Exiting the matrix

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Exiting the matrix

The insidious part of the matrix, is learned helplessness, controlled opposition and fake media but all of these have no power against the creative, dynamic voices of authenticity and truth. Many people may be surprised to hear that I was very nervous to make my first post on Linkedin, let alone that my posts went viral, racking up millions of views and how encouraged I was to receive so much support and defense from my Linkedin connections, in a time where we were locked down with the threat of state sanctioned violence and threats being wielded against us, intense division both in our communities and families.

I have met online and in real life incredible people, each with their unique story and there is a sense that we have all been prepared beforehand through often very difficult times, for such a moment in history as this. I cannot understate what a watershed moment we are in right now. Team Humanity versus the most insidious, evil forces that are now blatantly flouting their contempt for natural law and justice and destroying all that is good and true. Whether it's through wars, bioweapons, cultural marxist idealogy, corruption of institutions, poisons of all kinds, wilful destruction of natural habitat, architecture, culture and history, famine, unspeakable sexual depravity, trans-humanism, etc...

The level of mind control weaponry and psychological tools being yielded is substantial. There is the matrix inside the matrix; to the point that it can become easy to be disorientated and disillusioned, as to who or what information one can trust, let alone what we can do to protect ourselves.

Yesterday, I joined Christina Goerss in her Powergirl podcast and we discuss a lot of things candidly. One thing Christina said that struck me was how we have all been trained to take into sixty second sound bites, and we aren't engaged in longer conversations and those ones the alternative media presents are highly scripted although they may appear natural, are all driven by product placement and controlled narratives. I have covered this topic earlier of how much of the alternative media is owned by the same players; just different faces. A game of good cop versus bad cop, to lure one in but the overriding theme is dis-empowerment, being "entertained" through the bread and circus drama versus empowerment of personal autonomy, finding one's calling and gifts and to make life changing connections and do our own critical thinking.

There are so many unknowns but also meticulous planning has gone into this. If you understand logistics, and what it took to pull off the Plandemic; how various things were already in warehouses. Now, what if I were to suggest that the jab rollout was by design also meant to cover up and increase the deaths that would come from a weaponized lab grown virus? That is, it was a multi-prong assault; which is what Dr Kevin McCairn has stated in my interview with him and we can see the evidence of that all around us with even unjabbed, previously healthy children ending up in kidney failure or very seriously ill. We can also see the effect of shedding in live blood analysis and there are so many anecdotal examples of people becoming sick after exposure to the freshly jabbed, especially.

It's clear that in this game of 5D chess, the enemy knows the various moves people will make and has put in place various traps and counter measures but one thing that can't be controlled or factored in, is the creative, spiritual force and relationships forged that will change the trajectory of the planned assault against humanity. We can and we will find the solutions going forward. Not even an engineered bio-weapon can defeat the power of the Spirit. United we are stronger.

I will keep this article short today and leave you with the introduction. Turn it on to listen while you go about your day, and let our high vibrations lift you up and inspire.

"PowerGirl Productions is very pleased to present Australian Freedom Warrior Jeanee Rose Andrewartha and her gripping story of survival in a world gone mad. Jeanee shares her experience, strength, and hope as a long time natural health warrior at the crest of the malignant New Normal.

Jeanee Rose is a prime example of turning pain into purpose and grief into gratitude. She brings her words of wisdom that pierce through the darkness and tease the imagination for a better world just around the corner. Jeanee expresses her belief that this is not the end of humanity, but the beginning of something very special ushered in by the creative force that is currently making its way on the earth.

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