Cyber attacks distracting from collapsing covid19 scam

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Cyber attacks distracting from collapsing covid19 scam
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CASH IS KING. If you were losing a war, with popular uprisings around the world, legal challenges, data coming out that can't be hidden, what card might you play? A cyber pandemic would be a good move. Klaus Schwab has warned the world "A Comprehensive Cyber Attack Could Cause a “Cyber-Pandemic” which would bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole and the covid19 crisis would be seen as a small disturbance to a major cyber attack"

Even if it never eventuated, a form of protest against a controlled digital society is using cash, bartering or precious metals and having supplies on hand. Look at Canada for an example for what happens when a major internet system fails and be prepared.


It's been a huge week with protesters now occupying the Sri Lankan President's palace forcing him to flee on a navy ship, a major internet outage in Canada which affected electronic payments, internet, wireless communication, emergency services communications, the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe, the bombing and demolishing of the Georgia Guide Stones (which called for the world population to be maintained at 500 million), the cancelling of Elon Musk's deal to buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars (Elon exposed to the world how bots were used as fake users), UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson quit and also 44 Members of the UK Parliament, including many prominent ones. Anti-virals have now been approved in Australia for certain demographics in a major backflip for early treatment of covid19 and international travellers can come to Australia unvaccinated. Data is emerging from all around the world of huge rises in all cause mortality and huge falls in birth rates, attributed to the covid19 vaccine.

Doctors and lawyers are now coming after all the government officials and AHPRA with the FACTS that the "vax" is POISON! HUGE TROUBLE on the horizon. This is just the start - law suits coming!
Watch this 3.5 hour long session Australian Medical Professional Society's Medico-Legal Parliamentary Summit

Uruguay Judge ordered the government and Pfizer to present all the information on vaccines against covid-19 within 48 hours
Judge ordered the government and Pfizer to present all the information on vaccines against covid-19 within 48 hours. The summons is part of a protection process initiated to suspend the application…

Mining giant Rio Tinto is among businesses preparing to welcome back unjabbed workers after the WA State Government lifted its vaccine mandate for a raft of workers. From June 10, COVID vaccination checks would be scrapped from airports, sites, related events, family visits and as a required field in the travel booking process, the global miner said in a memo, according to The West Australian. From June 10, WA’s mandatory vaccination policy will be eased with a requirement for three jabs to be limited to healthcare workers in hospitals and primary healthcare settings, residential aged care and residential disability settings.


A major development, Senator Antic writes; "Today the Department of Health finally answered my question (from 3 months ago) regarding the effect that the mRNA injections have on reducing transmission of the virus. They now concede that the effect injections have on transmission is “modest”.(Remember that the rationale for mandating is to “protect others”). This might be among the greatest scandals in Australian history. Australians have been completely hoodwinked by these family and career destroying mandates.Health bureaucrats and company CEOs across the country must explain their actions.The discrimination must end.


A group of doctors filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra in his official capacity as Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration, and Robert M. Califf in his official capacity as Commissioner of Food and Drugs, over the FDA’s unlawful attempts to prohibit the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19.


The 'Best Team in America' Joins the Legal Effort Against Pfizer for Fraud, Racketeering, Battery, and More

Dr. Naomi Wolf: "We're going after Pfizer, first as a private corporation, and also, thank God, our lawyers are aligning with 20 attorneys general . This is important because the attorneys general can bring criminal charges, and what the lawyers have found abundantly is that there's civil and criminal causes of action."

"There are a number of various causes of action, civilly, that I can disclose to all of you that all of the lawyers have found. They found fraud for sure."


U.S. drops SARS-coV-2 testing for international travellers.

Unvaccinated traveller can enter Australia

JPMorgan Gold Desk Ripped Off Market for Years, Jurors Told
The precious-metals business at JPMorgan Chase & Co. operated for years as a corrupt group of traders and sales staff who manipulated gold and silver markets for the benefit of the bank and its prized clients, a federal prosecutor told jurors in Chicago.

Despite all of this, and the uptake of the booster shots being very low, the farcial media show continues. This will only collapse the system of control faster.  

Kerry Chant a few days ago,
"Previously we did tell you to get 2 doses but the virus has changed. So now with Omicron, we need 3 possibly 4 doses to provide the best protection against getting very sick...Disregard anything we said about 2 doses, it's 3 doses or more." and Brad Hazzard, telling the double dosed they are crazy for not getting the booster.
Meanwhile in Queenland the media is prepping the public for the 5th dose by the end of the year.


According to Stephen Andrew - MP for Marani. New legislation introduced in Queensland, the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, will greatly enhance the government regulator’s powers for censoring doctors in Queensland.

The Explanatory Notes say the regulatory body will be free to take action against a doctor in any way it deems “necessary or convenient” to ‘safeguard’ public confidence and safety.

The Bill also gives APHRA the power to publicly ‘name and shame’ doctors before they have even been found guilty of anything.

In other news, I am back on Linkedin if you also want to connect to me there. Trying my best to not get banned again! Linkedin posts reach thousands and tens of thousands of professionals and what I am trying to achieve is dialogue. The theory of six degrees of separation contends that, because we are all linked by chains of acquaintances, you are just six degrees away from any other person on earth. We do not need centralized media to control us! Let us take back humanity.

Jeanee Andrewartha on LinkedIn: 💫 Back from LinkedIn jail. The ban probably saved my life because
💫 Back from LinkedIn jail. The ban probably saved my life because I ended up in hospital with heart failure and ended up focusing on my recovery instead...


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It’s time to dump corporate vaccine mandates
There is no longer a public health rationale for businesses terminating employees for failing to be vaccinated.
Rules eased to give millions access to antiviral drugs — Daily Telegraph
New rules will give millions more Australians access to Covid-19 antiviral drugs, as health authorities battle soaring case numbers and hospitalisations.
Sri Lanka: President Rajapaksa to resign after palace stormed — BBC News
Thousands of protesters have been demanding the PM and president quit over the country’s economic crisis.

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