What will it take for people to wake up?

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What will it take for people to wake up?
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If your house was on fire, would you let it burn down rather than let an unjabbed firefighter put it out?  Would you prefer a surf lifesaver or student over a fully qualified and experienced unjabbed paramedic in an emergency call out?

How about your frail grandparent being treated by a covid positive nurse over an unjabbed healthy nurse or cared for by support worker living in a covid positive household?

Would you suffer mass shortages of food, with reports areas in Australia have no meat or vegetables to buy, because the government refuses to budge on mandates and have been so tunnel visioned on covid,  nothing else matters? What's a little starvation and hyperinflation anyway!

Fountain Gate, Melbourne Australia 9th January 2021

How much of this country do you want to see destroyed, to punish the refusers?

How many businesses need to fail or families need to be sent to breaking point, to let the bullies have their way? How many suicides is enough?

ALL of the above are happening in Australia today. Lives have been lost and irreparable harm done, so remember that when they tell you, it's all about your health and saving you from a deadly virus, when you keep complying and don't stand against tyranny.

What about international reputation?

To detain and hold the number 1 tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic in a refugee prison for being unjabbed despite him having had covid and accusing him of not following the rules.  

In 2019-2020, in the Black Summer fires when 26 lives were lost, 2,448 homes were destroyed and 5.5 million hectares (ha) of land was burnt in Australia, Djokovic gave $25,000 to the Australian bushfire appeal. Too bad the 500 million raised hasn't got into the victims' hands (another story of corruption) but for Djokovic's generosity instead of a red carpet welcome, we threw him into a hell hole; a place that has lower standards than prison does, where refugees are self-harming and attempting suicide. Djokovic is isolated and his phone taken away in a guarded room where windows cannot be opened.

Australia has already deported tennis player, Renata Voracova after she had been here playing tennis for a week.

Documents to date involving Djokovic's case can be found


His case is today and we get to see the depths of insanity this country has descended to with media reports saying if he wins the case, the government are still looking for a way to deport him. Will they lock up and deport the remaining unjabbed players too, rumoured at 25% of the tournament?

Yet all this serves as a distraction that today, Australia is meant to start jabbing 5-11 year olds. So Australians not satisfied with the unprecedented economic and social damage, are now prepared to put their precious children on the line?
Child sacrifice is an abomination.

How many deaths, how much harm,  when is enough, enough?

What will it take for people to wake up?

At least, Australia's former deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth is standing up for the children, telling Australians to ignore Dr Kerryn Phelps when she says Australian children aren't safe to go back to school until everyone over the age of five is vaccinated.

Food shortages, though.. that might be the tipping point. Or will it end in riots and civil unrest?

Remember, that Australia is the perfect "trial" site for vaccine effectiveness.

We had close to zero cases, and because most people weren't really keen to take the shot; lock downs, restrictions and mandates solved that problem and in the last few months of 2020, the military was brought in to run the vaccination program dubbed Covid Shield.

What an achievement; that by coercion, threats and exclusion, Australians topped the charts for vaccination and cured vaccine hesitancy!

Not satisfied with the 90% vaccination rate, Australia also excluded the unjabbed from society; denying rights to work, to go to the gym, a retail ban for a few weeks, border entry, weddings, funerals etc. In theory, this should have meant that covid was eliminated.

However in practice, Australia is now near the top in the global charts for new covid cases. If the vaccine had worked as promised, we would be at covid zero again.

Now, the public is told, that it's not that the vaccine has failed but it is because Australians need booster shots and kids from 5-11 also need to be jabbed.

Australia seems to be topping the charts in stupidity too. Might be the decades of water fluoridation, processed food, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, chemical poisoning and complacency.

At some point, people have to wake up, right?

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