Vaccine exemptions and other ways around mandates

There are many ways people can get around mandates. From being part of the placebo group to getting a vaccine exemption, to not complying to using fakies. Article is subscriber only (free) as this information is between me and you; not me and the world.

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Vaccine exemptions and other ways around mandates

There are many ways people have used to opt out of medical tyranny. From being part of the placebo group to getting a vaccine exemption, to not complying to using fakies.  

Complying to tyranny has never brought about freedom (some would say exemptions too are a level of compliance). Over the years, bit by bit, law upon law has stripped away the freedoms of the public, to the point of mass enslavement. Corruption has become rife without recourse for those in power who commit fraud, bribery, deception, immorality and treason.
Non compliance is the only way forward but in a war like situation, a one size fits all solution may not be the right answer for everybody, depending on their individual circumstances.


Many people simply are not complying and work without vaccine certificates. They don't bother with QR codes or sign in as "Dan Andrews", don't wear masks and don't discriminate. If they get a fine, they will take it to court and challenge it.
Not buying products or services from pro-mandates, discriminatory businesses. Protesting. Challenging mandates legally. Letter writing and phone calls. Online activism. There are many paths to resistance.

There are stories of people are paying or getting done for free, amendments to their medical records to say they had the vaccine, when they didn't. The going rate in Vietnam is US$150 to have 2 shots recorded.

Smoke and mirrors. Just because people think the mandates are enforceable laws, doesn't mean that they are! Does breaking an unjust rule, mean that 2 negatives multiply out to a positive?

Even prior to covid, with excessive fines and government speed cameras aka "fundraising tools", the "obligation" could be taken to court and waived, reduced or a legal method called diversion could convert the fine to community service.


According to Mark Hobart MD at the 21 minute mark of his interview, a well resourced family was able to go to court and order a medical authority to give their son a medical exemption. There is no doubt, similar could be achieved against other mandates and other forms of discrimination but the law is not immediate and one needs time and money to fight; an option open to few. Legal action is most successful when well funded, many fight back, on multiple fronts (through the courts, government bodies like WorkSafe, Fairwork Australia, Human Rights Commission), crippling the system, which is sadly compromised.


The criteria for medical exemptions as outlined by ATAGI. Under the guidance, people with complex medical conditions are unable to secure medical exemptions. The criteria is very strict and there are many cases of people who had severe adverse reactions to the first jab, refused exemptions from subsequent shots. Doctors are also often refusing to file a vaccine reaction report with the TGA

Numerous people with serious adverse reactions like myocardisis being sent home. No hospital stay; no compensation.

Initially people were able to get medical exemptions based on mental health grounds but due to doctors getting disciplined, that option has pretty much dried up. Those who did not disclose their status, who flew under the radar, and were able to find a doctor, were able to simply take sick, unpaid and long service leave under undisclosed pre-existing medical conditions. Not mentioning the jab at all.

Another criteria for 6 month exemptions is a positive PCR test and I have heard of people receiving exemptions based on having for antibodies in their blood too.

ATAGI says "PCR-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, where vaccination can be deferred until 6 months after the infection. Vaccination should be deferred for 90 days in people who have received anti-SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody or convalescent plasma therapy."

NSW doctors, so far seem to be the most draconian, only allowing 6 week exemptions but I suggest you take printouts of  the ATAGI advice, the following link, and studies relating to increased risk of severe vax reactions for previously covid positive people and the studies relating to natural immunity, if there is any doubt. At a press conference on 5th January 2022 with the NSW Premier, the NSW Chief Pediatrician stated that those with COVID-19, or who have had COVID-19, can wait up to 6 MONTHS before getting the vaccine. So things may change in NSW.

I have heard it is possible to file medical exemptions directly with Medicare but it takes 6 weeks but have no further information on this.

Most people in Melbourne, have got their exemptions first attempt but some have had to try several doctors before they got a 6 month exemption and after getting the exemption, it is possible to have it loaded on the Medicare phone application that day, provided the doctor has access to the system to do it.

Things that haven't worked are - religious/conscientious objections.


Another option is to be part of the clinical trial, or control group of those who will not take the covid19 vaccine. People have used the digital card to travel, get into hospitals, cross borders, keep their jobs or purchased a printed card.

This involves a monthly survey and you also can get a doctor's letter with your enrollment.

There is a large vax control group success stories telegram channel, where people discuss the "wins" they have had using the card. . I guess, one has to balance the risk of whether you want to be listed on a database against the benefits.    

Lastly, many people are using fake certificates, whether modifying a jabbed person's certificate with their own details or using the digital fake apps found for free, online.


Link to free apps for various States found , and

These apps have been used by people to keep their jobs, get into gyms, cross borders, etc.. Two can play the same game.

There are many creative ways to OPT out of the system. More widespread than people know about. The true rates of vaccination in Australia is far lower than what is reported in the media.

Ultimately, it will be a good day when all Australians stand up against tyranny.

The above information is for informational purposes only. What you do with it, is up to you.

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