Turning humans into cyborgs for the New World Order

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Turning humans into cyborgs for the New World Order

The New World Order is not simply an alternative financial system but a world that makes past dictatorships look like a walk in the park. In the New World Order, free will and free thought ceases to exist and humans are assimilated into the matrix of control, by being genetically modified into cyborgs. A cyborg is essentially a man-machine system, where technology has been carefully integrated that blurs the lines between the biological and the synthetic. Elon Musks talks about direct cortical interface, nuerolace and how it will improve human intelligence by hooking up the brain with the machine via Neuralink. It is sold to the public as progress and innovation, as medical advancement but the nefarious side of an interface that takes control over all human thought and emotions connecting humans to the central control system, is for humans to become like robots.

Transhumanism "When Humans Become Cyborgs." - An Actual World Economic Forum Presentation

Watch the presentation below and it will leave you no doubt that transforming people to cyborgs is not in the realm of sci-fi but a dystopian reality. This is the ultimate dictatorship. The stuff of nightmares disguised as progress and innovation. It is the cutting of the silver cord from the essence of life.

"As early as 2014, futurologist Dr. Oskar Villani said it was possible to monitor people with barely visible computer chips. These tiny chips are called “Smart Dust.” Hundreds of them can be “transferred” to a person with a simple handshake." This is the cyborg future that has been worked on by military and the global cabal for many years. Learn more in the link below.

The Great ‘Transhumanism’ Reset: ‘Smart Dust’ Spying on Your Brain, Human Microchipping (Video) - RAIR
The merging of humans with machines is being used to advance globalists’ interests, reshape humanity, and gain complete control over every aspect of our lives.


The human nervous system is the central command for the body. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-psychology/chapter/the-nervous-system/ Imagine there was technology in the mRNA jabs that could build an artificial nervous system controlled remotely by microwave frequency and turn humans into cyborgs that were fully controlled by external forces. It would effectively, possess the human completely and live like a parasite, influencing thoughts, emotions, bodily functions.

This idea of mass mind control of a population is not new. "During the early period of the Cold War, the CIA became convinced that communists had discovered a drug or technique that would allow them to control human minds. In response, the CIA began its own secret program, called MK-ULTRA, to search for a mind control drug that could be weaponized against enemies." https://www.npr.org/2019/09/09/758989641/the-cias-secret-quest-for-mind-control-torture-lsd-and-a-poisoner-in-chief (Listen to the audio) . MK-Ultra tried LSD as the illusive key that would unlock the mind by wiping a subject's mind clean and program them as a robot agent. It seems that the end result of the research has been that graphene oxide is this illusive key that unlocks the nervous system and mind. The goal has always been mind control but this plan has expanded way beyond the mind, to completely re-engineer via a trojan horse (injection) the human body into a machine. The methods used of isolation, breaking the mind are not new but have been applied on a global scale via government policies, media/advertising, microwave technology, to cause mass psychosis in order to ready the subject to accept the injection and begin the process of trans-humanism.

One of the most high profile victims of the jab is Brittany Galvin who received it on 24th March 2021 and her second jab on 4th May 2021, and she became magnetic. This watershed moment, led to scientists like La Quinta Columna of https://www.orwell.city/ and https://www.notonthebeeb.co.uk/ to investigate this phenomena and they found graphene oxide as the undisclosed component in all jabs. She has one of the most censored Instagram accounts, where you will find her sticking various metal objects to herself. https://www.instagram.com/britgalvin/?hl=en She was hospitalized for 18 days, 3 separate times, suffered with many adverse reactions and diseases. She ended up with paralysis from the waist down and had to learn how to walk again. It is evident that the mRNA affects the nervous system and takes over the human nervous system and in some individuals where the technology becomes unstable, this manifests as a neurological disease.

COVID19 is the abbreviation for Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification and Autonomic Interface  (COVID19).  It is the biometric software that when installed transforms the human into a cyborg.

Some of the technology to achieve this end, is known in the public sphere. Ingestible biosensor system comprising a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-tagged gelatin capsule. Once the capsule dissolves in the stomach, the RFID tag activates to transmit a unique signal to a relay device which transmits a time-stamped message to a cloud-based server that functions as a direct measure of medication adherence.

