Sudden Adult Deaths just like SIDS

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Sudden Adult Deaths just like SIDS
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Making the news this week has been the "mysterious" disease that has been labelled Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), an "umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people," usually under the age of 40. While many people have heard of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the growing incidence of SADS has prompted Australian doctors to set up a new national register. I guess we could save them the trouble and millions of dollars in "research" and suggest to them that taking an experimental cocktail of mRNA gene therapy, might be a good place to start looking for answers. Athletes collapsing on the field, healthy people dropping dead at home is not "normal" but instead of more "we told you so" articles, we need solutions, treatments, and cures.

Sudden death following vaccination is actually not a new phenomena. Many decades ago, Dr Archie Kalokerinos, said sudden deaths were attributed to scurvy. Scurvy is vitamin C deficiency that historically afflicted sailors on long voyages, and according to historian Stephen Bown scurvy was responsible for more deaths at sea than storms, shipwrecks, combat, and all other diseases combined, beginning with lethargy and ending with a sudden hemorrhage near the heart or brain.

Dr Archie Kalokerinos wrote the book Every Second Child, which was a personal account of his work amongst the aborigines in Collarenebri, Australia where he witnessed a large number of sudden unexpected deaths in children who had been recently vaccinated. He was able to reverse this and even save children by the use of vitamin C. He wrote, "The infant death rate had doubled in 1970, gone even higher in the first six months of 1971, and looked like it would reach in some areas, 500 per 1000." Kalokerinos discovered that acute vitamin C deficiency was the root cause and that infants and children could have infections that were more or less "silent", when infants were vaccinated, this would use up the already low vitamin C stores in the body and would be enough to tip the infant over the edge to serious illness and/or death.

The Aborigines, Kalokerinos observed ate a diet of bread, sugar, jam and sausage as a result suffered many nutritional deficiencies. This is why they were the canary in the coal mine, in that the harm of vaccination was far more evident in this population. In an animal experiment, half the animals were supplemented with vitamin C and none died after vaccination, but the unsupplemented group, continued to die at rates similar to previous experiments.

Kalokerinos wrote, "The importance of this discovery can hardly be stressed. In Australia and all over the world, infants were being immunised. Those whose vitamin C status was low were "at risk". Here, at last was experimental evidence that supported my claims that stepping up immunisation campaigns amongst Aboriginal infants increased the death rates. Many died from acute vitamin C deficiency precipitated by the increased utilisation of vitamin C following immunisation."

Needless to say, Kalokerinos was demonized as a quack and "anti-vaxxer", and sudden infant deaths were also blamed on shaking baby syndrome, with parents blamed, arrested, convicted and jailed. There was a Queensland police officer, Chris Savage who was very outspoken on vaccines, and he said that authorities were covering up SIDS deaths caused by vaccines with shaking baby syndrome.  

Watch his powerful testimony from his 22 years of policing experience. No surprises that Chris is living in exile.

While Kalokerinos, focussed on vitamin C deficiency as the cause of vaccine harm, there are a host of other causes from ingredients like mercury and aluminum which are used as adjuvants/preservatives, poor manufacturing, MTHFR mutations, poor nutrition, environmental toxins/pesticides/chemicals/medications, etc that are also contributing factors. In any respect vaccines prime the body to be in a state of inflammation and there are now many more vaccines on the childhood schedule than previous decades.

The Canadian doctor who died in mysterious circumstances, Dr Andrew Moulden presented the best model for why ALL vaccines are harmful and cause ischemia and loss of zeta potential (life force). Video series with hours of information can be found online Tolerance Lost and Tolerance Found, are all we have left of his research but there are hours of scientific information on the topic of vaccine harm by Moulden scattered online.

Moulden said vaccines cause microclotting in the body (ischemia), a type of stroke that leads to damage in the brain and body, when small end blood vessels are temporarily and some permanently blocked off when the blood starts to sludge. Vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (ischemia) to brain and body from clinically silent to death. Does this sound familiar? This is exactly the same as what has been demonstrated by mRNA vaccines, where the blood becomes thickened, and cells/organs become deprived of oxygen.

After watching Moulden's work, you will never say, "I am not anti-vaccine but against covid jabs", because you will be completely against all vaccines.

Moulden reportedly committed suicide just before he was about to release damning information that he said would end the vaccine program. He joins the ranks of other medical mysteries such as James Jeffrey "Jeff" Bradstreet, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Dr. Boyd Graves, and Dr. Bruce Hedendal, Boca Raton (chiropractor), who all mysteriously died after speaking out against vaccines. Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was treating and healing children with autism disorder. His cause of death was labelled suicide after a gun shot wound to the chest.

Viera Scheibner who wrote, Vaccination 100 Years of Orthodox Research: Vaccines represent a medical assault on the immune system wrote the following;

"Prior to contemporary vaccination programs, ‘Crib death’ was so infrequent that it was not mentioned in infant mortality statistics. In the United States, national immunization campaigns were initiated in the 1960s when several new vaccines were introduced and actively recommended. For the first time in history, most US infants were required to receive several doses of DPT, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines.  Shortly thereafter, in 1969, medical certifiers presented a new medical term—sudden infant death syndrome.

In 1973, the National Center for Health Statistics added a new cause-of-death category—for SIDS—to the ICD. SIDS is defined as the sudden and unexpected death of an infant which remains unexplained after a thorough investigation. Although there are no specific symptoms associated with SIDS, an autopsy often reveals congestion and edema of the lungs and inflammatory changes in the respiratory system.  

