mRNA jabs in livestock will kill and sterilize

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mRNA jabs in livestock will kill and sterilize

By the end of the year, it is expected that mRNA jabs will be rolled out for livestock and this will have a devastating impact on the food supply and human health. All around the world countries will be launching a campaign to “vaccinate” billions of pigs, cows, goats, and sheep over a period of nine months. This massive task is an effort to “enhance the biosecurity system by improving animal immunity and eradicating epidemic diseases".

They will likely use the threat of food and mouth disease, or some other threat, to make vaccination mandatory for livestock. Smaller animals like quail, or chicken is less likely to be affected.

Plan for ‘game changer’ foot and mouth vaccine
Funding to develop new vaccines against foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease has been announced by...

Even if you don't eat meat, organic farming is dependent on animal by products for fertilizer and if there are no animals to produce fertilizer what we are left with is industrial chemically fertilized mono crops which are likely going to be genetically modified to be able to grow in conditions where the soil is depleted.

Many years ago, I went to a conference where GM foods were being discussed. I remember clearly that in the first generation of animals that ate GM foods, they had cancers and various diseases but in the second generation, all the animals were infertile. Now the goal posts have shifted from simply GM crops like corn and soy, to genetically modified meat, which will have the same outcomes but the most devastating part will be that the animals will be sterilized and the whole herd lost.

The spike protein will become an environmental pollutant making all life sick. With the really frightening reality that this new technology, (spike protein) is to hi-jack the human host cell machinery to translate the modified mRNA coding templates into copious amounts of this spike protein. Once in the environment, when it finds a host, that host becomes a spike protein factory to pollute the environment even more.

A new paper shows spike toxicity in Zebrafish
A study on spike run-off into our environment

There is no doubt experimentation on animals is already happening and why we are seeing reports of farmers losing whole herds. The news reports it as, "so many cows died in the unusual heat and humidity that facilities that normally convert carcasses into pet food and fertilizer products were overwhelmed"

I guess, when there are even more deaths, it will be simply blamed on climate change. Cue the climate lock downs.

Exclusive: Thousands of U.S. cattle buried, dumped at Kansas landfill
Top U.S. cattle feeding companies sent 1,000-pound carcasses to a Kansas landfill, where they were flattened by loader machines and mixed with trash, after a June heatwave killed thousands of cows, documents seen by Reuters show.

Now this topic, must have been right on the money because I did get a strike for it on Linkedin, within hours of it going viral. It seems they have some sort of list as to what must be censored and you know when  you are on target, because your post gets blocked. The conspiracy will either come true or enough people wake up to stop it from eventuating.

Now, the solution that will be offered will be to get protein from bugs. There is already a marketing push that eating bugs is sustainable, healthy and organic. Factories that can produce thousands of tonnes of bug protein, that will be also put into processed foods (this is already happening) and it will have detrimental effects on human health.

Chitin, which is found in insects, is indigestible to humans. Mammals and humans cannot synthetize chitin and therefore it throws the body into a cytokine storm reaction, causes inflammation and allergic responses.

This all ties in with mass food shortages, that will lead to digital ID warlike lines to buy bread. petrol and other essentials. We are literally sleep walking and cheering our way to oblivion. The Star Wars scene which says "the is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause"

So This is How Liberty Dies - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
As Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declares the emergence of the first Galactic Empire, senators Amidala and Organa look on in disbelief.

Historically, in the Weimar Republic, by mid-1923, the nation’s central banks were using more than 30 paper factories, almost 1,800 printing presses and 133 companies to print banknotes. Ironically, the production of paper money became one of Germany’s few profitable industries. People were elated, Berlin was partying and cabaret was in full swing, drug addiction was rampant, prostitution was endemic. From underage male prostitutes, trans-sexuals, gender reassignment surgery to prostitution of children too. This is a wild read,

This all sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it? Like history repeating itself. It feels very much like our society today is cheering it's way with rhetoric on the benefits of decarbonization, gene technology and medical advances, into a very dark era of poverty and immorality.

Engineered Food Shortages
In an article by George Kent, “The Benefits of World Hunger”, he writes “Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labour. We in developed countries sometimes see poor people by the roadside holding up signs saying “Will Work for Food”. Actually, most

What can we do?

Vote Daniel Andrews out (critical election for the world)

Spread the word to family and friends (we are the media now)

Support the farmers and local small businesses directly

Use cash and bring forward purchases

Be prepared with supplies and long life food to ride this out. (lentils, chickpeas, rice, beans, salt, sugar, spelt, flour, yeast, coffee, teas, etc..) Natural health remedies, bandages, tools, etc..

Build trusted networks and communities

Stop complying to the insanity

Speak up and find your voice, using every means at your disposal.

Plant a vegetable garden and collect seeds

Add your suggestions in the comments..


The tractors are coming to Melbourne on Monday, October 10th, 2022.

Mission2Melbourne starts October 7th with convoys leaving from various destinations across Australia from roughly the 4th October.

Listen to Wade Northhausen speak on coming food shortages in Australia.

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Post Script: I am currently in Linkedin Jail. I think it might have been the post on Dan and Ian Cook that did it and also not helped by getting hundreds of thousands of views on other posts.

The Victorian election is important to the New World Order because even my daughter posting with my name is flagged as misinformation. Lol. Though the current strategy appears to be, to drag out how long it takes to review accounts and have people in Linkedin jail for around 2-3 months. Making it a toss up to start a new account or wait.

Linkedin make it impossible to get your contacts, even when you download the Excel file, the email address field is mostly blank and if you manually try and get your contacts by downloading each individual pdf file, it will lock you out too.

One thing that has been repeatedly said to me, over these few days is "we don't trust the media, or social media or google" and people are looking in their trusted networks for individuals to gather information from. We are truly the media now. Even in terms of employment, I am hearing that people are asking in their networks to fill positions. All this is the demise of centralized media and power, and back to real relationships.

The internet giants will fall but we can certainly help them along, by doing our bit!! Spread the word. It certainly takes effort to communicate with people but in the long run, relationships are what matters.

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