Food plandemic

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Food plandemic

Control the food supply. Control the people. In Australia, starting January 2025, mandatory electronic identification of all lambs and kids born if they leave their place of birth

In the UK,"Chicken owners will need to register with the Government or risk a £5,000 fine under new rules to combat bird flu. All poultry and captive bird keepers will be required to register their birds from Oct 1, 2024 the Government has said.

Under previous rules, only flocks of 50 or more birds would have to be registered with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Keepers will have to provide contact details, how many birds from which species are kept, as well as where and for what purpose." (Source )

All around the world, there is a push for livestock to be tagged and databased. Even hobby farmers will not be exempt from registration and at a time, there is an outbreak it would be easily identifiable where the animals are to be culled. In many ways, this is diabolical, that so much control is being wielded under the pretense of health.

The killing of bees under the pretext of Varroa mite infestation in Australia, was a practice run for how far authorities could go. Who is ultimately responsible for the destruction of so many hives with zero outcomes, because in the end the common sense approach of management was adopted. Many of the hives, did not even have varroa mites but were simply in the designated extermination zone and not satisfied that they poisoned the bees for no reason, the next target is fire ants.

‘Wildly toxic’ poison used on fire ants is killing native Australian animals, experts warn Senate inquiry
Fipronil is banned for use on crops in the EU, China, Vietnam and California

Now if it doesn't disturb you that, the environment is being poisoned, wait until you see what is planned for the livestock.

Genetically modified animals

One of the directions they want to move into is to have mRNA injected into animals and even vegetables and the first lab created quail has been approved to enter the NZ and Australian food market.

Bird flu has likely been weaponized that it has made the jump to cattle. I was watching a press update and interested to learn that the highest viral load was found in the milk. So meat, eggs and milk that comes from an infected animal, can become a vector of infection especially raw milk and uncooked or partially cooked eggs. Perfect to weaponize and target the freedom communities.

In fact, I was really surprised to find that leukemia viruses are epidemic in livestock in the US especially but other countries like NZ have no infected animals. We do as humans co-exist with bacteria, viruses and fungi and it is known that eating from animals that are infected can cause disease, especially when the immune system is depressed.

So it's not too much of a jump to engineer a virus to infect animals that then animal products can become a vector, to a population that has already had their immunity compromised. Worse still, if they engineer a prion, and it will be like mad cow disease that is spread by eating infected meat.

Dr McCullough is on the media trail, saying it may be disease X and has gone further to suggest to look into the bio-labs. and this is really quite a shift from someone in 2021, who was touting, that a covid infection was "natural, robust, complete and durable" (instead of a bioweapon that could potentially cause lasting damage to the immune system and organ failure)

He says quote: “If there is a jump to human-to-human transmission, it could be game on for another fear-driven campaign.” “I’m concerned that this could be ‘Disease X’ that this biopharmaceutical complex has warned us about. In 2021, it was announced that there is a bird flu vaccine. Now, BARDA, the defense department unit for research, is announcing a self-amplifying messenger RNA vaccine. So, bird flu has in it the potential for a food scare that is pulling poultry and meat off the market, people becoming very fearful, and the government presenting us with a vaccine.” (Source )

All the ducks it seems are in line to pull off another pandemic but this time, the food supply is at risk with millions of chickens already slaughtered and farmers would be the first to be "encouraged" to take any newly approved vaccines. They have already said that new jabs can be rapidly developed and deployed on the mRNA platform.

This time though, they have people captured into various thought camps.

Not so Trusted Voices

To quote Amazing Polly, "Here is the key. These people who were pro lockdown, pro mask, advance the narrative that there was a deadly pandemic..all these people now are extra trusted because eventually, they came around, and spoke out against some of these things, especially the vaccines."

Why is it, that those who have always been on the right side of history, because even if the jabs were just saline, it was abhorrent to mandate or coerce anyone into taking them and many of these prominent voices, never used their influence to stand up, when it actually counted. The many people who did, were cancelled completely and how many of us were silenced in 2020, when we said that the virus was of lab origin?

