The Takedown

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The Takedown

So much is happening thick and fast, I am going to list the most significant recent events but this list is certainly not complete and then I will go into the back stories.

**Landmark Decision** The Queensland Supreme Court declares Vaccine Mandates “UNLAWFUL” and that the Queensland Police Commissioner, Katrina Carroll, had violated the rights of QPS workers!! This puts employers on notice. The flood gates have now opened to court actions with this very important precedent.

Justice Glenn Martin’s 115 page decision refers to Section 58 of the Human Rights Act (HRA), which requires a public entity to consider human rights, and make decisions that are compatible with human rights.

It may have come two and a half years late but still it's an important milestone. The backstory is that it was funded by billionaire to the tune of 2.5-3 million dollars, Clive Palmer who if you recall in 2020, purchased and imported $300 million dollars of antiviral medication that was subsequently confiscated and destroyed weeks before the jabs were announced.

In another massive win and world first, the Australian Senate will look into the concerning number of Australian excess deaths. This was a bill put forth by Senator Babet of the United Australia Party, formerly known as the Cliver Palmer's United Australia Party and the Palmer United Party (PUP),

Daniel Andrews was ordered by court to hand over personal phone and credit card records relating to controversial 2013 crash that seriously injured teen cyclist Ryan Meuleman.

Annastacia Palaszczuk stepped down as Queensland premier 10th December 2023.

Katarina Carroll resigns as Queensland police commissioner.

Former Minister for Health and current Attorney General of Queensland, Yvette D’Ath has released a video confirming her retirement.

Disgraced NSW police officer Daniel Keneally, the son of former NSW premier Kristina Keneally, has been handed a 15-month intensive correction order after being found guilty of fabricating evidence which landed an innocent man in jail.

Former premier Gladys Berejiklian faced court, 26th February 2024, against the independent commissioner against corruption.

NDIS commissioner resigns days before report due into scandal exposed by Four Corners. Former PM,

Scott Morrison to resign from politics effective the end February 2024.

Dr Nick Coatsworth admits the big vaccine mistake he made as one of the country's top doctors during the Covid pandemic.

A former Australian politician “sold out their country, party and former colleagues” after being recruited by spies for a foreign regime, according to Australia’s domestic intelligence agency and reported in the news this week.

Internationally: Queen Camilla clears diary and becomes the fourth royal to take a break from duties.

• Kate Middleton, Queen in waiting has disappeared from public view since December2023, after abdominal surgery

• King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer with a Greek newspaper reporting pancreatic cancer, which is fatal
• Sarah, Duchess of York was diagnosed with skin cancer.
• Prince Edward is ‘stepping back’ from Royal Duties.
• Thomas Kingston, who married into the British Royal Family to Lady Gabriella Windsor found dead aged 45
• Jacob Rothschild died.
• King of Norway rushed to hospital with infection.
• Pope Francis rushed to hospital for tests
• Queen of Denmark announced shock abdication.
•Liechtenstein's Prince Constantin dies unexpectedly at 51
•The death of Foremost Group CEO Angela Chao is currently under "criminal investigation,"
• Two Black Horses were spotted with a ‘captured’ White Horse and Black Flag outside Buckingham Palace.

So what exactly is happening? We know that in Australia at least the business and political elite and turning their backs on DAVOS. We also know that the No Campaign was bank rolled by the super rich in Australia because they don't want the NWO. An article goes into more details as to who funded the campaign. The threat of the Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations becoming a reality here in Australia is very, very low.

Australia’s business elite turns its back on Davos
No government minister and barely any big-ticket CEOs: either Australians don’t want to interrupt their summer, or the World Economic Forum is losing its cachet.

However, none of this means we are home free. In fact, we have a lot of work to do.

"A society based on Science and Technology that nobody understands" is a combustible mixture of ignorance and power and "Science is more than a body of knowledge, it is a way of thinking. A way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us something is true, to be skeptical of those in authority, then we are up for grabs for the next charlatan, religious that comes ambling along.

It's a thing that Jefferson laid great stress on. To enshrine some rights in a constitution or Bill of Rights is not enough. The people had to be educated and they had to practice their skepticism and their education, otherwise we don't run the government, the government runs us" Carl Sagan

As I have written before,

Criminal, mafia like bloodlines are warring it out for control of the world. In the alternative media, it is often presented as "The Elite" versus the rest of us but this is not the reality. There are multiple factions within the criminal bloodlines that have had control of the world for thousands of  years and they are at war with each other and humanity is but the pawns in the game. If it were simply humanity versus the "Elite" we would already have been finished off.

