Nutrition proof your heart

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Nutrition proof your heart

This won't be a popular article. It certainly wasn't the news that I wanted to hear that my heart function had gone down from 35% to 19%. I had developed heart failure, 4 months post a very mild COVID infection, completely unjabbed and worked hard in the first 10 months to increase my heart function from 15% to 35% (normal is 55-65%) but somehow, I had come off the rails. Time to take my health seriously again and many of the things I had done in 2011-12 to heal from cardiomyopathy, simply wasn't enough.

In the previous 10 months, I had been reasonably "good" but not as strict as I was in the first 10 months. A few treats and there, I added back to my vegetarian diet some dairy, eggs, oils, breads, nuts, coffee, eaten out at cafes and I was feeling pretty good overall and was busy and active and I thought the supplements, juices and smoothies, I was taking was compensating, for my "crimes". Turns out, they weren't and quite interestingly, I put on fluid but it was gradual. I just thought I was putting on a little additional weight.

Well this last week, I lost 5kg or 8% of my body weight, by taking a water pill and going back to a strict plant based, whole foods, no oils diet and I also went back to the drawing board to understand what went wrong. Back to daily yoga and the treadmill (which when you set to a specific speed will give you an accurate measure of how you are going).

Anyone that tells you that you can heal from heart disease or any vascular disease without the foundational principle of nutrition by simply using supplements, lifestyle changes or exercise alone is lying to you. You can do all of those things but unless you stick to a strict, whole food, plant based nutrition without oil, the foods you eat are damaging you. Jab injuries are also vascular damage. You can spend hundreds on supplements and therapies a week but you aren't going to heal, you may dull the symptoms, your live blood analysis may even look good but at the tissue and endothelial level, you are not going to reverse the damage and I am going to explain why and I am also going to discuss the damage lipid nanoparticles cause later in the article.

Let's face it. We are all guilty of confirmation bias; the tendency to favor information that confirms or strengthens our beliefs or values and is difficult to dislodge once affirmed. I am no different and when I was feeling better, it was easy to be convinced back to eating the foods that I love but I then with the cold hard test results staring me in the face, I had to reassess.

The margin for error is no longer the same as it was pre-spike protein days. What I was able to get away with healing 11 years ago, I wasn't able to achieve now and I am like a test case if you will, that you can feel great and be fully active but then suddenly, the whole thing comes crashing down in a matter of days and weeks. This is because our amazing body, has a way of compensating, until it can no longer compensate and then, things go pear shaped, which is what happened to me, a few weeks before my latest echocardiogram, I started noticing that I wasn't keeping up walking with the children, feeling my heart and I just thought I was out of shape, not doing as much exercise as I had been.


I started reflecting on Sucharit Bhakdi, the German microbiologist who was outspoken on how the spike protein damages the endothelial and the mechanism that leads to vascular damage and when I was think about this, I realized this was the key to healing, improving and protecting the vascular system.

So I went back to a trusted friend's website and I know one of his clients was a doctor from the CDC that had developed myocarditis post jab and that he had helped him to heal. I found a video of his interview with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn. At 90, he and his patients are living proof that his wholefoods, plant based diet with no oils works to reverse and prevent heart disease. This same diet also works to reverse Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's, cancer and many other conditions because it repairs the endothelial cells.

After watching the video and doing more research, I realized how much the oil and other foods that I had eaten the last 10 months had been damaging me. There are so many food wars out there centring either on traditional diets and what humans used to eat or the whole keto, carnivore, raw, etc.. ideologies but here is where every one of these ideas comes undone. People in the past, were not necessarily healthier, many died young and basing a whole diet ideology on one central concept is flawed. What I am discussing here specifically is a convalescent diet. That is a diet that sick people eat and let's face it, after the kind of diets almost everyone has been exposed to in a Western society, we are all damaged, even if it may not show up yet with any particular symptoms.

Sick people can't eat meat, fats, oils, processed foods and even the tinniest amounts, can have instantly bad reactions but also take a minimum 48 hours for the body to detoxify them. So all these little "treats", even if they were weekly, the body is being kept in an inflammatory state, endothelial cells are not only being damaged but not being given the opportunity to rebuild.

