The Reckoning

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The Reckoning

This is a long article but worth reading all the way to the end. We are in the end game.

To quote attorney, Leigh Dundas, "We really need to stay the course. We really need to have endurance like you would see in a tri-athlete. Soldiers who have been to war have this. Certain lawyers because we are used to fighting cases that last 10 years. I think the average citizen is not used to getting up and doing something that takes, a decade or a year. But we really need to cultivate that endurance. At no point, anywhere in a war, has a soldier had a bad day, lost a battle and thought, wow...that sucks, I think I am going to grab my guns and my other toys and go home now. First of all he is not allowed to, which helps. But second of all, that is not in the mentality. The mentality is that you go to battle. There are lots of battles and you are going to lose some. It's a fact and you get up the next day and keep fighting because you are in a war, not a single battle and that is what we need to remember. .. To stay the course."

The battle lines are on many fronts and has been planned over many decades but the good news is that freedom will always triumph over tyranny and the strength of the human spirit will overcome against any odds. Amazing things have been achieved in a short period of time, connections made, so much learning, amidst all the disinformation, coercion, threats, personal attacks, division, controlled opposition and personal struggles. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and take stock. If you are reading this, you are doing amazingly but there is a long way to go and much to unlearn as well as to learn. The pendulum has well and truly shifted.


For myself the journey began over a decade ago, so I absolutely understand the feelings of grief, uncertainty, disorientation that comes with a realization that so much of what I thought was true was not and that I didn't fit into this world (and I didn't want to)  I have had dreams that warned me of this time and written things about the future, that when I read back in my Facebook memories are prophetic. I also have much lived experience, to pass on. I have been in this war for almost a decade.

Things escalated in 2021, when I was so shadow banned on Facebook, I ended up quite by accident (or serendipity) on Linkedin and my first few posts went to 12k, 20k, 40k views and many shares and I met incredible people and made good friends through it. At the height of the mandate madness, my posts were getting in excess of 100k views each.

I started this website in one of my periods in Linkedin jail, to be able to keep in touch and write about things that I simply could not put on social media without being banned and to go into more depth on topics, that could be easily shared widely.

I was asked the other day, do I need funding? By subscribing for $5 a month, the few who have subscribed, almost covers the hosting and bulk email costs. The cost for sending emails is $1 for 1,000 emails. To send a gift, there is the  Donate page which would be really appreciated. Alternatively, you can register/transfer/renew a domain or develop a website through my business  Also, thank you to all the lovely messages of support. United, we are stronger.


The major social media platforms have the greatest reach. It is a numbers game and that is why we are heavily censored on them. If it made, no difference then they would let us say what we wanted. It's a mistake to move to echo chambers or stay in exile.

I am currently averaging about 200k view a week, which is not bad considering I started from scratch only a few weeks ago. Social media is a battlefield that is worth being on and the reason that they continue to remove people like myself is because we make a difference. Another Linkedin connection is on his eighth account. I encourage you, if you have been banned from Linkedin to find a way back. Use a VPN, sign up with a different email address, but the big difference over all other social media accounts, it is a professional network and because of the nature of shares, comments, likes; the reach is huge, to people who have a lot more clout in society than your average Joe on the street. From my data, the main categories of demographics is executive directors, business owners, business strategists, founders and salespersons.

Not only is it about reach but making connections online and in real life. The reason why the globalists and tech companies have become so powerful is because we as communities became so fractured. The stronger our families, local communities, networks of likeminded friends, businesses and organizations are, the less control, centralized power has.

We are in an information and credibility war and we will win it.

Regardless of what you think of Elon Musk, the current changes to Twitter are a windows of opportunity to continue disseminating information to the masses. Twitter has removed it's covid19 disinformation policy and allowed banned accounts back onto it's platform.


I have also been doing statistical analysis of data. I didn't feel that I should have had to do an analysis on what seemed obvious but it was worthwhile to do it and I do hold a Statistics degree. If anything the last few years, has taught us, it should be, to check your sources. Go back to the primary sources, wherever possible. In the alternative media, they rush to get out stories that are sensationalist for clicks and views is insatiable but the information is not necessarily always accurate.

I was pleased to see, Senator Gerard Rennick add a link to my article on death data from his Facebook and Youtube Accounts. See the description in the video below. The work that is being done behind the scenes, the volumes of emails, correspondence, analysis, legal arguments, meetings, etc by so many people.. is immense.

Senator Rennick connecting the dots on excessive deaths.


