Prepare for mass deaths, injury & economic and social upheaval

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Prepare for mass deaths, injury & economic and social upheaval

In January 2022, I wrote on how we were being prepared for a mass death event, well it's well and truly here and how will they explain it. Blame it on covid, lock downs, people not seeking out medical treatments, surely not the "safe and effective" vaccines? In truth it is all of these things. Divide and conquer. Create the crisis and come along with the "cure". Then blame it all on covid. Wasn't death, what the vaccine and lockdowns, mandates, etc.. were meant to protect us from? Ah, yes it's those pesky variants and damn conspiracy nutters.

Freedom, justice, health and truth should never have become politicized. We are all on the same side of humanity, and by politicizing these things, it has created division and a cult like devotion on both sides of the divide. Certainly, it was a profitable exercise for some but in reflection, it didn't serve us well. All of us collectively should have said no and not relied on a few personalities and fringe political parties to be our voice. Too many of us, gave up on friends and family who excommunicated us, we gave up on our local politicians and through lockdowns and lockouts, we were further marginalized, our voices in the real world and through online censorship stifled. We cannot make this mistake again. Each and everyone of us, needs to find our voice; because a society is only as good as the individual people who live in it.

Fighting for and with those you love can take you to the breaking point. The battle I faced with the jab mandates was one of the hardest trials I have endured in my life, to save my children. A year ago, Victorian police shot at protesters at the Shrine of Remembrance with rubber bullets and hunted them like animals. It all seems like a bad dream and now the ultimate price will be paid; some will bear a very high price but no one will escape unscathed.

Without healthy people, stable society and social contracts based on ethics and trust, society simply fails to function properly. Covid management broke all the rules and left us with damage that will last generations but that was the plan after all. You can't bring in a communist dictatorship, if families and communities have strong bonds. Break the family, divide people and you have all the conditions, where the "savior" dictatorship steps in, to be the provider; financially and in every aspect of life from business to health.


Australia’s Central Bank Says It Is Bust
After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market - wiping out all its reserves.

"The central bank has had to mark the value of its holdings to market, resulting in a A$44.9 billion (US$30.0 billion) valuation loss. Offset by A$8.2 billion (US$5.5 billion) in underlying earnings from the central bank's holdings, and it is posting a net loss of A$36.7 billion (US$24.5 billion).

That has exhausted the bank's A$15.4 billion reserve fund and A$8.4 billion in other reserves, and then some. So the RBA is in negative equity to the tune of A$12.4 billion (US$8.3 billion).

"If any commercial entity had negative equity, assets would be insufficient to meet liabilities, and therefore the company would not be a going concern," RBA Deputy Governor Michele Bullock explains in outlining the central bank's situation. "But central banks are not like commercial entities."

Surely, that is no surprise to anyone? You print money and spend endlessly and you can only expect inflation but now stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to raise interest rates to match inflation but with Australians so in debt, on the backdrop of rising inflation from both monetary policy, covid lockdowns, military and weather warfare, supply chain issues, how will this play out. The media is telling us that Australians are the richest in the world  and the Reserve bank's bond purchase program during the pandemic actually saved the economy.  It's an upside down world; where black is white and good is bad, bad is good.

More than likely the books would be balanced using the 1 trillion dollars Australians have tied up in superannuation. I don't think realistically, that bail in's are going to be that popular with the voting public but it's always wise to diversify assets, to buy what you need now in an inflationary cycle, and prepare for the worst case scenario of a complete financial collapse. You can imagine why the banks, like ANZ would have Jane Halton on their boards, investing >500 million dollars in programmable digital dollars. The more people use cash and hold precious metals, the better.

What is more concerning is the loss of human life and the effect this will have both on families, goods and services but also on the financial system.

Edward Dowd shares his latest data findings with record numbers of young, employed people dying and disabled. Actuaries don't factor in 20% excess deaths into their equations and when you add up the higher number of car accidents, and health costs that will need to be paid out to a sicker population, then what you have is a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

Edward didn't even want to entertain the idea, that what if there was a time bomb element to the jabs, and people start dropping off in the next few years, and how that would impact the insurance industry, let alone the social impact of such a dramatic loss. He also hasn't looked into the effect of vaccine shedding and the spike protein or whatever the bioweapon they released is having on the unjabbed as well. The costs are astronomical and there is no pill that will fix this. Many years of parents struggling to fix vaccine damaged children, certainly there are success stories but if anything this last year has shown us, even if information is glaringly obvious, people willingly ignore it. So how, can we expect the same people to do whatever it takes to heal. He mentions fasting and it is one of the most powerful modalities but there is a lot involved in healing.   Having recovered from heart failure, and going on to have a baby at the age of almost 43, I thought that was an epic journey but recovering from gut issues caused by the spike protein from a covid infection, latent viruses being stirred up, I have thrown everything at this; not just in research but in application of that knowledge to daily routines, nutrition and protocols. You can believe in something but until you put it to the test and it works, then it's still a belief, and hasn't become knowledge, let alone wisdom.

