How the pandemic was orchestrated in Australia

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How the pandemic was orchestrated in Australia

The question often asked, "How could the whole world be in on the plan for mass depopulation and sterilization?" It's so incredulous and far fetched, surely this is the stuff of fantasy. Explosive information revealed by Mr Julian Gillespie, who is a retired lawyer and former barrister sheds some light on the Australian angle. Julian says that the Federal government, ultimately directed by the WHO, was behind the mandates, social distancing rules, masking rules, contact tracing, quarantining, isolation, etc. He says, that all roads lead to back to the National Cabinet, which PM Scott Morrison is the head. So despite Scomo's insistence that the covid rules were a State affair, Scomo's hand is all over it, as to were all the major political parties.

How it was done.

The Federal government established APHRA via the legislation which all the States agreed to in 2019, in return for funding; an organization that is beyond the reach of judicial review because it is State-territory based initiative but functions as though it is federally based. This has made it very difficult to challenge the various covid rules, as APHRA is able to function in a legal no man's land.

APHRA was then used to enforce government policy with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee directly influencing APHRA.

In 2007, the Australian government became a signatory to the WHO's International Health Regulations. When the WHO declared a pandemic it enlivened the articles in the IHR, and the WHO sent out strong guidance to member countries. The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee then enacted these articles, which they directed APHRA to enforce.

The rest is history. All planned. Nicely executed and it's taken almost 2 years to figure out, how this all went down. Even when it appeared that there was a win in August 2021, with Nathan Buckley's win, that 'National Cabinet' was not part of the Federal Cabinet and they were required to produce all the documents from it's meetings under Freedom of Information, that all fizzed out and documents remained sealed.

So, the mechanisms are all still in place, for Australia to be lead back into lock downs, masks, quarantining, isolation, social distancing, mandates, etc... regardless of whether Labor or the Coalition win the May 21st, 2002 Federal election.

Full video interview Julian Gillespie with Federal Senators which goes into a lot more detail.

Australia also sent a representative to Event 201, a planning event for future pandemics held in October 2019, where various simulations were played out, including how to deal with the resistance from the public and marketing.

Similar to the rest of the world, drugs such as HQC were banned in Australia, as early as April 2020, and legislation revoked that required the need to look for alternative therapies before provisionally approving the covid19 jabs.

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The latest update on Latest Update on AVN Judicial Review: Julian Gillespie. To learn more about the case and donate follow the link

The level of corruption is so deep, it's mind blowing. It's important to keep grounded, remain agile and positive. Like any war, be prepared for anything.

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