Depopulation Black out and Lies

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Depopulation Black out and Lies

Two years ago, I wrote an article about how they were preparing us for a mass death event and at the time, I was sure that by now, most people would have figured out that it was both the jab and the lab made pathogen, that were the primary drivers of this death rate. It seems like yesterday and a life time ago that I penned that article. Even the "awake" have no idea what's coming, that we are really only at the very beginning of a mass culling. I think it's because the reality of the situation is just so dark, we really don't want to face it.

Historically, the Black Death is used as an example of mass deaths where approximately a third of the population died, and this lead to huge social changes and ultimately the beginning of the Renaissance period. Was that engineered as well? Something to ponder...But just as the victors write the history, you can be certain, that the data being presented is lies and crafted narratives. You cannot trust it, in any shape or form.

I live on a busy road and watch the ambulances pass by without sirens and estimate about three an hour is average. The talk of death is so normalized. Last week, an old acquaintance tells me of her neighbours who both died with a short space of time between; one of ovarian cancer and the other prostrate. At the local neighbourhood house, a middle aged woman with young children passed from turbo cancer. An organic farmer (unjabbed) we used to know. went to hospital for routine cancer treatment and had 2 strokes and came home to die. A friend down the road, her mother in law died a month after her second jab. Too many people to name in treatment for everything from heart disease to cancer. Mystery diagnoses. Defibrillators installed in so many places. Children with heart issues unable to play sports. Teenagers in Melbourne dying in their sleep. Multiple deaths in families; imagine losing both a child and parent. Young people diagnosed with cancer and healthy, active people suddenly dropping dead.

While my cardiologist openly admits the jab injuries and is curious about the bio-weapons development, he justifies not speaking out because he would lose his license, The silence is deafening from the medical fraternity and inside sources say 50%+ of the higher ups did not take the shot themselves. What an incredible travesty.

When asked in a FOI request about DNA contamination, in Australia the TGA produce 74 pages of blacked out information. When asked about myocarditis, the US authorities return 148 pages of redacted data. Pfizer we know got their own batches sourced because they didn't want to take from the local supply. And all of this and more is public record, and no conspiracy. They are openly telling you, with absolute disdain that humans are no more than useless eaters, that need to be done away with.

Raelene Kennedy's daughter, Caitlin Goetze was 23 when she was killed by the mandated injections. She was a horse foreman, the shots were mandated by her employer, if she refused she would lose her job. Listen to her mother. This was in Queensland, the same state that just had the mandate declared UNLAWFUL in the Supreme court. She died at her place of work, in her car, alone, on 17/11/2021. "This was my baby"

[Video] Marina Luccarini on LinkedIn: Her name is Caitlin Goetze. She was 23 when she was killed by the mandated… | 141 comments
Her name is Caitlin Goetze. She was 23 when she was killed by the mandated injections. She was a horse foreman, it was mandated by her employer, if she refused… | 141 comments on LinkedIn

To add insult to injury, The submissions for the COVID inquiry, redacted Raelene's entire submission. You can view it for yourself here

The level of human suffering and gaslighting is so dark and so tragic and yet here we are, business as usual. People moving on with their lives. The people who pushed the narrative and the jabs, when they decide the jabs are bad, somehow become super star anti-vaxxers paraded out at "freedom" events, as heros. It really beggars belief, that people have such short memories to put on pedestals, those who not only never stood up when it counted but who actually peddled and profited from the bio-weapon.

I had a dream, almost 9 years ago about this time and it really is so surreal.

For those I have spoken to who are in this battle of a lifetime, it's a constant balance trying to care for oneself and save the world but at some point you do question the sanity of trying? But to do nothing, is to betray one's own soul and at times, you do wonder "Is this worth it? Do people really care? Does nothing shock anyone anymore, of how dark and openly depraved this world has become, that even the institutions not only cannot be trusted but are weaponized against the people?"

The "awake" may have heard that they were safe because they didn't get the jab and while that bullet was dodged, many underestimate the harm that transfection can have. Although, I knew it was a bio-weapon, I never expected to be infected so early in December 2021, nor did I expect after a very mild illness to be in full blown heart failure by May 2022. I have captured in various articles my journey and important things to consider to heal, but there are also many things to be wary of.

Misinformation isn't just directed the jabbed but I would be suspicious of anything heavily marketed as a cure. If the practitioner does not understand the mechanisms of harm, then the treatment may cause more injury, not seen for months or years. Such has been the case reported to me of nattokinase, where a German research group has said that in high doses it causes platelets to disintegrate because while the focus of people's attention has been whether someone got covid or not, the severity of it and getting over symptoms, the long term ramifications of circulating spike protein in the body over time and how to get rid of it safely, without breaking it down to cause more spikes that injure the body, were not considered important to study. Now even Tucker Carlson, has brought up the issue that the spike was engineered to do more than just harm the body, but designed to change human thinking, that humans would accept the new world of 15 minute cities, aka 'open air prisons'.


