Strategies to win local battles

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Strategies to win local battles

Recently, I was inspired by a French woman, Françoise a former lawyer who was taking on the local city council of Glen Eira over the installation of small 5g cells directly in front of houses in Murrumbeena. As a result of her persistence and strategic actions, she was informed the day after the council meeting by Telstra, that these small cells will "no longer be required to meet Telstra's network coverage and capacity objectives for the era".

I wanted to share with you some amazing tips and strategies that Françoise shared with me, so that you are able to similar. We are far from powerless.

In Françoise words, "I am French. We are born to fight!"


The online common law course below is in my opinion, one of the fastest ways to get yourself up to speed with how the law works, in order to be able to defend yourself and your property. There is no short cuts to empowerment and Françoise being a former lawyer, already had the necessary foundations. This course will give you the foundation and tools including notice templates. Whether it's mandates, debt collectors, school bullying, fines, etc.. if you know your rights, the pen is mightier than the sword

How to defend yourself using common law
I am promoting this common law 13 session online course because it is really important that people understand how the law works, in order to be able to defend themselves and their property. Whether it’s mandates, debt collectors, school bullying, fines, etc.. if you know your rights, the pen is


With any dispute you need to understand the laws that apply and the players involved, in order to formulate a plan of action. In this case, Françoise identified the relevant legislation within the charter of human rights in Victoria, the local council laws, the relevant legislation that the invested parties relied on, relationship between the parties, and who the affected residents were.

The first step to activism is identifying people, who are affected and/or able to assist you and to share research between each other. Françoise met with many people over the course of many months, forging relationships and sharing information.

Secondly, identify the most compelling arguments that are middle of the road, putting onus of the relevant parties to prove safety and formulate questions and information to distribute both to the public and to the relevant parties, who you have identified. Set date and times to complete actions and use multiple angles from writing emails/letters, phone calls, social media activism, to lobby for change. It is simply not enough to raise awareness and lobbying must always follow activism.


Local council meetings are usually conducted monthly and this represented a great opportunity to have put on public record answers to questions and air grievances. Under the public participation policies of local councils, you are able to arrive, 30 minutes before the council meets, and submit a question by completing a form provided in the council chambers. Forms will be available from 7 p.m. on the day of the Ordinary Council Meeting.

The forms will be numbered, and speakers will normally be taken in order of registration (first come, first served), subject to the Chairperson’s discretion to alter the order in which speakers will be taken (So arrive early to make sure you are first in line)

There will be a limit of one speaker per registration and the Chairperson or Chief Executive Officer shall read all proposed questions/statements in advance to ensure they are not inappropriate. For more information, from an example council See

So despite the fact that Glen Eira City Council had systematically rejected questions relating to 5G, Françoise et al  managed to use a strategy that she calls the side door strategy which is an option opened to any constituents under the name of "Public participation". It allowed her and other concerned residents to ask questions just prior  the start of the council.

Prior to the meeting, they had organized questions they wanted council to answer. Unfortunately several people were sick that night but it is really important when addressing council to be professional. Come along well dressed, well spoken and with printed out documents for each Councillor. Avoid at all costs, any heated exchanges or bringing up fringe topics that can be labelled conspiracy. Give no room for council to dismiss your concerns as radical, extreme or nutty. Be measured and plan out a strategy. Far better to have multiple people ask a question each, than one person, look appear a complete nut job standing alone on the council chamber floor!

Françoise writes:

"Normally after reading our question addressed to the council we must remain silent and wait for the response of a councillor then we cannot interact and must remain silent again, the risk if we interject or make comments is to be manu militari removed from the Council Chamber by a security guard or police officer, and this is clearly stated in their governance rules...Yes standing for the Common good is seen as a threat by Councils!!

The positive outcome of yesterday's Council session is that both Marta and I have managed  to grab the council attention and voice a bit longer our serious concerns with 5G.

Questions related to 5G:

Archive | Glen Eira City Council Meeting Webcast
Archive of Glen Eira City Council Meetings

1)-5mn30sec to 9mn30 on the video: question read-out by Marta

2)-15mn to 20mn on the video: question read-out by Françoise

I have also submitted 2 written questions that have been read-out by a councillor:

One question related to public consultation and the other question related to confidentiality and legal privilege related to commercial operators and telecommunications operators: from 26mn40 sec to 30mn 50 sec on the video.

