The weaponizing of identity to destroy the West

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The weaponizing of identity to destroy the West

Recently I wrote a post on Linkedin that accidentally went viral, because so many could relate to what I had written. I am going to expand on this post for things I wasn't able to say due to censorship. Firstly, the post reads.

"Melbourne universities initiated my eldest son into a left wing cult and made him hate his own family. Identity politics is destroying relationships and families. Young people today are being taught that if you are not a LGBTQIA+ supporter, then you are a bigot, that if you hold conservative views, you're racist and sexist, and if you don't take the jab, you're selfish and anti-science.

Photo below was taken, celebrating my son's university offer 10 years ago. Who knew that to hold traditional family values, to value freedom and individual responsibility, bodily autonomy, support small businesses and farmers by buying from them directly, to eat organic and drink filtered water, to home educate, etc..would be seen as bigotry, sexism and racism.

He told me that it was racist not to eat MSG and that white men who marry Asian women are racists (apparently because they want submissive wives but my husband must have lucked out there).ūü§£

In his eyes, everything is seen through the lens of capitalism being bad and socialism being good. He and his comrades want universal basic income, climate change action, free healthcare and education, public housing, open borders (except during pandemics), high taxes on 'wealthy', nationalization of all private businesses into government control (owned by the people).

Identity politics means you are pigeon holed into a box, and hated upon because you're in the wrong box. I remember him coming home from Uni and telling me that I didn't have a right to an opinion because I was rich and privileged and he came to believe that even if a revolution from capitalism to socialism killed millions, that it was worth it.

I had no idea how toxic things would get till this year, when he accused us of aligning with far right extremists because we attended freedom protests with many thousands of Victorians. In the younger generations it's also become cool to identify as something. His previous housemate was in a trans-gay relationship which basically meant they were a male/female couple. It really is bitter irony, that the baby who almost everyone wanted me to abort, is so pro-abortion even to full term. It wasn't always the case though. This is what a university education gets you today.

So when I talk about Dan Andrews using identity politics to win elections, this is the background on what identity politics is and why conservatives or "normal" people, have become so hated, for simply existing.

I didn't know that many of my life choices would make me an enemy of the State but what is worse than what the government can do, is how your own flesh and blood can turn on you.

For all the parents out there hurting, for all that the division caused by identity politics, I see you too and I am so sorry for those whose children chose to believe the government and pharma over the mothers and fathers that loved and raised them, because I feel that hurt too."

What is Identity?

I was recently asked, "how do I feel being a woman of colour posting on Linkedin?". To identify myself as such, had never crossed my mind and in one of the comments, I was accused of trying to make myself a "far right wing celebrity". I have resisted the temptation to label myself. I eat mostly vegetarian but I prefer not to be called a vegetarian. Yet in this world, whether we agree to it or not, we are labelled according to our race, our profession, our social-economic status, our political views, our sexuality, our vaccination status, etc...and put in a box. I could be a "crunchy, freebirthing, homeschool mum of 11" or a "highly educated, connected, inner city professional or "an anti-vax, conspiracy theorist" or "natural and holistic health advocate/writer" or "Founder of international website on postpartum cardiomyopathy and advocate for empowered birthing". For each of these labels, it creates an identity, an illusion of who I am but who I am is a sum of all of these things and more. It is my essence and being and I relate to people without these labels, hear their stories and connect spiritually through mutual respect and common ground, in laughter and in tears, that truly is me.

What has happened in the Western world is that identity has been weaponized, in particular against the conservative, heterosexual middle-upper class but the ultimate goal is to sow division regardless of identity, to destroy society. The weaponization cuts both ways.

Who is the most hated identity? The white, middle-upper class, heterosexual, conservative, professional male because in the eyes of leftist ideology, he is the epitome of patriarchy, misogyny, racism, capitalism, entitlement and bigotry. The leftist cult says that you cannot listen to anyone who holds conservative values or ideas. So, parents innocently send their children off to college and they return, seeing everything in the world through the lens of sexism, racism or capitalism and hating upon their parents. They are taught that the source of evil being colonization or slavery; the oppression of people of colour by the white overlords. That anyone that is not in full support of carbon zero, climate change policy is a killer. Institutions such as schools and universities are marginalizing this particular group of people as racist, bigoted, backward and selfish.

Comedian, Jim Breur in his very funny rant sums up the relationship with a child who gets indoctrinated by the leftist cult at University. It's a must listen and part of a longer comedy performance. which is also incredibly funny, but sadly true.

White oppression is reinforced in Australia by the opening of meetings with, "I begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we are meeting. I would also like to pay my respects to Elders both past and present and extend that respect to any Aboriginal people present here today."