The Australian TGA has rolled out the beta version of the adverse reaction database, which has the added feature that you can refine your search by ages.

AEMS Search · DAEN Portal

Above is an open search on all covid19 jabs for all age groups. Below is for children under 18.

You can export the tables as excel files but it is still difficult to extrapolate the case numbers, so you can identify the individual cases of those who died. To do this, you need to manually go through, limit the date range to one day, then click on "cases where death was the reported outcome" then refine the search by clicking on the "reaction term" that comes up on top, and if you get a single case matching that, then you are able to see what this individual case died from and their age.

You can see in the excel file downloaded, that there were 22,405 records that did not have an age linked to them, 58 reports of under 1s, 7 reports of 1 year olds.

In total there were 4 deaths in the 5-11 age group and 4 deaths in the 12-17 age group reported. Using the new search, there are many filters that you can use in it to extrapolate the data to make damning findings.

What is more concerning is that this is a passive reporting system and we know from a Harvard study that only 1-10% of adverse reactions get reported and let's not even go into how difficult the TGA has made it for people to file reactions, and these figures are severely underestimating the true extent of the carnage. Long term data is never going to be accurately collected because, it will all be considered even more "coincidental". sent out sms text messages to recipients after the jab and so far about 1% report seeing a GP or visiting a hospital after their jab. Too bad if they were dead or too sick to answer the text! Seriously 1% is a ridiculously high figure, and one wonders at one point would it have been enough to pull the plug.

So what now? I am sure they will launch into the narrative of "oh, we didn't know better", "we didn't have all the data", "it was an emergency" and who will hold them to account for their crimes. You will.

As an example, I sent an email to my local member of parliament and you can adapt the same for anyone that needs to be held to account.


Are you aware that the internal documents from Pfizer revealed that Pfizer knew, 1223 people had already been killed by the jab in 12 weeks and 35,000 total adverse events reported during that same 3-month period.

Other Notable issues include:

▪︎Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was NOT 95% effective as they claimed. The data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate for the first 7 days...then falls to less than 1% (0.84%)

▪︎There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. Instead, they tested it on 44 rats before claiming it was "safe"

▪︎The lipid nanoparticles were found to have distributed throughout the body — in the liver, ovaries & other vital organs 48 hrs post injection?

Are you aware that the Covid Medical Network has published a letter asking for the withdrawal of the covid19 vaccines,

Do you think when the truth comes out about the harm that was known about these products is known with Australia now at unprecedented levels of "all cause mortality" that the public won't hold politicians accountable for their actions and inactions?

In 2022, there were 75,593 deaths that occurred by 31 May and were registered by 31 July, which is 10,757 (16.6%) more than the historical average.

  • In May there were 16,124 deaths, 1,922 (13.5%) above the historical average.
  • Deaths due to COVID-19 increased in May when compared with March and April (see article).

As a researcher, I know this is just the beginning of the deaths and everyone has a story of harm.  Eg. my daughter her work mate's primary school aged son, can no longer do sports after his second shot due to heart damage. I have a friend whose daughter who is 19 years old who has experienced two cardiac episodes and ended up taken by emergency to hospital after her shots. There are so many accounts out there to list that I know personally and myocarditis has a typical 5 year life span post diagnosis. Children have died in Victoria and it's been covered up.

What are you going to do about this, Nick?

Other things that can be referenced include studies on covid19 and myocarditis, the FDA Sept 2021 report showing that the risk of the vaccine far outweighed any benefit, the Lancet report saying the original Pfizer study was flawed, the BMJ report exposing fraud in the Pfizer studies, The Great Barrington Declaration, Dr David Martin's Criminal Conspiracy that details all the players in this crime against humanity, Tess Lawrie's report to the UK regulatory authority in the UK in June 2021 calling for the ceasing of all covid19 vaccines due to the high levels of harm from the  yellow card data, Dr Richard Flemings work on exposing those who released the bioweapon via US funded labs that have multiple sites throughout the world.

Finally, buckle up. It's going to be bumpy for a time. Keep living your life but be prepared (stocked up) because when you have central banks trying to deliberately crash the economic system, what comes down with the economic system is human life.

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One revelation that came to me this week, was how when things are taken out of context and we have lots of individual Twitter like posts, how people put that information together in their heads, is highly dependent on their biases. eg. the post below, could be interpreted that excess deaths were caused by covid infection and for others, it would be the covid jab but what if the truth was that it was caused by both, but that the latter was not just worse for the individual but also spreading the bioweapon? And let's not forget the intentional harm caused by lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, unaccountable government spending and corruption.

I am focusing on writing quality articles because there is a lot of click bait and sensationalist reporting out there due to the monetization of the internet and media. Feel free to leave a comment or let me know if something isn't clear.

Love not fear.

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