Lying with Statistics

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Lying with Statistics

When I completed my degree in Statistics in 1996 with High Distinctions, it came as a painful blow that I had just spent 4 years of my life, studying a subject that was completely flawed because every analysis is affected by the bias of the researchers. It was common knowledge even back then, that if your research went against pharmaceutical companies, your career was finished and you would be discredited, and you could never work again. Even the mathematical tools themselves were limited because statistics assumes that variables are independent but in real life, that's far from true. If one wanted to prove smoking was harmful, most smokers make poor life choices around diet and alcohol use, buy different brands of cigarettes/tobacco and may have different lifestyles, making it impossible to separate the effect of smoking from the other harmful choices or to get identically matched subjects. When COVID hit and it was observed anecdotally that smokers had better outcomes, this became quite contentious because the established science said, smoking was bad, so how was it possible that smoking seemed to help with COVID? I explain the likely reason why in Niacin the Missing Link.

Statistics wasn't like the mathematical subjects of geometry or measurement, where the answers were absolute and accurate but it was so fraught with bias, that I had a lecturer spend the whole semester teaching us, all the ways it was bad and how it should not be used plus all the limitations and assumptions made. He was an excellent lecturer and would turn in his grave to know how bad things have become. Those were different days, where there still existed teachers that actually cared but many people like him, who taught students how to think were being retired and replaced with the establishment kind, who were happy to be bought out with grants and status. All fluff and no substance.


So cue COVID and outright lies can be published as the truth and no one dares questions it, even when it's so obviously flawed that a high school student could easily spot the error. Data contradicting the conclusions doesn't seem to matter anymore because the majority of people simply read the conclusions from the study and cut and paste that into a post that gets repeated over and over, until that flawed conclusion becomes the popularly accepted truth. Let's take for example, the LIE that Australia had significantly lower deaths in 2020. Below is the table of deaths from 2015-2021 and it's quite clear to see that 162,640 deaths was not the lowest by a long shot.

There was no significant decrease in deaths in 2020. The total number of deaths in 2020, regardless of what data set is used, whether it is the excel file that calculates 2020 death at 162,640 or the ABS website that states it is 161,300, fell well between the 95% confidence interval and is almost equal to the average number of deaths from 2015-2020, that is 161,324.

So why would the ABS continue to spout this misinformation that deaths in 2020, are significantly lower? The following line printed through out their website explains their rationale.

"All jurisdictions recorded an increase in death registrations in 2021. This follows lower death counts in 2020, after the introduction of public health measures to limit the spread of COVID-19."

"Deaths in 2020 were historically low"

If they can suggest that the number of deaths in 2020 was statistically lower, it justified the public health measures and tries to explain away the increased deaths in 2021 that were related to the jabs as an adjustment to the lower deaths in 2020.

No matter how you want to spin it, there is no way you can conclude that deaths in 2020 were significantly lower. 2015, 2016 and 2018 were all lower. It's outrageous to make such a baseless claim. Yet, it's been repeated over and over, and accepted as truth, that the public health measures were worth it and contributed to a lower death rate in 2020.

Yet, caught in their own LIES, they can't explain why excess deaths rose with the jabs, peaking at the third jab and excess deaths being week by week significantly higher since.

In another example, Dr Joseph Fraiman says

"The most shocking finding, of our entire study to me was... when we just calculated all the serious events in the trial, there was a higher incidence of serious adverse events... just counting the events in both groups, in the Pfizer trial there is an increase of about 18,000 and 10,000 , so that's a 36% increase. Our confidence intervals are all above 1. There was MORE serious adverse events in the vax group than placebo and the reason why this was MISSED was that if you read the New England Journal, it said the incidence of serious adverse events in both groups were SIMILAR."

Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults - PubMed
The excess risk of serious adverse events found in our study points to the need for formal harm-benefit analyses, particularly those that are stratified according to risk of serious COVID-19 outcomes. These analyses will require public release of participant level datasets.