This brings me to an important post that I published on Facebook on 12th November 2020, as soon as Pfizer announced the 90% efficacy. I republish it here now, for posterity and because it was inexcusable for any doctor, pharmacist, or nurse to administer the vaccine. If they looked at what was available on the original study, it was clear as day that the whole study was unsatisfactory. The doctors who stood against the vaccine before it went into anyone's arms are the true heroes. All the others are simply making amends for the damage they did, because they failed to do even the most basic amount of due diligence and as medical professionals, they have a legal and ethical responsibility to uphold. I easily found this information in the public domain.

How did Pfizer get 90% efficacy ?

According to a press release from Pfizer, the phase 3 clinical trial of its vaccine candidate is partially complete, with 38,955 of the 43,538 participants having received two injections of the candidate or a placebo. So far, 94 of those participants have developed Covid-19; the Washington Post reports that fewer than nine of those cases were in people who had received the actual injection, which is where the 90% efficacy figure comes from. No information has been given on how they chose the subjects for the 2 groups or why they kept moving the goal post, initially it was meant to be 32, then 62 and then finally settling on 94.
90% efficacy is not the same as 90% effectiveness. The sample size they are actually evaluating is really 94, in order to get that number of 90% and we don't know if these 94 were identically matched in terms of potential exposure to the virus, and with such a small number, impossible to draw conclusions. It's not the same as giving half a sample group the vaccine and the other half a placebo, having them all exposed to the virus and finding that 90% of the vaccine group didn't get the virus and 100% of the controls got infected.

The subjects were tested 7 days after their second dose to determine if they tested covid positive or not and this will later be expanded to 14 days. With an overall infection rate of 0.002, even the placebo group could be concluded as being protective!!!

The developer of Russia’s flagship vaccine against Covid-19 said it shows a 92% efficacy rate in preventing cases of the illness. In their
preliminary Phase 3 findings are based on results from 20,000 volunteers who were given the first dose, including more than 16,000 who also received a second injection,

Their latest data is based on results 21 days after the initial injection and will be published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, according to the statement. The 92% efficacy rate was based on 20 confirmed Covid-19 cases split across vaccinated subjects who got two doses and those who got the placebo. No unexpected adverse events have been reported in the trial and monitoring is continuing, the backers said. The trial is to include a total of 40,000 subjects, but not all have yet been vaccinated and with a 0.001 overall infection rate, the placebo too has great efficacy.

“The percentage of the infected can change significantly after they inoculate more volunteers and the trial goes into the final phase,” said Ilya Yasny, head of scientific research in Inbio Ventures, a biotech venture capital fund with a Moscow-based scientific team and this is the same for Pfizer. To chose the arbitrary number of 94, is like stopping a game when you are winning to generate a press release to make sales.

What is also not mentioned, is China’s Fosun Pharmaceuticals is also a partner in the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. I guess they don't want to scare off Western people. Pfizer has a history of settling in criminal and civil lawsuits for billions of dollars related to illegal marketing and health care fraud. They are experts at this. They have not released their research for peer review but governments around the world are scrambling to make deals with them anyway. There is no proof that these vaccines work let alone any research done on safety. 7, 14 and 21 days is hardly a test for whether a vaccine is protective.

In any respects, Australia should be one of the last in line for any potential vaccine (should one be found that worked), with closed borders and the virus cases down to single digits or zero, not engaged in bidding wars when countries have hundreds of deaths a day and tens of thousands of cases daily. It's immoral. By vaccinating Australia, PM Morrison wants to claim that he saved Australia in the lead up to the next election. Who cares about the long term health of Australians, after all they are going to "trial" the vaccine on the old people first, so their deaths could easily be dismissed as "they were going to die anyway".


So at the time the study was released, based on the data it was clearly evident that there was no proof the vaccine worked. Australia provided an amazing case study because in 2020, it was at or near covid zero and opened up at the end of 2020, which incidentally had no increase in deaths despite being a pandemic year. It was an average year and contrary to popular belief, the lock downs and restrictions did not produce a significantly lower than expected number of deaths.

Then in late 2021, after vaccinating the majority of people in Australia in stark contrast to the end of 2020, Australia opened up, excluded unvaccinated from work and anywhere they could "spread" the virus and case numbers exploded. It became the pandemic of the "vaccinated".

"Well, well, well here we are, the end of 2022, and we have had over 10 million cases of covid. The Australian Health Department, of course stopped counting around September sometime because I think it was getting too embarrassing to admit, that with over 20 million people being vaccinated, over half the country had caught covid."

Now, if you go back to the claim that Pfizer made of 95% efficacy , then of the 95% of the 10 million covid positive cases (9.5 million)  should have been unvaccinated and 5% of the 10 million covid positive cases (500,000) should have been vaccinated.

