My heart healing journey

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My heart healing journey

It's been just over a year since I went into heart failure and hospitalized with an EF of 15%, which is pretty severe. I have had several requests to share my recovery stories (both now and when I fully recovered in 2012). In the spirit of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, and putting off writing this article any longer, I will do my best to condense what I have learnt (which really would take a book or two) in this article. You can contact me if you have questions and please do come back and revisit this article for the revisions and additions, I will add to it and even though this article is specifically related to the heart; the models, ideas and experiences detailed below can apply to many other diseases.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with postpartum cardiomyopathy, and it was a very difficult time, with so much uncertainty but I recovered in about 11 months, and went on an incredible health journey afterwards to give birth to baby boy, at 43 years old, my eleventh child in my home near the ocean. I had to really put all that I had learnt which included hundreds of hours of research, on the line for that pregnancy; to walk the walk. There was no room for error because when pregnancy is concerned, when things go wrong, it can go downhill very fast. I also knew that stress contributed to my prior illness, my births were always quick and easy and I was warned in dreams not to return to the doctors, that my life was at risk if I did and I knew that being in the system, they could use Child Protection to force my hand to submit to their regime of monthly ultrasounds and drugs (that I didn't want). I had already witnessed the power of the State to order pediatric checks for most of my children because they had never seen a doctor for illness or had a needle and I navigated through that situation, my children found healthy and DHS left without even an exit letter. The irony of it was that, I did go in post birth because I panicked and had unresolved trauma, the doctors almost did kill me giving me iv saline too quickly and sending my potassium levels fatally high before they fixed their mistake but not before confining me to ICU and torturing me for a few days there and on the ward, before I came to my senses and walked out.

This time around already having had that experience of recovering and going through a high risk pregnancy, and knowing my body, I accepted the challenge of the diagnosis of 15% from day 1 as part of my life story, my life journey, the reason why I am here on earth, to have this experience and to learn and spiritually grow from it and help others. It was also strangely liberating, with all that was going on in the world, that if this was it, well...I wasn't meant to be here to endure any more craziness.


I can tell you, from my own experience and helping other women to heal from heart issues that the most important thing for healing is mindset; to have a positive attitude and believe that you are going to live and live life to abundance and with purpose. Every conscious decision thereafter that you make to benefit your health comes from that mindset.


The cause of heart issues is inflammation. Inflammation is caused by gut issues primarily because of parasites and parasitic fungi, that lead to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body, and all this is exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc.. The root cause of disease begins and ends in the gut, with the exception of blood poisoning.

Both times I went into heart failure, I had crazy gut issues that made me very, very sick for several weeks. The first time my body was so unbalanced, it literally took one of my wisdom teeth that completely and instantly disintegrated leaving only a tiny root. I can remember very clearly going in and out of consciousness, not being able to think clearly, the connection between my mind and spoken word feeling as though there was a delay, my heart rate was in the 90s, but my oxygen saturation levels never dropped below normal readings and I put on several kilograms of fluid (weight) and going into heart failure as my heart struggled to keep up with the excess fluid, that it was unable to remove. This is often why people who are in heart failure find it hard to know to get help because thinking is impaired.

I go into more detail of how I ended up in heart failure in May 2022, in the article below, which has striking similarities to when I went into heart failure in 2011.

Surviving heart failure
For about 3 weeks, I had been bedridden with what I believe was some remnant of a past covid infection. I could barely eat, let alone take any supplements, I could hardly stay awake for long and visited the toilet several times a day, drifting in and out of consciousness.

One of the most important details of my brush with death in 2022, was that I came across the podcast and was reminded about the healing properties of gum turpentine for the gut. Gum turpentine has a long history of medicinal use and if it were still in use, it would put many pharmaceuticals out of business. Don't take my word for it, Dr Jennifer Daniels is living in exile in Panama because instead of prescribing drugs she was writing "scripts" for nutrition, and gum turpentine.  

Dr Jennifer Daniels details the protocol which is essentially 1 teaspoon of pure distilled gum turpentine over 3 sugar cubes, taken once daily for 2 days. If you want to find it, you'll need to search "Dr Jennifer Daniels Candida protocol pdf". It's cheap, you only need a small dose and highly effective.