This is an issue in studies where the conclusions don't match the data and if you were just reading the conclusions, as most do, then the data becomes irrelevant, in the sea of information out there. Instead of the huge warning message of MORE serious adverse events, the conclusion reads that it was SIMILAR and despite asking the New England Journal to change the wording, no changes have been made and it's complete silence. After all, this error had been in plain sight for years and ALL the thousands upon thousands of people who must have read over the study, completely overlooked it because you just wouldn't expect, a conclusion to be an outright LIE.

"As much as 90% of the published medical information is flawed according to John Ioannidis, one of the true experts on credibility of medical research , and former BMJ editor-in-chief, Richard Smith, has claimed that “most of what is published in journals is just plain wrong or nonsense.” The poor quality of medical research is not a new criticism; however, concern has been expressed within a broad field of specialties in parallel with reports that studies are fraught with problems including poor reproducibility."

John may as well have said that all of the published medical information is flawed, because it is!!

In an interview I did with Dr Joe Lee, he understood that unless you understand the mechanism and come to a problem with a hypothesis, in the sea of data, it's just all meaningless and this goes for the various alternative drugs being promoted too. You have to understand the big picture of how the body works and what a particular therapy is doing. Not in the simplistic way that pharma pushes drugs but the big picture and the finer details; all the pathways, the biochemistry, etc..

Recently I had COVID again, and with my past history of going into heart failure afterwards, I really couldn't mess around, especially with heart function being 19% on last reading. I had to put together, everything I learnt. I remembered Dr Joe Lee talking about rNASE being activated by fasting and did just that.

I took a teaspoon dose of gum turpentine/honey mixed to a 1:3 ratio (so mostly honey), water fasted for 24 hours and thereafter only ate lightly, mostly fruit, vegetables, quinoa, lots of water, kept an eye on my heart rate/BP and making sure my pulse didn't go above 70, supplements taken (high dose niacin, magnesium, chelated iron, pine bark extract, bilberry, coq10, ascorbic acid). Sunshine, gargled with salt water (got rid of cough) pushed through and did yoga even though I was tired. Nebulized diluted hydrogen peroxide with collodial silver. 1 slept overnight once with onions in socks. In total, I was only knocked out for a day and 4 day resting thereafter and from then onwards started walking daily. Day 10 after recovery walked 17 kilometres from my home to the city.

The above is what I did and there are many ways to support your immune system to heal. When you understand the mechanisms, you can make the right choices when sick and there really are no shortcuts or cheating.

One thing is that you really don't want to mess around with any illness. It just isn't normal to spend days in bed sick because it's not a detox but can seriously damage you because of the inflammothrombosis caused by pathogens. You want to return to homeostasis as soon as possible.

The video below explains that further and how the spike protein regardless of whether it's via infection, shedding or the jab can lead to cancer, heart disease, neurological issues, prion disease, activating of latent viruses and health issues, etc...and how to support your immune system to heal and that includes the right diet that is anti-inflammatory.

Going forward, navigating through the various bio-weapons released and staying alive has to be on the radar. We are at war and fighting for our lives. Weather warfare seems to have gone up a notch too. For more reading see

In the article below it says that all COVID variants were engineered but there is evidence that all flu viruses in the last few decades have been engineered and released.

Bioweapons were also at the heart of the war in Ukraine with links to the CSIRO in Geelong. Professor Francis Boyle, a professor of law from Harvard University revealed that the CSIRO at the Geelong BSL4 lab were doing gain of function studies on bat viruses in 2010. Here is the link to the paper: Australian tax payers contributed to this bio-weapon development and politicians have earmarked billions into mRNA research and development going forward.

Japan Releases Evidence That ALL COVID Variants Were Engineered in Biolabs
An official new study out of Japan has concluded that all Covid variants were engineered in biolabs and intentionally released into the public.

