Covid19 declination letter template

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Covid19 declination letter template
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Below is an example of a covid19 declination letter written for a friend in NSW, Australia.  You can also read, which are other ways people can get around mandates.

With Britain ending mandates and restrictions, highly vaccinated countries being high transmission countries, the undeniable harm of covid19 vaccines that are causing massive numbers of hospital admissions and deaths, the beginning of criminal investigations, negative immunity and the failure of jabs to provide immunity and stop transmission, the growth in natural immunity; the narrative for mandates is crumbling. Couple this with staff shortages leading to critical supply chain disruptions and shortages and the perfect storm is brewing to end it all.

RE: Mandatory Vaccination Directive

In reply to your email dated                              , in which you have made an allegation that I have failed to comply with the reasonable and lawful directions contained in the COVID-19 policy based on the assumption that the direction are reasonable and lawful in circumstances where vaccination is a reasonable control measure to minimize the risk of exposure to and transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace.

I have also included in this correspondence,

1. Notice of Employment Particulars – Request for the Law of Mandated Vaccinations in Employment

2. Court ordered release of FDA Report from Pfizer that shows that by February of 2021, Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of death allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders

3. Scientific reports

Your request amounts to a direct contravention of both domestic and international law, particularly with respect to human rights. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) does not allow you to demand the disclosure of such sensitive confidential information without consent and to actual go the step further to demand that I take a vaccination or face termination is immoral and unethical. If the government ordered employers to shoot any employee that is late to work, is the employer who obeys such an order exempt from liability or criminal charges. Similarly, this vaccine has now been proven to be harmful and deadly, as my email will show through scientific findings.

You are ordering me to take a risk with my life, my future health, ability to have children, and all the known and listed side effects of the vaccination which include heart attack, stroke, death, blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, etc. when I have a close to zero percent chance of hospitalization and death from covid19 according to the Oxford Risk Calculator.  and the relative risk reduction for the covid19 vaccines has been established by The Lancet to be only 1.3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford and 0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines. [i]With a 1 in 250,000 risk of death, the “benefit” of the vaccine is also zero.

It is well established that fully vaccinated persons transmit the virus equally to the unvaccinated.[ii]The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies four of the top five counties with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated population (99.984.3%) as “high” transmission counties.[iii]I also draw to your attention the article, published in the prestigiousLancet “Stigmatizing the unvaccinated is not justified” [iv]and the published study that “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States [v]

I put you on notice that the ground-breaking research that has found, “mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning”.[vi]We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination. [vii]

In other words, you are asking me to take a vaccination that will lead to my early death. A vaccination that neither stops transmission or protects me from covid19 for which I have a near zero risk of hospitalization and death.

Vernon Coleman MD video[viii], he states, “A couple of hours ago Darren Smith, the editor of the excellent The Light Paper, sent me a paper from the medical journal Circulation which proves that the covid-19 jabbing experiment has to stop today. I believe that any doctor or nurse who gives one of the mRNA covid jabs after today will in due course be struck off the appropriate register and arrested.

The journal Circulation is a well-respected publication. It’s 71-years-old, its articles are peer reviewed and in one survey it was rated the world’s no 1 journal in the cardiac and cardiovascular system category.”

These are all scientific articles, many of which are peer reviewed. I would also like to highlight to you that, the covid19 vaccines are all experimental and subject to provisional approval. This approval was based on the manufacturers’ marketing material, and it has recently come to light, in a bombshell BMJ report “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial” there were poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight.[ix]

At the expert hearing for Vaccine Injuries, Attorney Aaron Siri describes the avalanche of vaccine injuries due to the covid19 vaccines [x]. The TGA reporting system up to the 11th November 2021, currently records, 81285 adverse reactions, and 656 deaths, which includes the death of a 14 year old girl post vaccination on the 20th October 2021, as also reported by Senator Gerard Rennick [xi]Our family personally knows, of many serious adverse reactions from myocarditis to blood clots. According to the September FDA Advisory Committee meeting [xii], the risk of harm from covid19 vaccines to me personally is greater than any protection it may offer me.

In addition to the above, my contract of employment with you does not state that it is a requirement that I be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccination, or that I need to declare my vaccination status to you. You cannot change my contract without my agreement, and therefore to try and force a change by threatening me with job loss, if I do not take a COVID-19 vaccination or declare my vaccination status to you, which is in breach of my contract.

Additionally, it is battery and assault, constituting a criminal offence for which you will be personally liable, or bring you within liability under tort, by compelling a person to take a medicine, or to have any form of treatment, without meeting the requirements of obtaining full informed consent for the same. The right to full informed consent is enshrined in common law via decisions handed down by the Australian Supreme Court and the Australian Immunization Handbook and is not limited by time frame.

You are proposing to mandate this experimental injection even though it has not had thorough and long-term safety testing and has risks of injury and death (such injuries and deaths already documented with the TGA). If I decide take it and has an adverse reaction or worse I die, then I wanted to make you aware that employers do not escape liability for personal injury compensation. For example, the NSW Government recently introduced the Public Health Amendment (Vaccination Compensation) Bill 2021 that will make employers liable for any injuries or adverse reactions to the experimental vaccine.

The addition of section 137 outlines the liability to workers required to be vaccinated rests with the employer.

You will need to confirm in writing that you will be accepting this liability, should I accept your offer to be vaccinated for covid19.

Although I have been put on leave without pay, there has been no justification to do so and you have not provided me with the following;

1. The scientific evidence to support your actions

2. The material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the vaccinations that you require me to take

3. The risk assessment that an unvaccinated person is a threat and more a risk than a vaccinated person. A risk assessment is required by law.

4.  Nor have you followed the information as in which states ‘An employer and/or person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must consult with workers when they are likely to be or are directly affected by a situation involving their health and safety. And workers have to have an opportunity to express their views and contribute to any decisions relating to their health and safety.”

Or provided me any information regarding compensation, should I take the vaccination and become injured or die because of it. You have repeatedly stated that your actions are legal and reasonable without providing evidence for this.

You have breached your duty of care. I have now supplied you with scientific information regarding this experimental mrna treatment, otherwise known as a covid19 vaccination. To simply say you are relying on the health advice from the department is not satisfactory. There are many court cases that are being held throughout Australia and the world for these breaches in human rights, vaccine injuries, deaths, mandates, etc.  You have not even presented the alternative of rapid antigen testing.

I also draw your attention to the recent Fair Work Australia ruling that mandatory vaccination was unlawful due to lack of consultation,

The endnotes below are the footnoted scientific reports and articles.

In conclusion, I request that the following be returned to me to access the reasonableness and lawfulness of your direction.

(1) Production of the written law regarding mandatory vaccination as per the Notice of Employment Particulars

(2) The scientific evidence to support your actions that the vaccination stops transmission, and that vaccination is safe and effective.

(3) The material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the vaccinations that you require me to take

(4) The risk assessment that the unvaccinated person is more of a threat than a vaccinated person

(5) The risk/benefit analysis for taking the vaccine, that the personal benefit to me is greater than the risk

(6) Signed letter accepting full liability for any injury or death that should result in me taking the mandated vaccination, as per the NSW Bill

(7) Scientific evidence that refutes the specific scientific evidence that I have provided in this correspondence.

Yours faithfully,












[xii] (See 4 hour 20 minute mark)

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