Poisoned blood - death to the body, mind and soul

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Poisoned blood - death to the body, mind and soul
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Recently, in my reflections and life journey, I have become increasingly conscious of the importance of the blood to spirituality and connection to the divine streams of life, our essence and inner most being. Poison the body and blood and the mind and spirit is poisoned. Blood, like water, is a messenger of a person's emotion and consciousness. The "god particle", the fifth element, Higgs boson or Higg's particle is present in the air we breathe, the trees and plants, water, blood and all living things and it is visible. CERN it is said, was developed to harness this particle; to use it to alter time and frequency.

While much of the focus on "mass psychosis" has been through psychological means of media influence on the mind, what is overlooked is the conditions that led to this situation, and that is the poisoning of the blood, which is multifaceted; from water fluoridation, to drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition, chemically laden environment, lack of sunshine, processed foods, poor gut health, lack of exercise, emf radiation, etc.. The foundation was ripe to sow the seeds of mass psychosis, not to mention the many decades of humanism, ego-centric nihilism, and materialism.

The term pharmakeia--an abstract noun meaning sorcery, magic, the practice of magic arts. The concrete noun is pharmakon whose primary meaning is poison.

The pharmaceutical companies are very much tied to agriculture, the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides in the soil and water fluoridation. The poisoning of the mind through educational systems, mass media, Hollywood, propaganda, etc completes the process of disconnection that began by poisoning of the blood.


The molecular structure of water can be affected by our consciousness; our intent, and sounds which influences the structure of water. The video below demonstrates the effect of the environment on the structure of the water and the difference in structure between living water and polluted water and how water reacts to different energies and sounds.

Masaru Emoto - Water Experiments

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, is one of the most important water researchers that the world has known. For over 20 years (until he passed away in 2014), he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

Human blood is 50-75% water and would be transformed in a similar way to water.


The microscopic particles in the blood, also found in all living things never dies.

You can see them in the visual above. These particles helps the body to decompose when it dies. If everything in the body, died when our heart stopped, then our bodies would turn to stone.

Over the course of his 25 years of research, Dr. Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood, including the microscopic "god" particles , in order to understand a person's total health.

It is an excellent video and well worth the watch.


Pleomorphism is the theory where things morph based on the terrain. Counter to the germ theory of disease which blames illness on an invader, pleomorphism is to exist in a number of morphological forms or morphotypes, in response to environmental conditions. A harmless bacteria, morphing into a dangerous fungus does so based on the terrain but health can be restored by addressing the terrain, as opposed to killing off the bacteria (which often also results in the poisoning of the terrain) and the dangerous fungus morphs back to a harmless bacteria.

When you extend this concept of terrain, to the "god particle" and how one can increase the presence of it through breath work, living water, living foods, detoxification, movement, sunshine, and how the absence of these things, leads to degradation, disease and death, therein lies the secret to true health, spirituality and abundance.

The physical body is inherently tied to the spiritual, emotional and mental and if we see ourselves as energetic beings, it follows that the more "god particles" we hold within our bodies, the more connected we are to the energetic source of life.


Rudolf Steiner talks of the body having 4 parts; physical, etheric (unconscious/energetic), astral (emotions) and Spirit (mind/consciousness) and an imbalance in one of these, affects all of them. It is far removed from the modern concept of treating the body as separate from the spiritual/emotional/mind.

In table of homotoxicosis, by the German physician Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, illnesses are agent-determined reactive processes in which homotoxins can cause the body to react with inflammation. Dr. Reckeweg describes 1) In the Excretion Phase, the body expels toxins normally. 2) In the Reaction Phase, the body expels the toxins that have entered it, usually by fever, diarrhea, and inflammation. 3) In the Deposition Phase, the body’s defense processes cannot manage to completely expel the toxins. 4) In the Impregnation Phase across the “biological division” or from the humoral phases into the cellular phases, initial penetration of cells by toxins occurs. These toxins interfere with enzymatic functions of the cell, and damage all-important cellular membranes. 5) In the Degeneration Phase both organ structure and function is increasingly and irreversibly being damaged. There is a continued degenerative alteration of cellular membranes, enzymes and genetic and organic structures of the cells.  6) Within the Neoplasmatic Phase, genetic material and cellular respiratory mechanisms are severely damaged. Oxidative free radicals foster further organ dysfunction and tissue degeneration.

To read about this in more detail, see https://www.designedforthriving.com/s/Phases-of-Homotoxicosis-as-described-by-Reckeweg.pdf


In addressing the elimination of toxins and laying the foundations where the body can assimilate living foods, to create new cells, this is how disease is reversed but also part of the awakening of the mind and soul to the divine streams of life.

