mRNA nanotech contaminated meat even organic - spiked food supply

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mRNA nanotech contaminated meat even organic - spiked food supply
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In August 2022, I was banned from Linkedin posting about the rollout of mRNA in livestock and I knew that I was right over the target. It was mooted as a "trial", with $5.7 million going towards the development of mRNA vaccines for the foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease in Australia. mRNA is gene modification and it has unproven safety with experiments leading to premature deaths in the animals who were injected. Humanized mice died post mRNA in the equivalent of 2 human years post vaccination. In the US, it is speculated that thousands of cattle were injected and died prematurely from such experiments.

The end target is to get this mRNA gene altering technology into humans, that it hijacks the human genome and soon after the announcement of the mRNA trial in Australia, word on the street was that farmers being forced to have their cattle injected with mRNA in order to sell their milk or at the sale yards before their animals were sold off to the abattoir. One of the other side effects for the animals that do happen to survive, is poor health and sterility; a devastating outcome for farmers, that will lead to extraordinary meat prices but already in the wings to fill the gap is insect based and industrialized plant based meat. Chitin which exists in the shells of arthropods such as crabs, shrimps, and insects and is also produced by fungi and bacteria is just another introduced harm to the gut and health of humans.

There have been many reports of unjabbed having the same damaged blood as the jabbed, and I have heard this from health practitioners and in my network and read about it in the Pfizer released documents.  It was hypothesized that the spike protein was transferred through close contact, which is a valid reason but what was surprising was that in a recent article by Dr Ana that by doing live blood analysis of meat products bought at the grocery store and even organic products, that the same nanotechnology found in vaxxed blood was appearing in the blood of meat. It was also reported by her colleague, Dr David Jernigan who observed people getting sick after eating genetically modified meat.

There are multiple means of poisoning; with the jabbed being far worse than others.

Read more

None of this is by accident. We are truly in war times and it has become a case of survival of the fittest, which includes being alert to the potential attacks to your immune system and how you can reverse any damage sustained and protect yourself. The fattened up domesticated human is not going to survive long in a world where they are the prey.

They have been poisoning the humans and the environment for decades and studying how to take over the brain, with the final battle to take over the human body through genetic modification and who do you ask would do such a  thing? Entities that are not human. This is an epic battle of good versus evil. Humanity is at war and whatever distractions from jab mandates to arguments over masking or early treatment of c19, is just that.. a distraction; a controlled opposition narrative from the bigger picture; to keep people mesmerized and distracted, while the house is literally burning down.

mRNA technology is also planned to replace medical treatments and most vaccines, starting with the seasonal flu vaccine, cancer treatment, childhood vaccines, via inhalation , and even vegetables

Rockefeller took over the medical system in the early 1900s, and since that time corporate interests have established near total control of the medical field, both though pharmacology and through their take over of medical education. The end game has always been eugenics, depopulation and genetic modification.

There has been an enormous amount of research into gene modification and how to control the human behavior but to prepare the groundwork, they have been poisoning the population for decades and we are finally at the end game. Humanity either wakes up and takes back the earth and health or perishes.

That may seem dramatic but by so many metrics, the population is sick and in deep state of denial.

John D Rockefeller founded the modern drug- and hospital-based medical system | Vaccination Information Network
Western Medicine is Rockefeller Medicine!!! July 29, 2016 TheFreedomArticles| Western medicine has some good points, for sure, and is great in an emergency, but it’s high time people realized that today’s mainstream medicine (western medicine or allopathy), with its focus on drugs, radiation and sur…


Glycoprotein 120, which was inserted into the spike protein, is a prion that when introduced into the body, changes your proteins so they become abnormal and the classic diseases like mad cow disease and Alzheimer's disease are the manifestation of prion disease.

If you consider that the spike protein is now an environmental toxin from infection and shedding, the level of evil is unimaginable. Dr Richard Fleming has been fearless and consistent in his call to prosecute against the crimes against humanity of both the manufactured sars-cov-2 bio-weapon released into the wild and the injected form.  Read more


In case you missed it, fluoride is a neurotoxin that put in the municipal water supply in many countries, in dental products and that accumulates in high concentrations in processed foods made with fluoridated water, fluoride-containing pesticides, bottled teas, fluorinated pharmaceuticals, teflon pans, and mechanically deboned chicken.

