Waiting on the battle front

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Waiting on the battle front

In war, there are many battles and various lines to be defended. There will be losses, and there will be wins, as we take ground from the enemy. I have many conversations with people who feel disheartened by the lack of progress, frustrated by family and friends who are still ignorant of all that is going on in the world and my reply is to remember that most were taken by surprise, and really only came to know the agenda of depopulation, new world order technocratic control through digital ID and central bank digital currency, sterilization, satanic ritual child abuse, and just how corrupt and evil governments and parasitic world leaders could be in the last few years. The truth and reality of this world is far darker than most will ever want to believe. It is very comfortable to live in ignorance and with much knowledge comes sorrow.

This is my twelfth year of awakening to the ugly realities of our world, and twenty-one years ago when I learnt that fluoride was poison; a neurotoxin that was used to make a population docile and easy to control; that fluoride was the leftover waste from aluminum smelting that has been put into the water supply, and marketed as good for one's teeth. From my perspective, huge changes have occurred in the last few years but it takes time to form meaningful relationships in order to organize in trusted groups to work together to dismantle the systems of oppression and enslavement. These things were not put up in a day, and will take time to bring down especially as they are embedded in the institutions that are foundational to society. We are making amazing progress, all things being considered.

It is often presented, that the Elite, the Globalists and Cabal are one united group warring against the common people but this is not true. They are blood lines that go back thousands of years, that you can trace to many wars in human history. The common man is like pawns in a chess game, sacrificed for their wars and that is why you see, their plans don't make sense because it's not one side versus us; but various powerful groups that hate each other fighting each other with different agendas and the common man is but collateral damage.

War is fought on multiple fronts: currency, information, trade, physical battle and social norms. There is not just one battle line but many. The internet while used as a means to entrap us into a digital world, also became the means where by many were able to connect, share information and facilitate positive change.

The number of common every day people who are starting to understand the mechanisms and realities of the world, far exceed that of any time in world history. A great awakening if you will, and one of self discovery filled with a spectrum of emotions from grief to exhilaration but it is also a time to stay alert and be prepared for any scenario (food shortages/financial collapse/energy outages/mandates etc). It is far better to do the work while it is easy than wait for things to turn, when the work is harder to do.

Their rushed and disastrous jab program has deaths spiraling out of control, an elephant too big to hide, even though the ABS conveniently failed to release the January 2023 report with no explanation, across the world, excess deaths are at staggering rates and even if you didn't rely on government data for information, it's not hard to look around and see the constant stream of ambulances on the road or know within your own extended or immediate networks how many have been harmed by the covid19 vaccine. We are really only at the very beginning of this carnage and already, nearly "half of Americans think COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims." https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/public_surveys/died_suddenly_more_than_1_in_4_think_someone_they_know_died_from_covid_19_vaccines

For those of you feeling disheartened, that everyone who got the shot that you know is going to die, that's not true. It all depends on the batch they received and other factors; there were batches that were marked as placebos. There are ways to test, if someone received the real thing which include doing a d-dimer test but better still a live blood analysis which will show up abnormalities like misshapen red blood cells and foreign objects in the blood, or checking using a blue tooth app, if the person emits a signal or has any magnetism at the site of injection. The most reliable test is the live blood analysis.

Once convinced that there is a problem, there are various methods to support the immune system to detoxify. The best that I have found is the protocol using niacin but also one needs to commit to nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Niacin deficiency the missing link
The most censored healing protocol is that of addressing niacin deficiency in order to heal. That’s a bold statement but hear me out. Niacin is vitamin B3 and is essential to convert food into energy. Dmitry Kats (PhD, MPH), says ’Being 20% deficient of niacin for a month is a

Unfortunately, many are going to wake up too late to make changes, because the longer one waits the harder it is to deal with the problems caused by damage.

One of the most significant developments this week was reports by Professor Bhakti that the Thai Royalty have been made aware that the princess who is still in a coma was injured by the Pfizer vaccine and that Thailand is set to nullify Pfizer's contracts. https://www.techarp.com/facts/pfizer-thai-princess-vaccine/

Then there was Project Veritas exposure of Pfizer director of research and development Jordon Trishton Walker telling an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company was exploring plans to "mutate" the covid19 virus themselves through "directed evolution."

Project Veritas taunts Pfizer with LED truck parked outside drug maker’s NYC office following latest sting
Project Veritas taunted Pfizer with an LED truck parked outside of the drug manufacturer’s headquarters on Tuesday after the journalism group put a staffer claiming plans to mutate COVID.

A year ago, I wrote the article

Not a virus, not a jab but a bioweapon
We are witnessing a planned assault on humanity using a bioweapon that was not only intentionally released but put into injections. The narrative was hijacked with the virus and vaccine arguments; and freedom of choice narratives; when we should have been talking bioweapons and terrorism; gain of fu…

Awareness is growing that covid19 was a deliberately engineered bio-weapon that was intentionally released.

We also saw Matt Hancock, UK politician grilled by the media, defending himself with "the guidelines were in place, but I did not break the law"

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The Australian head of the TGA, Professor John Skerritt has announced his decision to retire, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, ripped on mainstream media for holding shares in Moderna. New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern resigned two weeks ago. These are the visible signs on mainstream media.

Twitter being opened up and all the revelations of censorship, collusion and government interference will have a ripple effect throughout society. Djokovic's historic win, if you haven't seen it; worth a watch. A pivotal moment in support of those who chose bodily automony and to stay true to their convictions.