"The current version of the power structure before the take down began in 2015, I am told was about 14 portrait A4 pages by 3 A4 portrait pages in about font 12". It is complex and the diagram below is, a summarized version without the final details and added to this, you have players changing sides and making deals with other factions.

It's an evolving situation and you could literally spend years trying to understand the who's who of this world and still have to have insider knowledge to keep up! The answer for world liberation isn't anarchy or absolute decentralization, because that would result in survival of the most brutal. The other things that come into play is who has the most sophisticated and advanced technology and weaponry, wealth and population size all need to be factored in, The history of these bloodlines goes back thousands of years and the war between humans and off world races that have enslaved humanity also goes back thousands of years.

Look around at the monuments around from the strange creatures guarding the city of London to the imagery of humans fighting dragons. It is the story of a forgotten past that is still ongoing. If you want a biblical context, think of the Nephilim . In terms of architecture, you will see examples of how buildings have been designed and laid out in geometric shapes that are designed to harvest energy and put on specific ley lines. All in plain sight.

Various people have put in decades of research to bring the truth to humanity. Below is a 1994 lecture by Dr. John Coleman, a former intelligence officer with Britain's MI6 discusses how The Club of Rome, a sub-group of the illuminati is a part of the globalist plan to destroy America and the world to bring about their liberal/socialist "New World Order".

He writes on who is behind the veil, which includes the Fundi family, all members of the committee of 300 that he says "these people are so wealthy that they would make David Rockefeller look like a piper". The evil so great that the opium they unleashed on the Chinese, they planned to bring to America and that is exactly what has happened. Then there is the child abuse/sacrifice and human and organ trafficking, covert labs doing all sorts of hideous experiments and murder. Just look at the number of people who die in mysterious circumstances linked to powerful people and the fentanyl epidemic consuming America.

"The Magna Carta was originally drafted in 1215, as a peace treaty between King John and a group of barons who had rebelled against his feudal and cruel system of demanding excessive taxes and military support.

Following his defeat against the French in 1214, King John was in a weakened position and was forced to come to terms with the barons. Their demands were incorporated into the first Magna Carta."

The Committee of 300 was created and the Magna Carta formed to protect the wealth of the Commonwealth from being plundered by the broke monarch to prevent him from using these assets to settle his debt with the Vatican, but then the Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London forced the British Empire in 1666, to accept the C'est Que Vie treaty of the Catholic Church, which is the birth/bond racket, where birth certificates become bonds.

Queens Elizabeth the second, I am told in the later years of her life, gave back the power to the people and did a deal with the Committee of 300 where Harry become the head, with a plan to restore sovereignty to the people, and positive economic and social conditions.

If you want the long version of all these elaborate connections, you can read "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" in the link below.

Shared with Dropbox

There is also John Coleman's book Committee of the 300


The depopulation plan is a means of control, all bundled in with SMART cities, surveillance technology. social credit scores, CBDC and "vaccination" a means to connect humans via technology to the internet of things. The technology and science involved in controlling people's thinking and depopulation tools with prions in bioweapons to cull humanity are far more advanced and insidious than anyone could have imagined.

The fallacy people have is believing that the media will tell them everything they need to know and the measure of truth becomes what appears in the alternative or mainstream media. But what people will say publicly and privately are two different things. The recent interview with Vladimir Putin, is one example, of something that is meant to be shown to millions of people around the world and they are not going to get into the horrific crimes of biolabs and human experimentation in Ukraine but Putin will call it denazification and his opponents know exactly what he refers to and when Putin compares AI and genetic engineering to the threat of nuclear weapons, he is talking about an extinction level event here.

The blood has been tainted by mRNA that causes frame shifting leading to prions and they have known about this for some time, as have they known that the vaxxed can infect the unvaxxed with prions.

My latest interview with Dr Kevin McCairn is a must watch. If you haven't seen it already. I can tell you that we are being lied to on view counts by Big Tech. So I was keeping track of the YouTube views on this video and it was almost at 2000, and then suddenly dropped to 1600 views. How exactly does that happen?

I was also on a Twitch stream and someone there mentioned that they saw the Health Alliance, Kevin McCairn video, and how good it was and that was around the time Youtube said there were 1000 views. Youtube no longer counts imbedded videos so any video published is going to be less than the actual numbers that truly viewed it but if they can wipe 400 or so views from the count within the Youtube app, how reliable are the statistics that we are being shown?