Endothelial production of nitric oxide.

The key to healing heart disease is to increase nitric oxide production to repair endothelial damage and it finally clicked as to why my blood pressure always fell after exercise, because of the nitric oxide. It's also why taking high dose nicotinic acid is beneficial for endothelial function both ‘lipid-targeted’ and ‘pleiotropic’.

"In pharmacological doses, niacin reduces low-density lipoprotein-cholesterols (LDL-c), very low-density lipoprotein-cholesterols (VLDL-c) and lipoprotein(a) (Lp[a]). In addition, it is the most effective currently-available drug for raising high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-c) (by between 20-25%)"

See also my article on

Niacin deficiency the missing link
The most censored healing protocol is that of addressing niacin deficiency in order to heal. That’s a bold statement but hear me out. Niacin is vitamin B3 and is essential to convert food into energy. Dmitry Kats (PhD, MPH), says ’Being 20% deficient of niacin for a month is a

Humans also have an alternate pathway for producing nitric oxide, other than exercise.

A method used by Dr Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn is to chew 6 times a day, half a fist size of green leafy vegetables, after it has been steamed for 5-6 minutes and anointed with a few drops of balsamic vinegar. Why? Because research has shown that the acetic acid can restore the nitric oxide within the endothelial cells. It also restores the ability for the endothelial cells to replace our damaged endothelial cells and increases the amount of nitric acid by the digestion of nitrites in the green leafy vegetables. However, in order for this to be achieved the mouth must have beneficial bacteria and not have been sterilized with antacids and fluoridated tooth paste. (This also leads to a whole other discussion about the importance of beneficial bacteria )

So all day long one is restoring the nitric oxide that will repair the endothelial cells and heal from heart disease.Vegetables to use: Kale, swiss chard, spinach, arugula, green beans, beets.

Stop damaging the Endothelial Cells

For people with heart disease all of the foods below are to be avoided at all costs, even in small amounts; any drop of oil. any thing with a mother or a face (eggs, cream, milk, cheese, butter, meat, fish, etc..), sugary drinks and foods including stevia and agave syrup, nuts, coffee with caffeine.

Foods to eat: whole grains, legumes, lentils, beans, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables,

While the Mediterranean diet has been touted as healthy,when The Lyon Diet Heart study examined the effects of a Mediterranean diet high in oil in men with heart disease. In the 4-year follow-up, 25% had sustained a major cardiac event (heart attack, stroke, or death), so for people who already have heart disease; any oil is harmful. Imagine it being like little spikes inside the vascular system and scraping along damaging the endothelial lining, which then causes inflammation but also damage to the blood vessel. The cumulative damage will eventually become manifest as disease.


I was also surprised to find that things like juicing and green smoothies due to the sugar load and the lack of chewing action, can also damage the endothelial lining and with the popularity of bone broths (which actually contain a very high level of lead) and carnivore diets, while it may give the body a rest from all the processed foods that are harmful, long term, is not supported by research and all animal protein injures the lining of the arteries. Dr Richard Fleming says trans-fat creates an inflammothrombolic response regardless of the source, plant or animal sources. (from approximately 47 minutes ) and he also discusses the behind the scenes data of influencers who are promoting and profiting from toxic diets.

Esselstyn writes "Do not juice. Fructose separated from fiber is too rapidly absorbed and injurious. You lose the benefits of fiber best obtained eating the fruit. Chew your food."

"Avoid smoothies.  When the fiber is pureed,  it is not chewed and does not have the opportunity to mix with the facultative, anaerobic bacteria which reside in the crypts and grooves or our tongue.  These bacteria are capable of reducing the nitrates in green leafy vegetables to nitrites in the mouth.  When the nitrites are swallowed, they are further reduced by gastric acid to nitric oxide which may now enter the nitric oxide pool.   Furthermore, when chewing fruit the fructose is bound to fiber and absorption is safe and slow.  On the other hand, when fruit is blenderized, the fructose  is separated from the fiber and the absorption is very rapid through the stomach.  This rapid absorption tends to injure the liver, glycates  protein and injures the endothelial cells."


