns in the game. If it were simply humanity versus the "Elite" we would already have been finished off.


A 1994 lecture by Dr. John Coleman, a former intelligence officer with Britain's MI6 discusses how The Club of Rome, a sub-group of the illuminati is a part of the globalist plan to destroy America and the world to bring about their liberal/socialist "New World Order", aka COMMUNISM

Dr. John Coleman also is the author of:
"The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300"
"The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations"
"Diplomacy by Deception"
"One World Order: Socialist Dictatorship"
"Socialism: The Road to Slavery"

Dr. John Coleman says "Free Trade is a one way street that allows other countries to dump their product on our markets to the detriment of our own peoples". He has put in decades of research into who is behind the veil, which includes the Fundi family, all members of the committee of 300 that he says "these people are so wealthy that they would make David Rockefeller look like a piper". The evil so great that the opium they unleashed on the Chinese, they planned to bring to America and that is exactly what has happened.

King George Third was also formulating a one world government, and lined up 50 countries willing to come into this dictatorship of the most brutal kind to be controlled completely by the Committee of 300, and he was prevented from doing so by just 3% of the population.

The Committee of 300 was formed in 1215, and it's executive is the Privy Council. The Magna Carta is tied to the Committee of 300, and was designed to protect the British Empire from the Vatican's claim on assets so as the King, couldn't use these assets to settle his debt with the Vatican. The literal translation of the Magna Carta is Big Paper and in middle English it means "Grand Cartel". It is a contract that protected the cartel. It was never for the common people.

"The Magna Carta was originally drafted in 1215, as a peace treaty between King John and a group of barons who had rebelled against his feudal and cruel system of demanding excessive taxes and military support.

Following his defeat against the French in 1214, King John was in a weakened position and was forced to come to terms with the barons. Their demands were incorporated into the first Magna Carta."

The Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London forced the British Empire in 1666, to accept the C'est Que Vie treaty of the Catholic Church, which is the birth/bond racket, where birth certificates become bonds.

The linking of the Magna Carta to the rights of the common people is done erroneously. When the Committee of 300 is ultimately dissolved, so too will the Magna Carta be.

The C'est Que Vie ended in October 2020.
There is so much to write on this subject but essentially, it is history repeating and the bankrupting of our peoples by certain bloodlines continues to this day but this time, there is a mass awakening. There is a push back of greater force against it because survival is at stake and if one moves one's mindset away from good versus evil and see it as a chess game of epic proportions, it's clearer to see what is going on. How does one even try to explain the diagram below?

Later in the article, I will discuss my take on current events.


The middle class is under assault because it poses a threat to the status quo. As G Edward Griffin said in 1969

"The middle class is very large but it is not accustomed to deprivation and terror. Because of its affluence, it has waxed soft. It has no stomach for massive fire, blood and violence. The motive force behind its life drive, is it's endless pursuit of prestige, conspicuous consumption and sensual pleasure. A few years of violent, sporadic and highly destructive uprisings, will set the stage for the grand finale. After the stage is properly set through protracted struggle, America could be brought to her knees, in 90 days of highly organized fierce fighting and massive firestorm.

Ladies and gentlemen, the plans and preparations for a Communist revolution of force and violence are far advanced....No matter what grievances we may have, real or imagined. No matter national problems we may face, the Communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism. They have one and only one solution for all problems, more government and then more and more until it's total government and

And the TOTAL GOVERNMENT is being built by the centralization of data, mass surveillance, 5G, CBDC, chipping of humanity via "vaccination", SMART cities, AI, free trade, mass migration, etc.

It is clear that target for the covid death jabs in particular is the middle class and their children. I was talking to a friend who was telling me that half the members of the Covid Committee in Victoria were parents from the prestigious girl's school in Toorak and they had advance warning of lock downs and would have had a sense that they were privy to privileged information; so when the covid jabs came out, the narrative was set up that the Pfizer ones were better and there was a shortage of them, and that getting them would protect them from the scourge of this lab grown agent.

So, true were the words of G Edward Griffin, "Because of its affluence, it (the middle class) has waxed soft".

It is common knowledge that in Melbourne and Sydney especially the private school families have extensive networks in the business world and intermarry. To graduate from one of the Elite schools opens doors that would otherwise not open and this closed shop, isn't something that is conducive to globalist control. In order to bring about TOTAL GOVERNMENT, the middle class stands in the way.

I will firstly take you back to the article written in June 2023.

"And when I am elected we will completely obliterate the Deep State and we know who they are" Donald Trump (January 13th, 2023)

War against the Deep State
We are at a pivotal point in the war against the Deep State. When was the last time you saw the FBI hold evidence on a sitting President that he received a $5 million dollars in bribe or an ex-president arrested for being in possession of classified documents?

This was a declaration of war and the Deep State and they have not backed down since then, with the former president is facing a total of 91 criminal charges, spread among four state and federal criminal indictments. Separately, he is also a party in more than a half dozen civil lawsuits.

It was said when McCarthy was elected to be speaker of the House, that the deal with the Republicans was a rule, where they could remove him and that rule was used by Matt Gaetz to remove him this week. I remember back when McCarthy was elected to Speaker, there was this far fetched idea that he would be replaced by Trump and that if Trump were to be made speaker of the house, that would make him second in line to the presidency after the vice president. It all seemed rather far fetched at the time but the news is currently reporting that Trump is being put forth as the next speaker. Will it come to fruition? We will soon see. No doubt the removal of McCarthy was that his continued support to send billions of dollars to Ukraine was the final straw and the trillions of dollars of debt being accumulated.

Jeanee Rose Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Matt Gaetz on 🔥 calling out the politicians whose funding come from… | 13 comments
Matt Gaetz on 🔥 calling out the politicians whose funding come from lobbyists. According to Statista "In 2022, the total lobbying spending in the United… | 13 comments on LinkedIn


This coming week I will be, (all going well with no technical or other glitches) interviewing Dr Richard Fleming on Unified Theory and SARS-Cov-2, which will be the big picture of healing.

This is a good video with Dr Richard Fleming and worth a watch and you can see the depth of his knowledge and experience.


I am also interviewing a Melbourne lawyer on vaccine compensation, privacy laws and how companies can write mandates into company policies.

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