The research of Dr Andrew Moulden whose theory that vaccines, chemicals, environmental toxins , and poor nutrition can create conditions in which tiny strokes occur in micro vascular regions of the body due to impaired blood flow to the capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels in the body. It is estimated that the human body has 600,000 miles of capillaries. When blood flow is stopped and oxygen is no longer available to cells in certain highly sensitive areas, then cellular damage and normal body functioning will be damaged. When this happens in the brain and the digestive system, heart, and other organs first stop working efficiently and then become diseased due to poor blood flow.

He discusses how the human body is mostly water but the electrolytes are held in suspension by electrical charge. When you add salt to water, it normally dissolves but in the human body, we are not just a container of dissolved salts! We are energy. The more you consider the complex functions that is the body, and how it knows how to heal itself from injury, the more in awe one is of its design. Also the idea of consciousness, and where exactly memory and ones essence or soul is stored in the blood, especially considering how people recover from stroke, is particularly fascinating. And then there is the idea of collective consciousness and how people arrive to similar truths through life experiences and intuition.

It reminds me of the conversation I had on the beach with the woman whose husband recovered from stroke and how she massaged him to stimulate circulation. She knew instinctively to do this, that ensuring blood flow would help him to heal. Cells have internal knowing and are able to repair damage and even regrow around injured areas of the brain. In considering this idea of blood flow, anything that facilitates good blood flow/oxygenation from diet, hydration, massage, relaxation, heat, sunshine, fresh air, etc will help the body to heal as does avoiding the things that impair blood flow to the capillaries like stress, fear, dehydration, poor diet, etc..

When one thinks of breastfeeding, and the wonder of how the food eaten transforms into blood, then breast milk, which a baby drinks that transforms into his blood, bones, organs, skin, hair etc and the leftovers come out of the baby and into the toilet. What an incredible wonder.

Modern medicine has made people afraid of viruses and bacteria, but these in themselves are present to break down food and dead cells and the liver if it becomes overwhelmed, because of a backed up elimination channels and poor digestion, allows toxins to build up in the blood that leads to lethargy and internal poisoning. And because of fear, people have poisoned themselves with chemicals and anti bacterial agents including antibiotics, thereby harming the micro-bacterial balance that transforms food into energy, new cells and blood and which are also necessary to break down waste.

Hiromi Shinya, MD, is one of the world's leading gastro-enterologists whose book The Enzyme Factor has sold millions of copies in the United States, Japan and other countries. The video below shows the importance of the intestines to health. The balance and diversity of enzymes and bacteria in the body is essential to health.


Steiner states in his final lecture in The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness that the spiritual world where entities such as angels, demons and archangels dwell is within the human blood. He meant this quite literally, saying:

“Both the Archangels and the Angels had their dwelling place in the blood, as it were. Truly, the blood is not something merely for chemists to analyse; it is also the dwelling place of entities from higher worlds.”

It follows that a ‘vaccine’, could block off any communication from the spirit world, meaning no messages or impulses would be able to get through from the ‘spirits of light’ whose aim is always to help humanity progress and fulfil our destiny; the cutting of the silver cord via poisoning is an attempt to snuff out the divine light in us.  See https://beyondthewasteland.co.uk/2022/01/26/steiner-and-the-blood-demons/

Steiner believed that "Positive impulses which were once transmitted to us would be permanently locked out by the vaccine, and instead the hapless victims would only be able to receive the impulses coming to them from disruptive sources, which we can imagine today might include the media, the education system and even established religion. There would be great confusion, he says, and Ahrimanic forces will turn people’s thoughts upside down and inside out. Everything that once was good and sensible will  appear evil and crazy, while everything that was once considered insane and evil will be presented as sensible and good." (Mass psychosis)

In this current time, we are witnessing a polarization of light and darkness; as the world becomes increasingly dark. It is important to remember that the highest frequency always wins and to not be dragged into a helpless mindset.

We are undergoing a process of rebirth and an awakening; which is spiritual, emotional, as well as physical and environmental. Intuitively, many know to protect the blood from poisoning; for poisoned blood is death to the body, mind and soul but it is also important to nourish the blood through the daily practice of physical health in all that we do, digest and are exposed to, in order to become more connected spiritually and centered emotionally and mentally. To consciously choose love, faith and hope over fear, guilt and hate.

The blood like water, carries our thoughts, emotions and spirit and it is in the blood that the battle for humanity is ultimately won or lost.

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