Early treatment options of covid19

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Early treatment options of covid19
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In 2020, one of my friends in Louisiana, her mum had covid and her oxygen levels dropped to 80%. I had done a lot of research through medical papers and found nano-silver, humidity and heat were effective against viruses and her mum, willing to give anything a go, followed my advice and nebulized collodial silver, a few times a day and on day 4, she fully recovered to normal oxygen levels.

One of the things that I learnt from all my research on viral infections, was that there were many things that you could take to treat them. Although brought up with the idea, that we had antibiotics for bacterial infections and nothing for viral infections, I was determined to find an effective treatment and I discovered that not only were their pharmaceutical anti-virals written about in medical literature 40 years ago but also holistic options.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC3265313/ In this study, it showed that high temperature at high relative humidity has a synergistic effect on inactivation of SARS CoV viability.

Silver will break the virus wall and render it inactive. “Due to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, new alternative therapies are needed. “Silver was used to treat bacterial infections since antiquity due to its known antimicrobial properties.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7167925/  is one study on its antibacterial actions.

Collodial silver has been used in nebulized form to cure pneumonia and halt lung disease. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2443992/  is a case study of a family who treated their 12 year old with colloidal silver.

A number of alternative and functional doctors, have suggested using a nebulizer either with collodial silver or hydrogen peroxide at 3%. Dr Brownstein was given a warning about recommending supplementation and alternative treatments for covid19 by the FTC and forced to take down testimonials. At the time, in the height of the pandemic, with so much unknown, Brownstein treated 85 patients, and the results were close to miraculous. Unfortunately, all of the information and video testimonials are now permanently deleted. https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/warning-letters/covid-19-letter_to_dr._brownsteins_holistic_medicine.pdf His treatment consistented of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide 3%/iodine, and vitamins A, C, D, and iodine not only to support the immune system but also to treat viral infection.

We do still have remaining, a video from Dr Richard Cheng using high dose vitamin C on covid19 patients in Shanghai. This was way back in April 2020, and yet in Australia, although research began on vitamin C, it was discontinued because they felt the dosage was too high, and even if successful, there wouldn't be the supply of vitamin C. Go figure! In April 2020, the TGA also made the extraordinary move of banning antivirals like hydroxychloroquine for covid19 treatment, citing  "the limited evidence for effect against COVID-19, as well as the risk of significant adverse effects" (for a drug that is not only commonly sold over the counter but with a solid history of safety spanning decades) https://www.tga.gov.au/alert/new-restrictions-prescribing-hydroxychloroquine-covid-19

So armed with the information from various sources, I had all the supplements ready, when out of the blue, I ended up with covid19. I hadn't seen anyone indoors, no one I knew had symptoms, our household shopping was delivered, locked out of gyms etc.. Not everyone in a household gets it, no matter how hard they may try to catch it and from what we have heard, it seems you need to literally implant nose and mouth droplets of a sick person into your own to be guaranteed to catch covid. I digress. My symptoms weren't so bad. An annoying cough and tiredness. Ten days of isolation after a positive PCR test. It was good that I had everything on hand.

"I took minimum, 2000mg ascorbic acid, 1000mg NAC daily in mineral water pumped from the mineral springs. Nebulized collodial silver several times a day during the symptomatic times but probably should have started earlier.
Ate organic Costco seaweed for iodine daily, and plant based organic vegetarian diet which included lots of miso soup.
600mg quercetine and 50 mg of zinc less frequently (probably should have taken it with food, as it does give one a bit of a stomach ache)
MMS when I felt inflammation but again could have done this more often.

Dosage of NAC and ascorbic acid is important. Most people don't take near enough and you can take more to bowel tolerance. Magnesium salt baths and I made sure, I did some physical activity, for the lymphatic system.
The rest of the family did ascorbic acid, NAC and nebulized collodial silver except one son who just had vitamin C chewables. Overall, it wasn't that bad, mostly just tiredness.

My theory is that people who do badly with covid have high toxic load in fat cells (why being overweight is a huge risk factor) and nutritional deficiencies. Ivermectin/zinc and vitamin C can be a life saver by assisting the immune system by pushing zinc into the cells. I personally do not take pharma drugs for the potential effect on my brain, and memory but each to their own and risks need to be balanced against benefits.

Covid is different from any flu, we have had. It doesn't affect children who will show no symptoms. Unlike the usual; feel sick and turn the corner better, it tends to go in waves. We weren't worried but I was still cautious. I have since bought a whole lot of herbal teas like dandelion root/leaf, raspberry leaf, nettle, horsetail and want to forage for pine needle tea, to deal with any spike proteins. It is in my view of lab origin and unnatural but if treated early, relatively mild, rating on par with a mild cold in the healthy but lasting longer than usual.

From my observation, it is endemic in the community and natural immunity is the way out, isolating the vulnerable and treating the sick. Supplements for immune support taken regularly many months prior to infection and good lifestyle/nutritional choices, will yield the best results. Nasal washes with iodine as recommended or nebulizing collodial silver, reduce the viral load and are also preventative. We have heard of a couple of people getting sick and being hospitalized. A surprising number of people have imported ivermectin and said it made them immediately better or saved them a hospital visit.

It's very surreal to actually have put all the research into practice. Everyone has an opinion on covid and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I am under no illusions that it is not your average flu and may affect the vulnerable and old, badly if left untreated. Anti-viral treatments should not be banned in favour of jabs, mandates, restrictions or lock downs. Many countries have used early effective treatments and natural immunity to end the covid pandemic in their communities. We should be looking to these successes for guidance.

Unfortunately in Australia, ivermectin is not available for early treatment, unless people are able to get it posted in from overseas and it not be confiscated at customs. Below are various early treatment protocols published by Frontline Doctors and Zelenko.

A substitute for ivermectin is nigella seeds which can be taken with honey and eaten or black seed oil. The anti-parasitic role of HQC or Ivermectin can be substituted with Dr Jennifer Daniels candida protocol, which you need to be open to and research it. I have seen this protocol used very successfully.

The lack of availability of HQC and difficulty finding quercetine. people can be creative and make their own HQC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jwPeeagXiM  

Importantly, keep up with zinc, through zinc rich foods, fruits and vegetables, sunshine, fresh air, sleep and exercise. Ascorbic acid as vitamin C, is easy to find and can be taken to bowel tolerance. A nebulizer is a great insurance policy too. A number of medical practitioners in Australia do offer IV vitamin C and there are a host of allied health professionals that can assist with improving overall baseline health. What I have also found incredibly helpful is juicing green vegetables/beetroot/carrot/celery/apple/orange , green smoothies, homemade milk kefir for probiotics/gut health, etc (talk more on these things later)

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