Surviving heart failure

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Surviving heart failure

For about 3 weeks, I had been bedridden with what I believe was some remnant of a past covid infection. I could barely eat, let alone take any supplements, I could hardly stay awake for long and visited the toilet several times a day, drifting in and out of consciousness. My pulse was in the 90s and listening to my gut, it was like a war going on inside and I absolutely stunk. It was as though my gut had gone septic. I normally never get sick but I had noticed at the end of March, that my gut didn't feel right and I had switched to a gluten and dairy free diet, for some relief. I had covid in December.

It was really confusing to be so sick and every day, I thought I would surely be better. By the middle of the third week, I had started to feel better after I took a small dose of gum turpentine+honey and 250mg of full flush niacin. I was able to eat curry laksa but noticed, I wasn't urinating very much. Then last Saturday, I woke up and my feet and legs were swollen, I weighed myself and estimated that I had about 8kg of excess fluid. On that day, flowers arrived from a friend and these flowers were the exact same flowers as my last 'near death' hospital visit where I almost died from a miscarriage, five years earlier. It was like a subconscious trigger, that something wasn't right. I was so weakened, I really didn't want to spend hours in Emergency, so I tried to find a GP that would see me but unable to secure an appointment, I ended up online with a GP who wrote me a script for frusemide but urged me to seek medical attention when I could.

By the Monday, I had lost 4kg of fluid and still unable to secure a GP appointment, I decided to go to Emergency to get the blood tests and echocardiogram done, to rule out any issues with my heart. Eleven years ago, I had been admitted to hospital for postpartum cardiomyopathy but I recovered after 6 months and went on to have a baby and had no heart issues for over a decade. I really didn't expect, that when I went into Emergency, that my heart function would be so bad.  I was told that I needed to be admitted and it wasn't a good idea to go home, and that I could die if I did.

In order to get onto the cardiac ward, I was given 2 PCR tests, which returned negative results and once on the ward, no visitors were allowed due to covid. It was surprisingly peaceful, the staff were incredibly respectful of my medical choices. My bloods returned normal results, as did my kidney and liver function. My EF was estimated to be about 20%. I had ECG, chest x-ray and iv frusemide to take off the excess fluid. That evening, I was going to the toilet almost every 15 minutes and I got very good at unplugging myself from the monitoring machines. Even though I was in heart failure, I felt the best I had in 3 weeks.

On the Tuesday morning I was given 2 bags of magnesium by IV, more iv frusemide, 2.5mg bisoprolol and 2.5mg of ramipril. My potassium was low, so I was given oral potassium supplements. There was discussion about a new drug Entresto but the safety profile and the risk of sudden death as a "side effect" were unacceptable to me. My daughter dropped off food at the main entrance to the hospital and it was brought up to me and I had the most ravishing appetite. I guess, almost 3 weeks of not eating much, I was hungry. The whole thing was so surreal, that I actually felt 'normal' despite being attached to a portable heart monitoring machine and being diagnosed with serious dilated cardiomyopathy. Even when I got home I climbed the stairs without getting out of breath. Yet somehow, even though I was told the echocardiogram result was 30%, and it was revised down to 15%, which in theory means that I should be quite sick.

While I had been sick with gut issues, I was researching and reading many accounts of people who were sick from having had covid. There are many long covid groups on Facebook and telegram trying to work out how to recover from the effects of the spike protein. In the backdrop of a whole counter narrative that the virus isn't real, that it's just the flu renamed, and that only the jabbed are getting sick but there are numerous reports of the unjabbed developing microclotting, hospitalized for gut issues, defibrillators going off, miscarriages, thyroid and heart problems, major hair loss, chronic fatigue (long covid) post covid infection. Young people and healthy people who have had no prior health issues, now experiencing health problems. For myself, it was incredibly confronting, having been healthy, conscious of eating well and active for over 10 years, to suddenly fall back into heart failure. How was this even possible?

The whole experience took me back full circle to the work of Dr Richard Fleming for answers. His book, "STOP INFLAMMATION NOW", I used to recover from postpartum cardiomyopathy in 2011. He has also has a lot to say about covid19 being a bioweapon which kills by inflammation, causing prion disease and dispels much misinformation with solid science and data. He has written a book, "Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?: A Scientific and Forensic investigation"

As a Nuclear and Preventive Cardiologist, clinician, research scientist and an attorney he also has degrees in Physics, Biology, Psychology and Chemistry and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine in 1990 and Nuclear Cardiology in 1996. He developed both the Unified Theory of Vascular Disease establishing 'Inflammation” as the cause of coronary and peripheral vascular disease and the Quadratic Blood Flow Equation for Coronary Flow Reserve in the early to mid-1990s. His CV is 90 pages long and has published over 400 papers, abstracts, journals in medical textbooks and authored 26 medical books for the general public and medical professionals. He has more than 50 papers in peer review medical journals, over 50 presentations at scientific conferences throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, has authored 8 chapters in Medical Textbooks and written 3 independent books on Health Care. As an authority, Dr Richard Fleming, is head and shoulders above the many so called "experts" on both sides of the divide.

