Batch data exposes a dark agenda

Warning this article may be deeply disturbing and discusses child deaths, toxic batches, placebos, military grade mind control, bioweapons, genetic susceptibility, live blood analysis, advocacy/lobbying, justice, batch analysis, FOI requests, class action, and more.

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Batch data exposes a dark agenda
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Warning. This article may be deeply disturbing. I discuss candidly the data and shared evidence that exposes a nefarious agenda.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” and it's not only the apathy but the many who are "just doing their job" and/or profiting from what is undeniably a depopulation agenda.

All across the vaccinated world the excess deaths are astounding and not only old people but very young, are dropping like flies. Heart attacks do not kill people instantly like we have seen in the last 2 years, nor did we have super charged cancer like we do today, taking people out in a week. So the latest thing is to blame excess deaths on having had covid and there is some truth to that, but make no mistake, that it is the injections loaded with the bio-weapon that delivered the biggest payload and caused the most harm. Australia currently has an excess death rate around 15% up to November 2022 and Europe is 19% up to December 2022.

For the entirety of this time, it is we the public who have been asked to prove toxicity, harm, lack of efficacy and certainly with so much evidence that there was collusion, bribery and fraud, it is time we stop being on the back foot and demanding answers; for the vaccine pushers to prove us wrong and to answer our difficult questions.

For them to stop gas lighting the victims. Provide the safety data, prove that every vaccine batch was tested and found to be the same, open the books to public scrutiny, etc.. We know they can't do that, because the data and evidence is soincriminating.


After three years, suddenly the FBI Director Christopher Wray has said that the bureau believes Covid-19 most likely originated in a Chinese government-controlled lab not the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Again, not quite the whole truth but at least acknowledging the lab origins of covid-19, more likely to further an agenda as a pretense for a war against China. Though one also has to wonder if the timing of this "revelation" is all designed to coincide with the changes to the International Health Regulations, with the rationale of having to protect the public from bio-weapon threats and not being able to trust one's government.  For more on the origins of covid-19 read the article below, written over a year ago.

Not a virus, not a jab but a bioweapon
We are witnessing a planned assault on humanity using a bioweapon that was not only intentionally released but put into injections. The narrative was hijacked with the virus and vaccine arguments; and freedom of choice narratives; when we should have been talking bioweapons and terrorism; gain of fu…


Rumours circulated from the start that there were placebo doses in the mix. There were people who worked in preparing doses that saw distinctly different solutions in the vials. There really is no other explanation, of how an injection could have such lethality for some and at the same time no reaction in others. While some have mooted the idea that doses were left out too long and degraded or the jabs were not aspirated correctly, these reasons do not explain what is being seen in the adverse reactions matched to batch numbers. We would expect a random distribution of adverse events but this is not what is observed.

I have had multiple sources confirm the existence of the placebo dose but that there were 2 types of injections; one that would lead to amyloidosis (myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke and blood clots) and the other that would trigger cancer.

The leaked video recording below discusses the covid19 jab database and the existence of saline shots. It also discusses how there is a database at the Burnett Institute of people that records what shot the person got.

Speaking to a practitioner in NSW who did live blood analysis of those who were jabbed, she observed three groups; one where there were no changes to the blood, one where she observed parasites and the last group where 40% of the immune system was lost. These people had analysis done prior to their jabs, so there was essentially a small experimental group who were later assisted to heal from the harm. These people all took the shots to keep their jobs.

When you think about the whole idea that you can mass inject a population without tests and a full medical consultation prior and then tests and consultation afterwards to verify the effectiveness of a jab or determine if there were any adverse events, it really is medical malfeasance.

We have been completely gas lit that people who refused were selfish and disease spreaders. It was absolutely criminal to not allow exemptions and to de-register doctors who were writing out medical exemptions and treating patients who were very sick with covid but even worse than that, to commit fraud that these jabs were harmful and the studies made up to push an agenda.