But isn't gum turpentine poison? Well, yes but many things in nature are and it is the same substance that is extracted from the sap of trees. Sap of a tree is the tree's blood and when a tree has an injury, it is this sap that flows that protects the trees from fungi and other invaders. By distilling the sap down to gum turpentine, one essentially is making medicine.

See this video of a cute homemade experiment of a man distilling his own gum turpentine from pine sap.

This video shows what a supplement made from pine tree bark extract (similar properties to gum turpentine) can do for the blood and for healing.

One of the things Dr Jennifer Daniels does say, is that one should aim to have a minimum of 3 bowel movements a day before trying gum turpentine because parasites want to take the easiest exit from the body, and you really want that exit to be the bowels.  If you aren't aware, a bowel movement for every meal is actually normal and desirable. If you are not having this many bowel movements, then your gut is not healthy.

While 3 bowel movements a day is the ideal, the healing reaction can be slowed down by taking a lower dose and that is easier to be achieved by mixing 100% gum turpentine with honey; 1 part to 3, meaning a 1 teaspoon is equal to 1/4 dose and spreading it out over 4 days on and 3 days off, over 2 weeks.

As it happened, I already had some premixed gum turpentine and honey from years back and with nothing to lose, took a very small dose of it and immediately felt, my life force return to me and my brain snap back and for the first time in weeks, I had an appetite and was able to eat without it upsetting my stomach. Gum turpentine not only heals the gut but destroys parasites that harm the body. Parasites create viruses (or exosomes) and inflammation in the body, that is the theory of a leading microbiologist and I won't go into more detail in this article but this model of virus causing disease is the flawed science that modern medicine is based on, that we have been conditioned to accept.

My daughter had made curry laksa using hand ground spices, lemongrass from the garden and coconut cream and it also had lots of turmeric in it. Turmeric as it turned out is highly anti-inflammatory. So this was the perfect food to eat and I also took a dose of 250 mg nicotinic acid, which actually made me vomit (surprisingly) but also made me feel better.

So by the time, I visited hospital for blood tests and an echocardiogram because I had swelling and wanted to rule out heart failure, I was already on the mend. My admission to hospital just became a case of resting, getting off excess fluid, eating lots of butyrate rich foods to feed the beneficial bacteria in my gut (foods like cooked and cooled potatoes that are high in resistant starch), Jerusalem artichokes (gut bacteria love this but you need to start low and work one's way up), and I was on very low doses of ace inhibitor (2.5mg) and beta blocker (1.25mg) that a few months later I weaned off because it wasn't compatible with taking high dose niacin and also I thought I might have been pregnant.

Lentil sprouts, salad, with cashew cheese.

Initially, I adopted a plant based, wholefoods vegan diet and used the book by Richard Fleming MD , Stop Inflammation Now which includes no oils. Lots of fruits. Cooked and cooled potatoes for resistant starch, roasted root vegetables, boiled pears with sultanas. Bok choi cooked in water with garlic/tamari and served with quinoa. No breads, pastries, or processed food, everything made from scratch. Foods with garlic/onions/herbs/spices like curries with jasmine rice. Gluten free (gluten can add to gut inflammation especially combined with dairy where it forms a kind of glue on the villi)
No processed foods. Fermented vegetables, salads with sprouted lentils, nut cheese, pine nuts, pepitas, dried naturally sweetened cranberries. Homemade quinoa crackers

Daily Supplements I took included: magnesium 600mg, full flush niacin 250mg (later increased to 500mg), folinic acid, coq10, a natural pre-biotic supplement, biotin, vitamin E, Hawthorne, b6, and I also did a course of serrapeptase and nattokinase.

I made a fruit based smoothie with acai berries, banana, mango, mineral water (pumped from the spring), chia seeds, nigella seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, carob powder, maca powder, baby spinach, frozen broccoli sprouts, taurine, cinnamon, pre-biotic, dates and added supps to the smoothie.

Later on, I would add homemade milk kefir using raw Jersey milk for gut health.

I was really strict with diet and even though my EF was 15%, and I took my weight first thing every morning after emptying my bowels to ensure there was no unusual weight gain which is a sign of being in heart failure.  I attribute feeling "normal", in that I didn't have symptoms usually associated with being in heart failure like tiredness, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc.. because of how strict I was with diet and it is hard work.

