The unpopular truth

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The unpopular truth

Can you handle the truth? After almost 3 years of this charade, anyone who is not screaming from the rooftops for the end of the jabs and justice is controlled opposition. We don't need more information, more "truth" or more "experts" but it's well and truly established that the jabs are toxic and don't work, but that we have a pandemic of the vaccinated. Any medical expert that does not acknowledge or look into the nanotechnology that is embedded in these jabs, that is by design intended to connect humans to the internet of things, to transform them into biological robots controlled by the matrix and central bank digital currency, patented as genetically modified organisms is controlled opposition. Is this harsh? Maybe they haven't woken up yet? No, being involved in this space, I can tell you there is literally no way, if you have any kind of platform, that you aren't being sent this information from multiple sources to look into. There is so much compelling evidence that is staring you in the face from white fibrous material growing inside the vascular system to the obscene death rates across the covid vaccinated world, to the blatant fraud and corruption of those involved in this charade.

Further, those medical experts who do not raise awareness and seek justice for the gain of function research, the embedding of proteins that cause prion disease, cancer, hiv and amyloidosis in the spike protein both released from the lab or embedded in the jab are gatekeepers, who are protecting the criminal cartel. In fact, I would go so far to say that you don't need an expert to tell you the obvious anymore; just look around at how many people are sick and dying, the sudden unexplained deaths, the surging hospital system, the out of control all cause mortality and the TGA/VAERS/Yellow Card databases.

Any "expert" that recommended the shot was no expert at all. I looked at the initial study and wrote a whole analysis of it to be complete garbage. Yes, I do hold a Statistics degree but you really didn't need one to read what was published and see that it was all completely made up. These products should never have been injected.

The white fibrous stringy material found in the bodies of the deceased and living who have had the jab, and what has been seen under the microscope strongly suggests that people are being injected with a self-assembling nanotechnology.

Interview with funeral director, John O'Looney, about the incredible death toll he's been seeing since the vaccine roll-out, and other shocking and bizarre things he's been witnessing in the bodies of the dead. Embalming processes not working as normal. Nanotechnology, magnetism in the jabbed and bluetooth MAC ids. Honestly sounds like Science fiction but do you really believe that the technology that the general public is allowed to access is all they have?

People just suddenly dying, as though a switch had been turned off. If it were just an inflammatory response to the spike protein or "virus" then you would expect the progression would be slower and people would exhibit other symptoms, like extreme lethargy not just be playing sports one minute and dead the next.

In fact, what if we have it all wrong and the spike protein is actually affecting the brain, taking over the nervous system, controlling bodily functions, rewiring the human from the inside out? Over 80% of the adverse effects reported are in fact neurological.

The death below is like many others; sudden and unexplained.

Spanish biostatistician Dr Ricardo Delgado from the La Quinta Columna research group reports on what he and his team have found in the vaxxines over the past year. Each statement Dr Delgado makes here is accompanied by illustrations and details of the published, peer-reviewed scientific papers that back up his claims.

"Good afternoon, Everyone. My name is Ricardo Delgado and I am the founder and director of La Quinta Columna.

All of the vaxxines tested (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Moderna) contain nanotechnology exclusively. We have found nano-routers, which also emit MAC addresses that can be detected with Bluetooth wireless technology by just using your own mobile phone and the help of an app.

We have found nano-antennas and plasmonic antennas for the amplification of these signals.

We have also identified nano-rectennas, which act as rectifier bridges of alternating/direct current, codecs and certain logic gates for the encryption of these nano-communications emitted from the inoculated individual to a remote server.

The primary material for creating of these micro-sculptural complexes is graphene oxide, the presence of which is decisive for the self-assembly of these structural complexes.

The main mechanism of the exfoliation of graphene oxide in the body, into quantum dots are natural biodegradation mediated by the enzyme myeloperoxidase and the Teslaphoresis mechanism, which are microwave electromagnetic fields emitted from mobile phone signals with different frequency ranges.

Graphene oxide injected into the body acquires magnetic properties in contact with hydrogen and living cells. This is why most injected people have exacerbated magnetism at the point of the inoculation and subsequently in the upper solar plexus and the skull.

Graphene oxide is detected in the body by our immune system as if it were a pathogen. Once injected, it has an affinity for the central nervous system – basically, the spinal cord and our brain, because of it's higher electroconductivity. In the central nervous system, it causes the immobilization of limbs, strokes, paraplegia and alteration of the nervous system.

Graphene oxide has a blood clotting factor and increases thrombogenicity or thrombus proliferation. The ultimate consequence of thrombi is all kinds of cardiovascular accidents, such as embolisms, ischemias, strokes, aneurysms, etc.

Graphene oxide also has an affinity for electrical organs, such as our heart, especially when its cardiac activity increases and therefore, its electrical activity. At that moment, this graphene oxide targets the heart and inflames it, generating myocarditis or pericarditis.

