Top Brain Scientist tells all

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Top Brain Scientist tells all
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Recently, I had a private conversation with an Australian Senator and his staffer, the latter was very dismissive of how far brain technology has gone, that I didn't have any proof that although MKUltra, a CIA program using drugs for mind control had been declassified, there was no evidence that such research was still being done, let alone evolved to wireless mind control.

What better proof than to speak to Professor James Giordano, who an impressive and extensive list of qualifications and achievements. An authority in the world of neuroscience, who also happened to have consulted for DARPA. I discussed with Dr James Giordano, the possibilities as well as the nefarious use that brain technology can have and it's current status and where it will lead us.

In the interview below, when he says "non-state actors", you could substitute that for The Cabal. Link to qualifications and experience

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Some of the interesting things I learnt from the interview were the link between neuroscience and gene editing/ CRISPR technology. We could very well be looking at a Gattaca like world, where through genetic editing humans are "upgraded" and "tweaked", where super soldiers are created and prisoners "rehabilitated". Initially, it will all be sold to us, under medical advancement from technology to help the blind see, the disabled to walk and the deaf to hear and restore brain function in those whose brains have been damaged.

We also discuss nanotechnology and 5G, and the current state of research as he understands it. Although it may sound like a conspiracy, that they want us in SMART cities, injected with tracking nanotechnology, attached to the internet of things, controlled and monitored by 5G networks, what is Science Fiction today, may be Science Fact in years to come. The rate at which brain technology is developing is incredibly rapid. As I mentioned in the video, how do we know such tests on human populations for mass mind control have not already been done? Perhaps Wuhan was ground zero for more than commonly reported.

Another important take away, was that drugs or any technology used to alter the brain has ongoing consequences and patients require ongoing care. This goes for natural substances like magic mushrooms and cannabis too, that alter the brain. The risk is that the brain unravels at some point in the future. Anything with benefit, has potential side effects that one needs to be mindful to look out for, even if initially the results look positive. You can imagine how people who have been subject to torture via mind experiments come out, just a shell of themselves. Sadly Julian Assange may fall into that category.

In my opinion, they are building the infrastructure for population control via 5G but currently the technology isn't there yet. Whether it relies on injected nanotechnology or graphene oxide or ingested substances like zeolite or c60 or whatever is being sprayed in the environment to be fully operational, is still at this point theoretical.

However, what we are observing is that these 5G towers are going up at an extraordinary rate over shopping centres, churches, schools, etc.. and small cell towers are popping up on electricity poles throughout the city as well as surveillance cameras.

We do have a right to be concerned, because this radiation regardless of any nefarious agenda for mind control, are harmful to human health and the environment.

I hope you will find the interview enlightening. The information also ties together with my interview with Dr Kevin McCairn on prions and how these prions are causing CJD, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease as well as heart disease, sterility and cancer.

Link to video

The information provided by these world leading experts, should be a wake up call for the world and our own politicians, to stop digging their heads in the sand and acknowledge how far Science has come, that the technology being used today whether it's the bio-labs producing airborne AIDS or 5G being rolled out on steroids or the push for a cashless society by the banks, is all harmful to humanity.


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