Being sick and out of the loop as it were. I realized how easy it is to get caught up in the counter narrative. The division that has been sown, the polarization of left/right, jabbed and unjabbed, and the very simplistic "Science" presented on both sides of the divide. Yet, the real enemy are those who are responsible for this crime against humanity, who have unleashed a bioweapon on the world. We need to never lose sight of this and the people profiting.

We cannot allow certain voices to minimize the criminality of the engineered virus by suggesting that it was all a hoax, that natural immunity and early treatment to a lab grown pathogen was the answer all along, when in fact the virus was the initial delivery system for the spike protein that had properties such as HIV inserts, gain of function and was by design a bio-weapon. The HIV GP120 protein whether in the virus or the vaccine causes prion diseases (dementia) by altering BDNF Furin levels. The voices that have distracted us with the harm of the jab, only for us to miss the poisoning from the shedding of the spike protein to all. We cannot measure the harm because it is not immediately evident, if someone due to exposure to the spike protein happens to develop cancer, heart disease, miscarriage, infertility, Alzheimer's, hepatitis, gut issues, etc. in the next few years. While most people's immune systems will adapt and deal with this new pathogen; the elderly, vulnerable and immune compromised with pre-existing conditions may not, without the help of certain drugs, and supplements that can clear the spike protein from the body.

The current narrative of ending the mandates, restoration of rights while important, is but a distraction from the criminality of the engineered bio-weapon, unleashed on the world. It has nothing to do with mass psychosis but it was a planned assault on humanity, with people who have been paid off to do their part.

These people will be indicted for crimes against humanity. There will be no where to hide. No excuses for their roles in releasing the bioweapon into the wild and through injectables.

Below is one of the most important videos on Covid19 that you should watch by Dr Richard Fleming that explains in detail the complex science related to covid19 and the tremendous amount of misinformation, that needs to be addressed for us to make progress as a society.

18 Pieces of Misinformation You Need to Know About.
Including Conflicts of Interest, Lack of Knowledge, Intentional and Knowing Dishonesty. I don't agree with it all but the Science of how the virus was determined to be an engineered bio-weapon, is very important.

In Memory of Professor Luc Montagnier.

The narrative has been hijacked to one of freedom and choice, instead of criminality and accountability. When you have a bio-weapon that has been released in the world that is going to cause disease and death by triggering inflammothrombotic response and which disables anti-cancer genes, there is no freedom and choice. Too many people, intentionally and by ignorance muddling the waters and we are currently not holding those responsible to be accountable for their criminal actions. Once released, there was no way of putting it back in the box either. Lock downs, masks, jabs, border closures, etc.. none of these work. It was all part of the plan to cause further harm.

The spike protein is the cause of prion disease and inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases. The engineering of a virus as a bioweapon to harm people is war and while the last year has been focused on jabs, mandates, rights, freedom, etc.. we also know that the spike protein is being shed by the jabbed, and this shedding is making people sick too.


I have heard it often that 'the virus has never been isolated' but this is not true. Not only has it been sequenced but it originated from a lab.

Broncoalveolar lavage is a procedure where viruses samples can be obtained from the lungs and analysed under an electron microscope or put through Sanger Sequencing to a pool of DNA fragments, that represent the unique DNA sequence data file or nucleotide base sequences which can then be used in PCR testing to find the spike protein. has video showing you how this is done.

So while PCR tests only detect the presence of a spike protein, the more complex sampling and analysis can in fact determine the genetic makeup of the bioweapon and it's various mutations. There is no question that this virus did not come from nature and it has various modifications that increase it's infectivity and lethality.

Covid19 is not just a cytokine storm but it is a inflammothrombotic response (ITR) to Sars-cov-2. It is the result of t-cells and b cells making and releasing, cytokines, interleukins, interferon, t-cells, b-cells and their antibody proteins, clotting factors and more. As a bioweapon, we have a lot to learn about it and simplistic answers to complex problems will not help us to heal the world. There is a lot we don't know about it and we hear anecdotal reports, for example that people who have long covid and lingering effects, when they get infected again with covid, these symptoms and issues, suddenly resolve. How and why does this happen?