For years, I have been observing how deals are made behind the scenes and how the alternative media is just another arm of the mainstream media and it needs to be critically examined. Where is the money coming from? Where is the proof that certain supplements actually work, not make the situation worse ( let alone laced with unknown substances)? Where is the empowerment with real education? Where is the exposure of the bigger agenda and horrific crimes? And in this game of optics, there are deals being made for cross promotion and commissions and fake fights between "influencers". I was aware back in 2015, of a plan to essentially franchise the anti-vax movement.

The reality is that truth speakers that threaten the status quo, often end up dead, imprisoned or in exile.

Sun Tzu wrote the famous ancient Chinese military manual, The Art of War. It’s a short book but rich in lessons. recognizes that there are many ways to win, but the very best way, he writes, is to defeat the enemy without fighting. That is, to maneuver him into a position where his resistance is futile. If he recognizes this he will surrender, but if he chooses to fight, he is sure to be overcome.

We are at war for our lives and in a war, situations evolve very quickly. I was asked this week, how does one know who to trust? It's not that controlled opposition is necessarily all paid off but social media can serve as repeater cells, where it is possible to seed information that then goes viral. This week a CIA Officer/Former FBI boasted that they “Can Put Anyone in Jail…Set ’Em Up!” “We Call It a Nudge” and they did this to Alex Jones to bankrupt him. I think it's particularly interesting that this CIA agent says they don't put Alex in jail because he's done nothing wrong but be ignorant.

Watching the video, examine how the game is played.

They look at the psychology of people, predict how they will respond and then they put out a nudge or bait, which once bitten, they can simply reel in their victim. And they have been doing this for years, and people really need to exercise their intuition and look at it as a chess game. What is the next play and the play following that? If I react, what road does it lead me on and what are my chances of winning? Am I calling the shots, or being baited? Has the alternative counter narrative players been put in place, for me to blindly trust? How much am I prone to confirmation bias?

Question everything and trust no one completely because let's face it, most of the big names with huge followings, you have no idea of their personal lives/assets/bloodlines, the millions they are paid, who they are connected to and who is pulling the strings. A lie is also not the opposite of the truth, but a distortion. They can also make use of deep fakes, can take over social media accounts, sophisticated masks and disguises, photo-shopped photos to create illusions of reality and then there is just pure greed that motivates people.

How I have personally navigated this space is using my intuition and seeking Source; the higher consciousness that governs the universe and on many occasions it has literally saved my life because in a sea of information, trying to sift through it all in a life and death situation, is futile. I also look at the contradictions, the hypocrisy, the money trail.

Now whether or not, they will pull off the Bird Flu pandemic will depend on so many variables, including whether the Alliance is able to prevent any release or contain any engineered pathogen, as was done with Marburg.

However, the results of war are painfully obvious, with defibrillators popping up like mushrooms in the most obscure places and the number of freak car, truck and bus accidents on the road caused by people blacking out, blown out hospital queues, ambulances, long delays for cremation and burials and I think we would have seen an absence of people, except for record immigration balancing the "flock" so to speak.

I was on a group call with James Roguski, this week and essentially he was saying that the WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations are essentially a money grab and that the nations will use borders and national sovereignty for tyrannical means. That people need to be looking at and repealing their local laws. It is the local laws and enforcement there of, that will be where the battle is won and lost.

Get Your Facts Straight
Please realize that old information is just as dangerous as mis-information, dis-information and mal-information.

In that chat, there was also doctors present, and very interesting things said about prions, genetic targeting, antidotes, the next bioweapon and the attack on the food supply being likely next.

It can feel somewhat hopeless at times, that there seems to be attacks on so many fronts. Today I received a message from a Linkedin connection who told me her daughter, recently started online University, changed a lot to the point that she left the family home and cut off all contact, and being 18, the police will not tell her where she is. The woke agenda, attacking the relationships in families. It is heart breaking. I leave you with my words to her.

It will take time. Leave the light on for her.

Keep your light shining in the darkness. Things will get better, even if it will likely get a whole lot worse beforehand.


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