By 1980, SIDS had become the leading cause of post neonatal mortality (deaths of infants from 28 days to one year old) in the United States.

“Although some studies were unable to find correlations between SIDS and vaccines, there is some evidence that a subset of infants may be more susceptible to SIDS shortly after being vaccinated. For example, Torch found that two-thirds of babies who had died from SIDS had been vaccinated against DPT (diphtheria–pertussis–tetanus toxoid) prior to death. Of these, 6.5% died within 12 hours of vaccination; 13% within 24 hours; 26% within 3 days; and 37%, 61%, and 70% within 1, 2, and 3 weeks, respectively. Torch also found that unvaccinated babies who died of SIDS did so most often in the fall or winter while vaccinated babies died most often at 2 and 4 months—the same ages when initial doses of DPT were given to infants. He concluded that DPT “may be a generally unrecognized major cause of sudden infant and early childhood death, and that the risks of immunization may outweigh its potential benefits. A need for re-evaluation and possible modification of current vaccination procedures is indicated by this study.”

Walker et al. found “the SIDS mortality rate in the period zero to three days following DPT to be 7.3 times that in the period beginning 30 days after immunization.” Fine and Chen reported that babies died at a rate nearly eight times greater than normal within 3 days after getting a DPT vaccination. ”“However, far from showing protection against cot death by vaccination, Mitchell et al.’s (1995) data show that all those babies they studied died as a direct consequence of their DPT and OPV vaccination, showing perfect clustering along the critical days.

The “reduced” risk of SIDS in the “immunised” group is misleading, because only those who received vaccines on schedule were categorised as “immunised”. Obviously this biases this group to be relatively healthier children, because a, or the, major reason for vaccines not being given on time, and sometimes not ever again, is the child being unwell, at least when the shots are due, if not constantly.

One of many points I am making here is that the recipients of a vaccine such as DPT and OPV may react for more than 21 days after the vaccines are administered, this being additional information to that published by Innis (2004). Innis (op cit.) puts emphasis on the period of under 21 days from vaccination as a risk period for the onset of symptoms that can lead to allegations of child abuse, based on the 22 cases that he has analysed to date.

Vaccines, such as the pertussis, are actually used to induce so-called experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (Levine et al 1966, Levine and Sowinski 1979, Steinman et al 1982 and many others). Steinman et al (1982) described an animal model for pertussis vaccination encephalopathy. They vaccinated mice with the heat-killed Bordetella pertussis vaccine combined with bovine serum albumin (BSA). They concluded that neuropathology in their mouse model resembles that of human cases in which death has occurred after DPT vaccination: diffuse vascular congestion and parenchymal haemorrhage in both the cortex and white matter. Cortical neurons showed ischemic changes, and areas of hypercellularity were evident in the meninges. B. pertussis has a wide range of physiological effects including increased IgE production, increased sensitivity to anaphylactic shock, lymphocytosis and hyperinsulinaemia. Its ability to induce increased vascular permeability may account for the tendency to produce haemorrhages. The relevance of the murine model of pertussis vaccine encephalopathy is demonstrated by most babies being exposed to cow’s milk (even in breast fed babies) due to pre-existing anti- BSA antibody. This sensitisation to BSA may lead to a similar chain of events following pertussis vaccination in genetically susceptible human babies.”

Moving forward, how do we treat and heal people who have had their immune systems assaulted with an injection that causes them to be in a permanent state of inflammation, with micro-clots leading to death? We need to stop the dysfunction caused by the jabs. Detoxify of heavy metals, parasites and pathogens and rebuild the blood with nutrition and supplements. The goal being to reduce inflammation and restore the energetic life force of the body.

The article below on anti-histamines is a good introduction in how anti-histamines stop the feedback loop where mast cells are activated which produces histamines that then stimulate MCP-1, which then stimulate mast cell degranulation. The process needs to be stopped because of the inflammatory response. The immune system's response to remove the toxin from the body is an over-reaction that leds to harm and even death.

H1 and H2 anti-histamines used like Fexofenadine and Famotidine have also been used for long covid, which is increasingly viewed as an allergic, inflammatory response to the spike protein.

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A protocol based on niacin flush that opens detoxification channels, with supportive supplements.

Protocol – HOM3OSTASIS

Fleming's early treatment protocol for covid can also be used to rid any pathogens that may be hiding in the body and support the immune system.

Best Evidence Treatments in English | Fleming-Method

This book is a good read on nutrition, supplements and the science behind how one reduces inflammation in the body. The recipes are basic but once you have the idea, you can be more creative with food preparation.

Alternative/holistic methods for detoxification

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers, colonics, infrared saunas, herbal remedies like milk thistle, green juices and green smoothies, salt room therapy, breath work, cold water therapy.

GCMAF (This was what Jeffrey Bradstreet's work was focussed on before his "suicide")

"GcMAF (Gc Protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor) occurs naturally in the human body and activates macrophages to destroy cancer cells and foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Serious illnesses like cancer, HIV and viral hepatitis are destroyed by GcMAF."

GcMAF - Immunotherapy cancer and chronic disease
GcMAFBackgroundGcMAF (Gc Protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor) occurs naturally in the human body and activates macrophages to destroy cancer cells and foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Serious illnesses like cancer, HIV and viral hepatitis are destroyed by GcMAF.

In conclusion, the mechanisms of how vaccines harm have been well established for decades. Once you go down the rabbit hole of water fluoridation, GMO foods, pesticides, nanotechnology, radiation poisoning, weather modification, etc.. you can only conclude that humanity is being poisoned by the same players.

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