A new study has found that SARS-COV-2 disrupts microbiome of the gut by infecting the bacteria or disrupting the good bacteria and the virus might replicate in the gut bacteria. We now need to consider the oral-fecal route of transmission.

This is the first study that has found SARS-COV-2 can infect the bacteria in the gut. "Microscope image analyses confirm the presence of SARS-CoV-2-like particles on fecal samples of the family and suggest that bacteria, reservoirs of the virus, are the most critical factors of fecal-oral transmission in this pandemic. The present case report also emphasizes the importance of the rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 in symptomatic and non-symptomatic subjects with negative results from nasal and oropharyngeal swabs by analyzing stool samples, and emphasizes the importance of the bacteriophagic mechanism of the virus and its fecal-oral transmission."

"Significant alterations in the gut and respiratory microbiome in COVID-19 patients, finding that there was an increase in pathogenic bacteria and a decrease in beneficial ones"

My personal experience is that this is what happened to me, that my gut bacteria was significantly affected by pathogenic bacteria. Normally, fasting would resolve gut issues but I became significantly weaker, until I dealt with the pathogenic bacteria. The gut is where 70-80% of the immune system resides and there is an intricate interplay between the intestinal microbiota, the intestinal epithelial layer, and the local mucosal immune system.  It seems that there are many ways that this bio-weapon can harm and kill. In retrospect, I probably should have taken gum turpentine + honey to deal with the gut issues and full flush niacin earlier before inflammation weakened my heart.  Interestingly, I have had a few women who had also recovered from postpartum cardiomyopathy, report gut issues post covid and relapse in their heart function.

We are at war and information and knowledge is power. It's very easy to get caught up in the whole medical freedom narrative but when you have labs creating bioweapons that are targetting receptor sites in your DNA, with HIV inserts and shutting down anti-cancer genes, then this is no longer just about the right to decide what goes in your body.

The following are current treatments on the table to detox or mitigate the damage from the jab, jab shedding and the bioweapon released into the environment.

Protocol collection by Dr Richard Fleming based on pharmaceutical drugs and supplements.

Best Evidence Treatments in English | Fleming-Method

Dmitry Kats is a biostatician whose detox protocol is based on the niacin flush and supplements that support detoxification. His research initially was how niacin was able to reverse Alzeihmer's disease but has since moved on to detoxification and healing from jab injuries, long covid, shedding and health issues related to the bioweapon. It has similarities to the niacin plus infra red sauna detox protocol that has been used successfully for decades, that was pioneered by people such as  L. Ron Hubbard and Dr David Root. It utilises high doses of niacin combined with infrared sauna heat therapy to eliminate toxins and chemicals stored in the bodies fat.

HOM3OSTASIS – By Dmitry Kats, PhD, MPH

Dr Jennifer Daniels, is one of the world's leading alternative healing physicians, currently living in exile in Panama. She has an amazing story, that if you had no other alternatives, might just save your life.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels - Talking Turpentine
Dr. Daniels joins me to discuss issues plaguing science and the failing medical system, germ theory, the causes of disease, how to heal from disease and why the pure gum spirits of turpentine might play a key role in that healing process.

Tony Pantalleresco is a herbalist who has been fighting Morgellans and other man made pathogens for many years. A wealth of alternative knowledge. His Youtube channel.

The spike protein not just cleaves to the ACE2 receptors but it has a modified furin protease cleavage site and a HIV gp120 insertion. It also shuts down the p53 system that protects us from cancer. It also has prions that cause mad cow disease. The result of the spike protein crossing the blood brain barrier. While the number of spike proteins in the jabs numbers billions, there is still the potential for environmental exposure from the spike protein that is carried by both the sars-cov-2 virus or shed from the vaccinated.

Science is catching up for what many of us have known anecdotally that vaccine shedding is leading to health issues in the unjabbed too.

New Study & Confidential Pfizer Docs. prove COVID “Vaccine Shedding” has been and still is occurring with dangerous consequences
A new study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity have had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether


"No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn."

While there are those whose plans are for evil, there are many that stand and work for good. There is a real acceleration of knowledge in all aspects of human development, including health and healing, happening at this time. We are learning a lot about gut health, the immune system, detoxification, nutrition, supplementation, homeostasis and for those who want to heal, there is hope. Whether it's from shedding, vaccine damage or long covid, there are success stories of people who are overcoming and healing.

I also have my own journey to make. A path that I have walked before, a decade ago, to heal my heart and though I did not expect to be, back in this situation, I will make the best of it and hopefully inspire others, that not only is healing possible, it is the ultimate destination.

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