In itself, it is a wonderful gesture but the undercurrent of which is that it is the whites that dispossessed the aborigines, killed and raped their people and should be eternally damned for it. Then there is the narrative that patriarchy is the cause of all evils. If we could only just get rid of the men! And that anyone against socialism is an evil capitalist, opportunist who wants to control other people's lives and steal from their labor.

People need to understand that all of these manufactured divisions are by design seeded into the fabric of society, and meant to desensitize us to compassion and meaningless ritual, to have us create an 'other' that can be hated upon and to create division between couples, families and communities. Empathy is weaponized through victim-hood story telling, that you can have the whole western world bow down to the death of a convicted armed robber, street riots, and virtue signalling for a man whose life was destructive. Meanwhile a good man, a police officer of many decades who served his community and who is also black, is dishonored and of low importance because  his story doesn't fit the narrative of black oppression and white violence.

Growing up, I didn't see race (apparently that is racist now to not see race). We as children played in neighborhoods of many cultures and races. I was the only Asian face in my school but I didn't feel isolated or discriminated against for my race. In fact, I was singled out by teachers and doted upon and if anyone ever teased me, they were given a stern talking to and once, a couple of boys ended up suspended chasing me around and calling me names. It was the last time, they did that and it wasn't really racism but kids being kids. My husband as a 5th generation Australian, suffered serious bullying at school. I am not saying racism doesn't exist but that it has been weaponized to create division. If today, I were to write a book on my life growing up in the 70s, and pitching it as a racist time where I had a hard time at school and how I struggled with identity, and overcoming structural racism to build a successful life, it would be totally believable and sell a lot of copies but it wouldn't be true and it wouldn't solve any division but reinforce the dominant narrative.

So, it was a huge surprise that the son who was indoctrinated into the leftist cult, sees everything through the lens of racism, sexism and socialism. If my son who was home-schooled, can go to university and turn on my family (with me being an immigrant), then those whose children are coming from stereotypical families that the Left hate, will stand no chance against the indoctrination.


The easiest way to explain weaponization of identity is to look at how the anti-vax and conspiracy theorist terms have been used to label people, and as a consequence, not only are these people not listened to, but marginalized, viewed as crazy, selfish, their jobs stripped from them, excluded from society and if the "virus" had been more deadly, we would have seen society take "anti-vax" and "conspiracy theorists" to be quarantined, and possibly killed. It really requires mind gymnastics to understand how the left supported mandated vaccination and pro-choice abortion; where the former was seen as being anti-fascist. One can only laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all but sadly, these people are so lost, they would struggle to spell the word, hypocrisy let alone define it.

Now imagine, your child is sent to a state run institution and they are taught that anyone that does not agree in the entirety to the left wing ideology is racist, sexist, bigoted and evil. Let's say, you dare have an opinion on abortion that goes against the narrative, and worse still if you are a man, then you can expect to be stoned for even trying to discuss this topic with any rationality. As a consequence of not agreeing with the left, you are seen as the enemy (unless of course, they still view you as a potential convert) and as evil incarnate. There are certain trigger words that illicit almost uncontrollable vitriol, almost like MK Ultra programming where once this word is used, something is activated in the brain and reason and rationality are thrown out the window.

For a true believer, it extends to the food one eats, the clothes one wears, where you live and where you don't live, and even who you date or marry. All these things make up the identity of the person, and their approval of themselves or more aptly whether their choices in life will go against their feelings of guilt and shame. Adopting a different gender or sexual orientation would make one special but if you had to stay as a CIS male (Cisgender is a gender identity wherein a person identifies with the sex that a doctor assigned at birth) then to minimize the guilt of being 'normal', dating a woman of colour would fix that, so long as she wasn't too submissive. Then there is the clothes protesting everything from climate change action to pro-abortion, to marxism and freeing refugees. Living in an elitist suburb is definitely a no go and if you have well off, white parents of professional background who aren't leftist activists, then the best you can do is, use them for resources but give them no respect to actually listen to their advice.

Once I gave my son a water filter and he literally had an emotional meltdown. At the time, I couldn't work it out but now I realize it was because filtered water is in his opinion, elitist.  He needed to identify with the common person even if he chose to live in Brunswick and study Arts at Melbourne University. Oh, the irony. When it came to the jab, it wasn't because he believed that it would benefit him but it was in his view, necessary to be a true socialist, a good person, even though at the time, I pointed out to him that helicopters and military were terrorizing the people of Western Sydney to get them jabbed, mostly refugees and migrants. He was so blinded by the cult of leftism, if they told him to jump off a cliff to prove his devotion, he would have done it.