Suppressed Government Report Finding Fluoride Can Reduce Children’s IQ Made Public Under EPA Lawsuit
The final report of a 6-year National Toxicology Program (NTP) review of fluoride neurotoxicity was blocked from public release by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Administrator in May 2022 according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). But under an agreement reached in an ongoing laws…

This pdf book (above) written in 1978 is a good read on the toxicity of fluoride and concludes with the wilful ignorance to make changes to public health. So if you imagine that decades later, very little has changed in regards to awareness, except that fluoride has done the job of reducing the IQ of people and making them more docile.

Fluoride can be removed from the body, but it requires a strict diet, detoxification and clean water. If you keep ingesting fluoride, it will keep accumulating in your body and not only your health but your mental state is affected.


Seven years ago, Friends of the Earth commissioned tests that found potentially harmful nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and silica in 14 popular products, including Mars' M&Ms, Woolworths white sauce and Praise salad dressing. "FSANZ kept saying there's no evidence of it, we're not going to do any testing. But all 14 samples came back positive, indicating widespread use of nanoparticles in foods in Australia," said the group's emerging tech campaigner, Jeremy Tager.

"Everybody would want to think food is tested and assured to be safe before it hits supermarket shelves. FSANZ is conducting a living experiment with people. It has inexcusably failed in its role as a regulator."

"These aren't naturally occurring nanoparticles. Cellular studies show that titanium dioxide and silica nanoparticles can damage DNA, and it appears they adversely impact the immune systems of rats in experiments," Professor Thomas Faunce, from the Australian National University's College says and "The jury is still out. There's absolutely no doubt that we don't have absolutely conclusive evidence that they're safe."

Nanotechnology does not have to be labelled and it falls under the category of generally regarded as safe. Now, manufacturers are moving on to using nanotechnology in packaging where the use of nanomaterials is beneficial to interact directly with food to provide better protection to the product. Some nanomaterials such as nano-silver, nano-titanium dioxide, nano-copper oxide, carbon nanotubes and nano-magnesium oxide can provide antimicrobial properties. So nanomaterials actually move into the food from the packaging.

Nanoparticles are extremely small, their size determines their unique properties which include being able to move easily through materials; with concerns that it can interact with DNA, it's unknown toxicity and that it has no long term studies on health effects.

With only 93.2% of Americans are in poor metabolic health. That's 6.8% of that are not sick on on some level and a recent survey found that ultra-processed products represent between 25% and 60% of total daily energy intake, according to nationwide food surveys assessing intakes, household expenses, or supermarket sales in European countries, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Latin American countries!

As a consequence, poor metabolic health is driving all these conditions whether it's cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, depression, infertility, so many different things, even acne...Our food system is the biggest killer on the planet!!!

At Harvard and Stanford, there are psychiatric departments that study metabolic psychiatry and they're studying the effect of insulin resistance,  pre-diabetes, and poor metabolism that comes from eating sugar and starch, flour and how that affects our brain.

At Harvard there is a department of Nutritional Psychiatry that studies similar things as well as the gut microbiome. There is a doctor at Harvard,  Christian Palmer who wrote a book, called "Brain Energy" how he's cured schizophrenia and other mental disorders by putting people on a very low sugar  and starch diet. So absolutely, the data is there. There's no question. There was actually a big trial that was done in Australia,  and they used something called a smile trial studying depression, basically using dietary interventions to treat depression and they found that it worked better than using drugs."

So it is well established that not only does food/drink affect one's body but in particular it affects the brain and as a consequence, one's thinking.


Excitotoxins are substances added to foods and beverages that literally stimulate neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. They can be found in such ingredients as monosodium glutamate, aspartame (NutraSweet), cysteine, hydrolyzed protein, and aspartic acid. Citing over five hundred scientific studies, Excitotoxins explores the dangers of aspartame, MSG, and other substances added to our food.

These are more products added to processed foods that cause brain damage and the inability to think critically.


According to the WEF, "Apeel is a California-based company that is fighting the $2.6 trillion global food waste crisis by using advances in materials science to prevent waste in the first place – a sustainable approach to the world’s growing and urgent food demands that will transform the world’s food supply chain by eliminating the need for the cold chain. The company’s breakthrough technology doubles the lifespan of harvested fruits and vegetables without refrigeration, which dramatically reduces food waste, preserves natural resources, and helps the global food system operate more harmoniously with nature. Apeel was founded in 2012."


Apeel also received $985,161 from the Gates Foundation to extend the shelf-life of crops without refrigeration and protect them from being eaten by pests by developing a molecular camouflage that uses cutin from plant extracts to create an edible, ultrathin barrier on the crop surfaces.