Besides as an icing on the cake, this afternoon Telstra has informed several residents of Murrumbeena that the Small 5g cells which were supposed to be implanted in front of our houses are finally " no longer required to meet Telstra's network coverage and capacity objectives for the era", which means these 5G Small cells will not be installed!

So this is a win and a relief for those who will not have these small 5G cells next to their houses but I need to check,  out of the 19 small 5G cells which were supposed to be implanted in Murrumbeena how many will finally not be implanted.

This great outcome is showing us that keeping a constant pressure on Councils and Telstra can pay off and I believe the presence of the divine light as also helped.
The fight is not over since other surburbs near by such as Bentleigh are discovering every day the new Notifications of 5G Small cells installations and will need to make a stand and  the Big 5G towers also remain a threat for our health.

I hope this win will set a precedent for other suburbs that we could inspire through our experience.
I would like to thank you all for your support, encouragements, prayers, advice, heartwarming kindness, strawberries and raspberries plates shared during our working sessions etc...
The blessing in disguise through this challenging adventure is the precious encounters, friendships made along this journey.

Lets keep rocking the boat and shaping our words as our best weapon :)

Kind regards, Françoise "


"When Council engages the services of a commercial operator or telecommunication provider, then under Council’s Procurement Policy, Council is required to execute a legally binding contract with the commercial operator or telecommunications provider. Commercial and legal discussions, claims or disputes, during the formation of this procurement contract, up to the point of execution, are usually covered by confidentiality requirements (either under the contract itself or under the requirements of the Local Government Act (Vic) 2020). Once the contract is executed, members of the public may make enquiries on Council, including through Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation, to request access to documents relating to the contract. During the management of the contract and through to termination, any commercial or legal dealings will be covered by the confidentiality requirements of the contract in place with that telecommunication provider. Any legal advice obtained by Council in relation to legal matters pertaining to the contract may also be subject to Legal Professional Privilege. Again, requests for documents can be made to Council directly or through FOI legislation.

As to any general communications and dealings between Council and a commercial operator or telecommunication providers, the extent of any confidentiality will be determined by the context of those dealings and communications, any other relevant statutory requirements and the agreement between Council and the commercial operator or telecommunication provider as to the nature of those dealings or information sharing arrangements. Again, documents relating to any such arrangements can be requested directly or through the FOI legislation."

This is actually an outstanding achievement to have it noted on public record that the council is bound by confidentiality agreements with commercial operators with respect to 5G. The complete questions and replies from council can be found

The strategies employed included also understanding the legal framework. In regards to 5G and telecommunications, Françoise has told me that the relevant legislation is the 1997 Telecommunications Act and below are the relevant players that can be challenged.

  1. Telstra and the CEO of Telstra who makes the decisions regarding 5G
  2. United Energy - who supplies the poles on which the 5G towers are generally installed
  3. The local council which governs rules regarding installation

So essentially, when questions are raised, the players will refer to the 1997 Telecommunications Act, in the similar way to how they referred to Emergency powers during the pandemic.

As an interesting side note, according to Françoise there is no liability insurance for these players with concern to anyone harmed by the rollout of their 5G technology, which also represents an Archille's heel because these companies are then liable for any future harm.

Their actions also contravene human rights act in Victoria

Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or
degrading treatment
A person must not be—
(a) subjected to torture; or
(b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or
degrading way; or
(c) subjected to medical or scientific
experimentation or treatment without his or
her full, free and informed consent


As expected the battle is far from over and although Telstra had said the small 5G towers were not required, they instead sent out contractors to install them the following week after the council meeting. Françoise has persisted to organize residents to block installation, called the contractor to confirm that they are indeed instructed to install these 5G small cells, recorded phone calls and videoed interactions.

She sent me the following photo, which shows just how sneaky these installations are being put in, appearing to be working on underground cables but in fact, when she also called the contractor, after speaking to the trademen on the ground, was told there was a link to the 5G installation and their work.

The 5G issue is clearly a highly censored topic. I myself received a strike for posting on it and the very legitimate science behind health concerns of the radiation being blanketed on our cities and towns. It forms an important part of the infrastructure to bring in Orwellian control, using technology to control people's lives.