Also a few months after I was diagnosed, I also went to a naturopath to do a live blood analysis to check that there wasn't anything nefarious from shedding in my blood. I actually deliberately waited, till I had done quite a lot of ground work because I actually didn't want to see anything bad in the blood. As it turned out, it was inflammation and you could clearly see the red blood cells weren't free flowing like they should have been. After this appointment, I realized how dehydrated I was and subsequently gave up my water pill.

If you want to see the live blood analysis, I posted it

At this point, it should go without saying that if you want to heal from heart disease; there should be strictly no alcohol , smoking or processed sugar or processed foods.

It was easy in the Summer months to throw myself into exercise and I was doing either rollerblading at the beach or walking and yoga daily. I later realized that maybe I overdid this without investing as much time in putting the nutrients in and letting my heart rest more. Sometime after my first echocardiogram, one of the places I got supplements from locally just closed down and for some reason, I didn't keep up with the supplements like I should have.

It wasn't too bad, because by the end of Summer, my EF did rise to 35% but certainly it wasn't what I hoped for and the day of my appointment, I don't know whether it was the past trauma but I ended up having ectopic beats, which are harmless but totally threw me off, because normally I don't even notice my heart and the day of my appointment, I was very conscious of it. No amount of slow, deep breathing was able to control my heart.

When doing all these things: exercise, breath work, smoothies, juicing, herbal teas, spices, supplements, diet, rest, minimizing stress; it really takes dedication because every drink , every bite of food needs to count and by the end of the day, I often found that I had run out of time and space in my schedule to take all the supplements that I had bought!! Looking after oneself when recovering from a chronic illness is like a full time job, and especially when you are feeling okay, it's very easy to slip back into old habits or not doing everything you know you should be doing.

After my second appointment and my heart playing up with ectopic beats, which are harmless...but, I thought, I had better get serious again and reassess. My heart beats returned to normal after coming home.

I felt that I need to go back to juicing from smoothies because juicing especially beetroot is very good for making new blood cells, and juicing is easier on the gut and is high source of nutrients with minimal energy required for processing.  I went back to my trusted juice that I used the first time around to heal; apples, oranges, carrots, beetroot, spinach, celery and sometime I would add ginger (which is an anti-inflammatory). I also made my own cashew nut mylk and would drink it as a turmeric latte with cinnamon/honey or as a homemade chai latte. I bought a whole lot of herbal teas like Hawthorne, raspberry, dandelion, hibiscus and would also drink lemon juice mixed with mineral water in the morning. With all these different drinks to incorporate into my day, it's actually become a bit of a challenge how to fit them all in, while juggling life's other responsibilities.

Recently after going on holidays to a colder environment, I got sick with a cold. It wasn't too bad but I was more tired than usual and I have to say, the choice between eating out a less than perfect meal or not eating, I did choose eating out. It was relaxing, still vegan wholefoods but with oils, cold pressed juice or herbal/spiced drink and not organic and that's the whole thing, as one recovers, you can slip back into normal life and that really is the end goal; to be health conscious but not let it take over one's life; that it becomes it's own prison.

I remember asking a friend, who had heart failure and found me online years ago, when she felt the shift and she said to me, it was when I told her, to see herself as healed already. Your mind is an incredibly powerful place and it has the ability to direct life force and healing to every cells. Everyone has heard of the placebo effect but the nocebo effect of having negative words by doctors placed over one is as powerful but in a harmful way. I know myself personally, every time, I interact with the medical system, it literally takes me a week to detoxify mentally. They place so much doubt, so much fear, so much unnecessary "if you don't do things our way, things are going to go badly for you" and so much guilt, that these emotions are in themselves highly toxic to healing. Every so often, it hits one like a wave, with incredible self doubt but then you remember that these are the same doctors who only know and see, the harm and limitations of the medical system. They do not heal but only offers never ending treatments and who don't understand how one got sick in the first place, so how can they possibly know how to heal from it. The same medical system that gleefully jumps on board every drug and vaccine that comes along and quietly forgets the billion dollar payouts from pharma for the same drugs they once touted to their patients as the most amazing advance in medical science.