The horror of a situation where people had to choose to keep their job and homes or get a jab that could end their life suddenly; people that would be so desperate as to ask health practitioners to help them. And health practitioners who essentially experimented on them using supplements and drugs to block the spike protein and neutralize the polyethylene glycol before they took the shot and followed up afterwards with various treatments. In one extreme case, a naturapath was waiting outside the vaccine clinic and used cupping to extract the blood from the injection site. It is absolutely insane that people had to go to such extreme lengths, none of which are guaranteed, to keep their jobs. It very much feels like being in a war.


Live blood analysis is a way of determining if all the interventions a person is using to heal from the bio-weapon regardless of the delivery system (shedding, infection or injection) is actually working. The practitioners who I have spoken to that have had success healing people, are using the various protocols that I have written about on this website. It is certainly possible to heal from the harm and the sooner one takes necessary action, the better.

A live blood analysis is where a drop of blood is taken and put under a microscope and you are able to see how the red blood cells move and if there is any parasites, graphene oxide, strange formations or nano technology in your blood. The analysis will help them to understand what is going on inside.

Another term for live blood analysis is dark field microscopy. If you search for a practitioner and then make enquiries if they are experienced with covid19 injuries.

Now, you might be confused as to why placebos would be thrown into the mix, and how could those who were injected with the placebos be tracked for the new world order, digital ID world. Well, it wasn't just saline but a technology able to track people. If you want to delve into this topic more, look into the topic of smart dust.

So if this is not bad enough, that it wasn't just a big mistake, an experiment gone wrong but a planned assault on humanity, what if it were known that 1 in 200 batches had a 1000+ times lethality and that these batches were not pulled from distribution at all and expired vaccines had their use by date extended, with no justification and where did these expired vaccines go, but to the disability sector. (See proof at 42:30 Peak Prosperity video below on FOI released documents)

Australia is meant to record the vaccine brand/ batch and serial numbers of recipients but they have not been doing so. Below is a screenshot from Services Australia which outlines what the procedure should be.

Why isn’t the TGA ensuring that adverse event reports especially of death are being tracked back to batch number from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)? Is it because it would be too incriminating to have them so easily accessible?


In fact, it's very difficult to extract data regarding deaths from the TGA website. Essentially you have to narrow down the search results via filtering, to get a limited number of results to hone in on the deaths. An example is below which is a case of 5 and 10 year old boys who died after a covid19 vaccine in May 2022 and both had the identical batch number. The odds of this happening is astronomical.

As of 31st December 2022, there were 8 reported Australian children's deaths following jabs. 9yr old girl (Case no. 724023 - 25.3.2022 Cardiac arrest) and 7yr old boy (Case no. 719838 - 11.3.2022 Cardiac arrest) with 3 other children shown on FOI 4077. The other 3 children's deaths are on FOI 3785.


Outgoing TGA head, Professor John Skerritt is clearly uncomfortable when accused of hiding child deaths. To add insult to injury, the chair suspended the recording of the Senates Estimates five times, when John was pressed for answers.

John will retire from the position of Deputy Secretary Health Products Regulation Group, effective 18 April 2023. Australians must never forget his role in this carnage.

Whatever people's thoughts on whether the promoted benefits outweighed the risks, children were never at risk and the fact that so many children have died is absolutely criminal. I know several children who were adversely affected (hospitalization, heart issues) within my own personal extended network, so how many more are there?

Only last week, I heard of a year 8 girl in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, who died unexpectedly in her sleep but you didn't hear this in the news.

Sharelle Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Professor John Skerritt recent Senate Estimates hearing was suspended five… | 16 comments
Professor John Skerritt recent Senate Estimates hearing was suspended five times in the space of an hour as he faced intense questioning. Clearly… | 16 comments on LinkedIn

We need to look at the overseas data for patterns on adverse reactions as the Australian Government has not ensured that the batch numbers for adverse events are accurately recorded in a publicly accessible database. Analysis shows that the distribution of toxic batches were not uniform. In fact the findings from analysis below, show a very nefarious agenda.

