Humanity has the POWER

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Humanity has the POWER
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Compelling TGA document exposes the undeniable reality that covid19 vaccines should never have been injected into people and a criminality of epic proportions. Every Australian should read this documents. Educate. Advocate. Lobby and work for change. Humanity has the power to change the world but it will take effort and time. Be encouraged to become actively involved because silence is consent.


The Therapeutic Goods Administration is the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government. As part of the Department of Health and Aged Care, the TGA regulates the quality, supply and advertising of medicines, pathology devices, medical devices, blood products and most other therapeutics.

Damning documents obtained under lengthly freedom of information requests have revealed:

"Immunogenicity was assessed in wild type mice and rhesus monkeys, and also in rats in the repeat dose toxicity studies and the developmental and reproductive study. Thus, protective efficacy was assessed only in one animal species, the rhesus monkey.

Antibodies and T cells in monkeys declined quickly over 5 weeks after the second dose of BNT162b2 (V9), raising concerns over long term immunity, which will be assessed by clinical studies according to the Sponsor

Comparatively younger monkeys (2-4 years old) were used in this study, which might have contributed to the absence of clinical signs and very mild histological pathology of lungs after virus challenge"

So the TGA approved a product that was mandated on many Australians which was only tested on young monkeys and mice and for which antibodies and t-cells declined over 5 weeks! A product that was touted as safe and effective. And the safety studies touted in animals is actually just a complete joke.

Also, no genotoxicity studies were conducted for the vaccine. Carcinogenicity studies were not conducted. No dedicated immunotoxicity study was conducted.

Pre-implantation loss was more than double for the covid19 vaccine in mice. Statistically significant as was the birth abnormalities. See page 55.

Taken directly from the TGA document

Other TGA FOI documents

Full discussion of TGA FOI document

Needless to say, studies on mice and monkeys is a whole different ball game to human studies and Australia could be a study in itself of safety and efficacy because when the jabs were rolled out, there was according to their own data, very little covid in the community and then suddenly kaboom explosion of cases and deaths.


Dr Melissa McCann  is a registered medical practitioner with a practice owner in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia and she is bringing a class action against the TGA and John Skerritt regarding the deaths and injuries from the novel Covid-19 vaccines. 420 litigants in the proposed class action, but other injured Australians can join later. Australians who have been compensated by the government compensation scheme can be part of the class. Very few Australians have been awarded any compensation from the government.

This class action is unique in that ALL of the proceeds will be given to the litigants (victims) and if the case is successful and the costs are awarded back, donations will be refunded.

There is no cost for the litigants to join. There donation page is

She discusses the documents she obtained under Freedom of Information and how the TGA did not want to release information because it would lead to vaccine hesitancy but that the signals that the vaccine safety signals were obvious from the start. The coverup of deaths of Australian children is the most horrific.

Those 10 documents are very concerning and reveal a decision of casuality in the case of the deaths of 2 children, 7 and 9 years of age.

10 FOI documents that the TGA did not publish on their website in the FOI disclosure logs because they don't want to encourage vaccine hesitancy.

Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) - medicines
Find information about adverse events related to medicines, vaccines and biological therapies used in Australia.

Lawyers have sent the company pre-action protocol letters, the first step in a legal claim on behalf of around 75 claimants. Some have lost relatives and some have survived with catastrophic injuries following blood clots.

Many millions have had the vaccine without suffering complications but in 2021 the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency confirmed a possible link between the vaccine, known as Vaxzevria, and a rare condition involving blood clots along with abnormally low platelet levels. Those taking legal action have been diagnosed with vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia. Read more


Video below of John Skerritt (head of the TGA) in the Senate Estimates on 16/2/2023, being questioned by Senator Rennick about the reported deaths of a 7 and 9 year old child that was marked as causal by the AEFI assessment team, the government’s own review team.


All that is required for any member nation to reject the amendments that were adopted last year is a simple letter from their president or prime minister to the WHO stating that their nation wishes to REJECT the amendments.

Every nation on earth still has until late November 2023 to stand up to the World Health Organization and REJECT the amendments that were adopted on May 27, 2022, but first they have to be made aware that the International Health Regulations WERE CHANGED, and they also need to realize that THE AMENDMENTS CAN BE REJECTED!

So the call to action is to write, call and educate your local members of parliament and Senators who are blindly following the agenda to take action because we do not succeed, the WHO only has to declare a pandemic or an emergency of some kind, the whole apparatus of control, surveillance, vaccines, lock downs, quarantining would be unleashed that would make the covid19 pandemic run look very much like a test run. For the best source of information on this topic see the link below.

The Top 6 Reasons to Speak Out Against the Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations
The 75th World Health Assembly adopted amendments to 5 articles of the International Health Regulations on May 27, 2022 and practically NO ONE HAS MENTIONED IT FOR NEARLY 10 MONTHS.


This interview released is part of work I have been doing with Health Alliance Australia and it is an excellent video, which you will learn a lot from. is the bill referred to by Roberts in the interview, of the cash bill that was defeated.  It is a collective responsibility to hold Australian politicians to account because silence is considered consent. If you do not agree, you need to speak up and educate others.

