Finding peace amidst war and chaos

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Finding peace amidst war and chaos

"Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence". For the parasitic globalists, it's all a game of good cop and bad cop; to siphon off your energy and push an agenda that leaves you feeling powerless, in need of a "saviour", fearful or leading you back to the establishment as opposed to finding your own power within and as a community. They give you enough information to make you think you understand what is going on, but the truth is far darker and more sinister . The media both mainstream media and alternative media is being used to influence and control, to divide and conquer, push competing and exaggerated or sensationalist narratives; to keep us occupied arguing with each other, so we don't delve deeper and to foster a "group think" that is cultish in its foundations.

Stepping aside, out of the ring of social media and news cycle for a time, allows you to see the manipulation more clearly, that we are all subject to, because the loudest voices whether planted as controlled opposition or allowed to go viral, carry with them the thoughts and energy that are divisive and controversial. Anything deeper, even the mention of 5G, trans-humanism, the internet of things, mind control, genetic modification, geo-engineering is censored without mercy. Meanwhile, social media algorithms favor controversial and divisive topics, where parties go at logger heads with each other and people are held captive to a never ending stream of bad news and fighting. It is here that the narcissist voices rise to the top.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves" Lenin

Why are people attracted to bad actors? Familiarity. We gravitate to what is familiar because foreign is uncomfortable and we have since infancy been exposed to a media that is sensationalist and corrupt and school trains us to think argumentatively and to compete. It does not come naturally for people to look critically at how things are staged, the weight of evidence to support claims, the makeup/setup and the narrative being pushed, the history of who is talking and their energy signature, to be open minded and more importantly open hearted. Just like junk food, junk media requires no effort on our part to work for, pre-packaged with attractive wrapping that is enticing and it feeds an endless appetite for more, while never satisfying. Bad news also travels fast and good news goes unreported. Lies spread faster than the truth. People held captive to the spells cast by words but also military grade mind control. They want "experts" to tell them what to think.

The monetization of the internet, incentivized the creation of website content primarily driven to attract users who accessed it via a Google search. "Search engine optimized" content that were filled with keywords and often low quality with a narrow focus rose to the top of search engines, generating income for the content owner. Then came social media, with likes, follows, shares and advertising dollars going to content creators and so began the advent of click baity titles, sensationalist news and a never ending stream of low quality content. People should ask themselves, how is it possible that a Youtuber can produce daily breaking news content, that is properly researched and verified, looking at a topic from multiple angles to arrive at the truth. Well, it's not possible and the vast majority of content creators that churn out content, is purely for entertainment purposes and for advertising dollars. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions go into the hands of popular content creators. They are slaves to the beast system. A system that deliberately manipulates by censorship, shadow banning and determines what users see and don't see, in order to manipulate their world view; things taken out of context to frame a story, that is guaranteed to go viral.

Similarly, there are also far too many academic papers published that has lead not only to the increase of many low quality publications but an increase in unethical and fraudulent practices. It is not the absence of information that is stifling progress but the flood of content, lack of morality, wisdom, critical thinking and discipline to apply knowledge to produce measurable outcomes and encourage spiritual, emotional and physical development. How is it that we have a sea of information on nutrition and health but society has never been more sick? Lack of information is not the problem. In fact, far too much information is.

The argument over covid19 transmission, efficacy, side effects and all that jazz, was just distractions and you didn't need "experts" to tell you the obvious.  Two and a half years into this drama and despite all the "ground breaking" news, studies and analysis, and rolling out of expert after expert, the show continues. It was simply by finding the peace in silence, that inner knowing, intuition and connecting to the Divine Spirit that one just knew, the right answer and path to take.

I recently had a guy come to my door, asking me to donate to World Vision, and he talked about human trafficking and I said to him, well how will this be solved without exposing the pedophilia and trafficking that is occurring at the highest levels. If you dismantle the structures that harm, then the whole thing stops and you don't need endless fundraisers, that use victims to generate income for the awareness machine. He abruptly cut me off and told me, he wasn't here to discuss this because his job was simply, to get me to donate.

