Releasing trapped stress

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Releasing trapped stress
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We often think of stress as a mental condition that we can just think away but stress is actually excess energy trapped in the body, that if not released, builds up and leads to chronic illness. Over the years, many of us have lost the ability to innately release stress from the body.

Stress can come from many sources; from trauma, excess adrenaline, illness or grief. As much as I felt I understood healing, the interview with Mat was life changing and so I am dedicating a whole article to this and hope you will take the time to understand, the very powerful message conveyed here.

"This is a fascinating interview with Mat Goddard. Five weeks ago my son in England died unexpectedly at age 61 of a massive heart attack. I also found it difficult to find the appropriate words to string a sentence together, couldn't remember anything, which I realized was stress and my body started shaking, after crying for 2 or 3 hours. It is good to have it acknowledged that my body knew what to do to start releasing the stress of this massive shock to my body. I have also been doing the 6 Qigong sounds, along with the pulsing (shaking) but I am so grateful to Mat for sharing his experience and hope that more people can hear of this technique. Thank you for this interview.  Hopefully it will save some people from going through illness when the solution is so simple."

I discuss with Mat, the historical and cultural context of the TRE technique and other body focused modalities, the vagus nerve, how tremors assist the body to release stress.

Stress is released by shaking or tremors and it is held in specific areas in the body, that can be difficult to access by normal exercise. It is also one of the reasons why breath work is so powerful.

Matthew shares his own story of how trapped stress impacted his body manifesting as symptoms so bad, doctors thought he had a brain tumour and this led him on a 12 month journey where he spent 1000s on MRIs, Cat scans, ultrasounds, neurologists, psychologists etc to no avail. until he discovered a simple technique that released stress that was a result of a fairly deep experience of PTSD.

“After nearly 12 months of hell – I completely healed in 3 weeks of home exercises called TRE which everyone should know not just for PTSD, but any trauma or stress. I have shown many others this since and I learned a lot about the body, how trauma and stress is really processed and how the whole medical system has it wrong.”

Mathew’s symptoms progressed over this period of 12 months and included:
– stomach issues
– bodily pain
– insomnia
– tinnitus
– losing of balance
– slurred speech
– dropping things
– headaches everyday
– bloodshot eyes
– the list goes on

Doctors were at a loss and thought he had everything from Guardia, to brain tumours and finally to an anxiety disorder which could be solved with medication.

Mathew, “I knew it was not a problem with my mind but more was coming from my body. One night when I couldn’t sleep I found a blog online from someone in the USA describing the same symptoms and how a technique called TRE helped them, I found someone in Victoria who was training people in it and attended a 2 day workshop, and after just 15 mins of these exercises, I woke up the next day without a headache for the first time in 3 months. Within a few weeks of doing these exercises at home I had made a significant recovery and was coming back. Within another month or so with the help of a few somatic therapy sessions I was 100%, after 12 months of hell.”

The interview with Mathew would be helpful to anyone, especially in this time, to understand various techniques to release trapped stress from the body that could potentially lead to a host of other diseases from cancer to heart disease, PTSD, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety etc


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I recommend you listen to the interview as tempting as it may be to skip over to the solution.

My own personal testimony is that I have felt incredibly energized understanding the mechanism of how to release stress from my body. Our body is how we process our thoughts, feelings and the world around us and if there are blockages in it, everything becomes distorted. Healthy body, healthy mind. I have been really mindful of releasing stress through breath work, yoga exercises, stretching and even took up dancing recently! I did enrol in the TRE online course but have only done a couple of sessions, so far. The information shared in the interview, is adaptable to one's unique preferences.

In my writing, I try and balance the dark with the light. It's certainly not helpful to have people plunged into a sense of hopelessness about the future, when they see the disturbing events around us. There are battles lost and won, but victory is the end goal and we are in a war against demonic forces incarnate. I truly believe the authentic voices of humanity and higher consciousness will defeat evil and encourage people to find their voices, where ever they find themselves.

Yesterday, I was at House homewares and inquired about the cashless sign, and the shop assistant assured us that the business was moving back to cash. I asked, was that because of the backlash and she said, 'yes' but that staff had to be trained to use cash again, as many since COVID had never handled cash and 'hilariously' did not know how to count out change. She told us, she was old school and paid all her bills with cash at the post office and even when she bought a house, paid the $28 fee to have the bank do the transfer instead of doing the online transaction herself. She worked her entire life on the shop floor but understood the risks of online fraud, government overreach, China style social credit and digital money. People talking to each other; the establishment absolutely cannot control that!! Nor can it control the digital creators sharing stories and information popping up like mushrooms.

Tim is one such creator interviewing in Melbourne. Please support him by subscribing.

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It's kind of laughable to have trolls that follow me on Linkedin saying they are "watching" me because they think I am some kind of paid foreign agent… | 31 comments on LinkedIn

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"Health Alliance Australia, in response to members wanting health solutions has been seeking out testimonials from individuals and health professionals that have had success treating chronic diseases, especially using alternative healing modalities. This also aligns with our mission to provide well informed health choices."

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One of the reasons, I am sharing openly via podcasts is because I see that there is a great need for people to find like-minded and open hearted connection. That many are feeling very isolated and the online community can fill that gap, but also compliment real life relationships or lead to the forging of life long friendships.

We the people create the narratives; we are the story tellers, the visionaries and truth seekers. The world may be in turmoil but there is peace in the eye of the storm and together we are stronger.

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