In addition, graphene oxide has the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation from our environment and multiply it with a transistor effect. Thus, it causes small discharges that cause arrhythmias in our cardiac system. This explains why so many athletes are suffering from arrhythmias when they have increased cardiac activity.

Consequences of these arrhythmias are fainting, blackouts or syncope linked – or not – to unexpected or sudden death. A large part of our vaxxinated population is suffering unexpected or sudden death when interacting near these microwave sources.

Graphene oxide also has the capacity to generate mutagenesis, chromosomal alteration and cancer, so that people who have recently suffered tumors or neoplasms after vaxxination will rapidly resurface a line of metastaisis and those who are completely healthy will be at high risk of developing cancer.

Graphene oxide is extremely toxic and its toxicity is also dependent on the electromagnetic radiation it absorbs. Wherever it goes, it generates tissue inflammation, systemic or organ inflammation and a cascade of free radicals."

Plasmonic antennas and zero-mode waveguides to enhance single molecule fluorescence detection and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy toward physiological concentrations - PubMed
Single-molecule approaches to biology offer a powerful new vision to elucidate the mechanisms that underpin the functioning of living cells. However, conventional optical single molecule spectroscopy techniques such as Förster fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) or fluorescence correlation…


Dr. David Nixon reveals video never before seen anywhere in the world of real time nanotechnology assembly inside of the COVID-19 vaccine and what appear to be robotic arms that guide the nanotechnology development.

Independent Researchers Examining Pfizer mRNA Vaccines: Strange Reports
Manufacturers Must be Questioned on the Vial Contents and Manufacturing Practices.In the US and abroad, Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers are not transparent about the ingredients in their products, claiming commercial secrecy. The vaccine vials are federal property in the US according to the vaccinat…

The series of jab shots was intended to genetically transform humans into another species, to break our connection with the Source (life force) and the digital currency a system to keep the transformed species in check.

There are different variants in the covid jabs with placebos thrown into the mix, so that people who didn't feel anything would be good ambassadors for it. The following article goes into more detail about the topic of transhumanism and digital enslavement.

Turning humans into cyborgs for the New World Order
The New World Order is not simply an alternative financial system but a world that makes past dictatorships look like a walk in the park. In the New World Order, free will and free thought ceases to exist and humans are assimilated into the matrix of control, by being genetically

One of the side effects of the nanotechnology is death. It proved to be incompatible with life and here we are witnessing the horrifying statistics, that are only going to get worse.

Provisional Mortality Statistics, Jan - Jul 2022
Provisional deaths data for measuring changes in patterns of mortality

However it is not only the jabbed that are affected, this nanotechnology is by design made to transmit and the unjabbed are affected by shedding of this nanotechnology. The lab released version was assisted by the jabs, to spread the "contagion" throughout the population. Blood transfusions are also passing on the poison.

However, the untainted human immune system, properly supported will develop immunity to this contagion but it is important to be aware, to mitigate the effects of shedding which can be just as harmful as the jab; leading to blood clotting, passing of full decidual casts, heart issues, in fact the whole spectrum of side effects because we know that the spike protein has been engineered include insertions that cause HIV, cancer, amyloidosis, infertility. Easier to deal with at an early stage than later down the track.

We are at war and this is on a scale that many will find hard to conceive that forces so evil, could do such a thing.

While this may seem overwhelming. If you are reading this, you were made for such a time as this. Have a read of the link below and write yourself out a plan; that you can be the healthiest version of yourself because there are many unjabbed that are suffering the effects of shedding and spike protein harm. This is a topic few want to touch because the narrative of jab versus no jab, has been so polarized that the unjabbed who are injured by the spike protein are pariahs, that don't fit in. If they were injured by the jab, a whole different story and embraced by the freedom community, because their story fits the narrative.

It is the unpopular truth.

Roadmap to healing, aging backwards and longevity
Friends, for many years I have desired to lay out a road map for healing for chronic illness but held back because there was always more to learn or unlearn. I wanted to share a perfect path that would lay out an easy route. Do x,y and z and

In other news, well I got back on Linkedin and a week's worth of posting there received over 90,000+ impressions, starting from zero connections to around, 225 connections and 560 followers, many comments and conversations. Then today, I got locked out. Not even a single violation notice!

It was fun while it lasted but I guess, it's the universe telling me to focus on other things for now. It really does make me question though, why is it that certain people are constantly being cancelled/shadow banned and how is it that others are allowed to remain.

(That was the quickest ban ever. Released from Linkedin jail with no explanation and if you want to connect you can find me )

Always critically analyze those who have large followings that are allowed to remain on social media platforms because they serve a purpose in pushing a counter narrative, and leading you up a garden path to no where. There is lots to be grateful for and ultimately good does triumph over evil, like light overcomes the darkness.

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