So, now not only am I am keeping a food diary but a record of my blood pressure, pulse, weight, exercise and how I am feeling, It's actually quite stunning how my blood pressure has come down and how good I am feeling even just after a week on a very strict diet and routine.

I would go on to say, that our environment is far more toxic today, than any time in human history and foods that were acceptable to eat in the past, are just too much for the body to cope with today. The margin for error for what the body can deal with is far narrower but at the same time, what stunning results can be achieved with discipline on a plant based, whole foods diet without oils.

It's certainly not easy but when you listen to the testimonials of those who have reversed very serious heart disease and other digestive issues that were far worse than mine, it's inspiring. We need to give ourselves every opportunity to heal, as an act of self love.


Christie Laura Grace, a couple of days ago put out a Tweet that said, the endothelium is being remodelled by the lipid nanoparticles (from the jab), and how the charge on the surface of the inside of the blood vessel is separating, the gap junctions are widening and how this leads to inflammation, charge change and clots.

This is an absolutely stunning revelation and in my opinion 100% on target.

She writes "This is not going away. People have ignored the zeta potential activity on the lipid nanoparticle for far too long. Positively charged liposomes are toxic to many cells, including MACROPHAGES, and can damage the mononuclear phagocyte system, particularly macrophages and monocyte-like U937 cells. Cationic (positively charged) liposomes induce cytotoxicity (cell damage and cell death). The LNPs contain positively charged lipids. Animal studies showed injection of cationic liposomes induced hepatotoxicity (liver damage) and pro-inflammatory responses. The positive charge of the cationic liposomes correlated with increased liver enzymes in the blood and changes in body weight. Cationic liposomes were shown to affect the immune system by altering the secretion of signaling molecules important for immune defense against pathogen, meaning reduced immune system functioning."

All the damage we are seeing is a result of damage to the endothelium.

Additionally, the spike protein has a charge. The higher the charge, the higher the rate of clotting and this also explains why we are seeing people exhibit magnetic properties of being able to hold spoons and coins on their bodies. The jab is literally changing people's biology and charge.

She also writes

"The LNP contains positively charged lipids, negatively charged RNA, and recent DNA contamination which carries a negative charge. The presence of the DNA plasmid contamination, is throwing off the charge on the LNP, causing it to be more negative. The tests the companies did on the LNP when stated they had a neutral charge was not with the introduction of DNA plasmid contamination, it was a different process. This would not matter anyways, the charge and zeta potential shifts negative by 7 clicks right as it enters the human body when it hits the blood as compared to what it is in a bulk solvent.

This does not account for interactions with proteins that have a negative charge, or other charged elements, driving it further negative.

Negatively charged LNPs can cause damage, including injuring the lining of endothelium, and clots. This does not account for interactions with proteins that have a negative charge, or other charged elements, driving it further negative. Negatively charged LNPs can cause damage, including injuring the lining of endothelium, and clots."

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Watch her interview with Discernable

Lipid Nanoparticles: The Real Danger of mRNA Vaccines? - Discernable®
a specialist in lipid nanoparticles joins us to teach us how they work and what dangers they pose inside mRNA vaccines.

In conclusion, to what I know will be a very unpopular article and people may say that I am supporting a New World Order vegan agenda but what globalists want people to eat is processed junk food made in factories and labs. With the lipid nanoparticles damaging the endothelial cells, I don't think there really is much of a choice but to limit any further damage from dietary sources.

There is decades of research to support a plant based, wholefoods no oils diet and heaps of recipe ideas. If you the spike protein in you from the jab, shedding or infection, consider this convalescent diet and judge for yourself, how you feel on it. This will be my third time around, repeating using this diet to heal.

My daughter, Sharelle loving says "I told you so" and she was right. It's daunting but I guess instead of thinking of all the foods, that I can no longer eat, I will become more creative with the foods that I can eat.

I wasn't going to write on this topic because I know diet is so deeply personal. We are all at different places in our journey and if it doesn't resonate with you now, file it somewhere for another time because one day it may. It took me a while to finally get why and the videos posted in this article are worth a watch and considering.


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