Preparing for the inevitable economic and social rebirth

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Preparing for the inevitable economic and social rebirth
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We are sailing on uncharted waters, with all the data pointing to an economic crash, coinciding with supply chain issues, labor shortages, high gas prices, war in Ukraine, energy short falls, lock downs in China, unprecedented high mortality running at around 20% above average, low birth rates, hospital systems at near breaking point, high rates of disability, high inflation, record heat waves across Asia and Europe and predictions of food shortages and famine, worldwide protests against government policies.  How do you navigate through this "unprecedented" time?

Yes, I know that word again but it's true; mankind has never faced the convergence of so many catastrophes, let alone done so with a population that is sleep walking and led by powers that openly discuss the need to depopulate the earth, by it seems, whatever means necessary.

People need to get out of their heads the idea of benevolent dictators; ie rulers who have absolute power but who are acting for the benefit of the population as a whole. They do not exist. Dictatorships are evil and always involve self-interest, censorship, killing and loss of liberty. Also the idea, that those in power are one united force is a myth. There are many factions, that span generations, religious groups, and bloodlines, that have agreements and are at war with each other. There is also a decentralized military of Commonwealth countries that are on the side of the people and many people from lawyers, doctors, politicians, journalists, activists, business owners, CEOs, managers, etc...all working to end this nightmare. The external face of these players is the WEF, WHO, The Gates Foundation and their various organizations but the forces behind the scenes are pure evil. You cannot make a deal with the devil and you cannot comprehend the level of evil required to plan for the mass murder of humans.

Mass starvation, killing and war is a historical fact. We live on an earth that is built on bloodshed. Whether you want to face this reality or not, peace and prosperity is not the default setting, when you have blood thirsty parasites that rule over people, steering wars and migration, like a computer game. Parasites who view people, no better than domesticated animals to control where they live, what they eat/drink, their breeding and influence their very thoughts. Who outlined their plans in the original agenda21.

Edward Dowd: A Global Financial Collapse Is a Mathematical Certainty
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The fiat monetary system and the almost unlimited expansion of the money supply, can only lead to hyperinflation and bank collapses. In several countries around the world, people have been locked out of their banks; from China to Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Countries going insolvent. Bank bail ins confiscating depositors' money. This has been an orchestrated collapse and hiest, using the covid pandemic to transfer enormous amounts of wealth but also to collapse the financial system, the basis on which trade is done.

Universally, almost every economic commentator will agree that we are headed for stormy waters. This is no conspiracy. It was predicted years ago. Every "expert" that I have watched has their take on it, but no one knows for sure how things will play out. Without the economic consequences playing out, most would not have woken up and that is the cold hard truth. While one is comfortable, normalcy bias kicks in and we don't want to believe that anything is wrong that would impact on our world.

What are the signs that the reset is imminent?

Pope Francis on Saturday 3rd September dissolved the leadership of the Knights of Malta, the global Catholic religious order. This is big news, as the Knights of Malta, are right up there with The Word Economic Forum as one of the major players in the enslavement of humanity.

The origins of the Club of Rome connect into the Knights of Malta, who are the chief military order of the Vatican and the progenitors of the medical industrial complex we have today. Rockefeller/Rothschild and other public names are mere stewards of these ancient and powerful dynasties.

Quote taken from Deutsche Press, August 1988

Another major event is that the Pope has ordered all liquid assets held in institutions outside the Vatican must be moved to the Vatican bank by 30th September 2022. Is this a major signal to isolate the Vatican from the impending economic slaughter or something else?

The announcement of Queen Elizabeth II's death is a sign that the old empire is over. London Bridge has fallen.

Watching the video above, you will see many similarities with how projects are being funded in Victoria, with the infamous Belt and Road deal that was signed by Dan Andrews, now revoked. It is no coincidence that Victoria ended up locked down for 264 days and had the most draconian covid restrictions in the Western world. The Chinese Communist Party lend out money, expecting the recipient to default and they take the assets, which they then use to make more money from. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice should be some sort of compulsory reading on how to do business with the CCP.

This is happening the world over in deals that don't make the mainstream news, where the CCP is taking over the assets of the world by stealth. How did the Port of Darwin end up in the hands of the Chinese? How did Dan Andrews sign the Belt and Road deal?