Utilizing an Ingestible Biosensor to Assess Real-Time Medication Adherence
Medication adherence monitoring has relied largely on indirect measures of pill ingestion including patient self-report, pharmacy refills, electronically triggered pill bottles, and pill counts. Our objective is to describe an ingestible biosensor system ...

The video below is excellent and also discusses the Luciferace enzyme that tags you as "vaccinated" with a barcode, that the recipient is now a product and hydrogel which is nanotechnology, microscopic robots that has the ability to connect to artificial intelligence. Transhumans can now connect to a smartphone, the cloud with some other smart device and their data like blood pressure, emotions, thoughts, etc. can be collected and transferred to the grid. Information can also be received, which effectively transforms humans into programmable robots.

"H. vulgaris is often used, like many hydra, as a model organism for morphallactic regeneration because they are easy to care for, requiring minimal direct care, and reproduce relatively quickly. It is reported that they do not undergo senescence, making them biologically immortal.

This species can reproduce in three ways: sexual reproduction, budding, and indirectly through regeneration. The evidence of intelligent self-assembly of nanotechnology and intelligent filament-movement is an indicator of synthetic biology and nanobioelectronics, as per several scientific papers published in various journals, and points to the stealth inclusion of Graphene Oxide in the Moderna vaccine for electromagnetic manipulation of cells and neurons via the creation of synthetic neural networks in the human body and brain. This is a clear sign of malfeasance and intended transhumanizing of the human body through the COVID vaccines."

Dating, marriage and childbirth; a new Gattaca
Dating used to be a simple matter of two people being attracted to each other, but since the jabs, a whole new complication has arisen. From the concern over shedding through intimate contact that can lead to serious health issues to having healthy children and raising families. In the film,

This video below describes how the graphene oxide and hydrogen assembles within the body, to create the cyborg and the ultimate goal is that every human is transformed into a machine that is connected to the matrix, the metaverse, the internet of things. No longer autonomous and free willed but interfacing with the system as part of the hive mind and fully controlled.

Lab Report showing graphene-related compounds such as graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide by Campara (2021) found in all 4 Covid19 jabs tested and petition for official public analysis.

The aim of the study was to identify any solid inclusions in the vials as were undeclared by the manufacturers. The study was to verify the findings of graphene-related compounds such as graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide by Campara (2021) and report any other biological inclusions that may be inter…

Imagine a world, where the fittest and healthiest amongst us, had higher status. Those who could last the longest in a Wim Hof ice bath, or scale mountains in shorts, whose immune systems were so strong they could be injected with poison with no ill effect to hold rights and privileges and the disabled, ill, unfit, overweight and sickly, being shut out of society, not allowed to work, or get their haircut or go to the movies or gym. It would seem absurd and cruel. Yet, in the last 2 years, we have had a test run of compliance and the jabs and mandates; the  risk has been part of the initiation process into a system of compliance. If you did not take part in the initiation, you were excluded from society, hated upon, financially penalized, denied medical care and emergency housing/shelter. In Australia, many endured at various times; 5km radius limits from home, invasive PCR testing, police/military helicopters patrolling neighbourhoods, vicious public beatings of protesters including the use of rubber bullets and energy weapons, exclusion from restaurants, libraries, recycling centres, zoos, outdoor festivals, exclusion from retail shopping for clothes and shoes and anything deemed non-essential, including hardware stores, lockdowns that caused business failures, suicides, closed borders, inhumane quarantining, etc.. NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL

This is why we have experienced a relentless push to inject as many humans as possible with this technology. No matter how many die, or are injured. No matter how many businesses fail or suicides or mental health harm. The ultimate goal of the Cabal is reliant on every human taking the injection and once the technology is taken, the process of trans-humanism begins and it also has the potential of "infecting" close contacts, who then become suceptible to the mind control delivered by microwave frequencies,propaganda and social/corporate media, to take the jab themselves.


In order to establish the New World Order, Great Reset, Agenda21, there needs to be multifaceted approach which involves impoverishing the population to accept the new system and collapsing the old order, the abolition of cash to pure digital currency (crypto), a QR code system where every transaction is tracked (blockchain), digitization of assets including property, food and supply shortages, moving the majority of the population to the cities (easier to control with microwave frequencies and policing. Machines can run cropping), introduction of mandatory vaccination (to turn people into cyborgs and connect them to the matrix), digital ID for every person which connects all their data including health, bank accounts, property, businesses, etc., controlling purchases by climate change policies, ie climate CO2 quota for every person (if you consume too much gas, your electronic car will no longer start), industrialized "food" and controlled medical system. Digital Communism is the NWO Agenda 21 with transhumanism as foundational.