Please watch and distribute.

I am looking for professionals for Health Alliance videos willing to speak on a variety of subjects in depth. Topics we would like to cover but can include any related topics are as follows: Mental health and covid19 – a medical perspective, Miscarriages/still births/fertility/breastfeeding and covid19 vaccines, covid19 and the heart, covid19 and the gut, postmortem autopsies covid19 and medical genome and synthetic food research MRNA in livestock. Please reach out to your networks, and get in touch with me, if you know anyone is knowledgable in a particular area of interest.

The next episode will be on ABS data and Professor Peter Miller will be the guest speaker.  

Senator Malcolm Roberts Calls On Australian Health Professionals
Recorded March 15th 2023 and Hosted by Dan Hanson of Health Alliance Australia. Senator Malcolm Roberts spoke with HAA on why Australia must exit the United Nations, restore our sovereignty and end the control of unelected bureaucrats over Australia’s way of life.


Decentralisation and local communities; will break us free of the current Orwellian control systems. Local economies, decentralised buying and support groups, and strong relationships. Forming local groups may seem to be an easy task,  but I have seen many formal and informal "freedom" groups fracture and disintegrate over the last year or so. I met Dan, through Health Alliance Australia and hearing the story of how he formed and led a grass roots community, that came together at the height of the mandate madness to support each other and which is still growing strong; sharing resources, wisdom, and friendship was incredibly inspiring. Maybe humans can get along,  after all!!

One of the stories he told me that sticks in my mind is how the group deals with urgent business at the start of the meetings. Eg if someone is needing emergency accommodation, etc..and they sort those things out first. I thought this was a very caring and humane way of running a group, prioritising urgent needs that people in the group mattered. When I asked Dan, what the secret sauce to the groups success was he told me how he had been facilitating large groups of people (from men's groups to self inquiry events) for over ten years and after moving on from a full time dental practice due to the mandates, he was inspired due to the success of his local group and the urgent need to form decentralised communities against the backdrop of NWO centralisation, to create the ‘The Community Solution’, which shares his wisdom and knowledge on how to create and maintain successful local community groups. Dan has a free sample of his upcoming book, "The Community Solution- A Vision for Connecting Humanity" and free zoom call on 6th April 2023 to learn more. He also has some very affordable online courses on Leadership and Facilitation Training.

This week, my business Passion Computing finished the new website for Dan Hanson of the Community Solution. Check it out. Be inspired.

We can do amazing things together and build a better world. Download his e-chapter or the upcoming book, sign up to a zoom call to learn more or book into an online course. Link to The Community Solution Dan is also the Health Alliance Australia's doctor's advocate and has interviewed professionals over the last 15 months.

By supporting and working each other, we build alternative communities that will help us to weather any storm ahead.


"Change is is often very difficult because we all as humans fall into old habits and politically this means that you're not going to win elections by putting up websites saying how to vote or try to win on preferences. You actually have to have a target in mind and you have to have goals set. You have to decide yes we need to win a certain portion of the votes and this is how we're going to achieve that you're going to look at the demographics work out who and what issues matter to those people and you target those things that matter.  It's certainly not won on ideological grounds where you think that just waving a freedom flag is going to do it, certainly hasn't and all that's happened in the last three years of people doing that, is we have now got wall-to-wall labor across all the mainland Australia and federally   with only Tasmania left that is Liberal/coalition; which is really quite you know terrible for democracy."


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If you follow the posts below with links to scientific sources you will see how the merging of AI with human biology is a common theme in scientific research and to do this, they need to inject or have people ingest (less efficient) substances that will change their DNA and merge them with the internet of bodies and internet of things.

There has also been extensive research into mind control via drugs, frequency and how substances affects the brain and thinking. Data and survelliance is capturing information at unpredented rates and that is the new currency. If you can control people's thoughts, you control their actions and the whole reasoning for shortages of money, food and goods is because with less there is more control. The video on the Great Leap Forward and the millions that died during that time is an example of how centralized power and a non thinking population that simply follows order can be lead to their deaths.

The end goal is to inject gene technology into humans, so that they are assimulated into this matrix of control. A digital prison where all aspects of life can be monitored and controlled. CBDC and digital ID all form part of the control system.

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"Powerlessness is actually more corrupting than the feeling of having a lot of power you it makes it turns people into being passive aggressive into playing all kinds of weird games negative games to get power. You want to feel that you have a degree of control over events in your life over people over your future and that to me is what a power is right"

This is very profound to suggest that absolute powerlessness is as corrupt as absolute power. We all need to have a sense that we are able to determine our future, that we are listened to and acknowledged. That we matter.

By various means, the sense of powerlessness is being projected that can only lead to corruption on a massive scale. Perhaps wide scale massive civil uprising that will destabilize and fracture society.

I can't help but feel that society is in a pressure cooker about to boil over and explode and how we counter that is by taking back our power, our voice and helping others to do the same.

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