Victims are used for news cycles and awareness organizations that are often well organized, fundraising machines  used to generate fundraising money. The use "cross promotion", to introduce the next online "star" to the unsuspecting audience who then followed this person and similar to politics and Hollywood stars, create a familiarity and trust by mutual association.

The whole world is a stage but those who look deeper, see the underbelly and it doesn't take long to discover the motives are not good and the seedy past of certain actors in the game.  You can train someone to say all the right things, but you don't really know them. Always exercise healthy skepticism because there is so much conflict of interest, people being paid or unwittingly due to social media algorithms, promoting controlled opposition narratives naively. There are simply too many bad actors to name but you can tell a lot about a person by their history, their previous work and connections, what motivations and conflicts of interest that they have, who pays them, the symbolism that they put on display, how much skin they have in the game and whether their cause is truly worthy or if it's just unabashed self-promotion.

"Exercise caution in your business affairs (and life), for the world is full of trickery." (Desiderata)

One of the highlights of last year was receiving a plea from a Linkedin connection asking for help because of horrific covid rules surrounding birthing in hospital and I suggested to simply home birth and to look up fetal ejection reflex and just like that, this beautiful woman went within herself, did her own research, found a midwife and popped out her baby at home, even before the midwife arrived. Instead of going to war with the hospital, she found a peaceful birth at home. Imagine someone doing an interview on this beautiful victory, eh nah.. probably wouldn't fit the narrative.

I am going to flip some of the controlled opposition narratives on their heads.

(1) You will own nothing and be happy

Most people already own nothing and are slaves to debt and material possessions that make them deeply unhappy. As we are all mortal, our lives on this earth mean that all our stuff is temporary and on loan until we die, our true wealth and power is within; it is spiritual. It really was a no brainer; your life, health and integrity or an experimental, death shot and bowing down to be initiated into the cult of never ending jabs. People begging to have back their life of slavery reinforced the master/slave narrative. The pre-covid world of million dollar houses that the average people couldn't afford, the competitiveness, stress and rat like race of human existence, was so toxic. We had got used to the slowly rising temperature, sitting in a pot, set to boil and thought everything was fine. It wasn't.

Walk away and be happy. Whatever happened to that? Sell up, and walk away; find one's purpose and tribe that would never cross that line of disrespect or betrayal. Why was it that, the many ways people chose to walk away or not comply was not put out there but that the over-riding narrative was to protest, write letters, go to court in order to have permission to work and/or engage in community life.

I am not saying that the resistance wasn't worth a shot (who knew back then that the system was so corrupt and I did many of these things myself), but with the hundreds of millions put into fighting this politically and legally, and the innumerable amount of volunteer time, the outcomes truth be told, have been very poor. Australia is still rolling out jabs, investing in mRNA technology, there are still jab mandates for work in critical industries, families and friends are still incredibly divided, approval has been given to jab children from 6 months old with gene technology, businesses are closing because they can't find workers, while hospitals and morgues are filling up. Do we keep doing more of the same, hoping for the same outcome? We have to critically analyze what works and what hasn't and why.

At some point, one has to acknowledge that there is an evil, Satanic agenda at work around the world which will stop at literally nothing in pursuit of its goals, ruthlessly and violently. We are the resistance that stands against it.

(2) I am not anti-vax, just anti-covid jabs

This is such a common phrase and always irks me when I hear it and proves how truly uneducated and naive about the history of harm of modern medicine is. Iatrogenic deaths are the third leading cause of death and this whole act that, it's only been the last 2.5 years that things have gone bad. Well, no it hasn't been. Medical harm is an undeniable reality and to frame it as though only the covid jabs were bad but the rest was great, is just mind blowingly blind. Lack of informed consent on side effects, medical bullying, abuse of Gillick competence, use of Child Protection against non compliant parents, deregistration of doctors who stood against the system, etc.. these things have been going on for quite some time. Covid just brought it out to be a full blown shit show.