The end game is a cashless society, where according to the words of Klaus Schwab, executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum "You will own nothing and be happy" (including your own body). It is the Great Reset, where your life and mind, will be completely controlled by technology and corporate entities; where everything from your bank accounts, registrations, assets, your movements, job, businesses, social credit and digital profile and connections are linked to your digital identity and your compliance. Failure to comply results in penalties or cancellation of your digital identity; effectively erasing you from society. You will be programmed into the matrix; into the internet of things. The meta-verse.

People will be genetically modified to interface with the system; which can both read and control their thoughts and monitor their vital signs. Once fully implemented, not only will they be unable to buy or sell anything without the digital identification (mark of the beast), but what they buy and sell, will be completely controlled by the system. In fact, the goal being all thought and all emotion to be completely plugged into the Matrix. Essentially human autonomy will be forfeited completely, not just by fear of penalties but through genetic modification.  

How the World Was Brought Down To Its Knees [2.0]
This is the implementing guidelines of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati at large are using for several decades to bring down humanity to its knees. It …

AUSTRALIA’S NATIONAL ACTION PLAN FOR HEALTH SECURITY 2019-2023 is a foundational plan for implementing the NWO and implementing the Biometric Digital ID Pass System. This is the reason why they needed to have 95% of the population jabbed, in order to gather up all our DNA and connect us to the Biometric Digital ID Pass System.  It was actioned in 2016/2017 by the WHO. (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION).

"One of the Guiding Principles of the National Action Plan Health Security is alignment with other strategies. Further strengthening of Australia’s health security system will be undertaken within existing strategies, plans and legislation, including but not limited to the following:

 Australian Government Crisis Management Framework

 Biosecurity Act 2015

 National Health Security Act 2007

 National Health Emergency Response Arrangements

 Emergency Response Plan for Communicable Disease Incidents of  National Significance

 Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza

 National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy

 National Immunisation Strategy

 Australia’s Foodborne Illness Reduction Strategy 2018-2021

You can see how all of these Acts and Frameworks create a net of control over society. This is part of the International Health Regulations (IHR) agreement that was signed in 2005 that activated the “pan-corona” measures. The IHR is a Public Private Partnership deal with 196 nations that agrees to ensure that International Trade and Commerce traffic is not disrupted during a WHO declared emergency. The covid19 pandemic was declared in order to faciliate the nations to implement the NAPHS plan, which in turn brings in the Biometric Digital Pass System.

On 3 March 2022, the Council adopted a decision to authorise the opening of negotiations for an international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/coronavirus/pandemic-treaty/

The WHO is working on a global vaccine passport system
...and wants as many countries as possible to join.

"When the Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) was introduced to Parliament last year, it faced it’s fair share of media headlines, backlash and criticism. To the relief of many, the law is now officially dead after failing to pass the Senate. The proposed laws relating to the use of cash, two of which apply regardless of whether an accused person was aware of any legal restrictions. Specifically, it would have made it a criminal offence to make cash payments over $10,000, punishable by a two-year jail term or a $25,000 fine. But despite several amendments over as many months, the controversial bill did not pass in the senate, and has been shelved for now, in part, the Government says, because it’s current response to Covid-19 remains a priority.This doesn’t mean that the bill won’t return in some form or another down the track." Read more https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=6dbfe72a-40d7-4dd1-a931-414744795c10

Australians need to actively use CASH whenever and where ever possible as an active protest against a CASHLESS Society.  

The Australian Digital ID, and the means to bring about crypto phone wallets and end physical cash is the final destination for Digital Communism and totalitarian government.  Coupled with voter ID which was the unique identifier on the proposed Australia card in 1985 under Bob Hawke, would bring in a system as sinister as China's social credit system. They could even link your bodily organs to this digital ID, that could be donated without your consent, especially since after gene modification, humans are now a patented product and owned.