The interviews on Health Alliance Youtube channel beginning with Dr Richard Fleming's model of Immunothrombosis to Dr Kevin McCairn's model of prions being the mechanism of harm, were done to help people sift through the large volume of information, to provide useful framework and information. To me, it's strange that the same people that pushed the shots, who were part of the establishment are given such huge platforms, because for them to get it wrong when the data was there from the start, when the corruption was clear for decades and even if the shots were "safe and effective", to not stand up against mandates and coercion doesn't make them heros but cowards. So diabolical is the depopulation plan, how do people know the very things being promoted as treatments for the spike, aren't in fact causing harm too and like a magician's trick, while people are so focused on one thing, there are hundreds of other ways, humanity is being poisoned.

For example, tainted blood products. "Many countries around the world have reported that so-called genetic vaccines, such as those using modified mRNA encoding the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles as the drug delivery system, have resulted in post-vaccination thrombosis and subsequent cardiovascular damage, as well as a wide variety of diseases involving all organs and systems, including the nervous system."

Alternatives for volume replacement can be accomplished without using whole blood or blood plasma. Various nonblood fluids are effective volume expanders. The simplest is saline (salt) solution, which is both inexpensive and compatible with our blood. There are also fluids with special properties, such as dextran, Haemaccel, and lactated Ringer’s solution. Hetastarch (HES) is a newer volume expander, and “it can be safely recommended for those [burn] patients who object to blood products.” (Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation, January/February 1989) Such fluids have definite advantages. “Crystalloid solutions [such as normal saline and lactated Ringer’s solution], Dextran and HES are relatively nontoxic and inexpensive, readily available, can be stored at room temperature, require no compatibility testing and are free of the risk of transfusion-transmitted disease.”—Blood Transfusion Therapy—A Physician’s Handbook, 1989. See for a more detailed article.

Infected blood is just one avenue of concern.


So how could the jab deaths be covered up? By using another pandemic. WA premier is testing the waters, saying he would use the army to enforce borders. The Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Act 2020, allows "The Chief of the Defence Force, or the Secretary, may, in writing, authorise a person, or each person in a class of persons, to perform duties in respect of the provision of assistance mentioned in subsection (1), if the person, or each person in the class of persons, is any of the following:  (a) an APS employee or other employee of the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth authority or agency;  (b) a member of the naval, military or air force of a foreign country, or a member of a foreign police force (however described).

Various laws were passed in Australia in respect to future pandemics that involved vaccinations, lock downs, quarantines, border closures, etc.. Nothing really has been rolled back. Will people comply again?


Many countries prior to the pandemic were already experiencing negative population growth and since the rollout of the jab and release of the bioweapon, there are many reports of infant deaths, miscarriages and infertility. Dr Luke McLindon, a prominent doctor was sacked by a major Brisbane hospital. when he claimed there was a link between vaccines and miscarriage. The Australian department of health is still recommending covid19 and other vaccines for pregnant women, claiming the science supports it.

Australia also is beginning to jab new born babies with the latest jab, that is the RSV jab. The Queensland state government has announced a $31 million program to jab more than 70,000 newborn babies, eligible infants and young children. They will be given a monoclonal antibody – or man-made protein – called Nirsevimab, which is marketed as Beyfortus. "By using mRNA, new monoclonal antibodies can be rapidly designed. When the therapeutic mRNA is administered to patients, they then synthesize the antibody within their own cells."

Increasingly, mRNA technology rebranded is going to end up in medicines and food unless we can find a way to stop it. For now, it's buyer beware. We are really playing Hunger Games here, survival of the fittest. Be careful who you listen to.

Worth a watch to understand the heart and the Science of healing.

The idea of the depopulation agenda, is so accepted now but another emerging narrative is that the spike protein, wasn't just there to injure the body but to infect the mind and actually change the way people think.

Have a listen to this interview by Tucker Carlson and then go and watch the two videos on Health Alliance Australia's Youtube channel with Dr Kevin McCairn and Professor James Giordano and if all these dots connect, this bioweapon was far more than a tool to injure the body but take over the mind, so that people willingly accept the NWO slave-beast system. Technology is far more advanced that is widely known.

Full video:

In conclusion, if you have forces so dark as to infect humanity with a bioweapon, don't underestimate what they can do from military wars, to wireless mind control to weather weaponry, poisoned and destroyed food supplies, to captured or divisive narratives. Fudged data is nothing to them.

To have the mental fortitude going forward, it really is important to pay attention to manage; nutrition, sleep, sunshine, walking, getting out into nature, connection, and laughter. Having gone thorough some very dark days, I know from personal experience that nothing lasts forever, and there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't see it, you have to believe it is there.


Thank you for those who support my advocacy work and writing. Share away, as this writing is a labor of love.

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