19,787,878 million vaccinated equals 95.9% of total

845,988 unvaccinated equals 4.1% of total

Total population that could be vaccinated 16+ is 20,633,866

For arguments sake, let's say 100% of the unvaccinated got covid. So that is 848,988 people. Take this from the total 10 million covid positive cases and you are left with 9,151,012 vaccinated that got covid. As a percentage of total 46.2% got covid, which is 9 times the 5% figure that Pfizer quoted. Making it an efficacy of 54% (which essentially means you have a 50/50 chance of getting covid or not by having the vaccine or not having the vaccine). And this is in the best case scenario but in reality, according to NSW data, those hospitalized for covid are almost all vaccinated.

This failure should be as clear as day. The vaccine doesn't stop transmission, doesn't stop someone getting covid and doesn't stop hospitalization. If anything the unvaccinated have far superior immunity to the vaccinated.

They knew that from the start though too, that with every covid19 vaccine, neutralizing antibodies would be reduced. Essentially taking the vaccine destroyed your immune system and made you more susceptible to getting sick. It's as simple as that!



So as bad as the data has been on efficacy, because of the coverup of the trial data in terms of adverse reactions and deaths, it wasn't until early January and February 2021, that we started seeing safety signals that should have stopped the vaccine rollout. Yet, despite the ridiculous numbers of deaths and injuries, nothing it seems would stop the jab being offered to the public. There was no benefit, in fact all risk. If you were lucky you managed to get a placebo or a dose that had very minimal toxins in it and you weren't negligently shot in a vein but otherwise, people were effectively being poisoned.

At what point, will the madness end? How many deaths, how much data, what will it take... I don't know.

I wrote this almost a year ago, because it was never about efficacy, side effects, or risk/benefits but it was a planned assault on humanity that began in a lab with an engineered bio-weapon.

Not a virus, not a jab but a bioweapon
We are witnessing a planned assault on humanity using a bioweapon that was not only intentionally released but put into injections. The narrative was hijacked with the virus and vaccine arguments; and freedom of choice narratives; when we should have been talking bioweapons and terrorism; gain of fu…

Never in my wildest dreams, did I expect the death data coming out of the ABS to be so bad, so many reports of adverse reactions to the TGA (which are just the tip of the iceberg), VAERS (US), Yellow Card Reporting (UK), ambulances seen constantly on the road like it's perfectly normal now to see 3 ambulances in the space of an hour, data that is so devastatingly bad, and the population literally sleep walking along like all is normal.

Dr Masanori Fukushima, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University and Director and Chairman of Translational Research Informatics Center (TRI), Japan., warns about vax harms to the Ministry of Health: "You are ignoring science! It's a disaster. You spend billions on the vaccine & force people to inject it...due to the vax, natural immunity has been suppressed"

Vaccinated People Make Up Majority Of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data
“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated...”
Why Do Vaccinated People Represent Most COVID-19 Deaths Right Now?
This post explores why the share of COVID-19 deaths among those who are vaccinated has risen, Factors include a rising share of the population that is vaccinated, waning immune protection and low u…

This interview with Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, who has always opposed the jab, may be the best explanation of what is happening. That personality changes are occurring, as the spike protein penetrates the blood brain barrier. It's worth a watch.

It was always going to be the case that the law moves slowly. If you get a fine by a police officer, as much as you want to deal with the situation on the spot, you need to get your case in order and go to court to get justice or negotiate with the prosecutor for the case to be withdrawn. They relied on public fear of fines to enforce rules, even though the rules went against many existing laws.

And also to prove negligence and culpability, requires time, effort, strategy. Unfortunately, it's not just a case of "you lied", a process has to be followed and evidence collected.

This is an excellent line of questioning by Senator Malcolm Roberts that basically corners CASA into admitting that they mandated without even looking at the data, laying responsibility on "the health advice" but unable to say who gave them the health advice. It shows a delinquency of duty as they then then rely on self-reporting by pilots on adverse reactions.  Roberts lines up the fact base, that CASA officers have no where to hide from their negligence and culpability.

Every trick in the book will be used to excuse themselves from what is the biggest Crime Against Humanity ever. "I didn't know", "The Science is evolving", "I was simply following health advice", "The virus mutated" and the list goes on.


In the document below. "it appears that health practitioners have been misled by the former Morrison Government into believing they are covered by a specific government medical indemnity scheme for administering Covid-19 jabs, as it has now been confirmed by your department that health practitioners are not covered by a specific Covid-19 government medical indemnity scheme.