The Quantum Financial system or quantum mapping system governs all in ground assets and will soon cover securities and currency in circulation. It is a competitor to the fiat ponsi currency system (current 1st world currency system) and the crypto currency frameworks. Crypto currency frameworks are both centralized by central banks (CDBC) and decentralised (Post Office to replace central and high street banks) and exists as digital wallets and as a voucher based permission system. Crypto is the brainchild of the New World Order and it is meant to be used to completely control society, with blockchain able to track every transaction and "money" is a social credit system that can be taken away at any time.

In the video below, "They are not vaccine passports. They are data passports. They are participation passports. There is no medical reason behind this. If I had come to you, two years ago and said here is what the government want to do. They want to give everybody a chip. They want to put all your medical data, all your financial data onto that chip. That will be your complete ID and they can control you or shut you out of society from that. Ideally they want to put a tattoo , so they can remotely medicate you. That sounds absolutely insane. That is the road we are going down right now."

You need a digital ID combined with these passports which together with a social credit system and carbon credit system will move us to Central bank digital currency where privacy becomes completely lost and even your qualifications can be taken off you. She also talks about Universal Basic Income.

She says small to medium sized businesses are the target that they want eliminated in order to bring in the new system and one can see that in the lock down rules, that penalized small to medium sized businesses.

Mind control, cybernetics and microchip implantation.
by GREG ZYMANSKY (Source https://rudy2.wordpress.com/controllo-mentale-cibernetica-e-impianto-di-microchip/ )

There is the technology to create a totalitarian New World Order and there are sinister plans to use it on unsuspecting public entities with the cover of US politicians.

Are you prepared for the total elimination of privacy and the robotization of humanity, as well as the examination of every thought that comes to your mind?
Are you ready to live in a world where every newborn is micro-chipped? And, finally, are you ready to have your every movement, track recorded and placed in the Big Brother database?

As impossible as it may seem, there are well-underway plans to control every move and every thought of the American population as soon as the New World Order puts an end to the period of prolonged violence, a phase of taking control that the country is now experiencing.
And because there is very little in the complacent US media, it was a story that appeared in the Finnish spekula newspaper that told Americans how close we are to entering the totalitarian New World Order.

According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and medical students, the time available to change the direction of military medicine and mind control technology, and ensure the future of human freedom, is running out.
"The technology to create a New World Order already exists," says Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, a former Finnish chief medical officer. "Hidden neurological communication systems are in operation to nullify independent thinking and control social and political activity for the benefit of selfish military and private interests."
"When our brain functions have already been connected to supercomputers via radio implants and microchips, it will be too late to rotate. This threat can only be defeated by educating the public, using the available literature on biotelemetry and information exchanges at international congresses."

In his article, titled Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics, Dr. Kilde states that the U.S. is primarily responsible for the secret use of electronic instrumentation and weaponry, saying that "one reason why this technology has remained a state secret lies in the widespread prestige of the psychiatric Diagnostic Statistics Manual IV drafted by the American. American Psychiatric Association (APA) and printed in 18 languages."

"No doubt the psychiatrists hired by U.S. intelligence agencies contributed to the drafting and revision of this manual. A true psychiatric "bible," it conceals the secret development of Mind Control (MC) technologies by labeling some of their effects as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia."
Dr. Kilde adds that the media has kept the real intent and purpose behind micro-chipping confidential, stating that the perfect cyber-soldier can be created with the same sophisticated equipment and armaments that have been used in certain NATO nations since the 80s.
We listen like dr. Kilde explains the sinister nature behind the government's use of electronic weaponry as a means of political control:
This secret technology has been used by military forces in some NATO countries since the 80s without civilian and academic populations ever hearing about it. Therefore, very little information about these invasive mind control systems is available in academic and professional journals.
The NSA's Signals Intelligence group manages to monitor the information of human brains by decoding the evoked potentials (3.50HZ, 5 milliwatts) emitted by the brain.

On the detainees used as guinea pigs, both in Gotheborg, Sweden and in Vienna, Austria, evident brain lesions were found and there was a reduced blood circulation and a lack of oxygen in the right frontal temporal lobes where brain implants are usually operational. A Finnish "guinea pig" was prone to brain atrophy and intermittent bouts of unconsciousness caused by lack of oxygen.

