Preparing us for a mass death event

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Preparing us for a mass death event
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The death of one is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.

Recently my husband's aunt died. My daughter told me, "Did you know Betty died?" She had read it on a Facebook post, written after the funeral and weeks after Betty had died. There was no phone call. Only a text message

"Have you seen Kerry’s post? We had the funeral for Betty yesterday. She wanted her death to be announced publicly until after the funeral. She’s buried at Cheltenham Cemetery with her husband. Sorry to share such sad news."

So that was it. Betty was gone. No celebration of her life. No mourning her death. To this day, my husband has not been told by his cousin, personally. Sure we hadn't seen Betty in years. She was 94 but we still had fond memories of her. She was still his aunt.

In August 2020, his cousin died. He didn't want a funeral and at that time, we were living through all the covid19 restrictions and the government had limited numbers at funerals to 5 or 10.  This was really the beginning of desensitizing us to death. Later on maximum funeral numbers under covid rules became determined by vaccine status. An abhorrent rule, which effectively excluded the unjabbed from attending.

Hundreds could gather at Costco for toilet paper but the government limited how many could attend a funeral to a handful of people. Toilet paper was deemed "essential" but mourning was "non-essential"; work deemed essential but human contact outside ones household "non-essential".

Marriage plans too was thrown into disarray constantly labelled "super spreading events" and stripped down to just 5 people, which included the celebrant, bride and groom.  The three defining events in life; birth, death and marriage made insignificant. Birth hijacked by covid rules in the most cruel of ways; mothers refused access to their babies without negative covid test results. Fathers refused access.  

Our humanity stripped away by processes and rules under the guise of "keeping us safe". The daily covid update is all numbers and data. Without context just agendas. Our lives left in limbo, with constantly changing and inconsistent rules.
Programmed to see life as black and white; vaxxed and unvaxxed, rules and punishment. No discretion, discernment, compassion or compromise. Bullying and coercion, has become the norm.

"Thou must comply. Resistance is futile"; assimilation into the matrix by coercion or force.
Death in covid times is brutal. From admission into hospital to death and cremation, from healthy to dead in days. Once entering the system there is no coming home, no advocate, no communication. Another injury. Another death. Another data point in the sea of numbers. Without significance, emotion or meaning. Money changing hands.

Public outrage is growing for the hospital protocols that have directly led to medical harm and death.

Funeral director John O'Looney, blew the whistle on the unprecedented number of deaths from the jabs and the inflating of covid related deaths and the use of drugs in care homes for killing. Here his testimony.

It comes as no surprise that John ended up sick with covid. Similar to how many at the protests in Melbourne were targetted by frequency weapons. This is why one needs to be prepared with effective early treatments.

After being admitted to hospital for covid, John experienced first hand the horrors of the hospital system and wrote the following recently.

"Hi guys
Just a quick update.
I still feel poisoned in honesty and recovery is slow.
Even walking upstairs is a drain and I’m wondering when I will begin to pick up, it’s demoralising.
That said I do feel better than a week ago, it’s just slow going.
But I need to get back to work and that seems a way off yet sadly.
Again I’d say I actually feel like I’ve been poisoned - this is my thing but a natural virus and these bastards have a lot to answer for.

I’d urge people to avoid hospital at all costs personally based on my experience in it.
There was no emphasis on healing me at all and the focus was only on getting me to agree to as many experimental drugs as the Oxford university rep could coerce me into agreeing to take
In fact in the few days I was in there I met a consultant just once briefly and for the time it took him to accept I wasn’t going to be a guinea pig.
I never saw him again after that, but I was visited several times by the gates funded Oxford university rep at my bedside ……
I’ve never ever seen this type of mercenary Frankenstein bullshit in a British hospital before and never want to see it again.

I feel an overriding feeling of sadness because I left people in there when I left who had agreed and been pushed into trying these drugs out and who I suspect will die in there.

The poisons I was pushed were

And two others


This was while i was fed gloop that only tasted of rap-seed oil, regardless of what it was , breakfast, pudding, even toast it was all saturated some sort of oil and it was disgusting.

I remain convinced if I hadn’t been sprung I’d be dead now, in fact I’m certain and you have to imagine just how lonely a place it is in hospital growing slowly weaker and with no family or friends allowed to visit you as they tell you every day how you’ll die without these drugs and how you’ll die if you leave.

It was honestly one of - if not the most horrific and frightening experience of my life going in there in honesty.

I didn’t recognise it as a hospital past the triage point.
Many of the staff are still caring, but there is little clinical care now, it’s all about being a guinea pig.

I was told numerous times how selfish I was - especially in the ambulance by one “caring” female which was bordering being quite sadistic and she should not be working in the nhs on any level.

There are I sense staff in the nhs who know something is badly wrong but who are all slave to the paymaster and who ultimately will do as they are told to do.
I’ll close for now by praying none of you are forced to go into an nhs hospital - especially after being poisoned with this man made bio weapon - because it is anything but a natural phenomenon

But if you do remain strong and refuse these toxic experimental drugs.
Remember your rights and when you wish to leave then discharge yourself and leave.
They are also desperate to get you onto ventilation and I found this to be very upsetting as well, especially when I knew I didn’t need it.

It’s a bloody lonely bed in there I can tell you when your alone
Stay strong and stay tough and I’ll focus on trying to get better a bit each day.

All my love


In many parts of the world, including Australia tenders have gone out for temporary body storage. Norway and London have ordered a lot of body bags/temporary body storage; " the City of Westminster is seeking tenders for temporary body storage units from Sept 2021 to Sept 2025. Apparently it is in the anticipation of a 'mass death event'.

Norway has ordered 3.4 million body bags to be delivered in 3 years. 3.4 million is half of Norway’s population.
Database for public procurement:

Are we being prepared for a mass death event, by firstly being desensitized to human suffering through the media?

This is a planned assault on humanity using a bioweapon that was not only intentionally released but put into injections. Read more

Can the damage be reversed? We don't know. This is what has been learnt so far.

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