I am proudly anti-vax but more than that, I am pro-health and not putting in my body toxins of any kind, mRNA or not. Isn't this what we as people are wanting in life, not just scrapping at the bottom of the barrel but seeking out optimal health, which also includes everything from fresh organic foods to sunshine, daily walking, reading and community? And the fear generated, even had healthy people who wouldn't even take a panadol pre-covid, stocking up on imported drugs from India because doctors who they didn't know from a bar of soap, told them it worked.

For all intents and purposes, it seemed to for some and not for others and people will vigorously hold their point of view, without questioning. We are all familiar with the narrative that ivermectin and anti-parasitics were the suppressed treatments and if doctors had been allowed to use them, the pandemic would have ended, because that they needed there to be no treatment, in order to push the jab. Well, there were many treatments that were truly "rarely" spoken of, that information regarding them, were never allowed to stay up on the internet, including many video testimonials. Eg Dr Brownstein used a nebulized diluted hydrogen peroxide with saline and other supplements , Dimitry Kats has been heavily suppressed on the use of high dose, full flush niacin. The latter in particular carries no long term risks or dangerous poisons warning. Heat was also never discussed as a viable option. The point I am making, is not whether ivermectin works, but how it became as divisive as the jab and that people who questioned it's safety and effectiveness within the Freedom movement were derided. If we want a better future, we need to move away from tribalistic group think.

As far as the jabbed narrative, the window of opportunity to speak out on the jab has long gone. Those so called "experts" coming out now, are not heroes because the admissions are too little and too late and we are not heros for rejecting the jab or speaking out because that is what everyone should have done; doing the right thing does not make you a hero. It makes you human. A large part of the population is also under some spell that it doesn't really matter what "experts" say, they won't believe it and for the rest of us, weren't we meant to evolve away from following "experts"?

Surveying the Suddenly Gone Australia, Facebook group, out of roughly 1000 respondents, I asked the question, "Of your immediate network, would you say" and the responses below;

4% the majority have woken up

17% none have woken up

2% half have woken up

with the remaining 77% a few have woken up.

It's incredible that with ambulances being a common occurrence throughout the day and night, soaring death rates and falling birth rates, people are failing to connect the dots and doctors are blaming it on long covid. It certainly, isn't how I thought things would play out and absolutely believed that the harm would be so undeniable and obvious at this point. It's like some bad dream.

Then there is the whole narrative of mass psychosis and while to some extent it is true that lock downs and television served as a weapon to influence people to line up and roll up, it doesn't really paint the whole picture. It was also well known that the harder one pushed jabs on people, the more resistance would be encountered. I discussed this with a pediatrician I met at a local park while having a vigorous discussion on the No Jab, No Play and No Jab No Pay legislation that laid the groundwork for the covid19 drive, several years ago. What isn't discussed is the effect of fluoride, drugs, toxins in food, previous vaccines, EMF radiation, fluorescent and LED lights and sophisticated mind control techniques.

If you watch this video, they are laughing at the gullibility of the sheep mindset.

I had a discussion with an alternative health practitioner who told me, last year how if a person was jabbed in the household, the weaker members of that household were going to be infected with the idea that they needed to be jabbed too. He described the spike protein as a demonic entity. Back then, the idea that there was some sort transmission between the jabbed and unjabbed was not widely acknowledged but since then there is mounting evidence both through studies and anecdotally, that the jabbed are shedding the bioweapon on the unjabbed. So we don't really know, definitively what exactly went into the concoction or if each batch was the same or if there was genetic targeting. We can only operate on observation and test out working theories.

