Censorship is a Crime

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Censorship is a Crime

Once upon a time, I was a good little sheeple, the best and most indoctrinated. Straight A student. Top of my class. My first baby came and I did all the right things; appointments, ultrasound, checks, jabs, etc...and he was ALWAYS sick from about the time I stopped breastfeeding. We spent so much time at the GP, and there were nights I would keep a vigil at his bed, watch his breathing and praying that God would keep him safe. One thing I didn't believe in was asthma drugs, and only gave them once but we took all the other drugs, and it was such a merry go round, back and forth to the GP, and we were not panicky parents either. Then I decided to stop going, to stop all the appointments, all the drugs and jabs. By the grace of God, I was confronted by a medical consent form for a rubella jab that had on it the listed side effects as blindness and deafness, and that day I walked out of the medical system. Reinforced by all the information gained on corruption from studying statistics at University.

I watched my father in law suffer the last 15 years of his life as a medical experiment with so many heart attacks, ICU admissions, drugs and surgeries, experimental cocktails that left him internally bleeding. Most of all, I watched it take away his vitality that he just became a shell of a man, so much was his suffering that he hid from us.

Last year, we took a car back to be fixed 5 times and it was under warranty so it didn't cost us anything but time. Yet people go back over and over, never healing, always masking their symptoms with quick fixes and keep on trusting, even when the failure is so great.

Walking away has saved our health. So much so, that it was considered highly unusual to have 10 healthy children who never needed to see a doctor for illness, that Child Protection illegally got a GP to sign off on pediatrician checks for 7 of them.

Who knew that I would be reported 3 times to Child Protection because I didn't conform to the system and be considered a public enemy? Who knew that feeding your children healthy organic food or giving birth naturally was radical? Or that if you home school, you must be part of some sort of cult?

I saw first hand how the State apparatus and medical system worked together to punish and intimidate those who do not comply, so it is no surprise to me that we are now at the mercy of whatever health directions are given out on any given day. Dissidents like Cossack and Assange are imprisoned for journalism.

Just because you are let out to play and the rules have been relaxed, doesn't mean they cannot be reinstated. Think about the last 2.5 years; masks, quarantine, mandates, lockouts, lockdowns, travel restrictions, people unable to see dying loved ones, isolation, business closures, rising prices, shortages, rubber bullets, violence, helicopter patrols, checkpoints, etc..And now the hospital system is in crisis, they will blame you for not following the health advice! Oh the irony.

Within a few minutes of posting the above on Linkedin, I got the message below.

You can't even have an opinion on social media any more! It's all censored and while we are at it, let me rant on about the horrific recording of a father who called the pharmacy where his 7 year old was taken to get the shot, a boy who now has myocarditis, a condition where 20% die within 5 years. You can listen to it on telegram. https://t.me/uncensoredwisdom/1363  It was incredibly heart breaking and moving.

The voices of the grieving and injured have been SILENCED and this is UNACCEPTABLE. It has happened for way too long.

Listen to Stanley Plotkin's sworn testimony. In it he admits that he used orphans, mentally handicapped, babies and mothers in prison, people under colonial rule in the Belgium Congo that involved a million people to study experimental vaccines.

People need to speak up and challenge those on the ground who are hurting others. The crimes being committed are so grievous. There is also a very moving interview with Dr William Bay by The Australia Project, which can be found https://t.me/TheAustraliaProject/1538 .

This interview has been heavily censored too and removed from social media. Dr William Bay is right and we are going to see people tracking down the GPs, nurses, etc.. who are giving the shots and unlike this example, of a grieving man who smashed the window of a car to speak to the GP who gave his relative the shot, https://t.me/uncensoredwisdom/1362 it may get very ugly.

Here is a fictional depiction of what the future may hold for the unjabbed. Enjoy

Ken Avidor
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