Defeating the matrix

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Defeating the matrix

Imagine finishing off an oral communications course in tears. Well, that was me this week. This week I learnt that communication is not rattling off words that sound great with perfect pitch, tonality and volume but an expression of one’s soul to another. And that is how we truly change the world, when we are vulnerable to share from the heart.

The globalists want to trap us in the AI world of zeros and ones; a world devoid of feeling and true human connection, where we experience life through screens that dull our senses and through various well paid actors and nefarious means they desire to control our thoughts and actions. In order to break the shackles, we need to sit in the power of our own emotions and thoughts and allow them to permeate transformation, just as grapes sour to become wine.

"Our country has betrayed us". "The world is really dark right now" These powerful words resonated in me. Acknowledging how much we have been hurt. All the feelings of vulnerability, betrayal, isolation, anxiety, despair. It's a big deal what we have gone through. Worse than a traditional war because at least in a traditional war, you know the enemy and households are united.

I remember someone once told me, all lasting and transformative change is emotion led. When you really think about it, this is true and can be both a blessing and curse. You don't enter into a relationship because you think you're ideally matched but because of how that person makes you feel.

In a part of this talk, he talks of hyper-gain theory where they "manipulate people to do things that are irrational and walk them to their death"

This really makes sense for all the illogical things the government made people do during the pandemic because it was about conditioning the mind to accept despair and death.

I recently interviewed Professor James Giordano who also consulted for DARPA. The interview connects the dots of how neuroscience could potentially be used in the future, wirelessly controlling humanity and used for nefarious purposes. I strongly encourage you to watch it and share it.

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Conspiracy meets the Mainstream

I could not have imagined, twenty years ago, that it would become mainstream that people would know how toxic fluoride was and here it is, on an interview with Joe Rogan and Tucker but Tucker goes further with truth bombs. “I don’t do email. I don’t go on the f*ckin’ internet. I don’t have a TV. I’m not into that.”

"So they're from here, and they've been here for thousands of years, whatever they are. And it's pretty clear to me that their spiritual entities, whatever that means, are supernatural.

I'm 54. I grew up in this country, in California, which was like, every assumption about America. I bought completely, just completely. And I thought that everyone who questioned those assumptions was bad. I just bought into the system completely without even thinking about it. And I imagined that I was like some kind of freethinker and, you know, I'm going against the grain, but, like, my core assumptions were the assumptions fed to me by the culture and the government, and I didn't even realize it.

But anyway, I'd never really thought about UFO's at all.... I was like, fluoride, come on, you know, 911. Shut up. UFO's? You're f&$% crazy. You know what I mean?I just, like, I had this reflexive. I'm ashamed of it. I'm not bragging about it, but....What is the US government's relationship with these things. And there's evidence that there is a relationship and that it's longstanding. Yeah, the Iraq war. I've been cruel to people, probably even already on your show, in ways that are unjustified. That's my instinct to do that. That's a fault. Not, you know, not something to brag about. It's something I'm ashamed of. So I'm not saying I'm always on the right side. I certainly have not always been on the right side. I've been on the wrong side many, many times."

A very down to earth discussion, not afraid to talk of dark spiritual beings that exist in this realm, fluoride, space craft, Amish and autism, controlled opposition, Russia, Ukraine, imprisonment of Americans, Iraq, AI and Google and the beings and reasons behind all of this suffering. The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe....... But there's this big war trying to, like, basically destroy humanity because humanity has free will, and there's a decision to which level we want to go to. We have free will, so evil is allowed to come and contend, and not just good."

Are you intrigued?

Tucker reveals the secret information he has been privy too, that I am sure people will call him crazy for even suggesting is true.

Full interview Tucker

I wrote the following two years ago and it's been sitting in my drafts folder. It's a flashback to the days of protests.

"Last week, we came full circle, serendipitously running into a protest while walking in the city. From the heights of hundreds of thousands to the core group of thousands, there we stood with our old family friends. We got to meet Violet, the baby, born at home only a few weeks ago. She represents the future. The hope, the life. Her warrior mother from a line of strong spiritual women.

We, women were the witches of the past, burnt at the stake for truth, against the establishment, free born, and free thinking; we nurture our families with living foods, birth our children at home, take health into our own hands. We have fought this battle for people unknown to us, many who think we are extremist and dangerous, even amongst the protesters, we are considered extreme instead of exceptional. We are the pioneers, our roots firmly grounded in the wisdom of the past and the Earth.