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Meanwhile, the US will see an end to both the COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency on May 11, 2023. The White House informed Congress on Monday night.  This will open the borders again to unvaccinated non US citizens.

The U.S. Department of Defense has updated its COVID-19 pandemic guidance after rescinding its related vaccination mandate in early January, including rolling back a travel restriction for unvaccinated troops. And as things change in the US, the flow on effect will be felt across the world.

Speaker of the house, Kevin McCarthy says he will release the 14,000 hours of footage from January 6th Capital Hill protest. He will go after Biden on the classified documents scandal, and will ban the President from selling US strategic oil reserves to China. The Democrats voted jointly with the Republicans to ban the President from selling strategic oil reserves to China McCarthy is on fire. For those doubting that change is a foot, recall the 15 rounds of voting for House Speaker, ended because McCarthy had to agree to specific terms including a requirement for 72 hours before any bill comes up for a vote. Meaning members now have at least some time to actually read a bill before voting on it.

McCarthy agreed to allow floor votes on term limits and border security. McCarthy has reportedly agreed to appoint three members of the Freedom Caucus to the panel. Since the committee will probably contain nine Republicans and four Democrats, the three Freedom Caucus members could break off and vote with the Democrats to vote down any rules they opposed. Making it easy for his fellow Republicans to fire him.

Biden's posssession of top secret files in his garage while made out in the media to be no big deal, should end his presidency.

The ending of the pandemic in the USA is despite the World Health Organization, on the 30th January 2023, decides the COVID-19 global emergency isn’t over and their push for authority to be given extraordinary powers to dictate to countries what to do in a global emergency. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.)  are planning to make changes to the World Health Assembly's (WHA's) International Health Regulations (IHR) that include: removal of wording such as "dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms"

To take action on this part, write, call and talk to your local politicians, your friends and family. A website that makes this easier to explain the problem and where you can take action is. It's been blocked as misinformation on facebook, so you will need to be creative to send it.

Australia Exits The WHO
It’s time to exit the WHO

The war in Ukraine has a hidden agenda that there were biolabs but also deep state crypto currency servers that were the targets. It has been a huge money laundering exercise and we are seeing this play out in the media with the collapse of FTX. Have a watch of this video on how FTX started, and you can see the players behind it all.  Sadly so many innocent victims of this war in Ukraine; pawns sacrificed.

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On the local battle front, the emergency of 15-20 minute SMART cities with S.M.A.R.T, standing for Surveillance, Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting and Technology that will limit people's movement under the excuse of climate change and emissions. The UK is leading the way on this with millions collected in fines already for residents who break the rules on restricted travel areas.

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🤣🤣 Low Traffic Neighbourhood chaos. Will you retreat or plough into the forbidden zone? Smart cities aimed to limit travel for climate change. Other… | 175 comments on LinkedIn

In Australia, a recent council meeting on similar issue was halted and police called to eject residents because councilors did not want to answer questions. We have quite a few of these smart city developments popping up across Melbourne and surveillance cameras, 5G towers and cashier less shopping pushing us to a dystopian and technocratic world. Important for people to push back and stop buying from the corporations, use cash, buy from local or small businesses. If all the hundreds of thousands of people who went to protests in Australia changed the way they shopped, it would change the world.

It's also really important to understand how to serve legal notices and find legal remedies to protect yourself, your assets and your freedoms. Warren Black's 13 week course is still open for enrollment till February 9th, 2023 . More informatiion and enrol in the link below.

"He who leaves the battle field first consents by default. ie. Doing nothing is acceptance."

How to defend yourself using common law
I am promoting this common law 13 week online course because it is really important that people understand how the law works, in order to be able to defend themselves and their property. Whether it’s mandates, debt collectors, school bullying, fines, etc.. if you know your rights, the pen is
Jeanee Rose Andrewartha on LinkedIn: "He who leaves the battle field first consents by default. ie. Doing…
"He who leaves the battle field first consents by default. ie. Doing nothing is acceptance." Enrollments are still being accepted for Warren Black's 13 week…

The other planned assaults as detailed by Klaus Schwab is cyber polygon; the take down of the internet and electricity.  South Africa is currently experience outages of 8 hours a day, the UK has been told to prepare for rolling outages and in Australia we have had significant number of data breaches and significant issues with energy supply in 2022.

In fact the Fire and Rescue Victoria service has been compromised since mid December 2022, and when you call 000, an operator manually looks up the mobile phone number of the closest fire station master to the incident, and no map is provided but the firies need to look up the address manually. I am told this is because FRV chose to implement a cheap open source solution. You can imagine how many other corporations out there are running with dodgy security.

The issue of identity theft is just in it's infancy in Australia, with reports of people having tens of thousands wiped from their accounts.

Here is a comprehensive list of security breaches.

Data Breaches In Australia
Insurance Advice You Can Trust

Look at the list from 2022. State Revenue Office, Optus, Telstra, Microsoft, Twitter, Medibank, Woolworths, Uber, Lastpass, Door Dash, WA Health, Cisco, Twitter, University of WA, Victorian government, Deakin University,  NDIS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Red Cross,  Toyota, Medlab pathology, Australian clinical lab, etc...The list goes on and on.

Talking to an Optus rep, he told me online fraud was huge and says it exploded when people who didn't use the internet were forced online due to the pandemic and who had no idea what they were doing and were easily scammed. While we like to think of internet breaches as small time players, what if data was being harvested for a large scale, coordinated attack. A big steal.

What if individuals were being hacked for their identity that have high level security clearance? If cyber polygon had already begun, do you think you would be told?

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