Escape to Brazil

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Escape to Brazil

Esdras Souto Jr, from New Settlers Consultants joins me in a podcast to discuss escaping government tyranny and the value in obtaining dual citizenship/residency as an "insurance policy" and/or migrating to Brazil. We specifically discuss dual citizenship in Brazil, and it is surprisingly, relatively inexpensive to permanently move to and obtain Brazilian citizenship and if you choose not to live in Brazil but to hold a citizenship, you only have to visit once every two years for a minimum of 2 weeks.

With a Brazilian citizenship, you can also live in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay and Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador with the right to residence and work. Brazilian citizens may request lawful permanent resident status in Argentina and Uruguay at any time.

Esdras is originally from Canada, having lived in America and Spain too. His wife is originally from Italy and though they intended to be nomads traveling the world, when things got bad in Canada, they sold their house, cars and possessions in two weeks and moved to Brazil and not long after they stumbled on an amazing region in Brazil that not only had incredible fertile land with underground springs and untouched by chem spraying but had friendly people and community, and with the inability for the globalists to actually enforce the various rules across the whole of Brazil, an amazing new life of freedom, they built there.

Esdras reached out to me on Linkedin and I have had some amazing conversations with people on Linkedin and thought it would be fun to record our first conversation together.

We discuss costs, the people, the difference between the media's portrayal of Brazil and the reality on the ground, the advantages of living in a developing country, his escape from Canada, the lifestyle in Brazil, education, schools, jobs, work, purchasing property, bartering, organic produce, his acreage and produce, how much it costs to obtain citizenship and the rules, and many more things.

Esdras and his wife, offer a range of migration services from simply helping with the necessary paperwork to get citizenship in Brazil to offering a concierge service, where you are completely integrated with the community in Brazil. is their website, if you have any questions, reach out to them there.


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Esdras with his wife and son
Esdras with his son in their garden
The morning bounty of bartering and purchases from Esdras' neighbours


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