Divided we fall; why tyranny wins against a divided house

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Divided we fall; why tyranny wins against a divided house
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The cult of leftism is at its core tyrannical. It's my way or the highway and there in, lies their strength; people will fall in line or else suffer the consequences of exile and name calling. That's how it works, and it is extremely successful especially when a population has been trained by years of indoctrination, to conform.

This is why "putting the majors last" and publishing how to vote cheat sheets don't work. The left know exactly who they are voting for, and they don't mind throwing in die hard socialists on the ballot disguised as independents, or forming political parties such as Sack Dan Andrews, deliberately so that their preferences will flow to Labor.


A leaked video with Glenn Dreury, the "preference whisperer", shows Glenn explaining how to win seats. He creates political parties by going to leftie neighbourhoods with signs like "Stop Pauline Hanson" and a catchy new political party name and soon enough he has these dim wits, signing their life away as members to a political party with names such as "Sack Dan Andrews", "Three Day Weekend", etc.. After setting up these political parties, he runs candidates in marginal seats, just so he can get the preference deals for the upper house. He says, it's a waste of time to contest all seats, only the marginals count and where one should put energy into.

Glenn Dreury is basically running a preference dealing syndicate and is especially successful in Victoria because of the Group Voting Ticket. "Group ticket voting works by each group lodging a full ticket of preferences to all candidates on the ballot paper. If a voter selects a party using the group ticket voting square, the vote is effectively determined by the deals done between political parties.

Glenn Dreury goes on to boast about how he set up the Sack Dan Andrews party, how he got Andy Meddick into parliament, how he could win a seat on less than 2% of the vote. Druery was able to get Rod Barton voted with only 2,508 out of 418,532 votes, or 0.6%!!

Prior to 1999, very few minor parties got elected and Glenn credits himself for being the instigator of preference deals that lead to the rise of minor parties, and that he has almost all the minor parties in his pocket. Essentially Glenn, unified the left leaning parties into a block, leading to a cross bench that was favourable to the Labor/Greens government.

The organized syndicate of preference deals by Glenn Dreury, whose end goal was his own survival and why he supports a dictatorship over democracy.You can call it by whatever name you want but when you are rigging the voting to flow your way so that someone with a tiny percentage of the votes gets elected, that's a dictatorship not a democracy.

Video in links below

Leaked video shows Glenn Druery bragging of working with CFMEU to help Labor hobble Greens
Opposition refers ALP to Ibac over video of so-called ‘preference whisperer’ skiting about 2018 Victoria election deal

So you have the political parties engaged in branch stacking, preference deals, placing people favourable to themselves in all of the positions of power in society, that despite several IBAC inquiries, corruption, fraud, misappropriation of funds, incompetence, record excess deaths, a hospital system in crisis, etc.. nothing changes.


The "Freedom parties" for lack of a better word (I don't agree with freedom being politicized, as it is a fundamental human right) at the last Federal election, were divided, did not work together, ended up having preferences flow the wrong way in certain seats, and the mantra of "put the majors last" was clearly a disaster. What happened was that people really didn't know all the parties on the list and gave preferences to parties that were favourable to the socialist Labor/Greens or the teals who were basically another version of Green. There was a lack of strategy and direction, contesting unwinnable seats and instead of focussing energy, time and resources into seats that were winnable, they effectively threw seeds in the air and hoped that they sprouted, and most blew away in the wind, resulting in no harvest.

So "freedom" lost, because of the deals that various "freedom parties" make with the tyrants, that allowed preferences to flow the wrong way and the various groups creating complex "cheat" sheets on how to vote for minor parties before the majors.

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If you haven't read my article on information I received from a trusted friend regarding the Vic elections, it's here

Bombshell intel on the Vic elections
The Victorian election is pivotal. Within minutes of posting about Ian Cook’s challenge to Dan Andrews in his seat of Mulgrave, the post was going viral and then boom, I was kicked off Linkedin. The importance of Victoria to the New World Order, cannot be understated. The following is

Trying to win this election by protest vote of putting the majors last is such a crazy idea, and is a sheeple mentality. Being politically aware is just as important as any other aspect of life; you don't get healthy by simply avoiding junk food, and you want have a healthy government by simply voting against a tyrannical one. You need to support people that are prepared to do the hard work and make the tough decisions, that may not be popular. Every electorate must be decided on the merit of the candidate not just their party affilitation. The reality is that it's either going to be a choice between Dan Andrews or Guy Matthews; you can believe in fairy tales but it doesn't mean they come true, so if you want to be sure that Dan is not elected, you need to vote for Liberal/Nationals in the lower house. In the upper house, if you are not voting below the line and numbering every box, due to group voting you had better be very sure of that the party you choose is not going to simply rubber stamp and pass the bills of the lower house into law and support socially destructive policies.

