War on US Biolabs in the Ukraine

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War on US Biolabs in the Ukraine

So after 2 years of being lied to, gas lit and hated on by the media and government. and seeing so many around me harmed by their actions and suddenly I am meant to believe that they are the good guys in a war. I don't think so. Nothing is as it seems. We only hear what they want us to hear and see what they want us to see. Foul is fair and fair is foul but perhaps truly, the enemy of my enemy is, my friend. Eyes wide open.

This post was taken from Twitter and it was taken down. Usually when a post is censored, this means it is on the mark.

It seems that Russia is going after the biolabs owned by the USA in the Ukraine.

Stew Peters "This war was brought on, purposely, by the U.S. State Department, CIA and Deep State, in coordination with the global cabal hellbent on the destruction of any resemblance of democracy, as the worst factions in world governments align to cover up their criminal corruption and enslave free people."

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