Now it got me thinking with Twitter views and all the other counts being embellished, that they can shape public perception by saying someone has millions of views, charge more for advertising, etc...when it's not actually true and along with shadow banning, make 'censored' videos have less counts. Views and clicks for Google's paid advertising are not audited. We really have no idea, what the real data is.

Tech companies and governments all understand that data shapes public perception and why the excess death count is actually not to be believed. We are far in excess of a 12% excess death rate in Australia. They are under quoting those numbers, just as they exaggerated the vaccination rates, just so they could shape public opinion. It is actually possible to test if someone had a real mRNA vaccine or not, so in theory you could actually figure out the truthful numbers or even whether the cause of death was from the shot or from infection. It's really just there is no will to do it and then we just have this ongoing controversy that creates oodles of pointless content for the media, while hiding the truth from the public or slowly drip feeding it, so that by the time they hear it, it is too late. Lying with Statistics has become normalized.


So, while the video above is quite dark. I do have good news. Back in May 2022, they wanted to test me for cardiac amyloidosis, meaning that potentially the spike protein (prion) through shedding could have caused me to go into heart failure with an EF of 15%. I chose not to be tested, for various reasons including that if it were determined to be amyloids, I was not happy with the treatment and it would then preclude me from using low dose of beta blockers and ace inhibitors and taking high dose full flush niacin (which I took for the amyloids). I am happy to report that after backsliding and not being as disciplined in 2023, I picked up the slack and buckled down these last 3 months raising my EF from 19% to 34%. I wrote about what I was doing in this article. I will write up a follow up soon, but in addition to all I was doing as detailed in this article, I was also taking lots of long walks up to 17km and steep hiking trips. I feel fantastic, so there is hope but this bioweapon is very real and many people are not connecting the dots of their health conditions to the exposure to these prions and who can blame them with so many doctors either in the dark or who are gatekeepers trying to protect the bio-weapon program or medical establishment.

Jeanee Rose Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Two dangers 💥 "A society based on Science and Technology that nobody… | 84 comments
Two dangers 💥 "A society based on Science and Technology that nobody understands." A combustible mixture of ignorance and power. Secondly... "Science is more… | 84 comments on LinkedIn

My next interview will be with an eminent neuroscientist. Neuroscience is a step further than just using psychological methods to control people but advanced technology that implants thoughts into people's brains to influence behavior. The multifaceted nature of the war being waged means that there are many mid level players that will continue to enforce unlawful rules, simply because they can. Social pressure will change that. I had a very frank discussion with my cardiologist who said that he would have been de-registered for speaking out and knew of colleagues who were and the medical establishment continue in Victoria to work under mandates and have not taken a collective stance to have them removed. People earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, telling us that they had no choice. It's shameful, because these mandates were only enforced on lower level staff. Many senior staff refused and the hospital administration turned a blind eye. Unfortunately, the medical establishment has a problem with institutional bullying and mandates just became another tool in the kit of ways to force compliance. For anyone seeking out medical help, go in with eyes wide open because a number of people I know of, have either been seriously injured or not come out at all. When you have no accountability and the denial of human rights and bodily autonomy, it becomes a very dangerous place to be, in my experience and in my opinion.

"Jay Vidanage is a barrister and solicitor from Old Port Chambers in Adelaide, Australia. Jay believes that it's only a matter of time before the wheels of justice come down on vaccine mandates. He points to recent wins in court that demonstrate a shift in judicial tone around Covid-19, vaccines, and vaccine mandates.

Most concerning is the way mandates and directions are being declared unlawful by courts, for varying reasons, leaving employers exposed for any harms they may have caused their employees by enforcing what they thought were valid government mandates.

Jay delivers a message of responsibility and warning for all employers to ensure they have covered their own backsides in the way they enforced increasingly unlawful mandates."

See link below

As you can see, there are battles on so many fronts but if history is anything to go by, when King George Third was also formulating a one world government, and lined up 50 countries willing to come into this dictatorship of the most brutal kind, he was prevented from doing so by just 3% of the population.

The right people in the right places, connected to the right people will turn this ship around and we are seeing signs that the take down is well and truly happening. Though they wanted The Great Reset, what has ensued is The Great Awakening.


Thank you for those who support my advocacy work and writing. Share away, as this writing is a labor of love.

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