The company website is

A closer look at the safety data sheet for this product can be found

Apeel has not had any animal testing, ingestion may cause irritation to the gastro-intestinal tract, there has been no aquatic testing, and it's basically been approved under the assumption that a little bit of poison won't hurt too much but when you consider who is involved, you would be well advised to avoid products that have been treated with it. Apeel is also used on organic products as per the company website.


Epidemic of obesity with 63.4% of Australians adults and 24% of children are considered overweight or obese. From 1999 –2000 through 2017 –March 2020, US obesity prevalence increased from 30.5% to 41.9%. During the same time, the prevalence of severe obesity increased from 4.7% to 9.2%. (NHANES, 2021)

Now it seems most people are comfortable being overweight and it's socially acceptable to carry belly fat and any talk of weight is labelled "fat shaming" Ignoring the fact that obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. These are among the leading causes of preventable, premature death.

With such staggering numbers, it really should be no surprise that many lined up willingly or didn't really give much of a fight because health was never a priority in the first place, whether they can admit it or not.


The following link shows you how big tobacco bought into big food and used the same techniques to sell tobacco as food. In the same way, Coca-Cola was originally made with cocaine and to this day, though the coca leaves are now made into a syrup that is decocainized, it continues to produce cocaine for pharmaceutical sale.

Jeanee Rose Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Wow. Big tobacco bought into packaged food and transformed it using the… | 35 comments
Wow. Big tobacco bought into packaged food and transformed it using the same techniques of addiction and clever marketing to guarantee an ongoing income… | 35 comments on LinkedIn

We have a food system that has been for decades weaponized against us and it is the very rare person that has not been affected by it and I haven't even discussed the topics of alcohol, drugs and environmental toxins which also cause health problems and brain damage.

If you have read this far, and you are thinking you have somehow escaped the assault on your health by the food, drug, alcohol and tobacco cartels, then more likely than not, these products have hijacked your thinking. When you are surrounded by unhealthy people, it's easy to think that you are doing ok!

The vast majority of people are not doing okay and need to take back their health by eliminating processed foods and detoxifying. You simply will not undo years of damage with a few supplements and positive thinking. It really requires a concerted, disciplined effort to heal and reverse the damage.

It's also not just what is being put in food but the poisons being sprayed in the environment, the electromagnetic radiation exposure, microwave oven use, 5G, mobile phone exposure, pesticides, off gassing from new items, chemicals leaching into one's skin from new clothes, chemicals used for cleaning, personal care products, etc..

A detoxification diet consists of enzyme rich, organic, living foods diet, clean water and if you are healing, you have to limit or eliminate exposure to toxins of all kinds. Read and it is really important to restore niacin with l-gluthamine, to assist the body to detoxify and use whatever means necessary to support one's immune system to restore balance.


So now that I have your attention on the direness of the situation, it really is no time for complacency. I myself, unjabbed went into heart failure in May 2022, a result of the spike protein that turned my gut septic, causing mass inflammation in the body. My story below. Though I did have cardiomyopathy in 2011 and recovered in 2012, going on to have a baby and being perfectly healthy for a decade, the diagnosis of an EF of 15% came completely out of the blue. My heart has improved to 35%, and I live a full and active life and continue to use nutrition, supplements, exercise, and many things listed in the two articles above to heal. Yes, I took nattokinase and serrapeptase supplements but I really don't think in my case they were life changing and I certainly don't understand the hype surrounding them, without the proof of concept.

There are many unvaccinated people who are sick, who have been gaslit because their sickness does not fit the jabbed versus unjabbed narrative. The spike protein regardless of the delivery system can cause mass inflammation and harm.

Surviving heart failure
For about 3 weeks, I had been bedridden with what I believe was some remnant of a past covid infection. I could barely eat, let alone take any supplements, I could hardly stay awake for long and visited the toilet several times a day, drifting in and out of consciousness.

Having been in the natural health for years, one of the most critical areas is gut health, in particular microbiome.

Dr Sabine Hazan recently found that covid19 vaccines were killing the bifidobacteria in the gut and how she was able to restore her own bifidobacteria by using home ferments like homemade kefir and fermented vegetables. The store bought ferments were often not as advertised and did not have the bifidobacteria in them. Though she only related bifodobacteria loss to the jabbed, the same spike protein mechanism would be happening in the unjabbed that had spike protein damage from shedding or infection, and if they are unable to expel this toxin, will have the same outcomes as the jabbed over time.

At this point, I will make mention of 5G and it's ability to assemble the injected nanotechnology and graphene oxide.

