The Voice will leave you voiceless

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The Voice will leave you voiceless

The Australian Constitution is a foundational legal document, and if you thought foreigners buying up land and taking over the Port of Darwin was bad, then imagine a situation where a change to the law can take away an entire country. Inconceivable!! Think again. There are powerful forces at work that want to ensure a Yes, vote to The Voice and it has nothing to do with race but a land and resources grab.

Australia has the largest concentration of inground resources anywhere in the world and it is a prize catch of the New World Order.

"A separatist political party, of very light skinned Aborigines are going to be written into the Constitution, as First Nations People. This will give them full Sovereign Ownership of these lands." The informant says he knows one of the organizers of this and what their political ambitions are.

"They are not there as a subservient, submissive voice to Parliament. They want full Sovereign ownership of the land which they will get, as soon as they get signed into the Constitution.  The other thing they are doing is having flexibility of legislation, input on legislation and they will be the Sovereign owners of every piece of land, including the waters around Australia. When this happens, they intend to go for intergenerational losses and are going to impose a massive tax on all land owners and also all your assets that you think you are going to leave to your children and pass on to your family. Forget it. There is going to be a tax paid on that too!!. ....To them, we are illegal immigrants.... The mineral wealth, all the gold, silver, everything that has been mined out of here. They intend being paid for the losses, intergenerational losses and being paid for it, in the ground before it is even mined. I am not sure how it all works but these are the ambitions of The Voice." (Source

All Australians need to unite against the globalist forces that will use division, to take possession of the land and it's resources.


The Mabo Native Title Win, which took years to be heard in court could be overturned by a change to the Constitution and a slick advertising campaign.

  • The Mabo Case was a significant legal case in Australia that recognised the land rights of the Meriam people, traditional owners of the Murray Islands (which include the islands of Mer, Dauer and Waier) in the Torres Strait.
  • The Mabo Case was successful in overturning the myth that at the time of colonisation Australia was ‘terra nullius’ or land belonging to no one.
  • The High Court recognised the fact that Indigenous peoples had lived in Australia for thousands of years and enjoyed rights to their land according to their own laws and customs. Twelve months later the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) was passed
  • The five Meriam people who mounted the case were Eddie Koiki Mabo, Reverend David Passi, Sam Passi, James Rice and one Meriam women, Celuia Mapo Sale. Eddie Koiki Mabo was the first named plaintiff and the case became known as the Mabo Case.

"Australian law, by virtue of its English inheritance, recognises a variety of interests in land rather than a single concept of absolute ownership. Many of those interests are familiar. They include the freehold estate or interest in land (estate in fee simple), the leasehold, the less familiar profit à prendre, and the easement. In Mabo, the High Court appears to have added native title to the list of interests in land.

Unlike other interests in land, however, native title does not have a fixed content. The rights and obligations conferred by native title depend on the customs and traditions of the holders of that native title. Since it may be anticipated that those customs and traditions will vary considerably from one part of the country to another, so too will the content of native title. In relation to the island of Mer, the plaintiffs were able to establish — but only after very lengthy evidence given in proceedings in the Supreme Court of Queensland — that according to their customs and traditions they were entitled to rights of possession, occupation, use and enjoyment of the land. They were not able, however, to establish ownership in any larger sense.

A peculiar feature of native title is its liability to extinguishment. Native title may be extinguished in various ways: by a loss of connection with the land at any time since European occupation; by surrender of the native title to the relevant government; by appropriation of the land by the relevant government for its own use; and by grant of another title which is inconsistent with the native title."


In history, dispossession occurs also by killing off a population of people and keeping them impoverished, that they have no personal autonomy. Native title is unlike other titles, in that it can be extinguished by loss of connection to the land. In the same way as a person who dies without a will or heirs, their property passes to the State.


Prime Minister Albanese cannot explain the reasoning for why The Voice is necessary or the finer details.

