How to defend yourself using common law

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How to defend yourself using common law
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I am promoting this common law 13 session online course because it is really important that people understand how the law works, in order to be able to defend themselves and their property. Whether it's mandates, debt collectors, school bullying, fines, etc.. if you know your rights, the pen is mightier than the sword. I have used the law to beat fines three times, dealt with DHS three times, defended family members against breaches of the law by employers, and saw first hand the absolute carnage that ensued when mandates were announced in late 2021, simply because the majority of people were unaware of their common law rights, and the various ways they could have used to defend themselves.

Warren Black is a former lawyer, accountant and ATO auditor turned sovereignty mentor. This is a balanced approach from a legal expert, that will share what works and what doesn't. Warren is a true freedom fighter, who understands how the system works and the key to sovereignty is KNOWLEDGE and being able to apply that to get results. I absolutely resonated with everything he has said as holding true, in my own experience dealing with the system.

Many "experts" have cropped up in freedom space teaching things, that in my opinion are downright dangerous and people have followed them so deep down the rabbit hole, they have lost their houses and potentially liberty. It is one thing knowing the truth but another to be able to use the law within what is reasonable, to get the outcome you need. This is a practical course to understand and fight the system, using the tools of the system.


Warren Black tell the story of how a teacher beat the mandates simply by reading the contract, turning up to work, filing legal notices and leaving  the school no choice but to pay up. You too can beat the system, but you need to know the rules of the game.


Warren Black, in this 13 session online course will show you how to legally protect yourself from mandates, debts that you are struggling to pay and unlawful harassment. This is a replay of the original 13 week course, which started in February 2023.

At the end of the course, you’ll know how to:

Negotiate as much as 60% off your personal credit card debts that you’re struggling to pay

Hold the banks off for as long as 18 months if you’re struggling to pay your mortgage

Legally collect money from people who owe you in business

Draft legal notices yourself to stop bullying in schools, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, etc

Protect yourself from masks, climate change and other laws to come in

Be able to read statutes, laws and mandates with new eyes to find loopholes around them

Protect yourself from fines against census, voting, parking tickets, etc.

Be in the best position to not get into trouble from the police, government auditor or regulatory authority who is after you by using the right words

Protect yourself from the ATO chasing your business for unpaid super, BAS, PAYG or anything else

Save yourself from bankruptcy by applying one of the 7 alternatives

Get financial hardship relief in almost ANY situation

This course is recorded and you will have lifetime access to watch it, in your own time.

Link to enrol below under Past Events - Common Laws & Legal Rights Course

$347.00 for 13 week course.

Past Event - Common Laws & Legal Rights Course - Global Wealth Club

13 Session Schedule

Session Title What You’ll Learn
1 Introduction to Common Law & Its Principles
  • Foundation of common law and the truth of how our legal system works


  • The BIG difference between common law vs civil law (lawful vs legal) and solving the confusion on which one you should be following today


  • Strawman theory and how it practically applies in the real world for you – ALL CAPS LETTERS, PERSON vs man / woman, the birth certificate, passport, licenses and other government IDs
2 Government Statutes, Regulations, Licences
  • Common law vs governments statutes, legislation vs regulations, executive vs legislature vs courts, privatisation & corporatisation of justice / governments / land titles

  • What mandates really are, and an ex-lawyer’s teaching on how to read & interpret them to find legal loopholes and exemptions around ANY mandate, contract or license


  • Difference between Commonwealth & State and answering the BIG question – can governments LAWFULLY invoke State of Emergency?
3 Legal Notices
  • Proving indeed that the pen is mightier than the sword (the “parol evidence” rule)


  • How to draft a legal notice – diving into legal terminology (e.g. further & better particulars), difference between legal & practical enforceability, how to be “street smart” vs an “internet legal buff”

  • Real case studies & examples
4 Government Mandates
  • How to protect yourself against oppressive mandates, e.g. masks, jabs, lockdowns, climate change, tracking and any potential new mandates that arise

  • Reading mandates properly & learning how to turn them back on the government
5 Personal Fines
  • Discovering your legal rights to deal with PERSONAL matters such as parking fines, speeding tickets, voting fines, census, fishing, and more.
6 Bullying & Harassment
  • Discovering your legal rights to stand up against school bullying on your kids (or those of others) and what to do to stop it within 24 hours

  • Discovering your legal rights to deal with workplace harassment, extortion attempts (e.g. bosses, friends, people on the internet)


  • Ways to deal with sexual harassment or predators (e.g. webcam, sexting, creeps, etc)

7 Local Councils
  • Knowing your legal & common law rights to stand up for your local area or community against councils & their ordinances (e.g. spraying poison on your property, building permits, rates, rangers, etc)
8 Private Regulatory Boards & Licensing
  • Knowing your legal & common law rights to deal with private regulatory boards & their attacks on your right to earn income (e.g. APHRA, chiropractor’s board, legal practice board, etc.)
9 Personal Debts
  • Discovering your legal rights to confidently deal with debt collectors on personal debts including;


  • Mortgage rates & payments – Hold off the banks for as long as 18 months if you’re struggling to pay your mortgage (or help a friend in need)


  • Credit card debt – Stop credit card companies chasing after you and discover how to negotiate up to 60% off your personal debts


  • Businesses / corporations / friends pursuing you for your money


  • How to protect & even save your credit rating – the 7 alternative options to save yourself from bankruptcy if you are insolvent or in genuine financial hardship
10 Business Debts
  • Know how to deal with debt collectors on COMPANY debts including superannuation, PAYG, ATO debts, etc.


  • How to collect money at low cost from others who owe you money but are deliberately not paying
11 Privacy, Going Dark
  • Protecting your privacy against Digital IDs, social credits and surveillance


  • Using the “underwear” principle to protect yourself against coercion or seizure


  • Safeguarding your assets & identity from fraud, hiding your money legally & effectively


  • Intro to going “off-grid” and living invisible to the system
12 Practical Workshop
  • Practical tests to start putting your course learnings into action


  • Practice examining case studies, real live examples, drafting legal notices & problem resolution strategies
13 Conclusion
  • Recapping and summarising everything you learned throughout the 13-week course

  • Discussing next steps for support, ongoing mentorship and community

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Past Event - Common Laws & Legal Rights Course - Global Wealth Club

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