Lockdown 7.0 looming threat

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Lockdown 7.0 looming threat

Multiple sources are saying that lockdown 7 is coming around late July or August 2022. The word from government insiders is that they are building up for a 2-3 week lockdown and if there are more covid deaths, this will lead to election loss under negligence. Also coinciding with meat shortages, millions of expiring jabs and the TGA approving the jabs for babies 6 months and older and the fourth jab being made available for the 30+ cohort.

Are they deliberate leaks to test the waters, to see the public tolerance for another set of rules and restrictions? If history has anything to go by, yes.

Every lockdown has been preceded by a leak. The leak would usually be quite extreme like banning public transport and then when the announcement is made, as extreme as the rules were, it wouldn't seem so bad compared to the leaked information. It was a way of gauging public support or resistance. An example below of the typical kind of leak that was sent to me on the 1st August 2020.

And then the following day, the lockdown was announced, which was very similar to the leaked information. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/aug/02/victoria-premier-daniel-andrews-stage-four-coronavirus-lockdown-restrictions-melbourne-covid-19

Recently, I have personally received 3 leaks from 3 different sources of an impending lockdown.

And before every lock down announcement, there would be a spike in traffic and buying up of produce. I will never forget the lines at Costco for toilet paper, hours before the official announcement of lockdown. How did all these people know? Looking back, these leaks were deliberate. People thought they were special to have this inside knowledge but it was all planned and part of the theatre.


This week, masks are "strongly recommended" for children aged 8 and up at schools and indoors and this is always the first sign of something brewing, because they are able to determine by mask wearing, who will comply when tougher restrictions are put in place.  There will always be the percentage that are highly in favour of masks and those opposed, but it's the middle that they are hoping to sway.

Tedros of the World Health Organization has said, “New waves of the virus demonstrate again that the COVID-19 is nowhere near over,” and "the spread of BA.5 has caused concerns among public health experts and authorities as the subvariant is believed to be more infectious and better at evading protection from vaccines and prior infections."

Those who are not wearing masks are portrayed by the media as selfish, entitled, putting freedom over health, "just over it" and those who are pro-mask are calling for the government to mandate masks due to these selfish people. It's a divide and conquer strategy, and it would be easy to justify mandates, because people simply are not following the rules! If there is a critical mass of compliance, they know they can tip the middle over by a mandate.

Zeeemedia is reporting lockdowns are expected in the next few weeks.


We also know that across the world there is food shortages and in Australia food inflation is hitting new highs, interest rates are rising and realestate is falling. Lockdowns would be a good distraction from this.

Even if a lockdown does not happen, people need to ask themselves, how can we as a society, individuals and businesses continue to live with the constant threat of lockdowns throwing life into disarray, as though there are no other issues that society has to deal with except covid19 or whatever virus or emergency is out there.

At what point, when people cannot afford to eat, heat their homes, buy supplies necessary for their lives because of disruptions to the supply chain, pay their rent or mortgages, does society say, enough is enough and even if the vast majority of people disagree with lockdowns, what legal mechanisms do we have to stop them, when in many cases protests are greeted with violent policing and business owners severely punished for non compliance?

Let's not forget ATO whistleblower, Richard Boyle who faces life in prison for blowing the lid on ATO's aggressive debt recovery or journalists like Aussie Cossack and Julian Assange who are punished heavily for going against the establishment. It's all very well to say, people won't stand for it, but who are the people in authority willing to take the stand to stop the further destruction of society. It's simply not good enough for ex Prime Minister Scott Morrison to now preach, "We trust in Him (God). We don't trust in governments. We don't trust in United Nations, thank goodness."


As great as it is that Dr Nick Coatesworth is speaking out against mandates and jabs for children, perhaps a little too late or maybe better late than never, depending on your point of view. https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/dr-nick-coatsworth-calls-on-those-advocating-for-covid-mandates-to-move-on-as-omicron-infections-surge-this-winter/news-story/4f84ec38d7721b1ef788652beb6e339b

All I can say, is spread the word, perhaps there can be enough public outrage to stop lockdown 7.0 in its tracks, because we know it's going to send businesses to the wall and lead to so much harm including more suicides, while doing very little for public health.

Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best! Regardless of what happens, we will get through and the truth will prevail.

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