When I was first diagnosed in hospital, they wanted me to have an MRI with contrast dye instead of an echocardiogram because they suspected amyloidosis, a diagnosis that they said would mean I had not much time left to live but looking at the treatment options, for it and the lack of success, I decided why risk to inject a radioactive substance inside me, just to rule out something that even if they came back and said it was amyloidosis, I would refuse the treatment. The cardio that was assigned to me under the free medicare system model, wasn't very respectful of my wishes and so I got a referral for another cardio and haven't looked back even though I have had to pay the gap between the fee and the medicare rebate. As it turned out, because my heart has recovered to 35%, it wasn't amyloidosis but in some ways, the prospect that it might have been, made me work extra hard to stay on track.

In May 2023, I wrote Parasitic Fungi Stealing Your life, which is an important read to understand the goal of healing the gut in order to heal the body. It brought together all that I had learnt. That it is the parasitic fungi that are eating us from the inside out, and damaging our organs and when we rid our body of them and feed the good bacteria, our bodies regenerate and heal. The article discusses how our food choices impact on the beneficial bacteria and the pathogenic ones in our gut. There is a lot in this article to take in.

Parasitic Fungi Stealing your life
One of my most important articles yet. I was privileged to spend time with a world leading microbiologist Joseph Cerecedes, whose knowledge across bio-technology, natural health and nutrition is unparalleled; standing with a foot in both the natural health world and scientific method. He shared with…

After you read this, it can be followed up with

Roadmap to healing, aging backwards and longevity
Friends, for many years I have desired to lay out a road map for healing for chronic illness but held back because there was always more to learn or unlearn. I wanted to share a perfect path that would lay out an easy route. Do x,y and z and

which discusses many different modalities and options for healing. I had excellent feedback from alternative health professionals about this article.

Lastly read about niacin. Niacin is such an important but overlooked vitamin that without it, the body cannot function. People actually become deficient from niacin through diet and toxins in the environment. Some things one should never eat are fresh corn, any products made with corn that has not been processed using nixtamalization (Corn is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution, usually lime water, washed then hulled). This is a process that is not done commercially with corn with the exception of masa flour. Historically, people whose diet are high in corn, that was not treated traditionally developed pellegra, or severe deficiency of niacin. While modern day people are not eating corn day in and out, they are still damaging their gut and becoming deficient in niacin by eating corn chips, fresh corn, corn kernals, corn meal, polenta, etc..

Other things you want to cut from one's diet also include raw kale and raw spinach which also damages the gut.

Pretty much everyone is niacin deficient and all the medication, drugs and alcohol, exposure to pesticides and chemical cause niacin to become depleted. Restoring niacin, is so important in order to heal.

Niacin deficiency the missing link
The most censored healing protocol is that of addressing niacin deficiency in order to heal. That’s a bold statement but hear me out. Niacin is vitamin B3 and is essential to convert food into energy. Dmitry Kats (PhD, MPH), says ’Being 20% deficient of niacin for a month is a

Healing the heart has so many aspects from self-care, self-love to emotional healing. There were some very stressful and heart breaking times  prior to becoming ill that also perhaps contributed to going into heart failure both times.

Often when one is taken to the edge in life, you are left with no choice but to sink or swim, to thrive or to die. There is no grey area, it's an all or nothing scenario. To make conscious choices about health, who I share my energy with and the work I do doesn't just become an "extra" but absolutely necessary in order to live.

Conscious choices to love, to make plans and decisions with thoughtfulness, innerstanding and conscious awareness.  To never give up hope, even in the face of the impossible or the most difficult of times. Abundance thinking is setting no limits; to believe in the impossible. To never be afraid to fail. Fear is what holds us back from living our best life.

Flashback article from 2011, when I was pregnant after healing from cardiomyopathy.

What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About PPCM (It Could Save Your Life) -
by Jamie Grumet

I hope that these articles serves as springboard for your own research. There is heaps in them and I know there are things that I probably glossed over because I assumed they didn't need to be explained. There are many, many people who have healed from heart conditions far worse than mine and the principles that underline their recoveries are very similar to my own journey.


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This latest article means the world to me, as Professor Peter Miller inspired me to start posting on Linkedin, and this is a magnificient article on Australian excess deaths and can be shared widely.


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