With identity politics it is impossible to beat them using the old methods of political advertising. It is what the conservatives in Australia fail to understand. Putting in front of the camera, a white, affluent, stereotypical white male politician and his wife and children, is immediately setting up a bias because the left have already tarnished that identity as bigoted, racist, selfish, entitled and someone not to be trusted or listened to.

One of the greatest assets of the American conservative movement is Candace Owens because she is a strong black, young and articulate woman who is also a conservative who fearlessly attacks liberal ideas. Would she be as effective if she was an old white male saying exactly the same things? No, I don't think so.

The world has changed. To fight against the weaponization of identity against moral values, one has to revert to story telling, to the individual, to the appeal of emotion, to identity because where the controllers want to keep us, is in data, statistics, labels/boxes; things that dehumanize us and reduce us to zeros and ones. Through humor, music and caring we bypass the mind control.

There were several comments that encouraged me to talk to my son. I can say that for the many years that we spoke on these issues, it went no where because you cannot talk someone out of a cult, they have to leave the cult. Logic and reason, only ends up in taunts of "racism",  yelling and name calling. No matter how good a parent you are to your child, once they are in that cult, and you are not,  you are the enemy or the potential convert. It's either take the teachings of Socialists in full and without question or be cancelled. The tools used are repetitive mantras like "Coal and gas kills", "Pro Vax, Anti-Fascist" "Solidarity", "Stop the Far Right" , etc. They literally have an answer for everything, from "They didn't do socialism right" to "I follow the Science". And it doesn't have to make sense, that is the big mistake many make that you can use common sense and logic to talk someone out of a cult. It is also why it impossible to use data, research and logic to break the spell of pro-vax cultists.

Rituals like selling Green Left Weekly magazines, going to "conferences" for more indoctrination, wearing t-shirts that put their political views on display and meeting up with fellow "comrades" to discuss how they are going to fix the world, while they can't even organize their own lives. The hypocrisy of underpaying full time activists in cash, that is just only about half the minimum wage but claiming it's all for the greater good. And never question, where the money for these organizations is coming from, people like Soros and his Open Society Foundations or how suddenly something happens in America, and all the messaging/posters/paraphernalia suddenly just appears in Australia, ready to go out.

Then there is the weaponization of emotion to bankrupt businesses for the smallest of errors in judgement or simply because they oppose the fascism of the left and this has given rise to cancel culture that is pervading so much of our society like a cancer. I think when you hear young people that have been swept up in the movement saying that millions dying for socialism to be installed is an acceptable loss, you have to question how your tax dollars are being spent funding Universities that not only indoctrinate young people into this cult, allow meeting spaces for such groups but whose lecturers have openly stated to students, that if they go to an Extinction Rebellion protest, they will be passed in their assessments.

In closing, I want to say that even though this article is about the weaponization of identity to destroy the West via leftist idealogy, I was told that this is not isolated to the left but that people who had gone down the Qanon rabbit hole had been told to cut off their own families, who did not believe as they did.

The power of any cult whether it be religious or political is that there has to be a danger, a threat so bad that it has "an end of the world" outcome, if people do not go along and support the cult's agenda and teachings. The attraction of cults is a sense of belonging and community, a feeling that one is doing something important and life saving, that one is special and has inside information, and for those things people are willing to give up their whole lives, even those nearest and dearest to them and their own thoughts to belong to a hive mind.

Below is a really powerful testimony of where this is all heading. Fathers and mothers please stand up and protect your children. Remove them from the reach of predators and left wing cultist institutions.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message or share it in your networks. I am currently in Linkedin "jail", if you are wondering where I went. My daughter did try and share my current blocked status, but Linkedin flagged that post as misinformation. Such is the power of cancel culture. I guess, I should claim to be a victim of racial and sexist discrimination, since others post the identical thing and don't get cancelled. LOL. I would have liked to continue this article with the comments and suggestions left under my Linkedin post but unfortunately, once I was blocked, the whole post and all the shares and comments simply vanished like they never existed. It's interesting isn't it, that so many caring, free thinkers get banned from social media platforms while scammers run rife. So many measures in place to ban users from posting content that goes against the narrative but a bit of malware, oh well...

A warning to those who are using Linkedin, Twitter and other social media platforms, hackers are attempting to infiltrate companies "creating fake profiles claiming to be recruiters working at technology, defense, and media entertainment companies, with the goal of moving targets away from LinkedIn and to the encrypted messaging app WhatsApp for the delivery of malware."

ZINC weaponizing open-source software - Microsoft Security Blog
In recent months, Microsoft detected weaponization of legitimate open-source software by an actor the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) tracks as ZINC, targeting employees at media, defense and aerospace, and IT service provider organizations in the US, UK, India, and Russia.

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