Professor Boyle back in April 2020, told the world that 13,000+ people in America work in bioweapons research, that the Wuhan virus was a gain of function modified virus bioweapon, and that research labs scour the world for the most dangerous pathogens to weaponize them. He also said that anyone involved in bioweapons research is guilty of a felony, the penalty for which is life imprisonment and he wrote the laws around bioweapons. He also said that in South Africa they were engineering bioweapons to target blacks.


As far, as data and statistics go, you can't rely on anything being published. Whether it's the ABS death data or a study on myocarditis in Victoria, Australia. As far as excess deaths being reported as a percentage now, they can dilute the figures by adjusting for population increases caused by immigration even though the immigration is young and healthy people that wouldn't contribute very much to the death data. They can also not count the mounting numbers of autopsies but what can't be hidden is the obscene number of ambulances, the overwhelmed morgues and funeral homes and the ballooning waiting time and lists for the hospital system under enormous pressure. This study is so flawed, where does one even start but let me give you the gist, they want to say that infection is worse than the jab, the jab had side effects in a small proportion of people and that most people damaged by the vax will recover fully. All lies but hey, do you really expect the truth because it's written up as a study?

Another method used in statistics to muddy the water is by altering definitions. The definition of vaccinated in many countries meant that if someone died within a 2-3 week period post vaccination, they would be classed as dying unvaccinated.

There really are so many ways to fudge the statistics from small samples, removing data that doesn't suit the desired outcome, using relative risk over absolute risk calculations, doing population wide studies to essentially move data the way gerrymandering is done in elections to write up a fake conclusion or simply just write a contradictory conclusion to the data and hope no one notices and calls you out on it and the latter seems to be working well. Tell a lie often enough as the truth, ignore and gaslight anyone who challenges the lie and the majority of people are none the wiser!!


So as the year draws to a close, the war is on so many fronts from open borders to weather warfare and weaponized pathogens, to the legal battles and war crimes on civilian populations being bombed and increased censorship and the internet becoming increasingly dystopian. The reality is that we are many and the enemies of humanity are few. It is those who are just doing their job, who don't care, that are contributing collectively to the harm and each of us have a responsibility to simply care; to do what we can and go above and beyond to help our neighbors, and speak the truth.

Strangely, the post I made on Linkedin that was totally shadow banned that hit about 200 views and then completely stopped appearing in newsfeed was about our collective power as individuals. I will share it below. It was on target it seems.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

And because the world is intrinsically linked, by six degrees of separation or less, no matter how large or small your audience is, you make an impact.

No one else is in your position to make the difference that you can. In your families, in your communities and workplaces, you occupy a unique sphere of influence.

You make a difference.

The establishment for too long has been the centralized mouthpiece and authority on truth but this is a form of communism.

When you see people who all have a similar belief system, you know it's a program.

To be truly free is to detach oneself from the centralized control grid aka matrix; whether that's the mainstream or alternative media or education system.

Open one's mind and heart to the possibilities and curiosity.

Change begins within and one person at a time; one relationship at a time and the stronger the love, the closer the community, the more protected it becomes from external influences seeking to do harm.

The globalists only have control because we give them power. If communities say no, their power melts like ice on a hot day.

The strength of communities is inversely related to globalist power. Only communities with weak relationships can be conquered.

Build connections. Build lives. Build communities.

Become ungovernable.

This is really what the enemy fears the most, that people will take control of their own lives and care enough to give a damn about their communities and families. The future is in our hands and that we have a collective vision because poor vision limits our deeds and poor thoughts limit our wisdom. The war cannot be won by a few but by the collective effort of many.


I took a week off to spend time with my family and reconnect to nature and do a lot of walking. Clearing my mind of clutter and mentally, physically and emotionally preparing for the year ahead.

If you have sent me a message via Linkedin, I will get back to you.

I leave you with an interview I was sent and it really is sobering, the level of controlled opposition and media. Awareness is the key. You need to be able to spot the authentic from the fake; the truth from the lies, as though your life depends on it. Because it does.

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