USA had a huge foreign debt that China was calling in and China wanted Australia and New Zealand as payment for that debt. The Biden Administration agreed until the US Navy said "no" in no uncertain terms and knowing Australia needed submarines, the US Navy negotiated with the Biden Administration to allow Australia US made nuclear powered conventionally weaponized submarines because the bankers who control the ball game, saw that they could make a lot more money by allowing Australia, India, Japan and South Korea US made submarines. Subsequently, Australian narrowly avoided becoming controlled by China.
We also had an Australian politicians attempting to broker deals to settle debts of foreign countries using the inground resources of Australia and who were aligned with the globalist agenda. This however is all unravelling, and has been exposed, not yet to the masses but behind the scenes, where it counts there is a political war happening. You simply can't sell out a country and people be happy about it.

In John Howards second term, in 1998 the 2IC of China came to Australia and made it unequivocally clear that China will exact revenge on the Taiwanese nation home they view as Capitalistic traitors who fled China under Chairman Mao Zedong, Former President of the Peoples Republic of China’s “Great Leap Forward” in 1958, killed all the landowners, consequently suffered famine, 30+ million Chinese people starved to death, so much for the “Great Leap Forward”. A friend was recently in Vietnam and told me that a local there spoke of those who had left Vietnam as traitors. You can learn about the on the ground propaganda war by visiting a countries' museums. I suggest that to visit the Immigration Museum in Melbourne with fresh eyes, and understand the narrative that is being played out there.

This is an excellent watch that will get one up to speed with the current state of affairs and how the Deep State has targetted the two major food producers of the world, The Ukraine and the Netherlands, which also produce much of the world's fertilizers.  It doesn't take a genius to work out that their plans to end farming will cause mass starvation. Another interesting point made is that when people change diets, that it affects their immune system and makes them more vulnerable to disease. If you factor in what people have been injected with, it is going to be a very dire situation. The interview, does leave out the health implications of the jab and how that will play out in all of this, partly because Jordan Peterson took two shots.

In place of the Netherland farming families, the Tristate City is proposed to accomodate 45 million people. A model of the smart cities of the New World Order.

The whole carbon credit scam and net zero, climate change agenda is all part of the globalist control and depopulation narrative. Humans need energy to live. That is a fact. At some point hopefully, we will transition to the true free energy sources, not the fake NWO order ones.

How to prepare for The Great Reset

Firstly you need to educate yourself because we are in an information war. In January 2022, well before the data on 20% excess deaths was published I wrote on how we were being prepared for a mass death event, by firstly being desensitized to human suffering through the media and it is very clear that we are being groomed for the great dystopian reset of a world of mega cities, eating processed bug protein and living in technological prisons (apartments where everything in them from heating to internet access, can be controlled externally).

Common sense will say that the best assets are physical assets because with energy shortages, high energy costs, labor shortages, supply chain issues, we can only expect physical items to increase substantially in price, if you can get them. It would be prudent to bring forward household purchases, because you know the saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

Gold/silver has been historically used as a store of wealth especially in times of uncertainty but there are many scenarios that could see the government confiscate or outlaw it as legal tender, as it was in the Great Depression, and the difficulty of moving across international borders with precious metals.  In any respects, worth holding some physical gold and silver, as an insurance policy, should everything go south.  I am also told that the QFS that is currently running in parallel with the fiat money system is backed by precious metals and inground assets. The QFS maps inground assets to securitise currency in circulation and is a competitor to the fiat ponzi system and crypto currency frameworks, and is expected to take over, to move humanity forward.

As far as crypto goes, you wouldn't put in what you are not prepared to lose. The blockchain and crypto I have been told by a trusted inside source is the brain child of the NWO to enslave humanity through tracked and traced transactions and the abolition of physical cash. The argument to hold crypto, is to diversify risk.


"Insurance companies report a 40% increase in excess mortality among working-age adults during the fourth quarter of 2021. Millennials aged 25 to 44 had an 84% increase in excess mortality in that same time frame. Since the rollout of the Covid jabs, the number of Americans who claim to be disabled has risen by at least 10%, possibly more."

