Evidence, Arrests and Justice

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Evidence, Arrests and Justice

It's coming. I know we have heard it so many times before, but look at the signs, and you will see that the dam wall has cracks in it and is about to burst open. Many ask, why has it taken so long? Taking down and organized, international criminal cartel who controls both social and mainstream media, who planned this assault for decades, was never going to be achieved overnight, especially when players can easily be replaced with another, equally bad actor.

Additionally, a public that is not only completely oblivious but supportive because of conditioning through mass propaganda could cause civil unrest, like sheep that are easily startled. A multifaceted approach was necessary with covert operations, in order to gather evidence, issue arrests and ultimately bring about justice.

As Former Attorney General Bill Barr recently said to Fox News regarding the Durham case, “Complicated cases like this take a long time to build. They occur step-by-step and in secret. People don’t like that, but if they want people punished, that’s what it takes… If you want the facts, if you want a report, that can be done fairly quickly. If you want scalps, that takes time.”

It's not good enough to cut down the bad tree, the roots need to be exposed or else it all grows back. This means everything from the pedophile rings, indoctrination in the school system, the trans and trans-human agenda, corruption and bribery, fraud, digital identity and mass surveillance, the organizations that run the world, the Cabal, the secret societies, families and religious cartels, etc.. all need to be exposed. People need to feel the effects of the evil, whether that be through shortages, hardship, economic loss, death, suffering, because unfortunately for many that is what is takes for them to wake up and stand up. To finally say, enough is enough.

The attempt by the WHO for a global pandemic treaty is dead in the water. Africa has blocked the treaty and 90+ countries are also opposed. https://www.onenation.org.au/who-forced-into-humiliating-backdown

In the US, Dr David Martin has cases filed in the courts and he says that there are 3 different law enforcement agencies working with him to criminally indict one of the sociopaths who architected this global campaign of terror. It is a case of murder; premediated global and local terrorism and racketeering. He holds back no punches. Watch him deliver this powerful message.

Another one to watch is Elon Musk, who cleverly baiting Twitter with a $44 billion dollar offer, and exposing that 20% of the users on Twitter were in fact, bots. In doing so, is dismantling the enemy of social media, as a controlled propaganda machine. "He continues his red-pilling rampage the likes of which the world has never seen. Normies are being woken up en masse. Centrists and younger generations hear and see everything about Elon. But the reason his word is so effective, is because it’s a source that hasn’t be hyper-politicized by the left, yet." (BioClandestine)

Pfizer documents were ordered to be released by the courts. These were the document that they wanted sealed for 75 years. These internal documents revealed that Pfizer knew, 1223 people had already been killed by the jab in 12 weeks and 35,000 total adverse events reported during that same 3-month period.


Other Notable issues include:

▪︎Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was NOT 95% effective as they claimed. The data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate for the first 7 days...then falls to less than 1% (0.84%)

▪︎There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. Instead, they tested it on 44 rats before claiming it was "safe"

▪︎The lipid nanoparticles were found to have distributed throughout the body — in the liver, ovaries & other vital organs 48 hrs post injection

Moderna shares are 54% down on what they were 6 months ago. Moderna‘s CEO at the World Economic Summit:

"It's sad to say, I'm in the process of throwing 30 million doses [covid vaccines] in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem."



Crimes Against Humanity Tour ~ A cross examination of the global pandemic, the global reset and humanity's path to a Great Awakening is happening in several states in the US.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Richard M. Fleming, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Patrick Wood speaking on the lab grown bioweapon. The narrative is not about efficacy or side effects but premeditated murder and the future where we will see arrests, justice, Nurumberg 2, prison and capital punishment for those guilty of crimes against humanity.



The war is ending in the Ukraine. This video is particularly interesting. https://youtu.be/3NSczlMgd4c  Ukraine is a Cabal stronghold, with 26 biolabs https://twitter.com/MFA_China/status/1501185437901082629 and a well trained military but Russia has captured 150,000 square kilometres and holding it and destroying biolabs. An incredible military feat. It is said the servers at Chernobyl housed crytocurrency servers and interestingly enough, crypto crashed just after these servers were raided.

Report: Hunter Biden-Linked Ukraine Biolabs Worked On Covid-19 Research 3 Months Before Pandemic Began
US DOD and Hunter Biden funded research into Covid before it even existed

AUSTRALIA - The headquarters of the global cabal, has really shown it's true colours in the last two years. It is a globalist stronghold with advanced military survelliance, extensive underground facilities and medical experimentation. Melbourne in particular is still one of the most draconion places in the world.

Yet across Australia general worker mandates are dropping, we have a health system in crisis, worker shortages everywhere, legal action is coming from multiple fronts and we have wins on the board, private settlements over jab mandates, criminal investigations being filed both overseas and in Australia, etc.

For criminal action in Australia, email lucyb4457@gmail.com She is working with retired detectives and lawyers in relation to criminal proceedings and wanting to hear from anyone with information or who was harmed by the injection. She is also wanting to hear from whistleblowers from the medical field and government employees.

The media is starting to turn. Adverse reactions are being reported. Calls to end mandates from multiple fronts. https://www.2gb.com/this-cannot-go-on-ben-fordham-calls-for-end-to-vaccine-mandates/ https://www.triplem.com.au/story/update-on-peter-matera-post-heart-attack-from-brother-phil-200440

Josh Frydenberg, Australian treasurer was voted out at the Federal election. Josh was the architect of the central bank digital currency. This is a great win for freedom. His bills include the failed no cash bill and financial reform where investments had to be Vanguard/Black Rock groups in order to earn an income advising clients.

Digital currency was the means of human enslavement and is being rejected. Crypto is crashing as the world transitions to gold and in ground minerals backed currency away from fiat currency.

Cash is being hoarded extensively in Australia. In November 2021, nearly $100 billion in cash or an increase of 20%  since the start of the pandemic, was hoarded. This figure is now estimated to be 250 billion in cash.

Premier Dan Andrews is being questioned by IBAC on issues of corruption.

Senator Gerard Rennick, the warrior that he is, is relentless in his fight against not just the mandates but the poisonous jabs. He has called medical practitioners and allied health professionals to sign his open letter  https://www.gerardrennick.com.au/allied-health-ahpra-letter/


The reason why films and books depicted a dystopian and dark future is a spell; predictive programming but the universal law is that love conquers all and light overcomes darkness. What is delaying the inevitable are the people who are still drinking the Koolaid, and this guy words it well.


Don't buy into the fear and even the alternative media is guilty of promoting bad news because bad news is more popular and sells.

The evidence is compelling, that the tide has well and truly turned.

There are better days ahead.  Please share the good news and let us manifest a bright future together. There is much power in that.

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