Bioweapon released in China

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Bioweapon released in China

Recently I received correspondence from a trusted contact living in China about the release of another bio-weapon. By now, it is well established that an engineered agent was released in China in late 2019, that using gain of function and gene splicing, a weaponized bio-weapon was released. I wasn't sure whether the latest images coming out of China were propaganda to restart the whole lock down, masks, vaccines, restrictions, etc.. cycle or if the overwhelmed hospitals and corpses were real or not. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news but I share this, so that you are prepared for all the possible ramifications.

Tom Renz calling for criminal charges for those involved in the creation of the bioweapon, December 2022

Even Elon Musk is tweeting

'Gain-of-function' in this context is just another way of saying 'bioweapon'.

I published the article below a year ago and I have known since February 2020, that the bio-weapon was released from the Wuhan lab.

Not a virus, not a jab but a bioweapon
We are witnessing a planned assault on humanity using a bioweapon that was not only intentionally released but put into injections. The narrative was hijacked with the virus and vaccine arguments; and freedom of choice narratives; when we should have been talking bioweapons and terrorism; gain of fu…

The division created by the jab and mandates has both divided and distracted us, from the real enemy, who will use multiple means to harm, kill and destroy. This is the Deep State, Rothschild, Freemason Elite, Annunaki, Satanists that are out to destroy humanity. Their plans have not gone as they planned, and more is being exposed daily.

What's happening in China?

Written by a trusted contact living in China. He is highly read, educated and censored but most importantly empathetic.

"I just wanted to provide some context regarding this video from China.

A bio-weapon was released in China by what I believe were foreign operatives. It's not the first time a bio-weapon attack has been used to test something nasty in China.

The Government are labeling it as Omicron, even though they already know it's not.

It doesn't really matter what the government are trying to avoid saying to protect the people. Most people in China already know this bioweapon was created using American science; either from the Chapel Hill labs in the USA, or from the Ukraine labs.

It's another repeating pattern. Like with October 2019 when the event 201 simulation played out, and very soon after the very same thing simulated actually happened around the world with the release of a modified influenza strain (Covid19).

In October 2022, they had the Catastrophic Contagion simulated event, and very soon after they tested their new weapon in China just like before.

But, it's not Covid19. I have had that twice in 2020 and gained immunity to it.

This is something else that only has a few of the characteristics of the flu. Such as a fever, chills, aches and a fluttery stomach.

But, unlike covid19, this thing attacks the brain centres and prevents the brain from entering into an REM cycle; those first few nights of getting it are like torture as you wake up every 5 or 10 minutes feeling like absolute shit.

It also attacks the digestive system and the lower tract. Which results in a loss of appetite and vomiting whatever you try to eat.

People also develop a cough and a burning in their throat. Whenever they cough it's super contagious and can travel as far as 60 metres into the air.

It's also able to survive longer in the cold and in the air. If the weather is windy, be sure it will travel further and land on peoples clothes where it has a greater chance to spread.

90% of the city I am in were infected, that includes me and my family. It's not something anybody has ever seen before and because of Chinese medicinal practices and herbal treatments, they already knew how to treat it and minimise the death rates.

Vulnerable people most likely didn't survive, and when this comes to the West, which it will do soon. Be sure that it will hit us much harder than in China as we don't have the correct ways to treat it.

China have controlled this very well from getting out of the country. Whatever happens in the West after this, be sure that it won't have come from China. It would have been released directly in either Heathrow, London, England or JFK, New York; maybe both.

Stay safe people, and take care.

Yes, it hits you like a train and wipes out your energy levels for at least 2 weeks.

Some younger people who live busy lives got this and recovered within 7 days, which is the usual time frame.

But, even though they were both young 20 something males and subsequently both Drs. They didn't understand the severity of this virus and the toll it had on their bodies.

The virus weakens the heart, there are a few days after the initial 7 days where you have some chest pains, and drinking more water or green tea does help.

Usually takes an extra week for the body to fully recover, but your mood is also affected for a while longer as well. Its the same pattern reported across several families, including with my mother in law and 7 month old baby; all our moods are still somewhat off and it's been hard to return to a normal routine.

Those 2 male 20 something Drs were both from famous universities. Both of them in different parts of the country and both died of heart attacks.

Warnings have been issued by the most senior Drs for all people who have caught this virus to avoid intensive exercise for 6 months.