Mind control techniques can be employed for political ends. Today, the goal of mind controllers is to induce people or target groups to act against their beliefs and interests. Zombified individuals can even be programmed to kill and then remember nothing of their crime. Alarming examples of this phenomenon can be found in the USA.
This silent war is being waged against unsuspecting civilians and soldiers by military and intelligence agencies. Since the 1980s, electronic brain stimulation (BSE) has been used in secret to control targeted people without being informed and without consent. All international human rights treaties prohibit the non-consensual manipulation of human beings even if they are prisoners, not to mention civilian populations.

Targeting brain functions with electromagnetic fields and rays (from helicopters and airplanes, satellites, parked trucks, neighbors' homes, phone centers, electrical devices, mobile phones, TV, radios, etc.) is part of the big radiation problem that should be debated in democratically elected government contexts.
In addition to electronic Mind Control, chemical methods have also been developed. Psychotropic drugs and different inhaled gases that adversely affect brain function can be introduced into air ducts or water! Some bacteria and viruses have also been used in this way in different countries.

About plans to microchip newborns, Dr. Kilde said the U.S. is moving in this direction "in secrecy." He added that in Sweden, Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1973 gave permission to put implants on detainees, and the former director general of Data Inspection, Jan Freese, revealed that sick people treated at home were implanted in the mid-80s. The technology is described in document 1972:47, Statens Officiella Utradninger (SOU).
"Humans with implantation can be followed everywhere. Their brain functions can be remotely controlled by supercomputers and also altered by frequency variation,' said Dr Kilde.
"As guinea pigs for the secret experiments were used prisoners, soldiers, psychiatric patients, handicapped children, deaf-mute people, homosexuals, single women, the elderly, schoolchildren, and every group of people considered 'marginal' by elite experimenters. Published reports on the experiences of inmates in the Utah State Prison, for example, shake the conscience.

"Today's microchips are activated via low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted individual can be followed anywhere on the globe. This technique is one of those that were tested in the Iraq war, says Dr. Carl Sanders, the one who invented the biotic intelligence-manned interface (IMI), which is injected into people. (In its time, in the Vietnam War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to increase the flow of adrenaline into the blood.) 20-billion-bit-second supercomputers at the National Security Agency (NSA) can now "see and hear" what soldiers experience on the battlefield with a remote monitoring system (RMS).

"When a 5-micromillimeter microchip (the diameter of a hair is 50 micromillimeters) is placed on the optic nerve of the eye, it can track the neuro-impulses of the brain that represents the experiences, smells, sight, and voice of the implanted person. As soon as they are transferred and stored in a computer, these neuro-impulses can be sent back to the person's brain via the microchip to be relived. Using an RMS, a computer operator in the field can send electromagnetic messages (encoded in signals) to the nervous system, influencing the behavior of the target. With RMS, visual and audible hallucinations can be induced in completely healthy people.

"Every thought, reaction, sound, and visual observation determines a certain neurological potential (spike) and configurations in the brain and its electromagnetic fields, which can now be decoded into thoughts, visions, and voices. Electromagnetic stimulation can therefore alter a person's brain waves and affect muscle activity, generating painful muscle cramps experienced as torture."

Bill Gates predicts this technology will replace smartphones
Software magnate, investor and philanthropist Bill Gates has become a kind of guru of the new realities that humanity is living and now the co-founder of Microsoft has predicted a

A short film depicting the New World Order Digital Communist World

Except that these characters have not been absorbed into the matrix by artificial means.

Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer scientist has been attributed to the following warning for humanity.  We are approaching Stage 5 - Phase 5: Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022). This is the simple step-by-step plan that he envisaged would be how the globalists would bring out the New World Order.

Phase 1: Simulate a threat and create fear. (December 2019-March 2020)

  • Mount a pandemic in China.
  • Kill tens of thousands of elderly people.
  • Increase the number of cases and deaths
  • Position vaccination as the only solution from the beginning.
  • Focus all attention on Covid-19.
    Result, (almost) general panic

Phase 2: Sow the tares and division. (March 2020-December 2020)

  • Impose multiple unnecessary, liberticidal and unconstitutional coercive measures.
  • Paralyze trade and the economy.
  • Observe the submission of a majority and the resistance of a rebellious minority.
  • Stigmatize the rebels and create a horizontal division.
  • Censoring dissident leaders.
  • Punish disobedience.
  • Generalize PCR tests.
  • Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead.
  • Disqualify all effective treatments.
  • Hope for a rescue vaccine.
    Result, (almost) general panic.