We do know that under freedom of information request FO1 4077, that there were a high number of adverse events associated with few batch numbers, indicating that the TGA were not doing their job to remove toxic batches from being injected. See below from around 16 minutes onwards and this is regarding FOI requests to the TGA and toxic batches in Australia.

The bombshell revelation was that the agilent curve showed irregularities in the RNA analysis and contamination, that were ignored by the TGA and these batch numbers below were all death batches.

To add insult to injury, Pfizer employees had batches reserved for them.

FF0884 FA4598 FE3064 FA7338 FA7812 FC8736 FC3558 were reserved for Pfizer employees.  Source (add pfizer in the search bar to get the results below)

But it wasn't just Pfizer employees that decided they were not going to play Russian Roulette with the jabs, but there were also doctors squirting jab contents down the sink and at this point, if people are working in health care and not advocating for the vaccine injured, then they are incredibly blind or completely devoid of humanity. I have heard that up to 50% of NSW doctors and pharmacists did not take the jab. Can I prove it? No, I can't but can they prove that they did and should they prove they did, if they made a significant amount of money injecting people and when the majority of them, did not speak out.

It should not have mattered how harmful the vaccines were. It is our right as humans to refuse medical treatment and for the whole medical system to be in lockstep with the government, Pfizer and the NWO orchestrators, makes them complicit in the crimes against humanity.

Australians were asked to prove their jab status for work, and were locked out of many facilities for not taking it, yet politicians, lawyers and judges did not have to provide any proof of vaccination and doctors could easily have colleagues enter fake data in the system. Would it be too much for them all to take blood tests to prove they had the real shot?


Video explaining the distribution of toxic batches from the VAERS database in the US.

80% of the batches produce only 1-2 adverse events and are relatively harmless. The toxic batches have in comparison 1000-5000 adverse events and found to consistently causes deaths, disability, hospitalizations in every state across the USA. Toxic batches are approximately 1 in 200 of all batches.

The results are quite unexpected. because they indicate carefully compartmentalized adverse events from each company, as though they were colluding with each other and a worldwide experiment. If you follow the video, adverse events by timeline showed that each company had a series of adverse events but none of these adverse events overlapped each other. It was as though each were allowed to run with the experiment, in such a way that the data did not get mixed up.

Greg Hunt said "The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data.”

He was absolutely telling the truth here.


So even though it isn't possible to search an online database to get a batch number, by following the instructions below, individuals are able to get their batch number and then enter it into the website below to determine if it is a hot batch or not. Source

How Bad is my Batch ?


OpenVAERS is a project developed by a small team of people with vaccine injuries or who have children with vaccine injuries, that allows a user to search the VAERS database easily and find reports. You can search by country, age, manufacturer, data and it is very disturbing reading.

If anything it exposes, how much harm has been covered up and when you consider that only a small percentage of vaccine injuries and deaths are reported to VAERS, the scale of the carnage is unbelievable.

Anyone who says that this was all just a big mistake, that it was mass psychosis of the population, that there is no depopulation agenda is either seriously delusional or controlled opposition. That is my opinion, an opinion that Dr Peter Breggin and his wife are currently being sued for 25 million dollars for holding. Hard to believe right and many will find it hard to believe who is doing the suing.


The video below that shows high variation in toxicity of jabs by batches. It also shows strange square structures found in the jabs, from directing testing by using electron microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy to try and identify the chemical structures in the jabs.

If you want to see what happens with the jab hits blood click on the instagram link under the image below.



"The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionally affected certain groups for many reasons, including racial disparities in medical care, prior comorbidities, and working in occupations that increase exposure risk. According to a new study, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) genetic variants may also help explain differences in infection rates among ethnic groups."  (Source )

This also follows that there is a genetic predisposition for jab injuries, as to how well the spike protein attaches to the ace2 receptors in the body to causes harm.

The article below discusses various racial groups. The K26R variant which decreases the ACE2-virus binding was found to be most frequent in the Ashkenazi Jewish population.