Despite what has happened, Chinese people are resilient and people have managed to return to work and the economy didn't crash; although it came close to it. Especially with the courier network ground to a halt with a huge backlog of packages."

News filtering out is confirming his account that this weapon attacks the brain and the vulnerable are being seriously affected.


I didn't really want to publish this article and be targeted as sensationalist and the whole counter narrative that "the virus has never been isolated", that covid19 was "just the flu" re-labelled but people need to not just be aware but prepared with everything you need on hand.

If you believe that covid19 was just the flu, you need to listen to Dr Richard Fleming's talk below that dispels that lie. It was an engineered agent, designed to harm.

How to stay healthy?

The most promising protocol that makes sense is that of Dimitri Kats that is based on high dose full flush niacin (nicotinic acid) . Niacin in high doses produces nitric oxide which produced in the body as a result of exercise and essential to good health. The bioweapons deplete b vitamins that lead to mineral deficiencies. (Also good to add b12, b3 and raw a2 milk or homemade milk kefir) A weakened body can then be overcome by parasites/latent viruses that manifests in all sorts of disease. Raw milk has been found to remove the spike protein from the gut. If you cannot source raw milk, homemade milk kefir will have a similar effect.

The full flush version of niacin is not easily bought and needs to be ordered online, and really best supplemented to avoid getting sick in the first place.

Niacin deficiency the missing link
The most censored healing protocol is that of addressing niacin deficiency in order to heal. That’s a bold statement but hear me out. Niacin is vitamin B3 and is essential to convert food into energy. Dmitry Kats (PhD, MPH), says ’Being 20% deficient of niacin for a month is a
HOM3OSTASIS – By Dmitry Kats, PhD, MPH

Check radiation levels in your environment and clean up your diet, because graphene oxide is being delivered through various means and graphene oxide is used to read the sequence of DNA.

Feed the body living foods, green juices, nothing processed, no oils, sprouts, salads. The aim is to reduce inflammation in the body which is the root cause of disease. A healthy body can detoxify easily.

See also for a longer version on this. Imagine the healthiest version of yourself; full of vitality and vibrant health and make that your priority.

Roadmap to healing, aging backwards and longevity
Friends, for many years I have desired to lay out a road map for healing for chronic illness but held back because there was always more to learn or unlearn. I wanted to share a perfect path that would lay out an easy route. Do x,y and z and

You need to eliminate all the things that deplete niacin. This includes drugs, alcohol, processed and denatured foods, etc..  One can't take things that deplete niacin and expect good health and if you want to go that extra mile, exercise when you experience the niacin flush and get into a sauna and sweat out the toxins. You do need to make sure that you keep electrolytes in balance if you intend to sauna daily.

In China, they are using Chinese herbal medicine and lemons have soared in price.

If you missed the memo, we are at war. Humanity versus entities that want us all dead. There are so many things one can do to be proactive about health. It is the old and those with pre-existing conditions, compromised immune systems that are the most vulnerable.


The Science of how far they can go is delivered in this lecture. Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at United States Military Academy West Point about a range of topics, including psychology, neurobiology, and the science of humans at war. The technology that they have is far superior to what is being revealed to the public. This lecture alone should help you to understand that.

When you know that graphene oxide can act as a neurotransmitter for mind control using 5G technology, it all makes sense. Dr. Nagase and the biochemists from La Quinta Columna have found when analysing the vaccine vials in certified labs, graphene oxide which self assembles into nano ‘chips’ or receptors that can be activated through 5G.

If you want to watch the full version. the link is 

They are making removable tattoos from graphene that when applied to the skin, measure electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyogram (EMG), electroencephalogram (EEG), skin temperature, and skin hydration. So imagine what can be done when graphene oxide is inside a human body and programmed to send and receive information via 5G.

Blue tooth scanning of the jabbed will bring up signals. It takes a bit of setting up on your phone, I am told but you can verify this for yourself. Each jabbed person emits a signal, unless they got a placebo dose or their bodies were able to detox the nanotechnology.


While there is a lot of things that we can't control, we can look after ourselves and our immediate world. I explain here why there hasn't been a mass awakening. So we need to imagine how ordinary people are going to react, what the governments might do, as this all plays out. Hopefully whatever was released loses it's potency quickly. Be prepared in any respects. We could see a repeat of 2020 and need get ahead of the game, so to speak.

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