New Study & Confidential Pfizer Docs. prove COVID “Vaccine Shedding” has been and still is occurring with dangerous consequences
A new study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity have had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether they wish to get the Covid-19 injecti…

And while the jabbed were pitted against the unjabbed, the agenda seems to have been that, it didn't matter, that this bioweapon would infect us all; though less so the unjabbed who are generally more able to detox this toxin. The reports of jab injuries are overwhelming; too many to read and too much to take on board emotionally but the unjabbed that are injured by the spike protein (via infection or from shedding) are the pariah, whose voices are ignored. A topic, I intend to write more about.

It's just far too easy to focus on the jab as the problem and ignore the fact that this bioweapon was manufactured to have gain of function to make it more infectious and to target certain genes such as the one that the body uses to fight cancer. Dr Richard Fleming is the loudest voice on this and is seeking criminal indictments because he knows that our children and their futures are at stake. Even if we "won" and the covid19 jab was removed from the market, and there was a mea culpa moment by the main players, it does not end the war.

They are now openly mocking us by telling us that Boston University has created a deadly strain of covid with a 80% kill rate.

Do you know that we are at war?

The collapsing workforce with huge skills and knowledge gaps, record inflation, engineered food shortages, sky high petrol costs, geo-engineered weather, fuel shortages, unprecedent levels of death, etc.. the war wasn't between each other but humanity versus a very dark forces that are not human.

The power within us is far greater than that which is in the world. We are meant to raise our consciousness and seek a vision of the future that we actively work towards, because the future of humanity lies with the survivors, those who overcome who will bring about the Great Transformation. Do we really want to go back to the way things were; because the culmination of superficial and toxic relationships, mindless pursuit of pleasure and materialism?

This video below explains the Science that the atom is energy and the atom is not a thing but waves of energy rather than particles of things. If you want to change an atom, you have to change the energy that the atom lives in and if you want to change the physical stuff of our world, you have to change the energy that the stuff lives in. The field that connects everything together is the governing agency of the particle and the field is made of electrical and magnetic energy. If you change the electric field, that you will change the way the atom behaves, called the Stark effect. If you change the magnetic field, the Zeeman effect you change the atom. What organ in your body produces the strongest electrical field and strongest magnetic field in your body? Watch till the end.

The idea that doctors know the mechanisms of the clot shot is pure myth. They simply don't because it presents in different ways from aggressive cancer that can take a life in a week, to sudden cardiac failure in a seemingly healthy and active individual and the evidence of white fibrous clots being taken out of the living and the dead.

Photo below is from, an Indiana licensed embalmer/funeral Director/coroner of 30 years experience. He says that the large white/cream colored fibrin structures absolutely, positively do not form post-Mortem. They coincidentally appeared in mass at a very interesting time...18-20 months ago.  

No one has analyzed how these form in the body. We can only speculate it is the nanotechnology, graphene oxide that competes with red blood cells for oxygen but then why is it, that people don't feel progressively sick but their deaths are sudden? If you don't know the mechanisms, you can not say with absolute certainty, that you have the cure in whatever supplements or drugs. We don't even know if all the batches are the same and we do know from the hearsay of insiders, that in the initial rollout of doses, there were many placebos.

I am told that there is a dedicated jab injuries clinic operating out of a major Melbourne hospital, with a 3-6 month waiting list and many people are trying to help those injured to heal. It's just not common knowledge and you have to ask around.

We have been sold the blood clot narrative but that doesn't explain the white fibrous things growing inside the jabbed. This video, is something to consider, that the spike protein is by design attempting to connect people to the internet of things, the hive mind, to harvest energy, and for absolute control.

Another narrative often sprouted by the freedom movement is that currency is backed by gold and silver, and inground resources but in this time, is it that currency is also backed human bio-data and information. You are the resource they want to harvest and the greatest wealth is you. Precious metals need to be taken out of the ground for them to be valuable and humans are needed to do that work. Something to think about..