Mass Medical Bankruptcy & Collapse Coming – Dr Elizabeth Eads

Insurance companies calculate premiums based on actuarial data and what they expect to pay out. What happens if doctors like Dolores Cahill are right, when she says that everyone who got the real covid mRNA vaccine will die in 3-5 years? Even at current rates of disability and deaths, how is it sustainable and this does not include the increased number of car accidents from neurological issues (though others like to blame lock downs not the jab). A tow trucker driver in Melbourne of many decades told us that he had never seen so many accidents ever and add to that record pay outs for Australian bush fires and floods and what you have is a very unsustainable levels of payouts.

As much as we people do not like to pay insurance premiums, if they become unaffordable, people will simply go uninsured and if the whole insurance industry becomes nonviable how is risk and loss managed, for both businesses and individuals.

What a mess!

So I have heard of numerous suggestions on becoming self-sufficient on a farm but having experienced acreage life myself and living in the country for many years, maybe that might have worked in the past with a fully functioning society which you could fall back on for support but if all the systems from emergency medical to the supply of food, petrol and supplies, then how long can one truly survive on the land? Our needs are far more complex than the days of Little House on the Prairie, and when you have men with guns being able to enter a property, to seize items and to serve notice to destroy animals under bio-security laws, how deep is the bunker you can build to protect yourself? In any respects, if you aren't set up already, it's too almost too late. Farming is hard work; all the dreams of self-sufficiency perpetuated by inner city greenies is just that, illusions. In reality, there is everything from floods to bushfires, animals escaping, getting sick, and dying, crops failing, pests, isolation, poor heating and exhaustion.

Historically, in such times governments take from the farmers and this then feeds into more food shortages as farmers then stop producing for the following year. Fortunately the farmers are the first to wake up to the unfolding catastrophe. We need to be united to push back, because there is no hiding from any of this.

There is no doubt, there will be difficult times but at some point you have to trust that humanity is capable of defending itself against annihilation and work together to defeat evil, and restore the systems that bring wealth/safety, to heal the sick and work for the greater good. There is a decentralized military and people working at high levels to free humanity because if this wasn't the case, Australians would have already been forcibly injected by UN troops in 2021. That was the original plan. You can see around the world, dominoes falling; the Dutch agricultural minister was forced to resign, Fauci faces court, the 2000 mules exposed election fraud, mandates have dropped, uptake on boosters is slow, people openly talk about the WEF, WHO, The Gates Foundation, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, The Committee of 300, The Freemasons, cash use is up. Too many things to list.

In the meantime be prepared for anything (including floods, bush fires, power outages, cyber attacks, etc.); ensure you have adequate supplies of long life food (rice, beans, chickpeas, canned goods, lentils, quinoa, flour, salt, sugar, yeast, spices, etc.. properly stored from rodents), olive oil, heirloom vegetable and fruit seeds, medications, supplements, plans in place for rolling blackouts as is happening in California, Germany, Italy and various other places, water storage, torches/candles, alternative cooking, petrol, first aid kit, sanitary pads, bandages, toiletries, soaps, collodial silver, aloe vera plant (for topical use burns/rashes), honey, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tools, pet food, firewood, gas cylinders, generators, solar panels not connected to the grid, etc. Search 'prepping list' for more ideas.

Remember your health is your wealth.

Roadmap to healing, aging backwards and longevity
Friends, for many years I have desired to lay out a road map for healing for chronic illness but held back because there was always more to learn or unlearn. I wanted to share a perfect path that would lay out an easy route. Do x,y and z and

As dark as things may seem, humanity is on the path of awakening on so many levels. I deliberately chose to call this article "rebirth" because it has taken a lot of hardship, suffering and death for people to finally see what is going on and yes, there are still those sleeping, but not for long.  We as people are taking back our sovereignty.

Please feel free to share this article by using the link or forwarding the email.

p.s. I am currently on a forced Linkedin holiday. Someone posted about me that I was one of the most sought after contributers on Linkedin, but the hardest to find! Censorship is all part of the battle. I miss the interactions but it's given me more time to focus on writing.

I was thinking of starting a Youtube channel, as I know it easier to digest information without having to read it and had great responses and conversations from the videos I put up on Linkedin. Subscribe below if you like that idea.

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