@charterofrights on Instagram: “Dr. Sabine Hazan”

Nanotechnology found in Rainwater, Surgical Masks, PCR Swabs, injectable medications and C19 jabs, other vaccines

BREAKING: FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court
The Covid-19 vaccines have been at the centre of a heated debate since their introduction, with many questions and concerns raised about their safety and effectiveness. Speculation has also been ri…

I strongly suggest to get kefir grains and ferment your own water or milk kefir and to ingest it regularly to ensure your gut bacteria is in good health.

Dr Bradstreet and many microbiologists have passed away in recent years due to mysterious circumstances, and the key thing one can take from this is that healing starts in the gut.

To restore a damaged gut, the success stories come from people who have followed an enzyme rich, living food diet. High Carb Health has excellent examples of how to eat to reverse Crohn's disease and you will see doctors appearing on their channel too. Talking to Shukal, one of the first things he starts his clients on is a smoothie of coconut water and bananas. Bananas are easy to digest and enzyme rich food that is good for the gut.

High Carb Health
This channel is about our ongoing journey towards health. Join us as we share with you about how to stay happy, healthy, amazing recipes, through a Whole Food Plant-based Lifestyle! We give you tips about whole food plant-based living, the benefits on how to become healthy, lose weight, how to he…

The spike protein also depletes niacin, and you really need to restore niacin, especially after any illness. Dimitri Kats has been doing amazing work with chronically ill patients too. Read my article to help you understand why niacin is so necessary. Combined with exercise and an infrared sauna, it accelerates detoxification.

Niacin deficiency the missing link
The most censored healing protocol is that of addressing niacin deficiency in order to heal. That’s a bold statement but hear me out. Niacin is vitamin B3 and is essential to convert food into energy. Dmitry Kats (PhD, MPH), says ’Being 20% deficient of niacin for a month is a

Healing from this bioweapon, is very similar to what Lyme and Morgellon sufferers have been battling with for years. Another great source of remedies is Tony the herbalist which has been on the cutting edge of this for years. Interestingly his video on gum turpentine and honey was removed this year. That video saved my life.

Vids on remedying ways to reverse or cure what ails you

See his alternative channel

Dr Jennifer Daniels, is in exile in Panama and if you listen to this podcast talks about how to heal the gut.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels - Talking Turpentine
Dr. Daniels joins me to discuss issues plaguing science and the failing medical system, germ theory, the causes of disease, how to heal from disease and why the pure gum spirits of turpentine might play a key role in that healing process.


When harm is severe enough, medical intervention is life saving. Currently there really isn't any protocol that can be dispensed for those who are harmed critically by the spike protein. This is why it's important to keep on top of one's health.

Around the world, doctors and scientists are working on various treatment options, which include the idea that "Viruses that do infect human cells have helped in shaping the human body from the beginning of time, by inputting their own genetics into our DNA. These viral changes to human DNA have been passed down from every generation."

To translate this, working on treatments that would reverse the damage from the spike protein encoding the human dna by having viruses cut out that gene modification.

Biologix Center for Optimum Health writes

"Bacteria produce a defensive weapon against invading viruses called CRISPR-cas an enzyme that can chop up viral DNA, killing invading viruses. Purposely manipulating this bacterial CRISPR-cas mechnisim won the Nobel Prize, and is how medical science is doing gene-editing. Imagine if the key bacterial types in your body could be induced to cut out and delete the changes the shot caused in people. Retrons are another bacterial weapon that can defeat invading viruses. Part of our research is to see if we can enlist the assistance of the native, naturally-occurring bacterial populations inside a person’s body to specifically attack the foreign substance and delete the bad changes in a person’s DNA." This one field of research but it really is not accessible to the vast majority of people.

Using the Body’s Microbiome, Virome, and Phageome to Defeat Nanotechnology and mRNA Damage - Biologix Center for Optimum Health
The results are in and it is irrefutable that a large number of people around the world have been damaged by the “mRNA vaccines,” if […]

There really is no magic bullet and if you are not experiencing symptoms, it doesn't mean that you are healthy. Functional capacity is the body's ability to adapt and also means that most medical tests are quite useless until the person is very sick.

One added bonus of the spike protein is that it continues to degrade the functional capacity over time; add in life stresses, other chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and it all goes to zero pretty fast, when it does. Often people don't associate harm to something unless it happens instantly after, when the burden tips over functional capacity, so they keep on poisoning themselves or remaining complacent.

Make no mistake, we are at war. Human lives are at stake. Do everything in your power to stay healthy and positive. The human body is incredibly forgiving when given the right ingredients, discipline and time to heal.

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