Phase 3: Bring a treacherous and deadly solution. (December 2020-June 2021)

  • Offer a free vaccine for everyone.
  • Promise protection and return to normality.
  • Establish a herd immunization target.
  • Simulate a partial recovery of the economy.
  • Hide statistics of side effects and deaths from injections.
  • Passing off the side effects of the injections as "natural" effects of the virus and the disease.
  • Recover the notion of a variant as a natural mutation of the virus.
  • Justify the maintenance of coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold.
  • Punish health professionals for the illegal exercise of care and healing. -
    Result, doubts and feelings of betrayal among the vaxx, discouragement among opponents.

Phase 4: Install Apartheid and the QR code. (June 2021-October 2021)

  • Voluntarily plan for shortages.
  • Impose the vaccination pass (QR code) to reward the vaccinated, punish the resistant.
  • Create an Apartheid of the privileged against the others.
  • Take away the right to work or study from non-vaxx.
  • Withdraw basic services to the non-vaxx.
  • Impose PCR payment tests on non-vaxx.
    Result, First stage of digital control, impoverishment of opponents

Phase 5: Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022)

  • Exploit the shortage of goods and food.
  • Cause the paralysis of the real economy and the closure of factories and shops.
  • Let unemployment explode.
  • Apply a third dose to the vaxx (boosters).
  • Take up the murder of the living old men.
  • Impose compulsory vaccination for all.
  • Amplify the myth of variants, the efficacy of the vaccine and the immunity of the herd.
  • Demonize the anti-vaxx and hold them responsible for the dead.
  • Arrest opposition leaders.
  • Impose digital identity on everyone (QR code): Birth certificate, identity document, passport, driving license, health insurance card ...
  • Establish martial law to defeat the opposition.
    Result, Second stage of digital control. Imprisonment or removal of opponents.

Phase 6: Cancel the debts and dematerialize the money. (March 2022-September 2022)

  • Trigger the economic, financial and stock market collapse, the bankruptcy of the banks.
  • To rescue the losses of the banks in the accounts of their clients.
  • Activate the «Great Reset».
  • De-materialize money.
  • Cancel debts and loans.
  • Impose the digital portfolio. (Digital Wallet)
  • Seize properties and land.
  • Ban all global medicines.
  • Confirm the obligation to vaccinate semi-annually or annually.
  • Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.
  • Extend the measures to emerging countries.
    Result, Third stage of digital control. Extension of the NWO to the whole planet.


The process of trans-humanism actually starves the body of oxygen as this new AI network is formed inside people. This is why covid19 jabs which poisons the blood causes heart attacks, strokes, and all the various "side effects". Living things must have oxygen. Early death is a certainty if the process of trans-humanism is not stopped and every booster shot, is another payload that accelerates the process.

Like the original experiments using LSD, this global experiment using graphene oxide, though far more advanced, is a lofty idea to transform living beings into cyborgs to connect them to a hive mind using an experimental gene therapy. It's not just that you can't buy or sell without the mark of the beast but you will end up completely controlled. One part of the technology that is quite nefarious, is the ability for it to "infect" close contacts and poison the blood of the unjabbed. This is why the unjabbed need to raise their vibrational energy, staying tuned in to the Source, the essence of life and consume foods and supplements that are high in anti-oxidants. Breath work. Sunshine. Exercise. Cold water therapy. Green juices and green smoothies. Sprouts. Detoxing the graphene oxide and removing the parasitic gene therapy by treating it as though it were a parasite, would hinder the trans-human process, and hopefully stop it.

Detoxing covid19 vaccination, long covid and vaccine shedding
Information has been gathered from various sources, who have been assisting people to heal. Interestingly one of the sources is a doctor at an Australian hospital. I am listing all the various protocols as availability varies and due to shortages, one may be limited in what is available.

Not everyone jabbed got the real mRNA jab. It is reported that 40-50% of the jabs were actually placebos and the numbers the media/government reported of Australians who have been jabbed is overstated. As they are no where near the 95% vaccination target, their plan is in disarray but it will not stop them from continuing the chaos and why they are heavily invested in pushing the booster shots.

Below is the admission that covid19 jabs is an experimental gene therapy, what Greg Hunt MP described as the largest global clinical trial ever. See how he describes mass poisoning as innovation.

Welcome to The Matrix. Let us find our way out. Please feel free share this article. Check back on the website for the latest version of the article.

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