At this point one needs to take preparedness to the next level; to be ready for multiple scenarios and you only have to look around and know that life is not normal. In a normal world, a major gas pipeline like Nordstream isn't sabotaged, we don't have energy prices increasing to such a level that people cannot afford to cook or heat water, where European restaurants are turning off fridges at night and using candles instead of lights, where despite all the deaths and injuries reported on government reporting systems, the jab gets approved for even younger age groups, where people are lining up for hours in the hope of filling up their cars with petrol in France, where the IMF is talking economic uncertainty and most commentators think a financial collapse is imminent.

A world where Paypal can issue a change to terms that says they will fine a user US$2500 for speaking misinformation and then after a backlash, retract the terms citing misinformation as an excuse. A world on the brink of World War 3.

A world where in Western Australia, the government is debating in the upper house the most draconian laws in the world that could see covid officers with the legal right to enter houses and forcibly vaccinate individuals and where private property can be confiscated because the State says so.

A world where despite the Pfizer executive admitting finally they had no  data on jabs stopping transmission, mandates in many key industries remain. These are generally the industries which are important to the running of the matrix system like hospitals, aged care, emergency services, government departments, police, etc.. It seems clear that the reason why, is to keep these people subject to the mind control and under control, afraid not only to speak out but to actually use their positions to dismantle the system.

It's almost impossible to keep up with the news on a daily basis, that so much is happening but this drama is also harvesting our energy and now it's Victoria's turn for flooding and whether you want to believe it or not, geo-engineered weather is decades old technology. Can you believe that with all the computer technology, that residents in Maribynong got woken up at 4am in the morning to evacuate, yet Rob Deutsch called out flooding, 3 days earlier and the true believers will simply blame Climate Change and demand more energy cuts and products like supplements that stop cows farting are already being brought to market with the ludicrous excuse that it helps stop climate change.

Another battle lines will be mRNA jabs in livestock to cause food shortages and increase the production of heavily processed foods from crickets and genetically modified crops like corn, wheat, rice and soy. Thus far the mRNA in livestock is at the trial phase only. The first step though is to convince people that they need it, similar psychology to the jabs and a huge marketing campaign on sustainability and health outcomes is already taking off. So far the resistance to it, is similar to abolishing the use of cash to bring in a digital economy, not working. The demand for meat has increased and it would be by increasing price to unaffordable levels that would drop consumption level.

The war on small business was part of the war on cash. Close them down due to lockdowns, restrictions, fines, heavy handed policing, etc...then you have corporates take over with digital. Digital is the means of bringing in communism. You only have to look at China to see the kind of future that is being prepared for us but the great thing about all this electronic surveillance is that it relies on power from the grid and people to enforce it. Both of these are under threat, with recruiters struggling to secure workers and aging power grids failing to keep up with demand. Shortages also create an excuse to roll out some form of rationing and war also is another means of controlling the population, confiscating possessions under national security and silencing dissenters.

Finally, freedom should never have been politicized. It is a fundamental human right that should have been defended by all sides of politics. The idea that a party is pro-freedom, is like saying you are pro-food and pro-water. Obviously we all are pro freedom and while, it's one thing to fight against mandates and end the jabs, unless the law is upheld, criminals including the white collar ones are brought to justice, and society fundamentally shifts in ethics, responsibility, morality, then cry me a river but nothing will change. There is no saviour coming but that which is within each one of us to effect change within and take back from the globalist cabal control of the earth.

Thankfully, good men like Senator Gerard Rennick and Senator Antic who have worked tirelessly to restore decency to society. From my observations they are not into click baity, sensationalist headlines to garner support but the research, the effort, the energy they put in to educate others, help people individually and do so without fan fare, but with great dignity is commendable.