The media is trying to portray anyone speaking out against it, in the same way as anyone who opposed the mandates or vaccines as conspiracy nutters.

However, this should motivate people to fight even harder to assert their common law rights and not be bullied. Local council meetings, CEOs of major corporations, politicians, are all accountable to we the people. We do not live in Communist China where such mechanisms do not exist but all across the Western world, the common law rights of individuals and the system of government can be used to fight against this overreach that borders on malfeasance.

Accountability, transparency and officials providing safety and risk management reports and answering questions is the bare minimum required. They use name calling because they know people have the power.

People just need to realize the power that is inside them and unite together. Instead of asking 'Why me', asking themselves, 'Why not me? Why aren't I involved, because if not me, who else is there?'

This is the exact question, I ask myself, inspired by others who have taken up the baton and are fighting for a better world.

How to defend yourself using common law
I am promoting this common law 13 session online course because it is really important that people understand how the law works, in order to be able to defend themselves and their property. Whether it’s mandates, debt collectors, school bullying, fines, etc.. if you know your rights, the pen is


Francoise is a former lawyer from France who lives in Victoria Australia.

Dear all,

I was attending Tuesday the 2nd of May 2023, Glen Eira City Council Ordinary session. We have managed with another lady named Marta to read-out 2 key questions related to the massive 5G roll-out in the jurisdiction of Glen-Eira-South East Melbourne, and now these questions are on records which is a great step in our fight as concerned citizens standing for our community.

Here is the link to the recording:

1) at 3mn15sec :Marta's question was focused on the health risk of the small 5G cell started to be installed at 37 Beauville avenue in Murrumbeena, in a close proximity with Saint Patricks' primary school and its new Kinder Garden.

2) at 8mn 35 sec :My question was focused on putting on notice the Council of Glen Eira and asking them to take some precise actions such as:-contributing to voting a local law under the local Government Law Act 2020 to respond to 5G issue and our community need of living in a safe environment- addressing to the Federal Government the urgent matter of 5G collective and environmental threat and seeking an adequate remedy between the Federal Government and city councils on our behalfThe blind answer of the Council of Glen-Eira was a kind of a classical script read to avoid their obligation of duty of care and due diligences, telling us to refer to our Federal Members of Parliament knowing that Members of Parliament (Mps) do not care at all of our 5G concerns! Our MP in Glen Eira is a labor party lady called Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah, working at The Alfred hospital and who told us recently to refer to the Health Department...So the hot potato game is the most popular game between city councils, MP's, Federal government, Telstra, Arpansa, ACMA, United Energy, RFNSA, so we must put them all in the naughty corner very soon and be the masters of that game.

Why MPs and other politicians and media are remaining so suspiciously silent regarding the 5G threat? It sounds like many conflicts of interests with the huge Telcos spider web is the obvious under cover reason.

Do politicians have a special protection to avoid the harmful effects of 5G military grade, millimetre wave frequencies?

From my knowledge 5G radiations are not smart enough to avoid politicians from any harmful effects, unless these people do not belong to human race and next City councils we should be daring to ask this awkward and necessary question: "Could you provide an intangible proof that you are belonging to our human specie?"When there will be enough harm made among populations then we will see new adds on compensation law experts offices: "Asbestos, silicosis health injuries and 5G claims!"My video of 37 Beauville avenue in Murrumbeena has reached 1K400 viewers in a few days and has travelled beyond oceans and yesterday I have been informed that a man in Canada on board in this fight was referring in a video to my video showing what is going on in Australia.I truly believe in the butterfly effect and making noise is the best munition of the moment in our multilevel and multi-directional strategy carved exactly like the shape of a 5G small cell.

Since I made this viral video, those who where laughing at me in our school community of Murrumbeena soon affected by this upcoming 5G small cell, are now in shock after watching my footage of what the implantation of a 5G Small cell really looks like. More people are coming on board, and I can see that after 3 years of Covid Circus, that the 5G threat is reaching more people's mind who are starting to get it.

P.S: Glen Eira city council did not include in their minutes our 2 questions read-out during the public participation, while Port Phillip City council does include in their minutes any question read out during the Public Participation which is showing that Glen Eira City Council is clearly using tactics to erase rate payers concerns.

Let’s radiate our desire to stand for the common good beyond the oceans!



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