"Anthony Albanese has made a fool of himself in an interview with Ben Fordham. After saying that it is the Solicitor General that provides legal advice to the government, he then says he hasn’t sought advice from him in regards to the Voice.He then deletes the word “no” from the transcript that he posted on his website, trying to cover up the fact he hasn’t sought legal advice about his own proposed referendum. Albanese had never been one to have his head around the detail. He is all spin and no substance." (Senator Gerard Rennick)

See interview

Lidia Thorpe quit the Greens, and is a strong vote against the Voice. "Thorpe said she understood that Greens MPs and many rank-and-file members were pro-Voice, but this was at odds with the majority position of her Indigenous activist base “who are saying treaty before Voice”.

"Jacinta Nampijinpa Price will be the face of a new grassroots campaign formally opposing the Indigenous Voice to Parliament ahead of the referendum later this year. For the first time in our history, our founding document will be tilted in favour of one group of Australians depending on their race,” Fair Australia’s website says.

“The Voice will drive a wedge between Indigenous peoples and divide Aussies by race.

“It will be a dividing line through the heart of our nation. It’s divisive, it’s dangerous, it’s expensive and it’s not fair.”

Just last month Senator Price joined the Recognise a Better Way campaign to argue the Constitutionally enshrined Voice would negatively impact democracy."


The "yes" campaign will use emotive language and arguments to push their vote to the Australian public and very similar to how the c19 jab was pushed, they will use words like unity. Anthony Albanese has branded leftwing opponents of the voice to parliament “radicals”, describing the government’s referendum proposal as a “mainstream” concept. Schools will be "educating" students on "The Voice", and that will be a one sided affair. The "no" vote labelled racist and bigotted.

"Advocates for young Indigenous Australians say they are concerned about "nasty" and "racist" elements that may emerge as the Indigenous voice to parliament campaign picks up speed. Australia will head to a referendum later this year on enshrining the Indigenous voice in the constitution but confusion looks set to muddy the waters." Already they are preparing the people that the "no" voice, is unreasonable, racist and led by radicals.

In the same way as those who opposed the covid19 vaccines were labelled conspiracy nutters, fascist, selfish and disease spreaders.

Australians must united against the Globalists who are using the race card, in order to divide us, so they can take the spoils of war; which is both the land of Australia and the inground resources.

Don't trust the government to do the right thing!!

In a recent poll, 65% of Australians supported a constitutional change and even though business is not supportive of the change due to lack of detail. We cannot underestimate the power of media and social media to garner support for the 'yes' vote from an unsuspecting public.

There is no going back, once a constitutional change has been made; and we are chartering our way into very dangerous waters.


"The Constitution is the bedrock of our democracy and changing it is a big deal. By definition, no change to the constitution can ever be modest, and this is no different.

The fact is, the Albanese Government and other supporters of the Voice have been clear that it is just a first step. The Voice is the mechanism through which they will make more changes to how our government and democracy works through “treaty”.

And that could mean anything.

According to the activists, a treaty could mean seats in Parliament for Indigenous Australians only, a separate Indigenous Parliament, reparation payments from non-Indigenous Australians to Indigenous Australians, and even oversight over Government and the Public Service.

So when you say yes to the Voice, you’re saying yes to putting these fundamental changes to our democracy on the table.

And once it’s in the Constitution – you can’t get rid of it.

The only way to stop it is to vote ‘no’." (Source Fair Australia)

Most importantly you need to spread the word and talk to family and friends, who could be easily manipulated by media campaign.

The ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ will wreck our Constitution, rewire our democracy, and divide Australians by race. It’s divisive, it’s dangerous, it’s expensive and it’s not fair.

Pledge your “NO” vote today (in the website below) to save the Australia you love.

We are one together, not two divided. Vote No to the Voice.

June 2023: Aboriginal Elders from Queensland, Far North Queensland, SA, NSW, WA, Victoria and regional Victoria, share why they oppose the Voice. None of them were consulted. This video was blocked by government within hours of sharing.

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