“We are entitled to have government that’s ethical, accountable and competent. I don’t believe we have any of those things at the moment. In my 84 years I have never seen a government as corrupt.” Kel Glare, Police Commissioner of Victoria, 1987-1992 (talking of the Victorian Labor Government from https://youtu.be/VY64Ah_KKlM


A protest vote is simply going to end up in Dan winning the election because we know there will be cheating and we need a resounding Yes, to the alternative which is a Matthew Guy government. Obviously we can't guarantee that Matt is not going to turn into another Dan Andrews but what we do know is the they are running on a policy of no more lockdowns, no more mandates, schools to stay open, cutting unnecessary government spending that has seen Victoria's debt balloon out to crazy levels, $2 public transport that will help alleviate congestion on the roads and help families, free school lunches prepared by local cafes and businesses, support for small businesses and local manufacturing, hospital funding to fix the current crisis (this will also be helped by the dropping of mandates) and more funding for IBAC, which will hopefully clean up corruption in this state. A promise by Matt Guy to end the corrupt practice of Group voting tickets. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClEtfgBjqdw/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=


A vote for Dan is a vote for more tyranny, uncertainty as to whether he will try and impose more lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, more division, unsustainable and wasteful spending, more unaccountable government, more IBAC inquiries going no where, more bullying, more Marxist, anti-family idealogy and sexually explicit material going into schools and early child education, more pronouns, more rubber bullets and heavy policing of good citizens, more fines, more spin, more tall tales of falling down steps that are are centimetres tall and ending up critically hurt, going missing for months and emerging with a media stunt film trying to explain away the huge discrepancies (lies) .  See Rukshan's take on Dan's fall https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkmD0aChRBY/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

Surely can it get more ridiculous!  The choice is pretty clear. Don't waste your vote; send a message for a resounding win in the lower house to Liberal/National and vote Dan out.


Joseph Stalin who said

"I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this— who will count the votes, and how" (1923)


Make no mistake, nothing is off the table. Below is die hard socialist Sarah Hathway posing as an independent for this Victorian State election.

This is why the message "vote majors last" does not work. You have to know who you are voting for and this simplistic message, divert votes the wrong way.

I know Sarah personally. She is a die hard Socialist, friends with my activist son. If you want lockdowns, mandates, universal basic income, confiscation of private property, etc.. then vote for her.

Want to know how I lost my son to the cult of leftism read my article . https://uncensoredwisdom.com/the-weaponizing-of-identity-to-destroy-the-west/

Imagine a government taking an Independent Broad based Anti Corruption agency to court to stop it releasing the results of 2 major corruption probes. Can things get more obscenely ridiculous!

IBAC was set up by the Liberal government during their 1 term in government over the last 23 years. Seems obvious that Labor does not want transparency and accountability.

Liberals/Nationals have promised to beef up IBACs powers if they win the November election. Maybe then IBAC can investigate how it's possible falling off 2 steps caused life threatening injuries to Dan, that he disappeared for months while still being on full pay. The most well paid Premier in Australia at almost half a million dollars a year has plenty of questions to answer.

Political parties set up deliberately to siphon votes off to Labor, doing whatever it takes.


And when they get in, the do whatever they want that goes against the moral and social values of the majority of Victorians. Stalin said "The State is an instrument in the hands of the ruling class, used to break the resistance of the adversaries of that class." Foundations of Leninism (1924) section 4/6

Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs
Nikolai Tolstoy Stalin's Secret War (1981)

One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic

Stalin in the form ‘If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics’ in Washington Post 20 January 1947

Sounds familiar? Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

You may not believe it, but these same word and sentiments, that millions may have to die to get the world they want. I have heard this from the mouths of socialists in Victoria, who were initiated into the cult by the universities in Victoria.


A Christian minister's wife told me her husband potentially faced 10 years jail for counselling local children, and that only 2 children in one class at the local school had not identified as LGTBIQ+. Children she told me are praised with clapping for "coming out" at the school.

I had to look into the law myself. Could this be true and found the following link.

"The Change of Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 was enacted on Feb. 17, 2022, and bans parents from engaging in any practice that does not encourage gender transition. Parents cannot deny their child puberty blockers, hormone treatments or gender transition surgeries.

Parents also cannot seek out non-affirming counseling for their child in Victoria—or anywhere else in Australia.

The law also prevents counsellors from providing talk therapy to children experiencing gender dysphoria.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has been tasked with policing the act. Anyone found guilty of breaking the law could be fined up to $10,000 or face up to 10 years in prison."


The image below is taken directly from

https://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/lgbtiq-student-support/policy and a mature minor can be a child as young as 12.

If you are considering homeschooling, have a read of my article https://uncensoredwisdom.com/abundant-and-conscious-homeschooling/

I have noticed that there is a lot of peer group pressure to be "cool", which is to identify as a letter of the alphabet .

It's like I woke up one day, and don't even recognize the country I grew up in anymore.

My eldest went to university and hangs out with the "cool" kids now,  a full on social activist. I had no idea how much the world had changed.

I myself remain proudly crunchy, wholesome, and organic but it is like our world is travelling on 2 opposing paths, destined to crash and burn . There is serious amount of work that needs to be done to reverse the damage done, while we were "sleeping".


The future belongs to us and we manifest it by our thoughts, actions and words. We all need to think of the future we want to see. For me, that is a beautiful society where people can trust each other and there is mutual respect, where children grow up with strong male and female role models, are not exposed to explicit material but are given the opportunity to grow to their potential, where there is freedom of choice, the abolishment of laws such as no jab/no play and no jab/no pay, greater support for families, accountability in government, businesses and institutions such as hospitals, schools and universities, the end of cultural marxism at universities and the bringing back of critical thinking, affordable housing and food, support and policies to support homebirthing, organic farming and healthy, clean environment and I could go on and on....

Let's manifest this future together. Find your voice in your communities, families and networks and let's unite, that tyranny will never divide us again.


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