Dear Jeanee,
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
While conservative and patriotic Australia have been sleeping, the woke-left have been creeping.
Unfortunately, the stakes have never been higher.
Inch by inch, the activists have infiltrated our institutions to change them from the inside.
First, there’s our education system which has become obsessed with climate hysteria, talking down our history and culture, and the gender fluid agenda.
Then there’s the media who don’t report the facts or facilitate debate. Now they berate, indoctrinate and sedate Australians with fear mongering, one-sided reporting and wall-to-wall propaganda.
Next, there’s Australia’s bureaucrats who spend their days trying to figure out how to make it more difficult for entrepreneurs to start a business and build a new coal-fired power plant, farm or factory.
…and finally, there’s our political parties that are in a state of absolute disarray.
This is where you come in.
I need your help.
If you’re like me – a proud Australian who fears for our future and wants to fight for it – you must get involved.
There’s no excuse.
We still need the debates on social media.
We still need the letters to your local member.
We still need those political debates around the family dinner table.
But the best thing you can do to fight for your country is to get involved in the political process and do it now.
As I said at CPAC two weeks ago, “there’s a growing movement of forgotten people who for too long haven’t had that political representation.
But I’m happy to say that in my home state of South Australia, there are many who are now forging a new home inside a reborn Liberal party.
We are providing a home for conservatives. We are inviting Liberals back to the Liberal party in South Australia.
I encourage you to give it a try, it’s a great feeling.
We have truth on our side. Truth always wins. We don’t need to obscure the facts or engage in sophisticated word games.
There are many quiet Australians who understand the importance of getting involved in politics and the political process.
Even if it’s just one of you, it makes a difference, I can assure you.”
Yours faithfully,

Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia

About Senator Alex Antic is a Liberal Senator representing South Australia in the Federal Parliament.

Connect Email:         

Authorised by Senator Alex Antic, Liberal Party of Australia, 104 Greenhill Road, Unley SA 5061

I wrote this seven years ago;

"In my dream last night, the same television footage and images was being shown over and over on different channels, the internet, newspapers, etc and when I woke up I realized the power of repetitive imagery on the mind. Repetitive imagery imbeds an idea into the brain, as truth and reality.

"After 90 years of research, Tavistock’s main discovery concerns child sexuality. This has a great influence on the development of personality. Early sex stimulation produces adults whose emotional development is similar to that of a neurotic child. Their second discovery is related to stress. Tavistock researchers found out that people under controlled stress became more infantile and gave up strongly held beliefs under group pressure to conform to popular opinion. That explains why the mass media insist so much on sex, violence, and fear-inducing messages.

"It's not just the mass media but religious organizations, political groups, the medical mafia - all use fear, shame, guilt to control people as well as repetitive imagery, slogans, warfare (through an us versus them illusion), simplistic ideology, distortion and misinformation. They don't allow dissent, or for people to think for themselves. Everyone must conform or face exclusion. Mind control is everywhere. As adults we can choose what we see, hear, read, and eat and question, seek and find answers or we can be told what to believe."

Really think about controlled stress and how that has been used make people more infantile and give up strongly held beliefs. It's really important to manage stress, to find quietness, whether that's walking at the beach or in nature, exercise, enjoying a meal with good company, unplugging from the internet, watching the sun rise and set, etc.


I started another account on Linkedin while I fight to get my old one back. If you want to connect, feel free to send me a connection request

While they thought it would be easy to control people online, the true grassroots movement, not the controlled narratives and platforms and why 1 in 8 of my Linkedin connections were removed because they fear those who hold the power within.

To conclude, think of the difference between a wild animal that is on the lookout for danger, and opportunities, knows when to hunt and when to shelter and how to reserve their energy and that of a domesticated animal that is blissfully ignorant of what is happening outside their pen and you can see which one survives.

We are in the largest game of Survivor right now. Stay vigilant and alert and tap into your inner knowing and the higher Universal consciousness. Don't fear. Be as water, ready to adapt and move. Love wins and remember to laugh and smile in the face of adversity and trials, for it is not only possible to find peace in times of chaos and war but to rise above it all.

In the final words of the Desiderata

"Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy."

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