But it now turns out health professionals are not personally protected by a specific Covid-19 medical indemnity scheme. The letter from Nigel Murray also confirms: "Informed consent should be obtained for every COVID-19 vaccination, as per usual consent procedures for other vaccinations." Mark Butler, it appears health practitioners don't have specific government medical indemnity re the Covid jab rollout, although they might think they do. They will have to look to their own medical indemnity insurance to protect them. And they should be obtaining informed consent for every Covid-19 jab...but is this actually happening?"

It is typical of the government to pass the buck along and so be it, especially since it is rumoured that up to 50% of doctors and pharmacists did not actually take the mandated shot themselves, but made millions of dollars administering it. As suspended Victorian Dr Denes says, when it came to the mandates, he had the option of faking it for himself and his family, like many of the doctors would have done but instead he chose not to, instead writing exemptions and advising against the shot. Those who chose to take the money, are now left holding not only the personal liability but criminal charges.

I saw this when the mandates rolled out that letters were being given to employers that we not signed by an individual. It was a slight of hand, where no one higher up was putting their name to the legality and safety of administering and mandating the jab. It's all finger pointing, with no accountability but the day of reckoning will come.

In the following amazing submission by lawyer, Spiros Kalotihos even the Victorian government failed to receive Royal Assent to mandate the jab.

"The CHO adduced evidence that he relied completely on reports he received from persons he could not identify by means he could not identify allegedly informing him there were 48 confirmed positive infections"

"In addition to the requirement of producing a physical specimen of the alleged
pathogen, it is incumbent on the Secretary to identify precisely where in Victoria that pathogen resides. It is woefully insufficient for the Secretary to take the easy way out and say ‘somewhere’ or, worse still, ‘everywhere’ but this is precisely what they did. If the pathogen does not inhabit an area or goods or premises, but instead resides within a carrier (human being), then identify the carrier, which of course defeats the purpose of a ‘state of emergency’. If you have identified the location of the alleged pathogen you can quarantine it and thus protect the health and wellbeing of all of the people of Victoria with minimum disruption to their economy, social and psychological wellbeing.

The Tribunal should find there was no evidence upon which to rely that the alleged
pathogen was in any specific place in Victoria nor was it everywhere in Victoria.

Proof of causing serious risk to public health: The Secretary had no proof that the alleged pathogen was causing a serious risk to the public health and wellbeing of Victorians"

And the submission goes on and on, line upon line that pretty much shows that the Science was pulled out of thin air and the law, was just ignored.

Final Submissioins of 815 Truemans Cabin Hire Pty Ltd.pdf

Spiros is currently seeking submissions for a group action, for those who suffered a financial loss due to the COVID19  response

Group Action | The P.A.C

Captain Dana is a highly experienced pilot who has always taken good care of his health. He holds British, US, and Australian professional Airline Transport Licences, including an FAA Accident Prevention Councillor designation. His total experience is over 35 years, now exceeding 23,000 flight hours. When his employer Qantas insisted he take a novel Covid-19 injection, Alan refused. Qantas fired him. Now, he and other flight crew are taking them to court. Read more below and listen to his story.

Captain Alan Dana: The Implications of the Experimental Injections on Air Travel
An eye-opening presentation from Captain Alan Dana on his firsthand experience as a pilot during the rollout.

Dr Richard Fleming has been at the forefront of this war on health by the Rockerfeller medical system for decades and he has been pursuing criminal charges. Many are pursuing civil action, but only criminal action will see the perpetrators punished, jailed and tried for treason. Nurumberg 2 may not be far off.

Pfizer’s CEO rapped by regulator for making ‘misleading’ statements about children’s vaccines
Dr Bourla claimed youngsters aged five to 11 benefited from vaccination but the pharmaceutical watchdog said the remarks misled the public

Link to download Pfizer contracts that are not redacted.


Erwin Spuijbroek "In this exceptional situation, we should quite simply keep calm, consistently expose all lies and thus show people bit by bit why and by whom they are being hoodwinked. If we do this [...] we can not only solve the current problems, but possibly create much greater things - namely [...] to turn the rudder of world history around and thus to push open the door to a new time!“
But see for yourself ..."

While all this is happening; wars on multiple fronts from legal, staggering levels of excess deaths, a financial system that is on the brink of economic collapse, the FTX collapse, supply chain problems, food shortages, high levels of inflation, homelessness, health problems due to spike protein shedding, physical wars, has to remain centred. Find the calm within and connection to the divine streams of life. Love, faith and hope will overcome all things.

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. We are expecting a bumpy ride ahead. No lasting good comes without struggle.

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