Dr Lee Merritt in a video, which I posted at the end of the article , says

"The people who have the most upregulation of the ace2 pathway, are white, Caucasians from Europe except Finish and non-African blacks, about 56% up regulation. Then it drops down to 39% up regulation in African blacks, then it drops down to 10% up regulation in Asians and Finnish. Then it drops down to zero in 2 groups; the Amish and the Ashkenazi Jews. Interestingly enough, the Rothchilds are Ashkenazi Jews.

As far as the bio-weapon is concerned, not all things are equal. If the spike protein is not able to be upregulated through the ace2 pathway it will have no effect. It really makes one wonder about the true intent and security of collecting DNA via Guthrie cards (these are the blood samples taken from new born babies and stored away after the baby has been tested for PKU Disease) and people sending DNA samples to 23andme.


I have decided to make this article members only, as I appreciate any feedback from subscribers, so that I can make any changes or additions before deciding whether to make this article public.

Feel free to contact me privately or use the comments section at the bottom of this article.

I am also looking for information regarding excess deaths, actuarial reports, insurance data on claims relating to covid19.


This class action is open to anyone in Australia who has been injured by the covid19 jab. It has been started by a GP in the Whitsundays who is advocating for her injured patients and has engaged a barrister to represent them. Currently in excess of 100 litigants who are bravely coming together to tell their stories and to join the action for justice and compensation for all the injured. For more information see the link below.

Support Class Action Injuries on Mightycause
Fundraiser for legal expenses for class action claims, for injuries resulting from COVID19 vaccines

The pdf above is the heavily redacted Pfizer Comparability Report. It is absolutely disgusting.


Over dinner with Dr Christopher Neil of Australian Medical Professionals Society, he spoke about how he the 17 senators he spoke to in Canberra said that they wanted to hear more jab injury stories from their constituents. Chris spoke to me of how important it is for people advocate for themselves or loved ones and speak up.

For the many people who went to protests, gave money to court cases, who raised awareness and educated, one very important and overlooked part is writing and talking to the politicians, business and community leaders, organizations and to do it often. It does make a difference because if lobbying didn't work, then big business wouldn't do it!!!

Awareness raising and education is but one part of social change, advocacy and lobbying is often overlooked but produces results.

It is the road least travelled. There is a lot happening in the medical advocacy space and if you have a story, no matter how big or small, use your voice to be heard. If you have issues that are important for politicians to hear, then you need to learn the art of war by Sun Tzu. "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" And one of the battles is numbers. Imagine the amazing results if the same number of people who went to protests in Australia sent letters, emails, had meetings, etc... and decided not to support businesses that were discriminating! Even a fraction of those numbers would turn things around very quickly.

Recently we have been seeing how grassroots action against Coles discriminatory mandates worked. Coles have now dropped mandates for their staff and unless the government changes the Anti-Discrimination Laws to include medical status as a protected group, discriminatory company and organisation policies will need to be challenged individually.

Jeanee Rose Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Coles drops jab mandates and Perrottet admission on jab mandates | 37 comments
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Mark Sexton is calling for Sir Mark Rowley  commissioner of the Metropolitan police to reopen and fully investigate crime number 6029679/21 - the biggest crime perpetrated against the British people. We will not be ignored or silenced until the police do the job we pay them to do.

The police were informed of all of the evidence that is now being revealed in Matt Hancocks WhatsApp messages and did nothing.

In todays Telegraph, they are calling for the arrest of Matt Hancock

For more info

Link to back story

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If you have the time, do have a look at the following posts and their respective links. The research on biologically hijacking human brains for mind and emotional control is far more advanced what the public knows.

Combine this with graphene oxide present in the body that can assemble as microconductors, and you essentially have a takeover from within, controlled remotely by 5G radiation. The end goal is to connect humans (the internet of bodies) to the internet of things and controlled in SMART cities, where everything is monitored and controlled.

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Lastly, this is a really powerful speech and the importance of working towards unity. The Globalists want us to be divided because then they can easily control us and in order to take back our lives we need to work for truth with compassion.

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