Is it because our mere existence, challenges the established order and shows up the lies that we are so hated? We birth like we breathe; in tune with our bodies, spirits and minds. We need no permission, we stand under no man to dictate to us, their rules. We are the divine feminine. We are the seers that saw this present time and warned many of the harm.

We will not live as owned products, plugged into a digital system of control, working for credits, and disposable for modern conveniences. Rather wild and free, that "safe" and enslaved.

We are the flame, the fire that burns and gives life, the hearth within our homes. Our truth and love stands against hate, lies and violence. How can simply living in peace be so hard and so many agree to this tyranny under the guise of health?

For Violet and our children, as mothers we stand, to work for a better future; independent, healthy and free; a future made of dreams, where all life is honored. A life without bullying, coercion, corruption and violence but filled with love, truth, compassion and caring.

What future do you want? This is the choice you make today and every day. Freedom comes at a price, it must be fought for and does not come cheap. It may cost you, your life but better to die free, than to never truly live at all.

I was also holding space with a friend yesterday, feeling raw, as I recognize in myself, the pain she feels inside. We have become accustomed to always being happy and accommodating for others but it's also a defense. Always keeping our guard up, our hearts closed, friendly but not deeply connected because there is past pain, trauma, rejection, hurt and sorrow. To show the full expression of emotion and thought, is to leave us open to rejection. We have become good at being fair weathered friends for those around us.

Robots do not feel but our humanity is not just that we feel deeply but we belong, we trust, we love in ways that leave us vulnerable, 'naked' and open to inner transformation. To know unconditional love is acceptance of ourselves and others, as we are, with the full gamut of emotions and thoughts.

Not only does the world tell us, how we should think but how we should feel. God forbid, we express righteous anger for what has been done to us, under the guise of public health by those around us, who chose hate, discrimination, exclusion and name calling to harm us. Yet this was just the tipping point of many years of abuse.

We forgive but we do not forget.

Friends, look within and see the trauma that is healing and allow it to be exposed to the fresh air of love, not fester in the darkness and covered up, isolated and neglected.

While there may be a time for band-aids, there is also a time to rip off the safe guards and allow healing to become complete and to be whole again, as we were as children.

Let the innocence we had as children, the full expression of love, permeate all that we are, because the Great Awakening is not just isolated, individual experiences but a oneness of hearts, souls and minds, bound by love. It is both painful and joy filled.

Find and live your authentic self. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

I woke up this morning after having dreams of babies and children who were orphaned. Dreams step us out of the matrix and gives us powerful insights into the future. Be careful that you are not caught up in the media narrative and counter narrative, because both are trying to funnel you into belief systems.

As Bruce LaDuke wrote, "It's all AI augmented covert information warfare. AI recommends narratives with AI analysis of shifts in popular sentiment. It is designed to move people from one emotional reaction to the next without giving them time to logically process across events. Belief becomes 'situational' instead of foundational, which is how minds are controlled.Trance is a great word for it...I think of it as 'compromised belief.' Belief is the battleground for mind control."

Go deeper, because the battleground is not out there but the war is being waged in the mind and in our hearts."

Back then, I didn't know of the advanced techniques of mind control. In reflection, the only way to win this war on our minds is through our hearts.

"Every original idea is first ridiculed, then vigorously attacked, and finally taken for granted"

Humanity is really at a turning point. There is the AI controlled world of people assimilated and controlled by the matrix frequency system, tagged and traced, thoughts and feelings implanted into a digital hive and the freeborn, authentic, spiritually evolved being connected to their hearts and minds and love consciousness.

It all connects. What is being put in the food with nanotechnology to the mRNA jabs and wireless technology, to assimilate the freeborn human spirit into the matrix system of absolute mind control and emotional manipulation, where people do not even recognize that their thoughts and emotions have been hijacked by external forces.

"Guard your heart with all diligence for it is the wellspring of life"

Health Alliance Australia is currently looking to interview health practitioners who have successfully helped people overcome chronic illness whether it's cancer, heart disease, jab injury, long covid etc...or if anyone has a personal story of triumph against the odds, they would like to share. Please contact me to discuss.


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